L-News Issue #14
January 1999
Part 2

**Broadcast Corner**

Leon's interview in Malaysia (Rfm988: 18/12 at 10 p.m.)
Translation provided by: Siow Sen

Song 1:"HAPPY 2000"

Initially, Leon mentioned that many HK people don't understand mandarin and thus they don't know the meaning of the "RAP" in the song. Leon then said that we are now facing with economic crisis. Everyone is not in a good mood. So, Mark n I wan to compose a happy song so we have "HAPPY 2000". Leon hopes that everyone will prosper with their work and pleasantly welcome the advent of year 2000.

DJs: You look happier now.
Leon: Is it? I haven't changed.
DJs: I feel that after you know Mark, you are happier.
Leon: Because Mark is happy. Both of us studied in UK before. So, we have the same influence.
DJs: Your new image with the rap in "HAPPY 2000" is great..especially your dancing! It's the end of year 98. Can you give us a review of your performance?
Leon: There are 2 answers for this review. First, it is the review for myself and the other one will be the review for other people. For the first one, I think that I didn't waste all my effort. As for the second one, there is no meaning because it's only superficiality…a formal answer as this is entertainment field. Sometimes, there is something, which can be predicted. For e.g., I expect that "Love You/ Don't Love You" will be accepted by many people because I like the song too. But, I didn't expect it to have such a wide acceptance from the audiences.  It has exceeded my forecast.  Since "DNA gone wrong", "100 possibilities" and concerts, I already tried a bit of rap.

Song 2:" Sorry, who I love?"

Leon thinks that the lyrics of this song are a bit awkward. But, it's only a song. Leon also likes this song but his manager Joe Chan doesn't like it.

Song 3:"Flying Period"

DJs: Do u believe in luck.
Leon: Yes, I believe. Leon further said something…hardworking…. Unhappy…disappointed…. (Sorry, got some disturbance while jotting down the interview, so, can't get what he is saying)

DJs: Do you think that there is a difference between the luck that you have now n the luck that u had at the time when u just entered this field?
Leon: I think a bit different. Hope to have a bit more now. Heeeheeeee… Now, I've perceived many things differently. For e.g., while I was working in TVB, I saw many gorgeous cars n well-known people who donate money for Charity purposes. Since I came back from Rwanda, (Leon mentioned about the interview of "Outstanding Youth Award" which last for about 2 hours ) ( sorry again….can't jot down on time.) When doing charity, the most important thing is the outcome n not the money. Since I returned from Brazil, I feel that if there is no charitable people in this World, it'll be very hard for us to raise fund. Brazilian is v poor. Their life is very tough.    But, they still always smile because they are full of warmth. When I was in Brazil, I felt Very worried when I wan to record the scene there because I'm afraid that HK people Who see their happy faces will
not donate their money. But then I think that If they really wan to donate, no matter how difficult is the life of the victims, they will also donate.
DJs: Is there any difference between Rwanda and Brazil?
Leon: A big different! Sad… no reaction… There is once when I was in Beijing, I met with many people who don't have Opportunity to attend University because of financial problem. Everyday, we can receive a lot of updated information from the world but they can't. I wish to help those people in the Chinese area so that they can have different views towards the things around them after studying in University. This is one of my next year's charity plans, hoping to contribute to Beijing.
DJs: Do you think that you are "holding" (pa gak) everything in your hand?
Leon: Not everything is under my control. If this is the case, I'll fail. I'm very diligent now.  If too relax, we can't progress. We must have some pressure to grow. My Character really suits my horoscope.
DJs: In entertainment field, are there many disgusting things?
Leon: Many. But, I have see things wider now. The 2 DJs suddenly laughed. Don't know why also… maybe too happy to see Leon…. Heeehheeee………

DJs: Will you get angry?
Leon: Of course, I'll get angry mostly on my work when my staffs don't fulfill my demands. I'm very "picky". I always have a high demand on myself. I'm very verbose as well. This is not good. Of course, we can't expect others to follow everything that we did. We must accommodate among one another.

Song 4:"If it's possible to see you again"
Song 5:"Xiu nian tien bo"

Leon said that this song was composed by a Japanese because there is a HK guy and a Japanese guy in this TVB series. There is a Chinese version of this song. There is also another version, which includes Shu Kei.

Fans' call
F: Fans
L: Leon

First Fan:
F: Your singing style has changed. Last time, I can easily differentiate which songs are and which songs are not. But, I can't differentiate now.
L: I only match the style with the songs.
F: Is there any jokes that happened when you were recording the album?
L: I suggest you to buy CD. Then you can know everything… you can find out what I did at different times, the time I spent in Tokyo, Brazil… everything is inside the CD. Don't buy cassette! Sometimes, Mark didn't sleep!
F: Did you sleep?
L: Of course. I must sleep 8 for hours if not I can't record the song.
F: What do you think about Malaysia?
L: Very beautiful. KLCC is very nice.
F: Shu Peng (one of the DJs), are you a Leon fan?
L: Put down the phone.
DJs (S.P.): Actually, Yoke Lin (the other DJs) and I already noticed Leon when he This entertainment field.
L: This is the job of DJs.
DJs (Y.L.): I know Leon via TVB series. (to tell you all a truth, this DJs is really a big Leon Fans, I think all the DJs of Rfm988 and many audiences of Rfm988 also know About this)

Second Fan:
F: When will you hold concerts in M'sia?
L: We are discussing to have a concert next year during the Chinese New Year… if not, maybe later of next year. In HK, still not sure yet.
F: What do you think about the surrounding of KL?
L: Very nice. I wish to live here when I stepped out of the plane. (Or in the plane. Sorry Can't get the meaning) I feel that KL international Airport is almost the same as The airport of HK. Maybe both of the airports have the same design. Leon then told a joke about the airport in Italy while he was promoting "City of Glass" in Italy.
F: When will you go back to HK?
L: After 2 days, I'll go back to HK and then change a flight to USA and Canada.
F: Have you been to Genting?
L: No I haven't.

Third Fan:
This fan didn't ask any questions just praised Leon on his philosophy on "Outstanding Youth Award".

4. F: When will you shoot a MTV, do you have any suggestions to the new actor?
L: No, just let them to express naturally. If the director doesn't like it, he will just cut it. I also act naturally.
F: Will you shoot any TVB series?
L: No. Next year, I'll shoot a musical special "tat cha". Actually, I plan to do it this Year in New York but in vein.
F: Do you have any view on tomorrow's award?
L: No comment. No wish. It's very hard to predict. No matter I get award or not, I'll Continue to work hard.

Song 6:" I didn't lie to you"

Fifth Fan:
A Singaporean fan asked when will Leon hold a concert in Singapore.
Leon said that he is preparing for it now.
Sixth Fan:
F: Where will you celebrate your X'mas this year?
L: In US.
F: Why?
L: I'll have concerts in New York, LA and Toronto.

Seventh Fan:
F: Do you have any wish or dream?
L: I wish to have a more brilliant life. I wish to shoot good movies.
F: When will you shoot a new film?
L: Haven't prepared yet.
F: What is your preparation now?
L: I can't tell you. There is no fun if I tell you now.
F: When you want to marry?
L: Don't need to marry… I think the marriage certificate isn't very important. The most Important thing is that both of us can live happily…. (Like what Leon always says)

DJs: It's almost the end of the program. Do you have anything to say?
Leon: I wish all of you can work smoothly……. I've put my feeling, experience n alteration in the movies into this album. I always have a clear mind while doing things. I'm sure I'll leave this entertainment one-day. Before I leave, I wan to do something which is unforgettable. I hope to perform well in my work, my album n especially movies.
DJs: See u tomorrow Leon. See u to receive the award in the ceremony.
Leon: Yes, bye! (Leon suddenly feel that something is wrong) … yee… no…

Hahahahahaaaa…….Leon must be very tired and didn't listen to what the DJs said carefully. He is always so humble. From this one-hour interview, I can feel that Leon is in a very good mood, very HAPPY!

**Album Release**
Track 18 the Story Interlude translation:

**Note if you are interested in the written Japanese version of the monologue send a request to Lucy at: kiki@cjc.ne.jp and she will send it to you.**

(The Japanese girl monologue)

My first love was in the days of my Junior High years.He was a classmate. At first I didn't like him we always quarreled
But then I became to watch him unknowingly and always thinking, "What is he doing now?"
Before I knew it I started to like him. It was a very typical situation.

Our first date was a concert of his favorite musician. I presented the ticket for him and said, "why don't you go with me?"
At that time I wanted to like what he liked, For example, the kind of music, fashion, books, which he liked.
I forgot how the concert was that night, because I was really nervous.

Some time ago I ran into him.
We were both with our own boyfriend and girlfriend.
He has matured. But I still noticed that his taste in music hasn't changed.
He was going to the same musician's concert with his girlfriend.
The same musician that played at our first date.

**Song Translation**
"if it is possible to see you again" (Cantonese version)

Following your deep expressive eyes
Being through high and low temperatures
Finally I understand that being apart is like trying to find foot prints
in the deep ocean
Being by the icy mountains
I can really be able to see the real person in front of my eyes
I notice that the endings are scary and surprising
Along the path we leave footprints
It has never been this difficult to walk through
I experienced the coldest sun set
* Looking back when without you
How could I have the energy to walk along this unknown path
Do not look back I am afraid bad feelings will be left behind
And tears will keep falling
But I won't be afraid to smile once again for you
Looking back when without you
Only have to watch for this path we were once together
Holding your hand this past wonder
Along with this last reason
Is enough for me to run out of this place and to love again
Forgetting the cloud in the sky
Forgetting to turn on the lights when returning home
Finally made me realize that being apart
Will make the white ceiling turn dark
Following each minute, each second
With a sudden awakening of day break
I realize sound of your kiss good bye it has never been so appealing
Leaving from this kind of longing
I still want to believe
I have an even better and fulfilling feeling of love
Repeat *

**Voting for Leon**

Song: HAPPY 2000
Singer: LEON LAI
IC No: (only for Malaysian)
E-mail address is redifm988@silicon.net.my
To fans in M'sia, u can also vote by calling phone no. 600-85-2103.


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