Leon's Dream Wedding Concert 2009
July 16, 2009

Here's the rundown for Leon's HK concert on the 1st night (other nights are slightly different).

Song name Title translation
100樣可能 100 Possibilities
火舞艷陽 Red Hot Fire Dance
I Love U Ok I Love U Ok
一言為定 You Have My Word
別舔傷口 Don't Lick the Wound
沒名字的歌.無名字的你 Nameless Song, Anonymous You
愛是傻得起 Love Can Be Crazy
愛情影畫戲 Movie of Love
是我 It's Me
大城小事 Big City Small Matter
兩個人的煙火 The Fireworks of 2 People
及時擁抱 Hugging in Time
我愛 Ichiban I Love Ichi Ban
愛你/不愛你 Love You / Don't Love You
從今開始 From Now On
明星 Celebrity
心亂如麻 Janice Vidal's song "Confused"
日光甦醒時 When the Sunshine Awakens (track #5 on "It's Me" CD)
你很愛我 You Love Me A Lot
不該再讓你孤單 Shouldn't Let You Feel Lonely Again
只要為我愛一天 Just Love Me for One Day
突然念舊 Suddenly Remembering Old Friends (new song; not released on CD yet)
我會像你一樣傻 I Will Be as Foolish as You
但願不只是朋友 Hope We're Not Just Friends
兩心知 Both Hearts Know
Just The Way You Are Just The Way You Are
我這樣愛你 I Love You Like This

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.

Since the concert DVD will be releasing soon, I won't go into detail on what happened during the show. I'll just mention a few things that Leon said during the show which were rather interesting or funny.

Leon talked about his new ear monitor. He said, "This is a new technology......... 5 years ago." (audience laughed) . He said he was a little lazy to make the new ear monitor and didn't really believe in new technology. But he finally decided to get the new ear mon this time, because the people he worked with kept telling him that the new ear mon would have better sound and it would make him sing better. A mold had to be made for each of his ears for the ear mon, so he was asked what he wanted written on it to differentiate between the left and right ear pieces. He thought that since his name is Leon, then he decided to have "LE" written on the left side, and "ON" on the right side of the ear piece. Since tonight was the first time he wore the new ear monitor for a concert, he said the sound was very fresh to him..and sounds thicker/fatter.... but he was still trying to get used to the new sound.

A few songs later, he talked again.. saying, "This year, there's a lot of...... [Leon pauses...] ... swine flu." (audience laughed... I don't think anyone would have guessed Leon was going to say that...haha)

Leon wanted to thank someone for pushing him to get into shape recently. The audience assumed he would be thanking Gaile, who was sitting near the control panel that night... but actually, Leon wanted to thank the director (who was also in the audience) of his new movie "Fiery Dragon" for pushing him to get fit, cuz Leon had to run down Nathan Road several times for a scene, so he had to get in shape before that scene.

After Leon shook hands w/ the fans (he only shook hands w/ people sitting on the far left and far right upper levels), he apologized to the fans who sat on the ground level saying he wouldn't be able to shake their hands. The audience let out a big scream of disappointment. Leon said it's because it wasn't approved by the HK Coliseum. He said he wanted to go down to the audience to shake hands, but it's for safety purposes that he can't. Then he said, "Next time!.... I'd rather work harder and have you guys watch the show more comfortably and have a 4-sided stage (it was only a 3-sided stage for this concert), is that good?"..and the audience all screamed "yes!"

After a few more songs, Leon could see that the fans sitting on the ground level still wanted to have a chance to shake his hand, so he told the fans they could try to talk to the people working at the HK Coliseum to tell them that the fans wouldn't cause chaos if they let Leon come down to shake their hands..and see if the HK Coliseum would approve. Leon then said, "They'll definitely ignore you. (audience laughs) Their law is just like 'if you drink, then don't drive...if you drive, then don't drink.' "

Later on, he talked about light sticks and pong pong sticks/thundersticks. He stated 3 reasons why he thought some people weren't holding light sticks.. 1) they don't plan on taking it, 2) they don't need to take it, 3) if they take the light stick, they don't know what to do w/ it. (audience laughed) Then he talked about a person in his company telling him that there was a sponsor for the newest kind of pong pong/thundersticks for his concert (Leon didn't specifically say 'pong pong / thundersticks...instead he used his water bottle and his mic and hit them together) . The person told him that the new kind would light up when the sticks hit each other. Leon replied back to that person saying, "wow, that's really new/fresh' (saying it sarcastically)... but what do they [audience] need it for?... if they want to bring it, then they will bring it on their own." (audience applauds loudly) Then Leon said, "I'm not talking about other people.. I'm just saying that I don't want to force someone to take something they don't want to take." (audience applauds loudly)

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