L-News Issue #10
September 11th, 1998
Part 2

**Broadcast Corner**
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(from Leon Lai NewStation )

RTHK 2 Radio Interview
Date: September 10, 1998
DJ's: Chow Kwok Fung, Kaka

Fung: The Fans have been waiting for a long time, and Leon is once again in our station.
Kaka: Today Leon has brought in two of his belongings, a tissue paper pack, water.
Fung: And the newest model cellular phone, which a lot of star's really want to have and I've heard it is very expensive.
Kaka: Yes I know, he has the silver one.
Fung: Leon, do you usually get all the newest models of cellular phones right away?
Leon: Sometimes it is right away other times it is later.
Fung: I've noticed that you get them very soon.
Leon: Well its because uh… uh… actually.. a lot of my cellular phones are provided by uh….uh..
Kaka: By a certain company that provides it for you.
Leon: Yes, provided by a certain company.
Fung: Quickest technology.
Leon: Quickest technology and newest model they will give it to me.
Fung: Actually in order to follow up with new models is a very expensive hobby.
Kaka: Also some of the phone numbers belong to different communication companies so you will constantly be changing all the time.
Fung: Does it mean that you have a lot of phones at home?
Leon: Yes.
Fung: How many do you have now?
Leon: 5, 6, 7, 8 (but Leon makes it sound like it is in the hundreds)
Fung: six, seven hundred?
Leon: Yes.
Fung: six, seven hundred or six to seven phones?
Leon: Six to seven.
Fung: oh… if it was six or seven hundred that would be scary.
Kaka: But your phones afterwards do you just store them and not use them anymore or give them away?
Leon: No, sometimes I use this one or the other one.
Fung: Oh… changing styles/models like cars.
Leon: No, well cellular phones right now have turned into accessories now, started to..
Fung: match clothes.
Leon: Match clothes
Fung: No wonder you brought this phone with you.
Leon: Really?
Fung: Yes, the one you brought today is silver and today you are wearing a black shirt and grey shirt inside which matches perfectly.
Leon: Well we can use XXX one..
(Every one laughs)
Fung: I've noticed that Leon looks really energetic today. Is it because you finished filming all your movies this year already?
Leon: Yes I finished filming already.
Fung: Does that mean you have time to rest now? That why you look rested?
Leon: Rest and do things related to movies.
Fung: Promotions?
Leon: Promotions for other things than movies, and recording a soundtrack for the movie.
Fung: Yes.
Leon: This is the first time I have done a movie soundtrack, which is for "City of Glass" and we still need a little more work before it is completed.
Fung: How many songs are in there? The ones which you sing?
Leon: Around 2 to 3.
Fung: 2 to 3
Leon: Yes, three.
Fung: Cause we first learned that one of the songs is an English song.
Leon: How did you know?
Fung: Of course we are quick.
Kaka: We have our sources. Wah.. Leon singing English.
Fung: Why in this soundtrack does Leon sing an English song?
Leon: Because this movie when I first accepted I thought it was a love story, and while I was filming people kept on asking me how I saw love. The most important is that while I was filming the movie there was a lot of things that made me want to explore more and interested in. In actuality my character in the film Eason Chan, or Shu Kei we probably were portraying a person from back then. People back then that were able to graduate from HK University today 9 out of 10 of them are in important role in today's society.
Fung: Important positions?
Leon: Important positions all have important positions and back then the people that went to HK University were important or rich people. But behind their lifestyle there was a lot of things that we didn't know and it was probably even more update then today's 90's lifestyle. In the story there some love relationships that happen, happen, and my character there was an actually person who's outcome was the same. In actuality the director got someone to write about him.
Fung: So it was based on an actual person right.
Kaka: So he has talked to you.
Leon: Yes, talked with me about how his lifestyle was etc… So I've learned a lot of things and understood a lot of things also. Fung: So is it because you thought the character needed an English song, which would be more appropriate?
Leon: No, it because back then HK University was part of the British rule.
Kaka: So it was popular to sing English songs.
Fung: That's true it was popular in the University.
Leon: Yes and it was popular to talk in English, and back when they were talking they would mix some English with some Chinese.
Fung: This time the soundtrack did the producer suggest you sing an English song?
Leon: No, I had to sing an English song because during that time it was popular to do so.
Fung: So because of that the director also thought there needed to be an English song?
Leon: No, its because the story back then they actually sang and English song. I was just acting the part of the character's life.
Kaka: Can you let us know if it is a song that we are all familiar with?
Leon: Yes, it is a very familiar song, anybody would be able to sing it in a karaoke.
Fung: From my recollection Leon haven't sung an English song before in his CD. The first time singing an English song is the feeling different from singing a Cantonese or Mandarin song?
Leon: It's different just like how some people always sing the same song no matter what generation it is.
Kaka: So the English song is appropriate for our generation.
Leon: Yes, for this generation.
Fung: Was it hard how many takes did it take to sing?
Leon: The take, umm.. It's a very live version of the song.
Kaka: After this try does it mean that you will put all your different dialect songs in one CD?
Leon: I don't know.
Kaka: You also sang Korean songs too.
Leon: Yes.
Kaka: Mandarin, Cantonese, and now English it is a lot of different languages.
Leon: Well I believe that umm.. Hong Kong is small, yeah Hong Kong is small (hehehe..) that's why we need more ways to expand and learn new things.
Fung: After recording an English song, well you know the company you joined is an international company. Earlier one of the singers under your company Coco has a chance to record an English album. Is this the first step for you to try to sing English songs.
Leon: I don't know I will or not but I personally don't have intentions of doing so.
Fung: So you don't really have big intentions of being a Chinese singer that also sings English songs.
Leon: Nope not really. Unless there are good reason or right situations for me to do so then I will do so.
Kaka: Then what other languages do you want to sing?
Fung: What about Japanese?
Leon: There is a chance I will.
Fung: Really.
Kaka: There are a lot of Leon's Japanese fans.
Leon: I find that there are a lot of Japanese are really enthusiastic about learning other languages. I believe that if we have the chance to learn it even though it is singing it even if not 100% it should be at least 90%.
Kaka: So everytime to record a song in a different language is there always a teacher there to help you teach you?
Fung: This time was there an English teacher to help you?
Leon: Actually this time we didn't have an English teacher there because it was sung very casually.
Fung: I've notice a lot of people have said that before summer there was a lot of competition and now September is also a very competitive time for singers. There is a lot of people who will be releasing their albums or songs. Such as Jacky (Mandarin album), Faye, Amei, and Aaron has their songs and yesterday Leon also has his song too. How do you see this second round of competition?
Leon: Things that are good for HK everybody should do more of it.
Fung: So you don't mind?
Leon: No, crazy of course not.
Fung: Or did you intentionally plan to release it at this time?
Leon: Why don't you say that the other people have intentionally planned it?
Fung: I have asked them and they said no.
Leon: Yeah, if they said no then its real.
Kaka: Well last round you have very good results, do you have confidence this time around?
Fung: Do you have confidence this time with a full album and not an EP.
Leon: If everybody does good then its good.
Fung: Its about time to release it in October along with Faye and Amei.
Leon: I believe that everybody has the option to choose.
Fung: Well the cake is only so big, and there are so many people who are sharing it. Are you afraid that you will end up with a smaller piece?
Leon: There is no such thing as getting a smaller or bigger piece. People choose whether to buy it or not. When you want to eat the cake even though it cost $100 you will still buy it.
Fung: Yes.
Leon: If you find that it doesn't taste good even though you give it for free no one would eat it.
Fung: Won't want it.
Leon: Won't want it.
Fung: Are you afraid that your old company will release another compilation?
Kaka: There have already released a lot of them even a mandarin one also.
Fung: Wow they have released quite a few of them. Are you afraid that they will release another one?
Leon: No need to be afraid cause I already know that they will be releasing another one.
Kaka: Really?
Fung: They have already decided? So after the experience of the last two you it doesn't matter.
Leon: I've heard that this time it would be an even bigger one.
Kaka: Will they be releasing one with you and other singers together?
Fung: Did they contact you?
Leon: No, just that recently friends from the old company have been laid-off, and when we bumped into each other we were talking and the talked about it.
Fung: Usually, close to the end of the year people will start talking about awards. This year after switching companies your first EP sold very well and your old company have been releasing a lot of your compilations do you have confidence of getting the highest album sales award?
Leon: No, because even though there are sales from the old companies compilations but they will not report the sale figures to IFPI.
Fung: Oh…
Leon: So it won't be added to the overall sale figures.
Kaka: Counting sales from your EP should be…
Fung: No, back then there were companies that still reporter sale figures to IFPI.
Leon: Its because I left them.
Fung: Oh… No even though they leave they will still reporter sale figures well some companies will.
Leon: Well they are not reporting it.
Fung: Did you ask them and they said no?
Leon: They won't.
Kaka: Actually…
Leon: I'm not saying it to change their minds, even if you report it or not it doesn't matter you decide cause the album is theirs. It doesn't matter as long as I have my own explanation.
Fung: Beside the upcoming soundtrack will you release another full Cantonese album at the end of the year?
Leon: Yes I will we are working on it, just that we haven't started recording yet.
Kaka: This time, after all the times you have worked with Mark, in this new CD will it be that you won't have any of Mark's songs in there?
Leon: Hahaha…
Fung: Will you?
Leon: Of course…. (pause) Yes…
Fung: Still be Mark's song?
Leon: Yes, yes there will be.
Fung: Is Mark still the producer?
Leon: The producer is Mark.
Kaka: Still Mark?
Leon: Mark.
Fung: Are you afraid that after partnering so many times that there won't be as many sparks and that you will change to another one?
Leon: Don't worry, we have a lot of people to help bring rub, even if we have to rub off his skin we will help rub out sparks.. hehehe…
(Everyone laughs..)
Fung: I have found that the partnership of Leon and Mark is very successful from back then to now. How many years has it been?
Leon: From Unspoken Words of Love 96' 97' 98' three years.
Kaka: Do you believe that oh after using Mark it has been very successful that you have continued to use him as your producer?
Leon: No, No its because together there is spark when a musician and singer works together both of them will affect the other person. Such as music style, the way we see things will change. Yes during this time my own vocal range and music style has changed because of working with Mark but the way Mark writes songs the styles have also changed too. Both of us will give each other a very broad working environment to absorb and we won't restrict our musical style to either Mark's style or even Leon's style of music.

(Leon's "I Love You Like This" is played)
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(from Leon Lai NewStation )

Fung: I have just noticed that Leon has belly fat. You're in trouble.
Kaka: I didn't dare say..
Fung: You have a slight belly fat.
Leon: A really big one too.
Fung: Well, don't say that.
Kaka: Have you measured it yet? Hehehe.. have your pants started getting tight?
Fung: You know why we think so? Well it is because the shirt Leon is wearing inside is tight that's why..
Leon: It's not called belly fat its called stomach fat.
Kaka & Fung: Oh…
Leon: I told you that lately you have been resting and storing up.
Kaka: Must have been eating a lot of good stuff lately.
Fung: Yeah must be eating better and drinking beer.
Kaka: Really? Beer causes belly fat and Leon has stomach fat.
Fung: Wow, you really separated them clearly. So do you plan to diet?
Leon: Its fast, I'm skinner now.
Kaka: Hahaha…
Fung: Its because recently you haven't been as busy, when you get busier you will lose the weight.
Kaka: Is it because you haven't been playing water ski lately?
Fung: Wow.. look at that right away he is depressed.
Leon: How can I water ski!!
Fung: Oh.. this is Leon's weak spot next time all you have to do is say he is fat. Hahaha..
Leon: Doesn't Matter.
Kaka & Fung: Fat Boy, Fat Boy…
Leon: I can always diet and lose the weight.
Kaka: Look at him he is so depressed.
Fung: We are just joking with you. You are perfect today.
Leon: Should do some exercise then come back for an interview.
Fung: Hahaha.. why don't you do 20 or so situps on the floor right now.
Leon: No, No, No…
Kaka: Maybe it is because he is busy lately and haven't had the time to water ski, swim or do other kinds of exercise.
Fung: You have done less lately?
Leon: Yes.
Kaka: You can see that Leon's is lighter now so you know that he hasn't been out getting a tan lately.
Leon: I don't have any sun to get a tan, its not that I don't want to get a tan.
Fung: No chance to get a tan.
Leon: Right.
Kaka: Usually when you work do you bring all the things needed to get a tan and once you see the sun you will take a chair outside and sunbathe.
Leon: No, its okay if HK doesn't have any sun then I'll go to Thailand to sunbathe.
Kaka: But in Thailand you will be scared that you will get a spotted tan.
Leon: No that won't happen one time my assistant after getting a tan in Thailand he was horrible.
Kaka: What??
Fung: Him??
Kaka: He hiding now.
Leon: Well the first time he got a tan in Thailand and then the second time we were there he didn't want to get a tan. Why? Well because while departing, the Thailand immigration asked him what are you reasons for leaving Thailand?
Kaka: Hahaha…
Fung: Oh they thought he was a native Thailand.
Leon: Where are you going? Hong Kong. Why are you going to Hong Kong? Don't you see my Passport.
Fung: He has a passport right?
Leon: Yeah.
Fung: How sad…
Kaka: Yes very.. Hahahaha…
Leon: After that he didn't get a tan again.

(Leon's "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder" is played)

**Questions asked by fans**

Candy: Have you already decided that you won't have a concert at the end of the year?
Leon: Yes
Candy: Then when will you have one?
Leon: You will have to wait till next year, at first we were suppose to have several nights of concert but because we didn't want to compromise the time spent on preparing the album. There was just not enough time to prepare for the concert.
Fung: So when will be your next concert?
Leon: Don't know cause we have to book the venue.
Candy: Also I want to ask when will your special edition MTR tickets be released?
Leon: Shouldn't be long I think around this month or October.
Candy: What about your Album?
Leon: The soundtrack should be in October and my Cantonese CD would be the end of the year.

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(from Leon Lai NewStation )

Wai Wai: Do you feel that you picky with promotion choices?
Leon: Have I become pickier? Don't you find that choices have decreased? Its not that I have become pickier.
Wai Wai: But you haven't been on Jade Solid Gold lately.
Leon: Its not that I don't want to go on, but people are not asking me to come on. Do you think I am the boss and I can go on whenever I want?
Wai Wai: Really?
Leon: You have to wait your turn. Yes..

Wah Wah: When are you going to have a personal photo book?
Fung: Didn't you release on before.
Leon: Yes, but I haven't thought about it.
Fung: Is it because you fulfilled everything last time?
Leon: I was forced then.
Fung: Really because of money?
Leon: No, there wasn't much money with a photo book. Its just that during that time they felt that a photo book was needed.
Fung: That means you don't really like it?
Leon: I like it but it depends on my mood, doesn't matter.
Wah Wah: Have you ever thought about working on a musical/play?
Leon: No, doesn't really attract me right now.
Fung: A lot of people of starred in T.V. like you like the feeling that a musical/play brings to them.
Leon: I have a lot of friends that have appeared in musical/plays everybody has their interest. I have tried a play before I didn't really have a big interest in it.
Fung: Has TVB asked you to make a series?
Leon: No, mainly because it is hard to schedule time for it.

Jessica: After being it the business for 10yrs we are happy to see you change, mature and bring to us a lot of surprise and for so many years the fans have supported you. I want to know if fans give you the feeling that they also have changed and been improving.
Leon: There is improvement, but there is still the innocence and the women's nosiness.
Jessica: Its caring not nosiness.
Leon: I know it's caring.
Fung: Like what kind of caring do you feel becomes nosy?
Leon: There are a lot of times that they really care about me I know they care but it seems like their caring make them seem more like my mom instead.
Fung: Isn't that good?
Leon: Yes
Jessica: I also know that there is an understanding and chemistry between us.
Leon: Yes, for sure it is apparent we know how the other one thinks.
Jessica: Out of all the years in the business which time gave you the happiest moment?
Leon: Actually if you settle down you will find there is a lot of happy moments, and you will think it is so happy to have so many people that treat you so good. I find that between my supporters and I we seem to have more arguments.
Fung: Do you guys always argue?
Jessica: What's funny about it is that we argue for a short time and then everything is fine.
Fung: How do you guys argue?
Jessica: Well we really understand Leon and he understands us.
Fung: Wow you guys always argue a lot?
Leon: Well when they are unhappy they tell me.
Fung: Have you ever fought before?
Leon: No, only throw things.. hehehe..
Jessica: Well that how we can maintain the relationship for so long. Also I want to ask if you plan on continuing to drive the racecars since last time for charity purpose you were very good at it and have talent.
Leon: Actually I have a lot of talent with many different sports.
Jessica: This I know..
Leon: Thank you. Race car, I will if people ask me to.
Fung: No, its dangerous knowing your fans they will worry.
Leon: I know but racing on a racetrack is better than on the street.
Jessica: Is your father feeling better now?
Leon: Thank you for asking..
Fung: Now I feel that she is your mother.
Leon & Fung: Hehehe..
Jessica: Leon lose weight quicker cause we also think that you have gained some weight.
Fung: Oh… you in trouble now..
Leon: Don't worry I'll be skinner in one week.
Fung: Don't mention the 'Fat' word..
Jessica: Okay, then just do your best with work. Oh yeah can I have a autographed picture?
Leon: No, bye bye..
Fung: You don't get on cause you said the 'Fat' word.

Ka Wai: Have you prepared for your trip to Brazil for Unicef yet?
Leon: Nope not yet, I will start getting shots end of September.
Ka Wai: That mean you won't be in a good mood.
Leon: I don't know if the shots will cause bad mood, forget it.
Fung: Those shots can be horrible.
Leon: Yes, the shot are used to boost the immune system.
Ka Wai: Oh.. that means you will be sadder.
Leon: Don't worry, I'll be happy when I return.

Mei: Since you have had more time lately have you been watching T.V.?
Leon: Yes
Mei: Have you seen "Most Outstanding Asian Specials" with Lee Ka Sing?
Leon: Yes
Mei: Did you record it?
Leon: Yes, I did record it and there is a very funny story behind this also. I have an assistant Zhi Chun and his idol is Lee Ka Sing. There was this one time when we were walking and Lee Ka Sing was at a charity function so I went up to him and asked if he could help me and take a picture with my friend because you have been his idol for many years. So he said yeah, come up after they helped him take the picture I guess since they didn't know who he was they didn't send the picture back to him.
Fung: Oh…
Leon: So then Zhi Chun was not happy.
Fung: Oh Leon you're in trouble today you've been all the incidents that happened to your friends and assistants.
Leon: Next, we seen him again we will try to get another picture.
Fung: Mei, why did you mention "Most Outstanding Asian Special"?
Mei: Cause Leon also admires Lee Ka Sing and he said that he will become a business man and I wanted to see if he picked up anything from him?
Leon: Its hard, cause there is probably one Lee Ka Sing. You might pick up on some little things and use them in your own situation that makes you happy?
Mei: I wanted to say that your new theme song to "City of Glass" is very good. Also before I listened to the song I wanted to see "True Heroes" more than "City of Glass".
Leon: When did you see it?
Mei: I haven't yet I just wanted to see it more. I wanted to ask that after I listened to the song, is the movie really sad?
Leon: Actually almost 70% is based on a real story.
Mei: But is it really sad?
Leon: Not going to tell you.
Fung: Buy the ticket to watch it.
Mei: Okay, then the character in this movie is one who starts off in the teens and end up in the middle aged. What do you think is the difference between the two age groups?
Leon: Difference, well you will find that no matter what age group you are in when you meet up with someone you love you will always act the same.
Mei: Last question, well earlier there was a girl who said she thought you made fewer appearances, well I also think so too. Compared to other singers when they plug a song on the station they will do a round of promotion but Leon you will probably just film a mtv and start on your other work.
Leon: Even you think so?
Mei: Not just me we all think so.
Leon: You think so?
Mei: Yes.
Leon: Okay.
Fung: Then what?
Leon: Well maybe it is just your imagination.
Mei: Well how do you see your number of appearances?
Fung: Well I don't think it is too little.
Leon: It's not little.
Mei: Its because everytime he comes out it is a very big deal and it always gets on the headlines. If you really count it is very little.
Fung: Oh..
Mei: Well compare him to the singers in the same rank not the 3, 4 5th line singers.
Fung: Wahh.. How can you say that who is the 3, 4th, 5th line singers?
Leon: Yeah, you can't say that.
Fung: Okay we've talked enough the other fans will complain.
Mei: Okay, Leon bye bye.


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(from Leon Lai NewStation )

Mun Yue: I want to ask Leon did he ever play a prank on a person before or is it that they play a prank on you?
Leon: It's more likely that people play a prank on me.
Mun Yue: Give an example.
Leon: Example, well while I was sleep some people will call me and start cursing over the phone.
Fung: Do you know the person?
Leon: No don't know them.
Fung: Oh, then that isn't called a prank.
Leon: Wahh.. you don't call that a prank.
Fung: Then what was your reaction?
Leon: Well I yelled and cursed at them back.
Fung: Hahaha.. wow you were wide awake then.
Mun Yue: Have you ever tried dressing up and scaring people during Halloween?
Leon: No, haven't tried it.
Fung: Wahh.. you questions are very unique.
Mun Yue: Well its more relaxed.
Fung: Oh relaxed, maybe its because Chinese are not into Halloween.
Mun Yue: Leon it seems that you have never made a ghost movie, do you want to make one?
(Both Leon & Fung start singing)

Dicky: Leon do you get on the internet when you have time?
Leon: I haven't been on the internet when I have time, but I really want to.
Dicky: Why don't you get on?
Fung: Oh later I will get on with him.
Leon: I don't always get on.
Dicky: Do you have a computer at home?
Leon: Yes I have one but it is slow.
Fung: Well that can't be you always have the newest models of cellular phones why is your computer so slow.
Leon: Well I'm still using Windows 95.
Fung: But you hardly touch the computer right?
Leon: Yes, very little.
Dicky: Leon you have a lot of sites around 100.
Leon: A hundred? Why so many?
Dicky: Every country has some, even korea has quite a few.
Fung: Which ones are more unique.
Dicky: Well…
Fung: You should have visited them all.
Dicky: There is a lot.
Fung: I've heard that you also have a homepage on Leon? I remember you Dicky right?
Dicky: Well..
Leon: That mean yes. Amazing.
Fung: How long did it take you?
Dicky: Very fast.
Leon: Why don't you teach me.
Dicky: Mine's is very complicated I had to ask a lot of people.
Fung: Really you asked a lot of pople?
Dicky: Yes, you have to ask a lot of people to do it.
Fung: So how long did it take you?
Dicky: 2 months.
Fung: What is unique about your site you can tell Leon?
Dicky: Come on, No..
Fung: Haha… you make it and don't want anybody to see it. How weird.
Leon: Come on tell us. Why don't you tell us the URL?
Dicky: I faxed it to you already.
Leon: Okay..
Dicky: Leon when are you going to release your Mandarin album?
Leon: Mandarin album not too soon yet.
Dicky: When then? People in Taiwan are very concerned.
Leon: I know wait a while, give me some time.

Jane: I want to ask since you have been working with Mark and that there is change but what about after switching companies what changes do you see?
Leon: The way I feel is different.
Fung: He has more money.
Leon: No, there are a lot of thing money can't buy.
Jane: In which sense?
Leon: You figure it out yourself I can't always tell you how I feel about what I am doing.
Jane: I find that you are more carefree now.
Leon: Really?
Jane: Yes, do you think so?
Leon: Yes I think so.
Jane: Are you more open now?
Leon: More open?
Fung: Happier you mean? Oh open.
Jane: Happier and more open
Fung: Oh you thought the was very stubborn back then?
Jane: No just that before when he did interview he was very quite.
Fung: That is true.
Jane: Well, right now he is..
Fung: Well if you compare it with when he first came out then of course. I was a bit afraid of him also.
Leon: I was even more afraid than you.
Fung: No need to be afraid. He has changed a lot then.
Jane: He is more approachable now.
Leon: Well more like a person now, back then I was a ghost right? No problem it is in the past now.

Kelly: I know I shouldn't ask this question.
Leon: Then why are you asking?
Kelly: Well, I've wanted to ask for a long time already. I want to ask all the rumors of relationship you never admitted it. But I've noticed when they ask you about Michele Reis you we happy and liked when they asked you such questions but when it came to Kim Hee Sun you were very determined that you didn't know her. Also this that Michele didn't go to your concert are you guys.. Umm..
Fung: Wahh.. Now I believe that your fans are nosy. Hahaha…
Leon: Did you really want to ask for a long time already?
Kelly: Yes, a long time.
Leon: I didn't want to answer you for a long time already.
Fung: Hahaha..
Kelly: But since I asked you have to answer.
Leon: Who are you to me?
Kelly: I'm your fans.
Leon: Just because you are my fans I have to answer you. Even if my mom asked I wouldn't answer.
Fung: Wah.. it is true that you argue with your fans.
Leon: Hang up on her.
Kelly: No
Fung: He won't answer.
Leon: You can stay here and cry.
Kelly: Then I won't listen to Chow Kwok Fung's show.
Fung: That has nothing to do with Leon.
Leon: You have the right to choose. When a person forces you like that even if you answer or not the other person also has the right to listen or not listen.
Kelly: You can't avoid it this time.
Leon: Forget it.
Fung: Well you can't be so ridiculous. Just see if there is any new news about this.
Leon & Fung: Bye bye.

Fung: When will you be leaving for another country?
Leon: End of September I will be going to Australia for a concert.
Fung: That wouldn't take too long.
Leon: Not too long around a week or so.
Fung: So around the next 3 months Leon's appearances should be more frequent right?
Leon: Well I think it is a lot but I guess everyone's sees things differently.
Fung: Well that is how fans are. Well hope everything for your next CD goes smoothly and that it sells really well.
Leon: Thank you.
Fung: Thank you Leon, bye.


The Review From TVB Weekly

Title: Love Generation HK
Cast: Leon Lai = Bill Kay
Carina Lau = Maggie
Shu Kei = Joey
Lee Ann = Moon
Mark Lui = Dentist/Bill's best friend/Moon's brother

Movie rated out of 100% : 80%

Director, Wong Ching's love stories are not as well done as his other movies, but this new movie "New Love Generation" has balanced it out for him. Even though this movie seems to resemble the Japanese movie, everything from the choice of roles, to scenery to the usage of the video camera. But the environment of HK in the movie is definitely different from what it is of Japan. How "New Love Generation" doesn't resemble the Japanese version is that it reflects more on HK people's way of thinking. For example, the '98 Handover part of the movie and how Leon's character dreamt of getting rich. There is also the old and new airport used as examples after the breakup of relationships between the main characters. But if director Wong Ching could have made the relationship towards the end more clear and more in depth, it would be an even better movie.

** Special Reports **

<Leon in Korea>>
Hong Kong Star Leon Lai's Sun glasses and T-shirt! The internet auction of well-known persons' treasures to help North Korean and separated families.

Hangyere Unificaton Culture Foundation have the internet auction of well-known persons' treasures to help North Korean and separated families.
HK Star Leon Lai donated his own Sun-glasses(handmade in France) and Polo Sports T-shirts to help hungry North Korean people. He chose the sun-glasses and T-shirts by himself!!!

<Leon's message to Korean fans>

Dear Friends, Please lend out a helping hand to all the needy in North Korea. They need your kind support.

<Leon's Sun-glasses>

A summer day in 1996, Leon took a fancy to a sun-glasses displayed in a Optician's. He thought he went well with this sun-glasses and bought it at once. He wore it in a lot of conferences and shows. From then on, it became a part of his life.

<T-shirts> Leon's fashion coordinator bought it for Leon. Leon wore the shirt in several shows. In fact, Leon loved this T-shirt very much!

The sponsor: Hangyere Unification Culture Foundation
Auction end date : 1998. Sep.21. 14:00
URL : http://hani.s-mart.co.kr
TEL 82-2-7100-773 FAX 82-2-7100-772
Person in charge : Jung You Jin


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