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February 1, 2000 (Written by Quantumlad)

A female Hong Kong Leon fan, age 26, commited suicide yesterday.  She was in heavy debt after she spent approximately HK$180,000 (US $23, 285) using 4 different credit cards.  She was holding Leon's movie "A Hero Never Dies" video tape during her last minutes in this world.

The Show 8 website said Leon felt sad, and he never thought that suicide would happen within his fans. He says he has seen
that fan before.  He promised to assist the fan's family and he urges all other fans who have any problems to seek assistance from Leon Family.

January 29, 2000 (Written by Quantumlad)

Leon attended the Channel V award show in Beijing.  Leon won one of Channel V's Top 20 song awards for his Mandarin song "No One But Me" and also the Channel V Top Singer Award.  He was in Beijing 2 days ago and he accepted the award
happily. When asked by China reporters why he accepted the award after he declared that he will reject all awards, Leon told the reporter to refer to HK newspapers. Leon said he would only reject all HK awards, but still accept overseas awards.

Leon will go to Japan to promote his film, "City of Glass" in March. He will go to Japan with Ms. Shu Kei. Leon said that he is not afraid of gossips and rumors. So, he will concentrate on his job and his responsibilities. "City of Glass" will be screened in Japan for 6 months.

January 25, 2000 (Written by so-youn)

Leon will not be shooting a Korean movie, it's for sure. Leon will go to Beijing, China on 1/29 and then he will go to Canada
to enjoy the holiday with friends. Next month, he will go to Australia to shoot a mineral water commercial.  Some people said Leon might be coming to Korea late next month, not sure yet.  He will go to Japan to promote his album and movie "City of Glass" late next month or early March.

January 23, 2000 (Written by Quantumlad)

Leon was a judge at a singing competition yesterday in Hong Kong. The singing competition was jointly organized by a
hotel and a karaoke company. Leon was surrounded by hundreds of fans as yesterday was the first time he appeared in

When asked about a China newspaper report which accused Bo Wing Kam (a rich woman....x-girfriend of x-DJ Hung Chiu Fung) of pampering him with money and properties, Leon said that he will discuss the matter with his manager and attorneys. He reserves the right to take legal action on that publication. Leon was obviously stunned by that report.

Another reporter asked Leon's comment on the behaviour of a group of fans who jeered at Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok
during the last awards presentation ceremony. Those fans were said to have called Aaron Kwok as " Horny Heavenly King "
and boo at Andy Lau whenever he goes up to the stage.  "I wasn't at the stadium that day, so I cannot comment on this matter . I'm not sure if thsoe fans are my fans," says Leon.  Leon feels happy that all singers are awarded with awards. Leon was in his home during the TVB's Jade Solid Gold Top Ten Songs of the Year Presentation Ceremony. He watched the whole ceremony in the comfort of his home.

Hong Kong media has been attacking some song writers and composers for practicing plagiarism. Some media mentioned
that Leon's best pal in real life and working colleague, Mark Lui is one of those song writers / composers who always mimic
foreign songs.  Leon humorously responded to this question and he said that those comments are polluting the industry environment and branded those commentor as " sound polluter ".

Leon's rumored-girlfriend, Kim Hee Sun will come to Hong Kong in July to promote her new film. Leon said that 7 months is a
long period of time and he couldn't answer if he'll go to the premiere of that movie. Leon is invited by the film's company to
attend the premier gala due in July.

The ticket price of Leon Malaysia Live Concert 2000 was announced by the concert organizer yesterday. The "Rock Area", which is an area where fans can stand and dance throughout the concert is expected to be the popular choice of fans. A
ticket in that area costs RM190 ( HK$ 380 , US $ 50 ). The cheapest ticket cost RM60 ( HK$120 , US $ 15.80 ).

January 21, 2000 (Written by Quantumlad)

According to HK newspaper reports, Leon will officially join the StarEast Entertainment Website / Group on the 3rd of February. Leon's manager, Chan, is a good-friend of the StarEast's man-in-charge, Wong Jing.  Sources said that Leon's payment is due to be 8 digits.

According to a source quoted from Show8 Website (www.show8.com), there will be a giant press conference on the 3rd of February, 2000. It is believed that Leon will announce some of his plans for this year on that day. The Show8 Website said that Leon will star in 'The Storm Rider II' even though he denied it before.

Another news is Leon's Korean rumored-girlfriend, Kim Hee Sun, will come to HK in July to promote her new film. Her company has invited Leon to attend the premiere. Leon's management is yet to comment.

Leon won an award in the HK Radio Music Awards Presentation. His song "Eyes Want to Travel" was selected as one of the top 10 songs of the year.

January 16, 2000 (Written by Quantumlad)

Leon will come to Malaysia on the 12th of February to promote his concert and to launch the ticket selling campaign. He'll attend a media conference on that day ( probably morning ) and then go to the Bintang Precinct ( the best place to hangout in Kuala Lumpur ) and launch the ticket selling campaign. The organizer of the concert is Salem Cool Planet, a subsidiary company of Salem.  There'll be a 'Rock 'n Roll' area for fans in the coming Malaysian live concert. The 'Rock 'n Roll' area is specially designed for fans and this is the first time ever in Leon's series of concerts where fans get to dance freely! And the best thing is the entrance ticket will not be expensive !

January 14, 2000 (Written by Quantumlad)

Sony HK has decided not to register Leon for the 1999 Best Selling Artist Award for IFPI.  Leon's album, "If I Can See You Again", has sold more than 100,000 copies in Hong Kong and stands a very bright chance of winning the prestigeous award.  But since Leon has decided to refuse music awards given to him in HK, Sony's decision is acceptable.

Leon will soon star in a new movie directed by Wong Jing. The title of the new movie is "Black Rose".

According to an unofficial source, Leon will come to Malaysia to launch the ticket selling campaign for his Malaysia concert, due on the 4th of March.

January 6, 2000 (Written by Quantumlad)

Yesterday, Leon was filming a commercial AD for a China motorbike company. He worked around the clock, and on the other morning, he went to the HK Park to witness the launching of the Greening the City campaign. Also present was the First
Lady of HK, which is the wife of Mr. Tung Chee Wah. She politely greeted Leon and she seems like a close friend of Leon.

When asked about the possibilities of starring in the second episode of The Storm Riders, Leon says that he preferred to be an audience rather than an actor for that movie.    He also thanked all his fans for supporting him and his decisions. Leon won the Commercial Radio's "My Most Favorite Male Singer Award" a few days ago.

January 3, 2000 (Written by Quantumlad)

Leon was cheated by RTHK on New Year's Eve. He was supposed to be the first singer to perform in that celebration. But it turned out to be Jacky Cheung. Leon sang 3 songs that night, after 1a.m.

Leon is rumored to be starring in 'Storm Riders II ', a multi-million dollar project by StarEast, replacing Ekin Cheng's character of Cloud.  Aaron Kwok's character in this movie, Wind, will be played by Louis Ku Tin Lok.

According to an unofficial source news report, Leon will appear naked in a Korean movie this year.  This is only just a rumor though.  Nothing is confirmed yet.

Leon won the Commercial Radio ' My Most Favorite Male Singer ' award on the first day of the millenium. All 4 Kings didn't attend the awards presentation and the CR's person-in-charge, named YuZheng, blamed them and insulted them indirectly.

December 20, 1999 (Written by Quantumlad)

According to newspaper reports, Leon earned HK$84,500,000 ( pre-tax ) in the year of 1999. His income resources are 7 albums, 8 advertisements, concerts and foreign concerts. He's the second most-making money artist in HK this year.  The most making money artist is Jacky Chan. Chow Yun-Fat is third, followed byAndy Lau , Kelly Chan , Aaron Kwok , Jacky Cheung, Dicky Cheung Wai Kin , Leslie Cheung,  followed by Gigi Leung .

Another news is that Leon has shown his expertise at directing when he successfully completed the new advertisement in China. The new commercial is for a Made In China motorcycle. Leon showed his commitment as a director when he wore only 2 clothes even when the temperature was -3 Celcius and did all the directing tasks himself. He acts as a reporter in that advertisement.

December 17, 1999 (Written by Quantumlad)

Lots of news about Leon this time...
First, Leon will participate in the New Year's Eve celebration with all other top HK artists in a programme, worth HK$20,000,000, organized by the HK Radio.

Second, all awards presentation ceremony committees except for TVB have agreed to honor Leon with awards that he deserves even though he had decided not to accept them.

Third, TVB is trying hard to pursuade Leon to appear in its Jade Solid Gold Top Ten Golden Songs Awards Presentation ceremony in order to get more donations from Leon's fans.

Fourth, the Metro Radio and HK Radio spokeswoman told the press that they're trying to invite Leon to perform in their ceremonies scheduled early next year.  Metro is planning to invite Leon to be the VIP guest in their ceremonies and they're
discussing the matter with Sony.

In brief, Leon's decision has a great impact on HK's music industry. He is one of the most influential singers and therefore, his decision will affect the whole industry.

Another news is about Jacky Cheung's comment regarding Leon's decision to not accept awards. JC said that Leon's decision is not appropriate and from his point of view, it's a negative and irresponsible decision.

Leon is currently in Shanghai to film a motorcycle commercial, partnering with model Maggie Q.

December 14, 1999 (Written by Quantumlad)

The HK media gave positive reports on Leon's decision ( about not accepting any musical awards given to him ) .  Most of the singers / artists interviewed by reporters in HK said that they respect Leon's decision and his move will give younger and newer singers more chances to get awards.

Leon is the 4th artist in HK that officially declared that he won't be accepting musical awards after Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui.

Andy Lau when contacted in China by reporters said that he respects Leon's decision and said that musical awards are just games and singers don't have to be too serious with them.

HK Sony Chinese Department Manager, Mr. Wong, was surprised by Leon's decision, and he told reporters that he was unaware of Leon's intention to reject the awards.

Mark Lui, the producer and best mate of Leon, said that he was shocked for 2 seconds on the stage when Leon made the announcement. He said Leon is willing to do more on music and movies now. He also reiterated that Leon is more daring than he was.

At the same time, those awards presentation unit's / organisation manager / person in-charge said that they'll continue to give awards to Leon this year as they have calculated all points / marks for all singers.

Leon himself said that he has taken 4-5 days to seriously consider this decision.And he said that his decision is not influenced by anybody ( like Shu Kei ) or IFPI or any media.

December 13, 1999 (Written by Quantumlad)

Leon officially annouced during his last concert that he will not accept any awards given to him by the HK media and he won't participate in any HK Music Awards Presentation.  This is probably the most shocking news in 1999. All fans are very surprised by Leon's decision. Most fans expressed their support for Leon.

Leon had a private birthday celebration at theCalifornia Pub located in Lan Kwai Fong. He went there with all his crew members after the birthday concert and had great time with his friends. Faye Wong was there with him as well.  The price for a very happy private party in a very cool pub is : HK$ 200,000.

December 12, 1999 (Written by Quantumlad)

Leon celebrated his 33rd birthday in the concert with his fans.  Yesterday's concert was said by HK fans to be the best concert in all 23 shows. Leon's performance was great, and there was a simple yet meaningful celebration on the stage. Leon
was presented a cake by his company, SONY and Leon made a wish on the stage.  Fans were screaming a lot when Leon jumped over his cake.

Chan Bo Ju, famous HK artist of the 60's, went to Leon's concert last night alone and had a chit chat with Leon. She was very very popular back then, and now she likes Leon these days. Faye Wong watched Leon's concert again. Also spotted at the concert was Carina Lau Ka Ling.

More good news, Leon's total sales figures this year is 365,000 copies. Bitter rival, Andy Lau's figure is only 155,000.

December 10, 1999 (Written by Quantumlad)

The latest about leon is that he was very upset and disappointed with those fans ( 6 of them ) who intended to throw Shu Kei's porn magazines onto the stage during Leon's concert. But they didn't, afterall.

Another news of Leon is that he presented a Chanel necklace to Carina Lau Ka Ling for her 36th birthday. A Chanel necklace is nothing much to leon since he has earned aproximately HK$59,000,000 this year.

Leon's latest EP "Eyes Want to Travel" is number one in the HK IFPI Chart for this week.

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Updated February 6, 2000.
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