L-News Issue #1
Dec. 11th 1997
Part 2


CR903 program (Wah! Wah! Wah! The call is here)
DJ: Sandra Ng, Lui Fong, Lee Mun
Overview of program: DJ's talk about the star's gossip until the star automatically calls into the program to clear up the situation.

-Sandra: Hey I've heard that Leon and Michele went to this one Japanese restaurant an had the $1,888 lover's combination plate. Yup, Leon loves to eat Japanese food, everytime I go to the Japanese restaurant I bump into him. Hahaha… too bad, the restaurant is bankrupt now.
-Fong: I also heard that Leon is in love with Sammi!!
-Sandra: Yes, when we were filming "Killing Me Tenderly" the director even told me that the both of them have chemistry together.
-Fong: I also heard that the director was afraid that Leon set a lot of limits in the Movie.
-Sandra: Of course not! In the movie I only helped him change shoes and wash his face for him. Hehehe!!
-Mun: I heard that during the recent stock market crash Leon lost a lot of money!
-Sandra: Really?
-Mun: Yes, he was so hurt that even his DNA changed, hahahaha!
-Sandra: Hey, why hasn't Leon called in yet to clear the rumors? Hmmm…. Leon you better be careful or else well tell the audience more gossip about you. (at this time Leon calls in)
-Sandra: Hello!! Is this Leon?
-Leon: Yes its me, what is happening here?
-Sandra: Where are you now? Your phone has a very loud echo.
-Leon: Really, no where really. Right now I'm just listening to your gossip program.
-Sandra: Hahaha.. Do you know what we talked about earlier?
-Leon: I know, hehehe… do you want me to repeat one more time?
-Sandra: Haha…Sure, Sure
-Leon: Hmmm… OK, earlier you said Michele and I had a lover's set dinner which cost $1,888. You also said Sammi and I have a relationship. Haha.. Lastly you said I lost a lot of money in the stock market.
-Mun: Wow! Your memory is very good.
-Leon: Of course! (Leon is singing) Say you say you love me, Say you say you love me!!
-Sandra: Leon, is the dinner really $1888? Also one other thing, all these years any rumors are always of you and Michele. Hahaha.. one and only one.
-Mun: Uh, only her?
-Fong: Hey don't forget Sammi!
-Leon: Wah, your crazy! Well what ever you want to say la. Hehehe..
-Sandra: Leon your very smart, really
-Leon: Well, not as smart as you Sandra!
-Sandra: Recently I found Leon's answers to be most meaningful and smartest.
-Leon: Ayia, Sandra don't fool me. Smart people won't let other people know they are smart.
-Sandra: Leon what are you doing right now?
-Leon: Right now I'm at the dance studio rehearsing. I'm very hot right now.
-Fong: Why are you so hot? Is it because Michele is next to you?
-Leon: No! Its because I just finished dance rehearsals, that's why I'm so hot.
-Sandra: Really, are you rehearsing for the concert?
-Leon: Hahaha.. I only want to dance with you Sandra, that's why I'm rehearsing the steps now.
-Sandra: Really, hahaha! Okay sure we'll both dance together. Hey Leon do you have a special guest for this years concert?
-Leon: Nope, No special guest this year.
-Sandra: Leon will you be performing shirtless in your concert?
-Leon: Reveal what! Nope nothing to reveal.
-Sandra: Perform shirtless la! In your other concert where you wore a red vest was very sexy and attractive. It really captivated me!
-Leon: Don't talk about such old news.
-Sandra: What is special about this years concert?
-Leon: Hmmm.. Special. The only thing special about this concert is that there is nothing special, Hahahaha…(all the DJ's laugh too)
-Sandra & Mun: I told you Leon's answers were very smart! Hehehe…
-Leon: Poor me, I call into your radio program and I'm being made fun of by you three.
-Sandra: Hmmm… are you happy now than before?
-Leon: Not much of a difference. Almost the same as before. Hmmm.. Sandra actually I'm the same as you and Wyman. Do you know why we are such good friends because we have know each other for a while and are comfortable with each other. That's why when we talk its much more open and casual.
-Sandra: Do you guys know that while filming with Leon I have learned a lot of stuff from him.
-Leon: Hahaha… don't say such nonsense.
-Mun: Leon can you talk about the rumors with you and sammi?
-Leon: Sau Sau (Sammi) well right now she's sleeping.
-Sandra: Wow! How do you know that? Unless you two…
-Leon: She just finished her concert for tonight of course she's already asleep.
-Mun: Earlier you been selected by a certain station as the loneliest person.
-Leon: Don't even say that, watch your mouth, they are crazy for saying that!! (the DJ's are laughing and in the background someone is playing the guitar)
-Fong: who's playing the guitar next to you?
-Leon: Mark
-Sandra: What Mark is you dance instructor now?
-Leon: Yes, hahaha… actually he's my concert's secret guest.
-Sandra: Well he's not secret anymore after you mentioned it.
-Leon: Hey Mark come over and say a few words.
-Mark: Hello! Hello! How are you?
-Sandra: Mark don't bother us, go find your girlfriend and bother her instead. Tonight we are interviewing Leon we'll interview you next time. Call Leon back!
-Leon: Okay I'm here.
-Sandra: Okay let's get back to the last question. Why did they select you as the loneliest person?
-Leon: Stupid!! What do they care if I'm lonely or not its none of their business. (Leon starts to sing "Say you say you love me, say you say you love me!)
-Sandra: Stop that! Let me ask you something else. Are you going to be making three films next year?
-Leon: Who told you that?
-Sandra: Peter Chan (director of "Comrades")
-Leon: Really, I just came back from Tokyo and saw Peter there. He told me not to make so many films and wait for a good script. Well, I'll worry about it after the concert.
-Sandra: Leon are you happy working with Mark? Have you guys been arguing?
-Leon: No we don't argue, we just fight each other. Hahaha…
-Sandra: Well tonight's time is almost up we have to say bye!
-Leon: Okay then. Bye Sandra, Lui Fong, Lee Mun, listeners and Sunny (a technician)
-Sandra: Wow! Hehehe… you even said bye to Sunny. No wonder your able to stay in this business this long.
-Leon: Bye! Bye! Remember to play "say you love me, say you say you love me!" (everybody laughs)

Note: This interview was taken from the following message board. The URL is http://www.supershow.com.tw/fanclub/leon/index1.html

*Fun Facts*

Leon was promoting 'traffic facts new generation' and it reminded him, of an incident where, he got a speeding ticket. This was what happened : Leon was driving and he suddenly had to go to the washroom, but there wasn't any gas stations around, and he couldn't bring himself to do it in the bushes. So ,all he could do was to speed on home!While speeding, he was stopped by the police, and he got a speeding ticket and was deducted 5 points. Leon smiled and said, (while telling this incident) that this proves that he is a good driver, having gone sooooooo...fast, but was only deducted 5 points. When the police was writing up his ticket, Leon said to him "Hurry up!! I really have to go!!!" luckily the cop was nice enough and finished fast. Then Leon started speeding on home, right after he got a speeding ticket!

*Song Lyrics*

'You let me forget'---track 7 "DNA gone wrong"

You let me forget, you let me forget
Our story should have been long forgotten
Who would have known before
That it wouldn't have worked
Looking into your eyes
I couldn't tell
You let me forget, you let me forget
When in love everything was fine
Or is everything that you are now the most important
I am facing the end which cannot be avoided
No matter how much I'm forgetting I cannot forget it all
Just like you said, I should forget you
There shouldn't be much left behind
You just turn around and you're back to how you were
No matter how much I've forgotten, I cannot forget it all
In a short relationship what else is there to be forgotten
Actually there isn't enough to keep a moment of warmth
Just take the love that has past to think about
Through another day

"Love Is Amazing, Because Of You"-- Concert theme song

In this confusing world, I am afraid to fall in love
There are too many meaningless relationships out there,
which end after one night
But after meeting you, and being with you I don't want to leave
In your eyes I can find security,
who say's love will wash away like the tide
Even in wind and rain you'll never leave,
always next to me during good and bad times
Even with wind and rain in my world,
it is still warm, love is amazing because of
You, you

I can't believe that such a gentle and fragile body
Can carry so much burden, and not even complain one word or leave
Remembering day and night, night and day
hoping we will be together everyday
If you cry I will wipe away the tears and help you chase happiness
Even in wind and rain you'll never leave,
always next to me during good and bad times
Even with wind and rain in my world,
it is still warm, love is amazing because of
You, you, you, you

Chorus: (repeat 5 times)
Even in wind and rain you never leave,
always next to me during good and bad times

*Extra News*

So would you like to know what Maggie Cheung thinks of Leon? Well here's part of an interview she did at "Giant Robot" which mentions Leon. If you're a Maggie fan and you want to read the whole interview the URL: http://www.giantrobot.com/issue9/maggie/index.html


GR: What was it like working with Leon Lai in Comrades?

MC: Well, I've had people say, "Oh my god, why are you working with him? He's an asshole, etc." But actually when I got on to the shoot with him, he was okay. He was a person who was willing to give as an artist. He wants to do something with his career, and not just take in the money and fame and that's it. He doesn't really have that much time for movies because he's so busy with singing. I enjoyed his company. He was very nice and gentlemanly with me. It's very unfortunate for him; I think he doesn't have that many close friends because he's always so busy and people always want to tease him in the wrong way. He found the friendship with me was quite rare because I would tell him the truth, like, "Oh God, that song sucks."

GR: Your character was like that in the movie, too.

MC: Yes, and that carried on off-screen, too. I was quite bossy to him. Really. I'm a little older than he is -- he's 30, I'm 32 -- and I felt like I could boss him around. But that's not the reason why I like him. It's because he's like a kid. He is very innocent in ways I was surprised to find. And surprisingly, he'd believe in what I'd tell him. He'd ask me for my opinion on his work or whatever. The character really followed off-screen. I'd shout at him sometimes. For fun, we'd do that.

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