L-News Issue #12
November 11th, 1998
Part 2

Esquire Magazine November Issue 120
Try to Remember

He has already forgotten the boring person he use to be. Because when he first started out he was afraid and didn't speak much, so very naturally he became boring. Afterwards he became comfortable with speaking more. He also realized that after hitting some dead ends that you control your own emotions but sometimes when you can't control them. So when you are happy go ahead and make jokes. He remembered that recently at "Top Ten Outstanding Youth" award show he made a small joke, which involved Jacky. The newspapers found it interesting, so that's why the joke was noticed.
It was only a joke, Jacky won't mind. Leon is very aware and sure that Jacky's accomplishments are more than his own.

Thinking back of the year the song "My Dearest Love" didn't get an award, at that time he was really depressed. Leon jokingly said, Now I understand that you can't look at things one sided. Some people may like it and I liked it but there are also other people who don't like the song. Looking back now if he was the judge for the award show, Leon said he would also not give the award to "My Dearest Love" as well.
Time can really change the way people see things.
Also he remembered the night he "finally" received the most popular male singer award, at that moment his emotional excitement was very high. Till today I can still remember clearly the feeling of worrying about wins and losses. Afterwards I found out it was just a dream, two months later the only thing that was left was memories. Didn't people continue to treat his as a normal person? He continued to do his work, continued to receive so degree of betrayal of dignity.
Losing and having, you shouldn't be too nervous about it. Leon said he is already use to it, so when he sees another singer receive an award and their emotions are still very high, he understands because he has been through it also.
Relax. This time <Esquire> shot the 10th anniversary cover, Leon said he would create the image, what he hopes most is to relax. <Esquire> has ten years already which is heavy enough. He said he doesn't want too much stuff, comfortable and simple is the best.

From the very first day he kept in mind when he went into this business, he was sure he is someone who can let go. He can let go because he is content. Content because he knows with his knowledge, how much he is supposed to possess. If you possess more than normal then you should know how to be content.
It is not just words to entertain you Leon emphasized. People have roads they want to travel in this business, no matter how the next few years are like he will be content.
He said, in the past few years when he is unhappy he can sense that good times will come soon, and during good times he knows unhappy times will come also. So he can prepare his emotions to receive the news that's why in the past 10yrs he has learned to expect. To expect the happy and unhappy times which you can't avoid.
Tiring? Leon said no, this is what you call real life.

Very cheesy but it is the truth. Don't want to mention it deliberately, these ten years Leon didn't want to trick people or trick himself. He has encountered a lot of emotional problems. He doesn't want to say much because he believes that these things should be kept to oneself. Today, what he can say that being through so many different times of emotions, situations, and outcomes of emotions there have been times that were happy and times which are sad.
A true man, when facing setbacks in work and fall down and get hurt you shouldn't quit or admit defeat. When a true man living in a world full of emotion can't pass an obstacle he will have the feeling of loneliness.
The best thing to do is blame the weather, because the weather changes in fall and the dreary atmosphere will make a person ask: why aren't you dating?

There are songs, which you hear that touch you, remind you of memories and fog up your eyes.
Leon allows himself to show his emotions at the spur of moment, after you cry you will have less of a burden. Like dark clouds that absorb too much water it will have to rain, for it to be clear again. Keeping the clouds contained will cause them to strike lighting and thunder. Emotions cannot be suppressed forcefully. People who can suppress emotions shouldn't be called humans

-Love Me Tender
Thinking of the years of emotion, Leon knows it is up to fate. During the times of loneliness he will think of the days in which he had that were not lonely at all. Sometimes it was annoying, but when you had it, it was annoying but when you lost it you were depressed. Today he gradually understands that maybe people are meant to live in a place, which revolves around emotions.
Today, Leon has to face courageously his emotions and also face people's emotions, doesn't matter of age and rank. If it is fated that you will receive a real relationship you should be happy about it. But between people even with friends after a certain amount of time whey will forget the things they were first concealing from you, problems will then start to appear.
Will we ever find someone that is completely suitable? His answer, can't be pessimistic about it and it can't be forced.

I thought of getting married at thirty, if I could choose I think this age is the most appropriate. Today I'm over thirty and still single. Do you want to get married? Answer: It doesn't matter, if I can't get married then I won't, no big deal.
No need to rush. Leon asked himself, what are you looking for in life? Happiness? Happiness is based on a marriage certificate? Then behind this happiness there are problems. He knows that when it comes to a lot of men when it comes to love are very selfish. They won't choose marriage right away and at the same time they truly believe that true love will make a selfish man let go of his selfishness.
Leon believes that when it comes to love he is not selfish that's why he is afraid that if he goes too far he won't be able to turn back. He will scare away people and hurt himself. In "City of Glass" when love was at its brightest moment it ended because of a car crash. When you leave during your happiest moment you won't have any more worries of the future. Being afraid is one thing but Leon won't retreat, everyday he is willing to accept interesting things. Towards the end he wants to calculate how many things are worth remembering.

Soon he will be leaving for Brazil as a representative for Unicef to do interviews. He remembers the time he went to Rwanda and saw the floor filled with skeletons. War shows the dark side of human nature. After seeing death and the affects of war close up he believes that life is very fragile. When death comes you cannot prepare for it, before he was afraid of death now he is not one bit afraid because it is not up to him to be afraid anymore.

Because he has to carry out a promise made for his father's health he has contributed to the community and lately he received the honor of "Top Ten Outstanding Youths". The largest effect it had on him is that he noticed nobody worried about his or her background, they only worked hard and acquired experiences. Then will automatically reach your destination and get off, this time he reached the [Outstanding Youth] station, afterward he will continue to work and remind people to help others as well.

-Ten Years
Ten years, Leon said what hasn't changed is: [I am a person who can still let go and a majority of the time I am very generous.]

**Leon On Stage**
**Leon Lai Ming in Concert 98** -with special guest Hsu Chi

**Alantic City**

Place: Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
Mark G Etess Arena
Atlantic City NJ

Date: December 25, 1998 (FRI) 2:00AM, 2:00PM
December 27, 1998 (SUN) 2:00AM

Price: Admission: $110, 75, 50, 35 (All taxes included)
(Once ticket per person regardless of age)
(Audio or video recording are prohibited)

Tickets are available at:

Raymond Miu Productions. Inc.
195 Canal Street, Suite 201,
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-0800

Star CD
40-09 Prince Street Flushing
NY 11354
(718) 460-0808

**Los Angeles Concert**

Date: December 22, 1998
Time: Tuesday 8:00pm
Venue: Shrine Auditorium
665 Jefferson Blvd. LA
Price: VIP, $70, $40
Telephone number: (626) 457-8882


"City of Glass" has gotten 11 nominations for the Taiwan "35th Annual Golden Horse Awards". The nominations include:
Best Actor          Best Filming
Best Director         Best Visual Effects
Best Movie Script        Best Artist/Creative Design
Best Original Movie Songs    Most Original Music
Most Original Movie Script    Best Editing

**Album Release**

-Leon's new Cantonese album from Sony will release in December.
-Polygram's Dance Mix CD is already released Contains 50 minutes of nonstop remix music of Leon's songs
-Polygram will release a VCD with 24 mtv's/karaoke of Leon's songs from 1990-1998 on November 24, 1998.

**Song Translation**----Mandarin Version

"Waiting Till the Sky is Bright and the Land is Dark"
(City of Glass Theme Song)

If it was not for the downhearted expression on your face
How would I have known you have been waiting all this time?
*If it was not for the clock that suddenly stopped moving
How would I have realized that we were once so happy?
I have been to many places, seen many people
My eyes see the spectacular fireworks of the stage
I thought it would always be this way
We would continuously kiss, continuously embrace
And never be separated
Not being able to wait till the sky is bright, land is dark
In front of our eyes are the ones that mean the most to us
Enfolded between us is the most beautiful love of all
It does not matter how far
These words fly to
Not being able to wait till the sky is bright, land is dark
This is the predetermined outcome of our life
Even the radiance of the moon
Cannot wait for eternity to come
Repeat *
When the moon is not glistening
It proves that our tears are falling
And love really does exist

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