L-News Issue #2
Jan. 11th 1998
Part 2

*Leon's broadcast corner*----Interview

following interview is from CR903:
(week long interview of Leon)

Day One: 12/8/97
Vani: This week we have leon's rehearsals for the listeners. Recently Leon has been very fit, even though he has been rehearsing night and day he doesn't seems tired at all preparing for his personal Leon Live Version.
Leon: Yup
Vani: This week we will follow Leon around and find out what he has been doing lately for rehearsals. Well Leon hasn't really been too public lately, mainly his hair is in the natural state not gelled. He wearing sweats but still brand name sweats. So lets talk about what you have been doing to keep fit lately? Which includes your health, the kinds of exercise you have been doing and what you have been eating.
Leon: Well with health its based from a child to now. I've been drinking a lot of water lately and at home I have a small set of exercise equipment, which I normally use when I prepare for mini concerts.
Vani: Okay what about what you have been eating? I have noticed some singers have a list of what they can eat during concert period such as papaya and a boiled egg. Do you go by a list like that?
Leon: Nope nothing like that.
Vani: Or are you eating "Ma Lat Hot Pot"?
Leon: Kinda I'm eating "Ma Lat Wontons".
Vani: No really, what are you really eating?
Leon: I'm not kidding that's what I'm eating.
Vani: Are you planning to have a Rock Concert?
Leon: No Rock Show just Ma Lat wontons, with a pineapple bun and fried chicken leg. The chicken legs I order are a rip-off they say that they are extra large chicken legs but when I get them they are just as small as chicken wings.
Vani: Hahaha… Well maybe its because of the batter they dipped the chicken in.
Leon: Well I'm not sure if it's the batter.
Vani: Why are you still eating fried stuff?
Leon: No big deal. After I eat the fried chicken I have pork chops and french fries. My gosh its just singing why would you have to cut back from eating stuff like that. If it was going to affect my voice then normally when I eat that stuff it should have affected my voice.
Vani: Thats true…
Leon: Why create so much pressure for yourself.
Vani: Are you under a lot of pressure now?
Leon: Nope.
Vani: Of course not the concert is not until another week. We'll wait for another week and see if you still say that.

Day Two: 12/9/97
Vani: I find Leon pretty amazing still able to eat fried chicken and pork chops. So I find him very free at this moment. Well I know you must have pressure right now. You have done so many concerts before that have brought you pressure. Before how did you deal with the pressure and how about now?
Leon: This time I find the songs harder to sing maybe its because recently the songs I have recorded are totally different and harder. After you have tried a new vocal you have to make sure at a concert there won't a huge difference between the recorded version and live version.
Vani: So your worried about the difficulty of the song.
Leon: Well yeah, but now I'm not too worried about it we'll just see how it goes.
Vani: On the musical aspect I want to ask you since the last time you had a concert I remembered you had a 3-sided stage this time I heard its different.
Leon: Yup its 4-sided this time.
Vani: Why do you want to run more this time around.
Leon: Nope just that after having a 3-sided stage concert this time its going to be 4-sided and the next one will be 3-sided again.
Vani: So you just want to try different stages.
Leon: Yup
Vani: So after being in so many meetings do you already know the run down of the concert. A lot of other singers say they'll know when it comes. Are you that kind of person?
Leon: Oh no, we already know what we are going to do at the concert. I can tell you that this concert will not bring any surprises to the audience.
Vani: Hahaha… but I'm very surprised already by your answer.
Leon: There won't be any surprises in the performance.
Vani: There won't be any light everybody going to have to bring there own flashlights to the concert. Hahaha…
Leon: The audience is going to have to help us light the stage. I'll give you money back for the cost of batteries. Hehehe… Vani: Nope the concert will just be held in the morning. No come on, for real now is there really going to be nothing special? Leon: Nope nothing I'm just going to be standing there like a block of wood just singing.
Vani: So you won't have your usaual stage lifts fo the concert?
Leon: Nope
Vani: So its just going to be a 4-sided stage without any trap doors or lifts? Fireworks?
Leon: Nope just simple and to the point.
Vani: Okay I want to know about the bandleader or musicians.
Leon: The musicians are all very professional.
Vani: I know they are… So who going to be the music director?
Leon: Can't say.
Vani: Is the last name "Lui"?
Leon: Nope Mark is going to be my special guest this time.
Vani: Ahhh…. Special guest. I've heard from other people that a concert's run down is very important. A good run down can hold the audience attention and emotion. So who thought of your concert's run down?
Leon: Well musicians are very important also. The run down of the concert was thought up by everybody.
Vani; Is there anything special about it.
Leon: Nothing special about it. I can tell you don't have to come watch the concert.
Vani: What are you trying to do? Hehehe…. Your getting me very frustrated. But everybody has already bought the tickets. Leon: Don't worry the people that have bought the tickets I will give them their money's worth.
Vani: I find what you are saying is a way/trick to get the audience in to watch your show.
Leon: No its not a trick, doesn't matter anyways because its kinda hard to watch the concert now. There aren't that many tickets left anyways.
Vani: True
Leon: One thing I have to say is that I have been frustrated lately. Especially since I am very serious and professional about music. Its maybe because everybody has been busy and its have to get the band together. Then all of the sudden they have gone somewhere else and I had to ask them to come back. Luckily everything is finally working out now.
Vani: Do you remember last time how you played the guitar and sang a song? Also when you told the audience to be quite and let you start over again. Hehehe..
Leon: Really don't really remember. Hehehe…
Vani: So are you going to have a encore of the guitar part?
Leon: It might happen. Anything can happen at a concert.

Day Three: 12/10/97
Vani: This is the third day of the interview and today we will talk about the dancing part of the concert. So with a 3-sided stage is the choreography different from a 4-sided?
Leon: Yes there will be a difference. With a 3-sided stage you are always in front of the audience singing and dancing. With 4-sided it involves a lot more walking around.
Vani: Leon has a lot of memorable/classic dance steps in his previous concerts what about this one?
Leon: Everybody has always said my dancing is ugly. Hehehe… Such as Sayonara oh, I know what you guys have been saying don't think I don't know.
Vani: Hehehe… so with a 4- sided stage will there be more dancers?
Leon: Well in a concert the most important part is the music and the band then comes my performance on the stage and the need of dancers.
Vani: Do you think it is hard to dance this time?
Leon: To me its always hard because I have always given people the impression that I don't know how to dance. But to myself I have always thought I knew how to dance. Hahaha…..
Vani: Hahaha….So will there be a lot of dancing this time? Also do you think it is necessary can't you just sing?
Leon: Just singing in HK is not possible. Maybe to a certain singer its possible to hold a concert with just singing as the selling point. But others will have to have the whole package which includes stage, songs, dancing and the concert atmosphere.
Vani: Do you think that recently the reporters have just focused on what the singer is wearing at the concert and not performance as the selling point?
Leon: Well to me reporters have there own selling point and whatever they believe they reader wants to read about they will write about it. To me the audience knows whether or not a concert is worth it or not.
Vani: So you don't really worry about how the media sees your concert?
Leon: Not too worried. Mainly I'm more worried about how the audience feels about the concert cause if they don't like it and believe its not worth their money then next time they won't come again. As a singer myself I can't let the audience down. No matter how much I say there won't be anything to see at this concert I just don't want to tell people about the concert.
Vani: You want them to have a surprise when they watch it right?
Leon: Yeah, I just want to finish the performance first and give the audience a surprise something that they won't be expecting. I don't want to give too much away. Maybe the stuff I am saying now is nonsense. I believe that a concert takes a long time to prepare which takes a lot of effort from everybody. After you see the concert you can judge by yourself. Maybe after you see it and you don't like it you will start cursing at me but you'll have to see the concert to know if you like it or not.
Vani: Ahhh… and I wanted to ask you about the clothes you will be wearing. I guess not anymore. So after you finish the concert will it be just concert tours for you in 1998?
Leon: Well it depends on how my filming schedule is like.

Day Four: 12/11/97
Vani: Well today is December 11th what is today's special occasion?
Leon: Its my birthday today. (both of them sing a birthday song for Leon)
Vani: Were happy to have Leon here today for an interview. Okay so blow out your candles first. Okay so do you mind me asking you your age?
Leon: Nope don't mind 31.
Vani: Only 31 so your just barely starting.
Leon: Yup, I'm taking the first step in the most important age of a man's life.
Vani: So what's your wish this year? Are you going to wish for a successful concert?
Leon: I wish they will like my concert and I also wish to be able to try different stuff in music and movies.
Vani: So how are you going to celebrate your birthday beside right now in a rehearsal room.
Leon: I believe that when I have time I will definitely make a big deal out of my birthday. But when I'm busy I will tell myself only people with nothing to do will will have time to celebrate.
Vani: Do you still remember where were you last year on your birthday?
Leon: Last year I was at San Francisco and I just finished my concert and was coming back to HK.
Vani: Is there anything special that you want to receive this year?
Leon: Nope if you don't expect anything thing you won't be disappointed and everything will be a surprise. I do believe that you will not always be able to have a big clebration every birthday.
Vani: Have you ever tried a lonely birthday before?
Leon: Yes I've tried it before.
Vani: Hope you don't mean this year.
Leon: Nope, at least this year I won't be alone I will be here rehearsing for the concert with everybody.
Vani: Anyways what kind of birthday cake do you like to eat?
Leon: I like the kind with cream and hmmm…
Vani: So you don't want an ice cream cake?
Leon; No too easy to melt. Maybe a cheesecake would be good or the kind of cake with walnut and a crispy crust.
Vani: Do you mean Napoleon cake?
Leon: Yup a Napoleon cake…
Vani: Hope you receive one later on. I'll have to go and buy you one later on. So that how your going to spend your birthday working. So will you make up for you birthday after the concert?
Leon: No won't have time after the concert cause I still have to work after words. Maybe during Chinese New Years I might have a vacation.

Day Five: 12/12/97
Vani: So lets talk about you going to the CR music awards on Jan 1st during the afternoon and rushing back to the HK coliseum for your concert at night. So if anybody sees Leon rush from place to place make sure to get out of his way. Do you think it is very tiring to have to worry about attending an awards ceremony and your own concert the same day?
Leon: Well it depends on how you look at it. If you look at it in a happy way and as a singer supporting an awards ceremony then its no problem. Since the awards is during the afternoon and there will be enough time for both events.
Vani: 1998 is just around the corner what do you have planned or change?
Leon: Its all based on a person's feelings right now I'm very relaxed and free. Maybe its because sometimes when I have more time I have been able to make more friends with the media. In fact they have given me a lot of space to change. I am mainly a very straight forward person. When I change as a person it affects the way I interpret a song or even act in a movie. I have found that I am more willing to try new things now. It may not always work out but at least it gives me experience.
Vani: Hmmm.. in 97' which emotion do you think you encountered more happy or unhappy?
Leon: A bit of everything.
Vani: Were there times that you didn't want to release 2 albums within 3 months time. In the coming year will you give yourself more space to work so you won't be so tired.
Leon: Leon I will try but if you get too comfortable it will just become an excuse not to do certain things. If I feel I can still handle it I will do it. As a singer you should be happy you have work to do instead of doing nothing.
Vani: After working with Mark you have tried different stuff. In the upcoming album is it going to be different again?
Leon: I think its very different and new.
Vani: How about a duet?
Leon: Yes there will be a duet with Mark and it is called "Where are you at this moment"
Vani: Since you have worked with Mark for a while how is it?
Leon: Well I've noticed something strange when I record a song with Mark. I've found that my voice is different when I'm in a recording studio with him compared to another producer. But I have learned to adapt to a producers certain style now.
Vani: Right here I want to wish you a successful concert and thank you for coming.

1320 interview:

***If you are interested the following interview can be listened through real audio at the following address: http://www.am1320.com/program/interview/leonlai.ram

Lulu: Today very happy to be able to find Leon for an interview. Leon say hello to everybody.
Leon: Hello people in Canada, I'm Leon and I'm with Lulu right now and my name is Lala.
Lulu: Hahaha… Lulu and Lala don't seem to go together. Well today is New years and yesterday at the CR awards you got a lot of award and you became the major winner at the awards.
Leon: Don't say winner as a singer being able to continue to work is a very good result already. Whether or not you get an award does not represent a singer or block them from improving. There was one year which I didn't get one award from CR but afterwards I still have to face work everyday. I believe as a singer you shouldn't let the media's losing or wining determine your confidence.
Lulu: I think you said it correctly, but your hard work did not go to waste. I want to ask you before the CR awards were announce did you have much confidence?
Leon: Actually that day I was very calm because once I woke up I went to attend the awards ceremony. This year its kind of different because I also had a strong feeling of last night's concert's atmosphere, along with new year's and the awards ceremony. Besides that no other feeling I just knew that as a singer I had to support such awards. I was just attended the ceremony to support it, but I was very surprised when I received the award.
Lulu: Every singer should support such ceremonies. You have done your work for the last year did you already expect to get awards or you didn't know at all.
Leon: Everybody want to get an award, I'm not greedy at first I was saying if you call my name for the bronze award it would be fine which would be better than getting none. But I wasn't called and everybody knows that CR bases their awards on air play. Then Leo Ku was called and I thought that I was out of the race for an award. I thought maybe Aaron would get it so I looked at him and both of us were waiting and the eventually the announced me. That was my feelings.
Lulu: Anyways I'm very happy for you and your results. Lets talk about your concert how many shows have you preformed?
Leon: It's the 14th show.
Lulu: 14th show very exciting. I've talk to quite a few people and they all praised your concert and said it very good. Because you performance has improved. Everybody want to watch it and I'm lucky enough to be able to watch it tonight. So is there a difference between this concert and previous ones?
Leon: The difference is the change in music style and the trend in concert.
Lulu: So in the upcoming concerts will there be any special guest?
Leon: There is Mark but you can't really consider him a guest star. That's mainly it because I am use to not having any one as a guest.
Lulu: Want to ask you about the following awards what if you won't be able to attend all the awards ceremony?
Leon: As for attending I will try my best to arrange my schedule accordingly to attend the ceremonies. Well as for whether or not getting any awards I have not worried about that. All I know is that with or without an award you still have to work. The decision of working is always in your own hands. You might find it weird that I am saying such things but I do have the confidence in my self to face future problems.
Lulu: Yeah, said it correctly. So what's your new year's wish?
Leon: Wish everybody is just as happy. Well, people in Canada I know the weather is cold and it is warmer in HK but don't be sad. Just think of it this way you get to ski and we don't so just try to have a great time. Well there will be a big chance that during February I will be able to come to Canada to visit you. Happy New Year!!!

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