Leon's X U Concert 2011
December 5, 2011

Here's the rundown for Leon's HK concert on the 1st night (other nights are slightly different).

Song name Title translation
對不起我愛你 Sorry, I Love You
情深說話未曾講 Love Words Not Yet Spoken
那有一天不想你 There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You
沒名字的歌,無名字的你 Nameless Song, Anonymous You
人在邊緣 Man on the Edge
如果這是情 What If This is Love
愿你今夜別离去 Hope You Will Not Leave Tonight
你令愛了不起 Love Is Amazing Because of You (half song)
友情歲月 (duet w/ Jordan Chan Siu Chun Years of Friendship (duet w/ Jordan Chan)
  Jordan Chan sings 相依為命  
Jordan Chan sings 別碰我的人
愛你不愛你 Love You Don't Love You
眼睛想旅行 Eyes Want to Travel
越夜越有机 The Later It Is, the Bigger the Chance
Sugar In The Marmalade Sugar In The Marmalade
JW sings Juicy Girl
愛比我重要 Love is More Important Than Me
孤單的人,孤單一個 Lonely Person, Lonely Me
我這樣愛你 I Love You Like This
夏日傾情 Summer of Love
一夜傾情 One Night of Love
無名份的浪漫 Undistinguished Romance
* 22.
我的親愛 My Dearest Love

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.

Leon's X U concert series was definitely much better than Leon's Dream Wedding concert series back in 2009. First of all, Leon actually does some dancing!....although not as much as in 1997/2001 concerts, but a lot more dancing than in Dream Wedding. Plus there are funny parts in the X U concert, like when Johnson Lee Si Jit is pretending to be Leon and the other 3 heavenly kings (Aaron, Jacky, Andy), or when Leon and Johnson were dancing together, or when Leon, Johnson, and ah Lei were dancing to the Spice Girls' song "Wannabe" with pom poms..haha. Leon really seemed to be happy and having a good time during his concert. He smiled and laughed many times during the shows, which is rather rare to see in his other concerts before. During the Dream Wedding concert last time, Leon had a 3-sided stage, which prevented a lot of fans from being able to shake his hand. But this time for the X U concert, it's a 4-sided stage, and Leon actually spent over 15 minutes just for the handshake part!..he sang 'My Dearest Love' at least 3 times before he finished shaking hands w/ the audience, and he really did try to shake everyone's hands who were standing near the edge of the stage. Leon even took photos with some of the fans during the handshake part!...there were times when he actually grabbed the camera out of the fan's hand to take the photo of him and the fan... and he didn't seem to mind that some fans gave him a bear-hug either.

Leon called his concert "Leon X U" because he wanted to crossover/interact with you, the fans...so for each show, there was one part when 2 fans (or 2 groups of fans) would play a game called "Donate or Not." The fans had to answer 3 trivia questions about Leon. If the fan got the answer right, then they would win some money, and the host, ah Lei, would ask if the fan wanted to keep the money or donate all or part of it to Communit Chest Charity. Most of the time, the fans would say they wanted to donate all of the money they won to the charity. After each question was answered, Leon would do a short performance, such as singing half of a song, or dancing with Johnson Lee, or dancing together with Johnson and ah Lei. For the last part of the game, the 2 fans would each ask Leon a question, any question they wanted, and then the audience would vote (by screaming/clapping) on which fan asked the better question, and that fan would win a prize. It was only on the first show that the dice game was played after the 3 questions and the fans' questions... the fan who asked the better question would roll the dice while being blindfolded, and if it landed on "L," then the fan would get a kiss from Leon!...but the fan took off her blindfold before ah Lei said she could take off her blindfold (the dice didn't land on the "L" anyway), so Leon said the game would be skipped for the 1st show and would be played another night (the dice game wasn't played during the other 6 shows, maybe because the show was running over time).

There were some Leon X U concert souvenirs which were sold at the HK Coliseum each night. One souvenir was the limited edition (2500 only) X Dec 11 Leon Lai Boxset. The boxset was BIG... around 12"x15"x3"... and it came in either a pink box or gray box, with the following contents: CD+DVD+3D/2D Blu-Ray and Xu Boxer shorts. The pink box was supposedly for females and the gray one for males, although the box itself didn't specify this...we only learned about the difference when Johnson Lee and ah Lei were talking about the boxer shorts during the show.. they said the female pink boxer shorts have an X in the front and a U in the back of it, while the gray male boxer shorts have a U in the front and an X in the back of it. Other concert souvenir items included an Iphone 4 case and 2 Leon posters (Leon X U concert poster and X Dec 11 Leon Lai poster).

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Pictures I took on December 5

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