A (slightly edited) copy of an e-mail I sent to my e-pals after the concert

Hi everybody!!!

Well, you guys and gals asked for a DETAILED description, so I hope I don't bore you all to death! hehehe :P .....as I am basically going to be talking about what I saw and heard and not much on what I personally felt about this concert. (I'm just not as open as some people are when it comes to expressing what I feel.)

Wednesday night, December 4th...a night that I won't forget for quite a while!!....The concert was scheduled to start at 8:30...but as usual, it started late...15 minutes later.

Boy was I worried!!...as I've told most of you, Shrine Auditorium is very strict about cameras, and so I had to sneak mine in...but I went thru all the trouble of hiding the camera in my jeans and wearing a big jacket to cover up and yet they didn't even search my bag! Oh, and Shrine didn't sell any of those light sticks or flowers before the concert... they're soooo CHEAP!!!! too bad!!!!...I'm sure they would have made big bucks if they did.

My opinion of the concert...EXCELLENT!!!!!!FABULOUS!!!! ......considering that this is the 1st time I've sat so close in any concert...row 10!!!!...and I could CLEARLY see Leon's SWEET & CUTE SMILE!!!!!! :) ...and if I looked w/ the binoculars I could also see him EVEN MORE CLEARLY!!!!! sweat and all!! hehehe :) You all probably think I'm crazy for bringing binoculars since I'm already sitting up pretty close, huh? ..but whatever..I had a spare one, so why put it to waste, right?...hehehe :) ...although I didn't use it much since I was too busy taking pictures, but my friend Van, she was looking through it quite often. :)

But if I were to rate the concert on a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 9. Why, you ask??..several reasons...1st he only wore 4-5 different outfits compared to the 8-9 outfits in his '94 concert. I was expecting him to dance more this time, but NOPE!!...what a DISAPPOINTMENT!!! :( ..he only danced for 2 songs (as I recall, he danced A LOT more in the '94 concert)...I'll just bet that the concert was very boring for someone who was not a big Leon fan to watch him stand there "like a piece of wood"...especially when he was singing one of his fast songs "foh mo yim yeung" ( Red Hot Fire Dance ) where you would think that he would dance, but he didn't! Although I enjoyed his Q/A part w/ the audience, I felt he could have done this maybe maximum 3 times & not talk w/ the audience after every 2 songs or so...honestly, I'd much rather hear him sing than to listen to the same questions from the audience..."do you have a girlfriend?"...that kind of stuff. At least try to ask different kinds of questions and not the same ones that we've all heard before. Oh, and I was VERY DISAPPOINTED that the concert only lasted about 1hr. & 45 min....I was hoping it would last AT LEAST 2 hours!!!...geez, in 15 minutes, Leon could have sung about 3 MORE songs!!...and people keep telling me about Jacky's concert which lasted 3 hours!!!!

Well, if I had caught one of those frisbees, then I'm sure I won't be complaining anymore and would have rated this concert a 10+!!....I wouldn't feel so bad that I didn't catch a frisbee if I had been sitting up on the balcony, but what REALLY got me mad was that the person sitting RIGHT IN FRONT of me caught a frisbee!!!! AHHHHHHH!!! :( ...and just a couple more rows in front of me, a girl got 4 FRISBEES!!!!...ahhhh!..if only I had a seat that was near the aisle or the seat that was in front of me. This sucks!!..actually, I would have been sitting in that seat in front of me if those people didn't beat us to it in buying the tickets... they were in front of us when we were purchasing the tickets.

OK, now to tell you the songs Leon sang..I think I forgot a couple though...sorry for the bad translations!

~ opening- Foh Mo Yim Yeung ( Red Hot Fire Dance )
~ Yue gwoh jeh si ching
~ sam chau dik lai ming (M) ( Autumnal Dawn )
~ gam tin nei wui bat wui loi (M) ( Will You Come Tonight? )
~ laam sik gaai dang ( Blue Street Light )
~ sung nei yat faan dik suet fa ( Give You a Piece of Snowflake )
~ yuen nei gam yeh bit lei hui
~ moot ming ji dik goh, mo ming ji dik nei ( Nameless Song, Anonymous You)
~ yan joi bin yuen
~ jui hau dik luen ngoi (M) ( Last Love )...played on the guitar!!
~ yat yeh king ching ( One Night of Love )
~ dui jik ching gam (M) ( Accumulating All My Love )
~ sik ching lam lui
~ ngoh dik chan ngoi ( My Close Love )
~ ching yuen (song from Good Morning Sir)
~ na yau yat tin bat seung nei ( There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You )
~ closing...ching sam suet wa mei chang gong (Words of Love Not Yet Spoken) ......my absolute favorite!!!! :)

Leon's opening movie was REALLY COOL!!!!!!..it's the same little movie clip he used to start his '95 concert in HK....hmm..Leon's crew did a nice job coordinating the songs w/ what was shown on the screen..such as when Leon sang, "sung nei yat faan dik suet fa" (Give You a Piece of Snowflake) & on the screen, there was some beautiful snow scenery.

Next, I'll be talking about the Q/A part in no particular order. This part is going to be a LONG ONE!!! As I said, Leon talked A LOT w/ the audience....well we all know Leon's B-Day is coming up...& I guess Leon was trying to see if the audience knew...he was saying in cantonese..."hmmm...only 7 more days 'til..." and the audience wished him a "Happy B-Day." What REALLY & I mean REALLY stood out in my mind about the Q/A part was that Leon said some words that are inappropriate for young children to hear. :P He told us about a time when he was back in England studying & when he was sitting at his desk, a Caucasian guy tapped him on the shoulder & offered Leon some marijuana. Leon's reaction??...he told the white guy to "F*ck off!"...wow, that certainly caught us by surprise!!..hehe. Another time he cussed....he had gone to Disneyland the day before & a girl from HK asked if she could take a picture w/ him...and Leon said no...so the girl said "Sh*t!" & walked away. Although it was the girl who said this, Leon is the one telling the story and has to say "Sh*t"....oh, & he told this story 2 times, once in Mandarin & again in Cantonese...so he said "sh*t" about 4 times. :P He admitted himself that if he was in the girl's shoes, he would have also said "sh*t". He said that a lot of people think he is "choon" (haughty, conceited) because he doesn't take pictures or sign autographs with people who see him on the street, but he said he doesn't care what other people think....and then a girl in the audience screamed..."mm hai ah, ngoh mm gok dak nei hai choon ah! (No,I don't think you are choon)"...and we laughed.

Leon had asked us if he should speak in Cantonese or in Mandarin...most of us screamed "Cantonese!"..& then there was one girl who screamed "English!"...which made the audience laugh. What I thought was the FUNNIEST part was when a guy asked Leon which hotel & what room # he's staying at ..... the audience laughs as Leon tells him in Cantonese, "I'm not the right person for you". Then someone asked Leon where his next concert stop is..he said San Francisco. Someone screamed from the audience..."there are a lot of GAY bars in San Fran." ...Leon says he knows that & is not interested in such things. BTW, Leon HARDLY spoke any english, except for "hi, f*ck off, sh*t, Disneyland, Splash Mtn., Chicago...don't recall him saying anything else in English during his Q/A part. Oh..about Disneyland, someone asked Leon if he got a bloody nose this time after riding Splash Mtn. 'cuz last time he hit his nose on the log when it was going down the Mtn....anyways, he didn't get a bloody nose, but instead got all wet this time. The people sitting in back of him didn't get wet & Leon says, "of course, I blocked all the water!" And since Leon was all wet, he got sick in the process...he caught a cold!...too bad!!..hope he gets well soon!!! Yeah, he sounded somewhat congested when he talked, but luckily this didn't affect his singing... his singing was FANTASTIC!!!!....I've never heard him sing SO WELL in a live performance. His voice was SMOOTH, SWEET...hmmm...I don't know how you'd call it in english..."jan hai lam sei yan ah!!"..hehehe :P

People ask him if he has a girlfriend...he says no..he asked the audience to suggest someone to him....some screamed, "Lee Ka Yan!"...he says, "oh yeah, Michelle says hi to all of you. She's back in HK." Well there was this fan (I'd say in her late 30s-early 40s..mother type) who told Leon, "Choose me!!!"..and Leon tells her, "I don't choose people who point at me while they're talking...you're so "cho lo" (rough, unladylike)...and the audience laughs.

There were many girls and even a couple of guys who had told Leon he was good-looking...& yep Jessie, he didn't seem to like those compliments.

Oh, what I found interesting were those Leon FAMILY members (fanclub) sitting a few rows in front to the left of me..they were so syncronized!..man, they had green, red, blue, yellow, & white lightsticks, those long red light sticks, some snowflakes, & some other props. There was this lady that was sitting next to my friend, Van, who was sitting next to me who also had a couple of light sticks. Luckily I wasn't sitting in Van's seat (and luckily Ben wasn't either), otherwise all the pictures I took would have a green or red light stick in them if I was trying to aim toward the left. :P

About the audience..definitely not as enthusiastic & crazy as Jessie had described them in Toronto. I don't think there were really any CRAZY Leon fans at the concert...don't recall girls who would always scream out, "LEON!!!" or "I love you!!" kind of thing..maybe a few times but that's it. I thought the audience sounded totally dead!..they clapped....but I know a lot didn't. However they did clap along when Leon was playing the guitar, which was good! Leon played PERFECTLY...don't think he hit any bad notes...I was VERY IMPRESSED w/ his skills!!! :) He played & sang, or actually hummed the song "Today" on his guitar....also played "jui hau dik luen ngoi" and one of Emil Chow Wa Kin's songs (Ming Tin Ngoh Wui Ga Kap Nei??)...sorry, it's a mandarin song..not exactly sure if I translated this correctly into canto.) and one of Ah Lam's songs and also a song which I'm guessing is called "ngoh hai ngoh" ( I Am I )..don't know who's song this one is from.

I guess the audience was quiet also because well..if you didn't hear...ticket sales were really bad...there were A LOT of empty seats in Shrine this time compared to 2 years ago....about 4 or 5 days before the concert, the ticket distributors were offering "buy 1, get 1 free." Oh, I just hope Leon comes back to LA..I'm afraid he might not since there was such bad ticket sales. Well, he chose the wrong time to come to LA. Most people who go to watch concerts are college students & many could not go because of finals, tests, or projects due.

Oh, here's my 1 comment about what he wore....WOW, those black leather pants were DEFINITELY HOT!!!!! (as stated by Jess last time) ..hehehe, I remember while he was singing "sik ching lam lui" on the left hand side of the stage, he put is left foot onto 1 of the speakers on stage & I had a side angle since I was sitting on the right hand side..& I could clearly see how TIGHT those pants were!!!!..hehehe :P ..he's got a really slim lower body!!!! :P

Leon said he could make less distance w/ the audience as long as we all stayed in our seats (yeah right!!)...well, he did come down to shake hands, but for maybe 10 seconds and he was back on stage again...the people were totally crowding around him.

Hmm....strange though...not that many people gave Leon any gifts...no more than 10 people I would say.... but security was stricter than during his '94 concert...no one was allowed near the stage whatsoever....there was a girl who tried to run near the stage to get a closer photo of Leon, but the guys stopped her before she could even take the photo.

Ok, well, hope I didn't bore all of you to death...hehehe...I know my analysis of the concert was certainly not as exciting as Jessie's....SORRY!!!! Well, if I don't have a chance to e-mail some of you before Dec. 12, then I'd just like to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!...as I heard that Leon's Cantonese album should be released this month and his mandarin album (which is delayed due to the damages from the fire in HK) will be released in January. OK, talk to all of you later!!!!

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