Leon's LIVE Version - 1997 HK Concert

If you can read chinese, then here's a rundown of the concert ...some songs change slightly each day..such as the days I went, on Dec. 24th, Leon played on his guitar "Summer of Love" but then on the 29th, he played "Repeat Action" ( #4 of Leon's...ep)..he kinda messed up w/ his guitar in the middle of the song, so what he did was ask the audience for some applause and he played the whole song all over again. *^_^* . Also for the 24th, Leon sang "Today's weather is fine" in Korean, but on the 29th, he sang half mandarin and half korean. I've put a little greenish star as to wear I was sitting on the 24th (click 'back' and click on concert ticket)..it's Row 2 on my ticket, but actually it's row 4 since the 1st 2 rows aren't marked...it's kinda near where the backup singers were. Then on the 29th, I sat in row 10 (but it's a row 2 near the extended stage).
This was certainly the BEST Leon concert I've ever seen!! *^_^* The concert couldn't compare to the LA one..Leon dances so much more in his HK concert and sings more too! The concert lasted almost 2hr 30 minutes. Leon also wore lots of outfits..and the special lighting of the concert was excellent!!..as well as the music!

Rundown of Leon's Songs:
1. "Repeat Action"
2. "100 Possibilities"
3. "DNA Gone Wrong"
4. "Feel"
5. "Transfer Feeling"
6. "Chase Love"
7. "Want New, Love Old"
8. "Just Love Me for One Day"
9. "Girl Friend's Boy Friend"
10. "Today's Weather is Very Nice"
11. "Chaam Lim" ("Feel" CD track 4)...with Mark.
12. "Where are You at this Moment?" ("Leon Sound" track 8)...with Mark.
13. "Perhaps...Then...But..."...with Mark.
14. "Increase Love"
15. "There's Not One Day I Don't Think of You"
16. "But Gay Mo Toi"
17. "Treat Your Friend" ("Leon Sound" Track 2)
18. "Strange Encounter"
19. "I Love U OK?"
20. "I Was Born in Beijing"
21. "Blue Street Light"
22. "Undestined Romance"
23. "Open Minded"
24. "Original Love"
25. "You Make Love Amazing"


26. "If This Is Love"
27. "The World's Most"
28. "Love Words Not Yet Spoken"

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