L-News Issue #11
October 11th, 1998
Part 3

**Special Reports**

<<Leon in Korea>>

["Lady kyung hyang" magazine.. aug,98] --translated by " Sarah Kim"

<" I am now a lovelorn, but I'm waiting for a woman who has affinity with me.">

The time for Lesile Cheng and Andy Lau has gone? The early of 90's, they attracted Korean women with toughness. But now their impenetrable fortresses are being collapsed by tender smile of a man, called Leon Lai. Whoever you are if you are a woman, you probably want to meet him. Last July, we've interviewed him alone to observe his attractions.

<Hee-Sun Kim, What a lucky girl she is!>

On 4th of July, one of four great entertainers in Hong-Kong came to Korea. He sang a song in Korean named "After loving you" which is for TV series "Try to snatch my mind" finishing last month. And this song rank high on Korean pop chart as the one and only Hong-kong star. Because of his popularity, already before one month all media has wanted to catch his schedule. So this visit's school for advertising his new album "I love you like this"- This is the first album with Sony music- was too tight. Moreover, according to rumor, the public is not the only one who wanted to meet him... Those who are willing to meet Leon personally were many of famous actresses in Korea. There were many calls from manager of actress, and those were all about meeting with Leon. Entertainers want to meet their own stars, too. And Leon is supposed to be that star. But fortunately or not, he didn't even have a second to meet any actress.

Actually, It isn't so long ago Leon has become popular in Korea. Last year, because of the film "comrades, almost love story", he became popular between women first. Frankly, that's not only because of the film, but also because of the sudden scandal with Hee-Sun Kim. So for this reason, whenever/whoever talks about Leon, all the time this is added, "What a lucky girl Hee-Sun Kim is!"

Then we asked about that scandal first. But his answer was a simple, "No!" He said he hadn't met her before, he just had heard about her from his manager. True or not, the important thing is that Leon has scandal with young top star in Korea. This means he has attractions to even young generation.

"My attractions? Well... I think it's not about attractions but about affinity. Therefore people who I've never met before can like me. And I like Korea for the same reason."

We don't know whether he has affinity with Korean women or not, but Leon has many different kinds of attractions which can satisfy Korean women. Most of all, Leon is the most Korean-tasted star in Hong-Kong. Already he has proved his talent for Korean language through the song "After loving you", it is well known that he can speak Korean well. And when he recorded that song, he read the Korean lyrics itself. Especially he signed in Korean in his recent Korean visit.

I guess whenever I spoke English, Cantonese and Mandarin, there are many similar pronunciations to Korean. Last year I didn't pronounce so well, at the first song in Korean 'Today weather is fine'. Perhaps God gave me another chance. First time `love' was the most difficult to pronounce, but now I can do it well."

With his Korean capability, his appearance is also similar to Korean 20's usual man. He has average Korean man's appearance such as 178cm height, a bit slim body, double-edged eyelids and not so high nose. First he doesn't look like `foreign star'. He came to Korea 7 times in 3 years and he is trying to learn more about Korea. All of these make Korean women be attracted to him.

<A man with tender smile, earnest eyes>

As a matter of fact, before I mentioned, if he is on the busy street like Myung-dong, it is difficult to find him, because he doesn't look special. On the contrary, if you have expected him to look like star, you will be disappointed because he looks ordinary. But the more you meet him the more you will like him. He was scouted on the road about ten years ago, when he was a high school student. and he didn't just become star but still he is keeping his position. Of course there are reasons. Those are his man-to-man attractions. If there are stars who are greater on the stage or face-to-face, Leon is the latter. "Seeing is believing." is the words for Leon. Really he has infinitely different side to the image on TV. The basic one of his man-to-man attraction is caring for other people. When he talks, he always stares at talking partner's eyes. He showed his deep consideration when he said:

"The real man is the one who doesn't get angry with women. Even though I'm easy to be angry, I'm try to appease it quickly."

"I don't like doing shopping, and neither walking around alone. But if I have a girlfriend and she likes shopping together with pleasure."

Besides another one of his attractions is his tender smile. So much that the kiss scene with Maggie Cheung in the film "comrades, almost love story" became one of the best kiss scenes. He quickly became a representation of a gentle and tender man. His low voice suits with his this image as well. Also, we can't miss another one of his attractions, which is his sincerity. Not like other stars, Leon controlled his pace very well. Surely it could be the result of his ten years working in entertainment part, he never lose his pace. >From this Korean visit, hearing about friendship with woo-sung Jung. So I asked...

"I don't want to talk about personal friendship in interviews I met him at the Pusan International Film Festival last year, and now whenever I come to Korea, we meet to see each other."

And about the question to make a call to each other sometimes, he said simply. "We've never called before, Even though you don't call, there is trust not to be apart between real friends"

The sincerity for his privacy and care for other people, all of these make him come to women as a man, not as a star.

He is famous for scandal in Hong-Kong. In Korea, the scandal is just about Hee-Sun Kim, but from long time ago he always is in the middle of scandal. For us, the actress of "Falling Angels" Michele Reis is his `public' scandal partner. Then, What is his real point of view for love like?

"A lot of people asked me about 10 years love like the film 'comrades, almost love story'. But in fact I don't have time like that, and I don't want to agonize such a long time. Still wherever in the world, love can be completed. Nowadays I am filming the film 'new love generation' It deals with love between me and three women. However, I guess it is impossible to be in love with several women."

Anyways he agonized from a broken heart and now is waiting for new love. He doesn't know when, but he will wait till he finds his affinity.

"I don't want to meet woman in order to marry. Marriage is just a form. If we can love forever, I think marriage could be unnecessary. I only need someone that can love each other, trust each other, and encourage each other. And I believe in appearing my affinity like this"

Whenever he meets her, he wants to sing a love serenade standing in front of her house in a rainy night. And he added that she could be a `Korean woman'...

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