L-News Issue #3
Feb. 11th 1998
Part 2

*TV News Weekly-Magazine article*

**Leon works hard to change his destiny**
Every new year that begins, there are always fortune tellers predicting the coming year for celebrities. You all may have noticed that Leon is the focus every year to everyone. Almost every year the fortune tellers predict that Leon will have a bad year career wise. And that his popularity will drop....etc. And every year, Leon manages to over come these predictions with flying colours! Now this year, the fortune teller predicted Leon will have a great year career wise, that his career will reach the next highest level! Hmmm..... now will Leon want to break this prediction?!... Leon said that he does not believe in these kinds of predictions, he believes that his own destiny is in his own hands. But he also revealed that it is not possible to change the fate that may be laid out for you already, all you can do is, instead of following it, be in control of it. For example, for many years Leon has tried hard to change the feelings of others towards him. It is alright, that people do not think of him as their idol, but Leon hopes that each time the name "Lai Ming" is brought up, people will admire his efforts and hard work as well as to recognize his improvements regarding his songs. During the celebration parties after the concerts in Dec. Reporter was doing this interview with Leon. And said that they never knew his alcohol level was so high! Leon can manage to drink a couple bottles of red wine and a dozen beers with no problems! Leon commented that because of his ability to express his true feelings is limited, and everyone at the celebration are guys, to say 'thank you' to each and everyone of them is rather 'sissy' So, in replace of his gratitude he feels towards everyone that made this concert possible. Leon will drink with them and cheers.....At this point, Leon's face is getting pretty red...from all the drinking. Reporters then tried to ask Leon about the rumors of a Korean girlfriend. Now Leon was more sober than they all thought. He immediately replied "no I don't have a girlfriend and I definitely don't have a boyfriend. But now that I am past 30 years old, and if I happen to come across an ideal partner to date, that will be a normal thing. I also believe that my fans will except this fact when it happens."

**Valentine's Day Leon Special**
Leon and his first love May. (not the May in Leon's commercials, NOT the Korean May....but the one that is so special to Leon.......Leon admitted that the happiest times in his life is found in The memories of the love he shared with his first love. Leon also said that, in his life time he has only loved one woman and she is his first love. He said he will always remember that day....when they broke up : June 1st , 1988.

1) On a Valentine's day one year Leon had to work till very late. (this was at the time he first started out in show-biz) By mid-night, he was done work and immediately went to see if any stores were still opened, he managed to get a bottle of champagne and flowers. Then he rushed over to May's house to give her a big surprise. When Leon arrived, May saw him standing there with a bunch of flowers in one hand and a little potted plant in the other. A nice sweet smile appeared on her face. Then the both of them went to the beach to enjoy the remaining of their first Valentine's Day!

2) Their dates were quite simple because at the time they both didn't have much money. But Leon was full of little romantic ideas that made their relationship all the more worth while!..Most the times they would go to the beach and BBQ, then they would slow walk along the shores...listen to the sounds of the waves, watch the sunset....then counting the stars......

3) Usually when they have arguments, Leon is the one to patch things up. This one time, they had a big argument, as soon as Leon got off work at mid-night, he took a taxi and went to May's home....when he arrived he's call her up with his cell phone and say 'if I told you that if you went to the front door you will see a big bunch of flowers, you will have to cheer up and be happy again, okay?!" When May opened the door, she didn't see any flowers but she saw Leon standing there with a sweet, sweet smile....she knew he rushed over immediately after work just to make things better. Then all their previous arguments were no longer remembered.

4) On Leon's birthday one year, he and a bunch of friends all got together to celebrate. Afterwards everyone was all tired and ready to go home. Leon then said to May, 'let's take a taxi and I'll bring you home. May thinks about it and asks "why don't you give me a piggy-back ride home?". So then Leon ignored the fact he was tired and decided to give May a piggy-back ride...he walked down 20 some streets (she weighs about 100 pounds) and he didn't care how people looked at him when they passed by...or how they thought he was crazy...By the time he got her home, he had completely forgot how tired he was when he saw just how happy his girlfriend was.

Everyone must be wondering how such a picture perfect relationship could end. Well, nothing lasts forever, in this case after nearly two years together....that is about 700 days, only 200 of those days were full of unforgettable memories and happiness while the other 500 remaining days were mainly non-stop arguments. Yes, the reason for break up was the argument factor. They even argued 20 some times over the fact that May wanted to end the relationship. So, finally what she wanted was what she got. She lost Leon, and Leon never found another May---his first love.

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**note: all news was taken from Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Next Magazine and Mingpao Magazine

** A Very Special Thanks**
To Christine for sharing with us the funny scene that happened when seeing Leon outside the HK Coliseum after waiting for 35 minutes, but according to Christine, it was all worth it!!.... Of course, right?!...it's Leon we're talking about!!! =)

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