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Source: ?? - November 12, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Leon Lai Ming explains the song situation with Killing Me Tenderly

Leon Lai Ming on the night of the 12th was interviewed on a radio program by hosts Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Lui Fong and Lee Man. The hosts mentioned recently during Sammi Cheng Sau Man's concert, when Sammi sang the theme to the movie Killing Me Tenderly (Oi Nei Oi Doe Sat Sei Nei) One Final Time (Jui Hau Yut Chi), the video wall behind her played scenes from the movie, all of which were without Leon. "Reportedly because Leon's record company Polygram couldn't come to an agreement with Cheng Sau Man's Warner Bros., so Leon's scenes were all edited out!"

Leon was confused, "Why are you asking me? Ask the film editor, or only you feel it's like that, I don't know anything. Can you ask me something I do know about?"

Polygram Record's Hong Kong chief Wong Hoi Man only said, "Copyright wise there would have been a violation. Any other company that wanted to broadcast Leon's footage will face copyright problems."

Also, Leon was stumped by Kwan Yu on the program. Kwan Yu said, "I heard Leon on a certain New Year's Eve went to Repulse Bay with Lee Ka Yun (Michelle Reis) and enjoyed a HK$1,888 couple's dinner. I also heard Leon really likes Japanese food, constantly going to Happy Valley with Lee Ka Yun for it." Leon of course didn't directly answer those allegations, as he lightly brushed the questions aside.

Source: ?? - November 5, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Peter Chan Ho Sun and Leon Lai Ming arrive at the Tokyo International Film Festival

Solidifying his acting with Comrades, Almost a Love Story (Tim Mut Mut) [Ed. Note: Direct translation, NOT editor's opinion], Leon Lai excitedly flew to Japan to attend the Tokyo Film Festival with director Peter Chan Ho Sun.

As soon as Lai Ming arrived in Japan he rushed to the press conference for Comrades then its premiere at night. Although Lai Ming was 45 minutes late, the press still patiently awaited his arrival.

On the press conference Lai Ming said Chan Ho Sun helped him build a good image on film. "Actually the character in Comrades is from China, from a background that is very close to mine. By building a good image, he made my sincerity toward movies deeper day by day."

When asked about his opinion on the character's lack of focus toward love, Lai Ming said, "I feel only focused relationship will succeed. A man who has two women not only has great pressure, the relationships will easily fail."

Source: ?? - November 5, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Leon Lai Ming's Japanese fans show support for their star

The 10th Annual Tokyo International Film Festival is nearing its end, but in terms of the Hong Kong film industry, now it's the peak, because the Ann Hui On Wa directed, Leon Lai Ming, Ng Sin Lin and Anita Mui Yim Fong starred Eighteen Springs (Boon Sun Yuen) will be competing in the festival.

The premiere of the film was held on the 8th. However over 100 of Leon's female fans began waiting on line since noon of the 7th.

During the premiere, when director Ann Hui On Wa, Ng Sin Lin and Raymond Wong Pak Ming spoke on stage, the female fans appeared to be disappointed since Leon whom they waited day and night for did not appear. When Leon later appeared, over 2000 fans began screaming and rushed forward to the stage with flowers and cameras!

On this trip, Leon was already scheduled to be interviewed by nearly 20 newspapers and electronic media, so he only stayed at the premiere for 20 minutes, greeted his fans on stage in English and then left.

Eighteen Springs has quite a chance to win in the international category. However Hui On Wa and Ng Sin Lin had different opinions.

Hui On Wa said, "I already have no expectation toward awards, now I am all peaceful inside, let it be! I only hope the film sells overseas!"

Ng Sin Lin honestly said she really wants an award. Siu Sin said, "I have to return to Hong Kong before the results are announced. I really want an award! If we win, you (reporters) best tell me as soon as possible!"

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - October 29, 1997 (Translated by Will - Will's Wonderful World of Gossip Webpage)

Leon Lai (¾¤©ú), for charity purposes, will write and sing a custom-designed song for the person who is willing to fork out the most money for him wauh!...hehehehe...Wyman Wong (¶À°¶¤å) will write the lyrics for Leon and Leon said "no matter how perverted or vulgar the lyrics are, I will sing it for charity!" hehehe..wahahaha! Apparently one very wealthy "Mrs." forked out $30,000HK for Leon to write the song...hehehe....aiy... Leon's Cantonese EP is now in stores!

Source: Mingpao newspaper - September 10, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Leon Lai Ming hopes to be nominated for the Best Actor award

On the night of the 11th, the premiere of Eighteen Springs (Boon Sun Yuen) took place at the Wanchai Exhibition Center. Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing was invited by the boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming to attend the show. Leon Lai Ming then arrived at the premiere. Toward the sudden appearance of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing, he expressed he wasn't surprised because he knew Raymond Wong Pak Ming invited "Gor Gor" to attend. He was happy that more friends in the business could attend, at least they could give his their opinion. Lai Ming said this film is the complete show of skill for the director Ann Hui On Wa, so there is no commercial factor.

Some pointed out without commercial factor the film will be a great chance for Lai Ming to win an award, since last time with Comrade, Almost a Love Story (Tim Mut Mut), some said he only lost by a narrow margin. Lai Ming expressed being picked as the favorite is the greatest encouragement. He stressed if he is nominated and winns awards then of course he will be happy, as he too hopes to become a Best Actor award winner with this film. He humbly said, "I am very happy to have worked with director Hui On Wa. This film is my favorite, different from the films I have made previously. I learned alot from the experience and hopes more people can give me their opinions about it. As for winning awards that's hard to say. I would like to thank everyone for encouraging me."

As for the next half of the year, Lai Ming temporarily wouldn't accept another film offer, as he would like to concentrate on preparations for his December concert series. He wouldn't want to cheat the concert goers due to his fatigue from making movies. In the future he plans to make at least one film a year, but not as hectic as this year's schedule making Killing Me Tenderly (Oi Nei Oi Doe Sat Sei Nei), God of Gamblers 3 -- The Early Stage (Siu Nin Doe Sun) and Eighteen Springs all in one breath. He has a few film deals in negotiation, the soonest to begin production will be Johnnie To Kei Fung's Sat Sau Goo Si (Killer Story) which will star Lau Ching Wan and begin shooting next year.

Other attending guests included Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Jade Leung Jung, and Stanley Kwan Kam Peng. One of the lead actresses, Wu Chien Lien (Ng Sin Lin) also returned to Hong Kong to help with the promotion of the film. She then quickly returned to Beijing to continue shooting TV series Gaing Gong Oi Ching Sin (Lit: (Bei)Jing (Hong) Kong Love Line).

The film's director Ann Hui On Wa said after this film, she will rest for a few weeks. Then in the beginning of October, she will head to England to discuss her next film. However the film isn't a Westernized film, and the film's background like its characters would be more Chinese. The genre is even right up Ann's alley -- a metropolitan romance. However, Ann said for now nothing is solid and there are plenty to be negotiated. She too hoped she would have the opportunity to make this movie.

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - July 30, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Leon Lai Ming and Sammi Cheng Sau Man get the expensive stuff while the rest of the cast suffers

No one would have known besides salary there are even differences in props for between the first line actors and second and third line actors. For example on the set of Killing Me Tenderly (Oi Nei Oi Doe Sat Sei Nei) the leads Leon Lai Ming and Sammi Cheng Sau Man in the film used high quality facial mold for props, on the other hand other actors had to use peanut butter and salad dressing mix!

The Lee Lik Chi directed Killing Me Tenderly wrapped last week and is in post production. In a earlier scene, this scene occurred.

The story has Lai Ming, Cheng Sau Man, Wyman Wong Wai Man and other actors gathered together for a facial. As Sky King and Queen Lai Ming and Cheng Sau Man received special treatment from the film company with expensive facial molds, but the other supporting actors have no such luck. Wong Wai Man and Vincent Kuk Tak Siu could only use cheap facial molds, and the rest could only use peanut butter mixed with facial cream. Luckily the actors didn't mind at all. Apparently, there wasn't enough facial mold to go around, the mixture was created in the last time. First time working with Lai Ming, what difference does Lee Lik Chi feel from working with Stephen Chiau Sing Chi? He said there isn't as much pressure working with Lai Ming, who also occasionally gives him suggestions but not as long winded as Sing Jai.

Source: Apple Daily newspaper - July 23, 1997 (Translated by Wolverine - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Leon Lai Ming kisses passionately

Leon Lai Ming made a normal and decisive choice! In Killing Me Tenderly (Oi Nei Oi Doe Sat Sei Nei), Leon Lai Ming, playing the assistant to singer Sammi Cheng Sau Man, has to pretend to be gay and hold her shoes. As a sky king he really has done more than his share. The film's director Lee Lik Chi in order to compensate Leon has arranged two kiss scenes for him, one with each sex. The guy is the always feminine Wyman Wong Wai Man who plays the gay manager in the film, and the gal is the flat but good looking lead actress Cheng Sau Man. Lai Ming can't get any luckier than this!

Although Lee Lik Chi is smart, Lai Ming also made a smart choice. When he did the scene with Wyman, he did it with camera angles, but when he kissed Sammi he went all out with a passionate kiss. Even Sammi laughed, "The deepest impression I got from this shoot is that scene. The result was very passionate, how passionate? You will know when the film is released!"

As for Lai Ming, he said, "The scene in which Sammi and I kissed, because there were several cameras surrounding us, of course we couldn't use camera angles like I did with Wyman! Actually I don't mind kissing guys in a film, but if it could be done with camera angles, then I would definitely follow the director's orders!"

Sammi Cheng Sau Man currently is working on Killing Me Tenderly with Leon Lai Ming. Cheng Sau Man in the film plays a 3rd or 4th rate singer. When the screen writers were researching, they asked Cheng Sau Man about her experience before she became a star.

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