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Source: Sony Music Taiwan - March 16, 1998 (Translated by Jessie Sun & Kim Quan from Leon Newsletter)
Leon has Joined with SONY MUSIC!!!!

Just wanted to let all of you know that Leon has officially decided to join with Sony Music. Sony has already announced this news on their website and they will have a press conference for the signing of the contract on March 23, 1998. They said, the main reason that Leon decided to join Sony was because Leon noticed that they have successfully promoted such singers as Coco Lee in a short period of time. Sony has also promised to support Leon with promotions and give him greater freedom with his singing. The contract includes 4 mandarin albums and 4 cantonese albums.

Source: LA Times - March 6, 1998

'Comrades' Tells Timeless Tale of Romance

Source: ?? - February 25, 1998 (Translated by editor @ - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

City of Glass begins production

From Hsu Chi's principal of film making it would appear that she and Leon Lai Ming will soon have rumors flying!

The Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting directed new film Bo Lei ji Sing (Lit: City of Glass) on the night of the 25th shot on location at the Ho Tung building at the Hong Kong University. The building would be torn down in two weeks. Both Cheung Yuen Ting and Alex Law Kai Yui were HKU alumni, thus they hoped to leave a bit of memory before the building is demolished. The film's cast members Leon Lai Ming, Hsu Chi, Nicole Cheung Sun Yu and Yam Bo Lam were also there.

Since she began directing, this is the first time her film is about Hong Kong. Besides Hong Kong, the film will also shoot on location in London and Paris. The film cost 15 million. There were many fans waiting for Lai Ming. Since it was the first time Cheung Yuen Ting worked with a pop star, she was scared by the number of fans. She hoped the fans would not affect the production's progress.

In the film Hsu Chi plays Lai Ming's girlfriend. They already did a scene together on the 24th with Lai Ming carrying her on a bicycle. During the production of Storm Warriors (Fung Won) Hsu Chi was rumored to be dating with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing. Thus when asked if she was worried about rumors with Lai Ming due to the film, Hsu Chi replied, "I feel if a romantic scene between two people is to be good, one has to fall in love with the other. That way it's easier to get in character. Like when I made My Dad is a Jerk (Dui But Hei, Dor Je Nei), I really fell for Lau Ching Wan." She said that was the most difficult time because it took her two weeks to leave the role behind.

The reporters asked, "Then when you made Storm Warriors with Kwok Fu Sing were you able to leave your character?"

"I didn't feel like that during Storm Warriors!" (Why not?) In the film her role is full of challenges, as she would play the character from the age 18 to 80. Cheung Sun Yu would play her daughter.

The lead actor Lai Ming arrived an hour later at the opening production ceremony. When the reporters informed him of Hsu Chi's secret to romantic scene, Leon madly laughed, "Oh! My God! Then I have to love her even more! In order to get in character, I am afraid I will have to learn more from her!"

Source: ?? - February 11, 1998 (Translated by editor @ - HKSAR Film Top 10 Box Office)

Leon Lai Ming and Hsu Chi headline City of Glass

Let's try to imagine what Leon Lai Ming and Hsu Chi (Shu Kei) will look like if in a movie they dressed up as politicians Martin Lee Chu Ming and Lau Wai Hing.

The Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting directed new film Bo Lei ji Sing (Lit: City of Glass) has cast Lai Ming and Hsu Chi in the lead roles. Besides borrowing the Hong Kong University dormitories for location, the film will portray the two lead characters from their 20s to their 40s, from the end of the 60s to the 90s. The latter part of the film the leads look like Lee Chu Ming and Lau Wai Hing.

The film's producer Alex Law Kai Yui said during the press conference for The Black Sheep Affairs (Bik Huet Nam Tin), "Lai Ming and Hsu Chi's college student roles will take them from their youth to their middle age, thus in terms of images they will be constantly changing. Because of the different eras, their hairstyle alone changed 3 times. The first will be the younger Beatles hair, then the later Beatles hippie hair, finally one will look like Lee Chu Ming and Hsu Chi in the middle age stage will look like a pretty Lau Wai Hing."

Law Kai Yui also revealed although Bo Lei ji Sing is a romance, the film will utilize computer special effect. "Because the plot has Lai Ming after school attending the Save Dao Yu Tai campaign, thus we will edit photos of (John) Shum Kin Fun and Chan Lau Cheung from the period and add in computer effects to make Lai Ming a member of the campaign." The budget of the film will be rather high, costing HK$15 million. Besides building sets in Hong Kong, the film will also shoot on location in English and France. When asked why Lai Ming and Hsu Chi are chosen, he said Lai Ming has a scholarly flavor and is still acceptable playing an university student. As for Hsu Chi, Law Kai Yui expressed he has always admired Hsu Chi's acting and feels she can hold her own. She works so hard to improve her acting that playing gang girl characters is a bit of waste. Knowing Hsu Chi wants to play different roles, he gave her this opportunity.

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