L-News Issue #13
December 20th, 1998
Part 2

**Broadcast Corner**

RTHK 1 Interview December

DJ: Today in our studio we have Leon here, lately we see you are very busy, going to Japan, Malaysia.

DJ2: He just came back from LA also.

DJ: USA as well. Later on you will be releasing a new CD as well. We heard that all the songs in the CD are all produced by Mark Lui.

Leon: Yes.

DJ2: Did you request for it?

Leon: No its because we have been working together for a while already we already have our own direction of music. Earlier in the year with the first album we already set a direction and now we are just continuing it and placing it in my new CD.

DJ: I know that the main reason you went to Japan is for the musical parts of the CD. Did you record anything there?

Leon: No we didn't, actually all the recording was done in Hong Kong. The reason Mark went to Japan is because my company Sony already has musicians there and we hope to cooperate with them and create some new things.

DJ: Did you also shoot your album cover in Japan as well?

Leon: Oh no, the album cover was shot in Hong Kong but the other album cover, well this CD will also be released in Japan as well. Since we are releasing it in Japan we should do things their way, so the Japanese version CD cover is for the Japanese market which was shot in Japan.

DJ: Is the content of the Japanese version the same?

Leon: Yes it is the same but we will have one Japanese song in it.

DJ: Oh one Japanese song.

Leon: Yes, one of Mark's songs which we will translate to Japanese.

DJ: So you will translate the lyrics to Japanese. Will it be released everywhere in Asia?

Leon: I don't think so, I think it will only be released in Japan.

DJ2: Oh so you will have the Cantonese songs and then one Japanese song.

Leon: But the Japanese song will not be placed in the Cantonese album.

DJ: Because if you release a Japanese song in Hong Kong it is a bit strange.

DJ2: But everyone will want to listen to it.

DJ: So have you recorded it yet?

Leon: No, I haven't recorded it yet. Just returned to Hong Kong, I think I will have to wait a while later before I record it.

DJ: Leon is a big help, this is the third year we have organized the "Loving Christmas Tree" and we will be at the shopping center on Dec. 9th for the function. At this function we will show ten good deeds Leon has done.

DJ2: Actually there are more than but we have to pick out ten of them and they have occurred within this year.

DJ: Yes, there is more and this year our benefiting organization is Community Chest. From Dec. 9th to Jan. 4th everyone can go to the location and put your donations in the box. Afterwards we will have a card for you to write in your wishes for HK. Then during mid. January we will have Leon and some people talk about their wishes.

Leon: Hope everyone fulfills their wishes.

DJ: Leon if you were first to talk about your wish for HK what would it be?

Leon: Ummm.. I wish Hong Kong can always improve and we can accept other cities good traits absorb them and constantly improve. I believe that these past years we have improved a lot including us artist. Even though we have encountered this weak market we are still united to improve the market. Hope in the next few years we can improve even more, maybe it is because of time I find that some thing we have not done our best at it. Lately I have been to a lot of different cities and I find that we still have a lot of room to improve.

DJ: But compared to the world HK is considered very good already. But you've been to other places so what do you think HK has to learn from them?

Leon: I think personally that we shouldn't always think that HK is a very international city. Also if you always think that HK is a special city you will never improve.

DJ: Yes. You can also see charts where HK ranks among other and HK ranks very high in the business section.

Leon: I find that you shouldn't worry if it is good or not. If we all improve together such as brokers, artist, DJ's etc. If we work together and do our best time will prove that we are not the worst. But today are we the best? Maybe in the eyes of may HK people we are but I've been to other places and even though we are good but we still have a long way to go.

DJ2: Actually Leon have you paid attention to HK's economic, local news etc? A lot of people are talking about whether or not HK can recover in 99'. What do you think? Cause some say we have to wait till be past 99' to recover.

Leon: I don't dare say cause I don't know how to see thing like this. I only know I have to continue working. I believe that HK's good or bad really depends on ourselves and if we can work together with China and get their support. Hong Kong is a city that needs a lot of help and resources from them.

DJ2: Because Hong Kong's own land and output is are not large so we have to rely on other sources.

Leon: Yes, we don't have very many products made in Hong Kong at all.

DJ2: Yes, not much.

Leon: That's why we have to rely on China to support us so we can have more room to do other things.

DJ2: Even though a lot of people say that the market is weak etc, but it still hasn't affected musicals. We have had a poll lately and people say that if Faye Wong plays the lead in a "Chinese Ghost Story" then who will be the lead? A lot of people have called in and hopes that Leon will be the lead. If they really ask you would you be intrested when the musical perfoms in the year 2000?

Leon: Umm…. I can try it. He...he..

DJ: Leon, you also have an interest in musicals as well?

Leon: I am not too familiar with musicals and don't know much about it, but I believe that a serious musical has it captivating traits there. Because I have seen the real "Phantom of the Opera" seeing their production it is not too big but what matters is the seriousness of the production. To tell the truth HK has not reached it yet. How do you create the presence and idea of musicals? There are places in which they spend money on and you can't see it but you still can sense it. The history of Hong Kong's "Chinese Ghost Story" includes the movie and comics which is a very good base already. But if you really want to do a good job we have to work with the script and stage first. The actor's part is only acting and I still believe that the stage and script is most important.

DJ: Leon has anyone contacted you to do a musical?

Leon: So far not yet.

DJ: Do you think you and Faye Wong will have chemistry on stage?

DJ2: I find that they both match.

Leon: Well, both of us are from Beijing.

DJ: You can sing "I was born in Beijing" in mandarin as well. But back again to our HK music industry HK is a place, which a lot of other singers want to join. Even if we are talking about a closer place like Taiwan a place in which you can sell a lot of CD's but the effect cannot compare to HK even if you don't sell as much. But in Hong Kong you already have a presence and if you do good here then you can take that back with you. Do you find that with all Asians HK always ranks number one.

Leon: I believe that right now, even when I went to Japan this time they also know that with HK the amount you sell is not important what is important is that HK is a very good broadcasting center. From HK you can reach a lot of people with the broadcast.

DJ: Leon, you have done a lot of functions related to charity and during this holiday season do you find that you have to do more charity work?

Leon: Actually today when I am doing charity I have become use to it already. My company arranges me to do it so I'll do it. It has become a part of my work and I haven't really gave much thought about it. I just know that if I do this I will help people, but how many people I don't know. At least I have tried my best to help out. I won't think too much about it, because I've been doing it for so many years.

DJ: I find that out of all the artist Leon does a lot of charity work. A lot of your functions are related to charity.

DJ2: Also a lot of his functions are not in HK as well. A lot of them are some where else. Later we will talk about each one of them.

DJ: Yes, do you think with your position in this music industry you hope to relate your message to your fans and educate them.

Leon: No, it's actually that other people encourage me. Today is it really Leon who can do it? I'm not too sure about it. But I know within my surroundings a lot of people ask me to do it. If I can do it, I'll try my best to do it. This maybe because a promise I made before but if I can continue doing it I'll be doing it. Also if you believe that I can help you then I'll try to.

DJ: Is it because when you were younger you cared about things like this? Before you entered into this occupation did you already like to help other people?

Leon: I was a person who needed help from others. Ha.. ha.. I didn't have the capabilities to help others.

DJ: Really you needed people to help you?

Leon: I needed people to help me. I couldn't help others when I was growing up. I'm not being redundant but its because my father had an illness so I said I would do more charity so I continue to do it now.

DJ: Actually we know about your father's health condition. How is his condition now?

Leon: Actually, he's okay now. It's not that I have a different way of seeing it. I just find that life is like a machine one of these days it will stop running. I just depends on when it will stop. But if you can repair it do your best to repair it. What you can do to take care of it then do it. There are the concerns from other people. Whether if it is a little of a lot it just depends on the person. Till today, nothing special has happened so I don't have much feelings towards it. It won't affect my work too much. Yes, I may have to separate some time to handle the arrangements of the doctor's etc. But it doesn't matter I believe that I'm not the only one who has to face things like this, everyone can face it.

DJ: Is your father still in Beijing?

Leon: No, he's in HK.

DJ: Do you have more time to spend with him?

Leon: No, I don't have time to spend with him.

DJ: No, time to spend with him?

Leon: No, no time but I've arranged the doctors for him and the doctor said he will rest for another month and then he will undergo surgery. Of course anybody would be afraid. If it was me I would probably be scared also. Right now I may say that I'm not afraid because its not happening to me. But I believe that he will be able to handle it and accept it.

DJ: I believe that Leon is a very caring son. When your father had problems you went to Beijing right away to arrange everything. We are also very concerned for your father and hope you can rely our message to him.

Leon: Thank you.

DJ: Thank you Leon and bye bye.

Leon: Bye bye.

RTHK 1 Interview
December 11th 1998

DJ: Happy Birthday Leon!!

Leon: Yes, Happy Birthday Leon!! Hehe..

DJ2: We wish you good health and that you do great with your work.

DJ: Wish you good in everything including health, work and family.

Leon: Yes, hope everyone is good.

DJ: What kind of Birthday wish do you have?

Leon: I hope everyone in HK will continually improve and not always think that they are always on the top because that leaves no room for improvement. I believe that going into year 2000 a lot of places in Asia are competing and I hope everyone in HK puts in effort and do their best.

DJ: Today is your Birthday what do you have planned?

Leon: Actually I'll be in Taiwan at this time doing interviews and getting ready for Dec. 12th Golden Horse Award.

DJ: So that means you will be in Taiwan for your Birthday?

Leon: Yes.

DJ: Will you be celebrating your Birthday with friends in Taiwan?

Leon: Time does not permit, we are just staying for the award ceremony.

DJ: Which is tomorrow?

Leon: Yes, tomorrow but today they have already arranged interviews and tomorrow I will attend the award ceremony.

DJ: We wish that Leon will come out the winner.

DJ2: Yes, because Leon has a nomination this time.

DJ: We also think that Leon did a very good job and that he has a very good chance.

DJ2: Leon how is your confidence?

Leon: My confidence, umm.. I already feel lucky that I am nominated. There are a lot of times a person cannot have perfect hope for everything but this time being nominated has already fulfilled my hopes. Because I never even thought about being nominated. I also feel that this time it has given me a chance to participate, attend and experience the ceremony. As for other things, well we will know soon, in 10-20hrs. I shouldn't think about it let it take its natural course.

DJ: This year the "Golden Horse Award" and "Asian Pacific Movie Awards" are held together in the same day will you attend both ceremonies? Because there have been reports that you will attend them both?

Leon: Actually, this is a very special year for me because I have also been nominated for Best Actor in "Eighteen Springs" for the "Asian Pacific Awards" and Best Actor for "City of Glass" for "Golden Horse". The result will be announced on Dec. 12th so we will know soon.

DJ: So you will attend both shows?

Leon: It is the same event.

DJ: Oh since it is the same event you will be at both of them. But out of both of them which one do you have more confidence in? "Eighteen Springs" or "City of Glass"?

DJ2: Yes, I wanted to ask that too.

Leon: I don't want to answer for the judges because as an actor after I finished acting in the movie if is judges by the people, selected by the audience, watched by the audience, liked/disliked by the audience, we have no say in it. If I say it will only be my feelings and it can't represent everyone so this feeling should be placed in my heart or only told to my closest friends.

DJ: Actually Leon you have had good results with singing and if you get good results with movies will you consider putting more time into movies?

Leon: I believe that with movies it doesn't necessarily mean if you place more time into it, it will make it good. Because a good/not good film depends on what a person encounters. If you have a chance you should take it. I believe I had this encounter and it is luck.

DJ: Today is your big day is there someone you really want to receive a present from?

Leon: No, its because I'm a person who doesn't place too much emphasis on Birthdays. I remember my Birthday but I don't place much emphasis on it. Today a lot of my friends even Carina Lau said "Why don't we celebrate your Birthday in Taiwan tonight and go to Karaoke?" I said if I'm tired I'll have to sleep. Actually it doesn't matter I'm like that. Probably women place more emphasis on Birthdays and me probably less.

DJ: Oh, so you don't have much of an anticipation for it? So we will represent our audience and wish you success in everything and that you have good results with movies but don't forget to continue singing..

DJ2: I believe a lot of people are getting ready to see if Leon will get the best actor tomorrow.

DJ: I also believe that whether he gets it or not it is not important. Most important is that you get to participate, but we will continue to support you.

Leon: Also this movie is a Hong Kong film and I'm very happy about that.

DJ: No matter what, we hope that in the coming years of 99' or 2000 everything will be great for you.

DJ2: Once again we want to say Happy Birthday.

Leon: Hope everyone is great.

Commercial Radio Interview
Dec. 11th, 1998

Vani: I bet a lot of people are surprised, because they know that you are in Taiwan right now, but they didn't guesss that I have followed you to Taiwan . hehehe.. Happy Birthday!!!!

Leon: Thank you, thank you!!

Vani: There is a rumor, not sure but it is relating to your birth certificate and something about wrong information?

Leon: Yes, yes.

Vani: Did this error happen earlier and you just made this day as your Birthday?

Leon: No, no my identification Birthday is 1967 March 15th

Vani: Oh your ID is different?

Leon: Yes it is different from today.

Vani: You are so strange. Oh so originally your horoscope sign is different? But I find that your characteristics fit Sagittarius.

Leon: I am a Sagittarius my mom didn't lie to me. She said that she took her own Birthday and put it on my ID that's why it is March 15th.

Vani: Oh that's the reason. So why are you going to Taiwan?

Leon: Taiwan, well I barely found out when I arrived that I have to do a press conference for "City of Glass" and tomorrow I will attend "Golden Horse Awards".

Vani: Oh yeah it is tomorrow.

Leon: Yes tomorrow night.

Vani: Are you afraid?

Leon: No, I'm not afraid.

Vani: Not afraid?

Leon: Yes.

Vani: But, this is not your first time being nominated for a movie award right?

Leon: Yes, in Taiwan it is my first nomination.

Vani: So in Taiwan it is you second nomination and Hong Kong was your first nomination?

Leon: Yes.

Vani: What kind of feeling do you have towards movie awards?

Leon: Movie awards I believe that I don't know how to anticipate the results. I'm already happy just to be nominated. At least the effort you have put into it is being appreciated, which is a happy thing.

Vani: Is it because of a couple of good scripts that make you even love acting in movies more.

Leon: Umm.. the process is very happy. Some movies are very hard work but the process is happy. After you are finished with filming at least you have something to keep for memories.

Vani: Yeah, you can watch it over and over again.

Leon: Some concerts in which I didn't video I can never watch them again.

Vani: With movies you can always keep them.

Leon: Yes, keep.

Vani: Of course Leon, today is your Birthday there must be some fans who have already given you presents. Every year you have received quite a few presents which ones do you clearly remember or have you already received some this year in which you are very surprised?

Leon: Surprised? Umm.. there are special ones and also a lot of cards but I haven't read them yet.

Vani: If you read them all at once the feeling is better.

Leon: If you read it all at once the feeling is happier and your emotions would be stronger.

Vani: Yes, if all the birthday wishes are at once, the feeling is a lot better.

Leon: Yes, very happy.

Vani: Did you buy anything for yourself this year?

Leon: No, not this year.

Vani: How about your manager Joe?

Leon: Joe, hasn't bought it yet.

Vani: What? Hahaha..

Leon: He said, he already ordered it.

Vani: Oh, he has to order it. Hehehe..

Leon: Yes, making it seem all important and everything so you will treasure the present more.

Vani: did you suggest what you wanted? Like wedding presents in which people have a list of what they want to receive.

Leon: At first I told him I wanted something I saw in San Francisco. It was some Christmas lights that had houses, Santa Claus, and some cars on it. It looked like wood but very realistic. But by the time he orders it and gets it back Christmas would be over, so its not needed. So he said he would give me something else.

Vani: Yeah, by the time it gets here it would be New Years where will you be on Christmas?

Leon: Christmas time I will be in U.S. I have a concert there.

Vani: Gosh you are busy and your whereabouts are never known.

Leon: Not really.

Vani: I didn't eve know you went to China to film your commercial.

Leon: Did you see the commercial yesterday?

Vani: Yes.

Leon: Do you like it?

Vani: Umm… Hehehe.. Yes I like it. Was it hard work?

Leon: Its was hard work because it was very cold there but at the same time you had to pretend it wasn't cold.

Vani: It was cold?

Leon: I think it was 5 to 10 degrees there at night.

Vani: Wow..

Leon: Daytime the temperature changed dramatically from 9:00 to 12:00 it would be very cold but afternoon it will change back to 19 degrees.

Vani: Wow, that is a big difference. Then your nose must have suffered?

Leon: Yes, but I had to hold it back because we were filming. Afterwards I went to Japan to take pictures and After that I got sick.

Vani: How are you now?

Leon: I'm fine. I was able to handle it.

Vani: But you better watch out when you go on vacation, people say when you are working you don't get sick and you can handle it. But one you are on vacation you start feeling sick.

Leon: Yes, true usually it is that way.

Vani: Then continue working and don't go on vacation.

Leon: Okay, okay but I don't plan on a vacation yet.

Vani: What is your Birthday wish?

Leon: I won't say my personal one since I have already made a wish.

Vani: Oh you already made a wish?

Leon: Yes a very simple one but we don't have to say it. But I hope that HK and everyone here constantly improves and don't stop.

Vani: Oh so we will continue looking ahead and improving.

Leon: Yes.

Vani: Before our Birthday wishes were very selfish but lately we will also think about our surroundings.

Leon: Yes the surroundings and if you realize that people around you are doing good you will also do good. If everyone is not doing good how can you be doing good.

Vani: Yes I understand and hope that your wish does come true. Leon: Thank you.

Vani: A lot of people have faxed to CR903 about 2 rolls of fax paper wishing you a Happy Birthday. Thank You Leon for talking with me on the phone.

Leon: Sure.

Vani: "If It's Possible To See You Again" when will it be? Hahaha..

Leon: "If It's Possible To See You Again"? Oh.. in two days Hahaha..

Vani: Is it very Hard Sell?

Leon: No, no not too hard sell but I do like this name for the song.

Vani: Hope we see you bringing the award home.

Leon: Okay, thank you.

Vani: Bye bye!!

Leon: Bye bye!!

**Leon On Stage**
**Leon Lai Ming in Concert 98**
-with special guest Hsu Chi

** Toronto**
Date: Monday December 28th, 1998
Time: 8pm
Place: Roy Thompson Hall
Prices are $138, 88, 68, 38
You can call ticketmaster 416-870-8000 (website www.ticketmaster.ca) OR Roy Thomson Hall box office 416-872-4255 OR Tai Pan Vacation (the organizer for this concert) 905-881-8838.

**Leon in Japan**

Leon visited in Japan Nov.24th - 27th. Main purpose was taking a picture for new CD (Japan Original). And he received a few interviews. And finally "Love and the City" will be shown in Japan next year.

**Album Release**

Leon's new Cantonese album released on Dec. 17th the CD includes 18 songs/music. The CD also comes with a VCD with 2 MTV's and a behind the scenes look at the recording of his album and a 32 page booklet filled with pictures from Leon's new Hutchinson Commercial.

**Voting for Leon**

Please vote for Leon as Best Male Singer for Hit Radio's Award.
The website is : http://www.metroradio.com.hk/vote
Please tell your friends to do the same. Thanks.


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