L-News Issue #4
March 11th 1998
Part 2

*New Release*

Leon's new Mandarin CD is suppose to be released on March 19th or 20th these are the two different dates that have been reported. Apparently it has already been released in Japan as of sometime in Feb. new CD is called "Longing".
List of songs in CD:

1. Longing
2. Am I Too Foolish?
3. Understanding of the Heart
4. Nonchalant
5. Everytime the stars shine
6. The Heaven in my eyes (Composed by Leon)
7. Battle of the Heart
8. Pathetic Life Style
9. I will tell myself
10. From now on

**Fun/Cute Facts**

1. Leon was a guest on "Enjoy Yourself Tonight". Leon was comparing himself as UN Charity Ambassador with Batman. Leon said, that he is much like Batman, in the way that he is there to help the less fortunate people of the world at any time of need. Leon says, he is happy to be "Batman".

2. Everyone knows that Cotton USA commercial will be taken over by Daniel Chan (dong dong). Well, reporters had asked Leon about this news to see how he feels about it. Leon said that it is alright, because Cotton USA has many different products other than jeans, so it is normal that they find others to do a commercial. And besides this year they get "dong dong" (meaning east)...to do it, next year they may get "sai sai" (meaning west) to do it!!!...haha!!

3. Before Leon started to film his new movie, with Shu Kei, Leon was told by reporters that Shu Kei said, in order to make the movie more real, she often makes herself fall in love with her opposing partner. Then Leon said "oh my god! That means that I have to fall in love even deeper with her to make the movie seem even more realistic!"

**Extra News**

---- More on the personal level about Leon

1. Reporters asked Leon, what would you do, if someone tried to go after your girlfriend? Leon said that he has been through many kinds of love already, he has already been through too much of it in life. Right now, his feelings towards love have matured. He believes it follow fate. But now the most important to him, is his career. Leon said, if he finds a girl and they get along well, then they may date, if it doesn't work, then break up. So if someone try to take my girlfriend away, before this happens I will back away, since it has already reached that point, it is useless to continue and so that it will not put pressure on the girl. Doing this is better, and then try to find other happy days in the future. "If I really can't except this, then I will try again, if it still doesn't work, the I will just have to think 'it wasn't meant to be'. And then find a new love/relationship."

2. Before someone has given Leon a psychological test, and they asked Leon: If you to put 5 kinds of animals into a boat -monkey horse, pig, sheep and lion. Which ones in order will you put in? Leon's response: Horse, pig, sheep, monkey and lion. The horse represents career, the pig represents wealth, and the sheep represents marriage. Now the remaining 2 animals are not important. Leon said, these test answers are so accurate, it is exactly how I feel. As of now, my career is the most important to me, especially since I am a man, I should put career first, and then think about marriage. Because of this, Leon won't even allow his assistant (bo mo) to date or marry. Hahaha!!!

3. Do you want to know what his favorite ride in Disneyland is? Well it is "Splash Mountain" everytime he goes to Disneyland he has to ride on it. Recently while Leon was in Japan vacationing he went to Disneyland with his friends and ended up waiting an hour in line for Splash Mountain. Leon said it was worth the wait but everybody else in the group complained about it. He likes Space Mountain so much that couple year's back when he went to Disneyland in LA he was on the ride holding his camcorder and recording the ride. Well when it came to the big drop at the end of the ride Leon hit his nose with the camcorder and ended up with a bloody nose. Even with that incident that didn't keep Leon away from Space Mountain two year's later when he came back to LA he rode on Space Mountain again but he was smarter this time around and didn't bring his camcorder with him.

---- On Peter Chan / Comrades

Peter Chan was doing an interview recently with Sandra Ng and was talking about his future plans and part of it was about Leon. Here's part of the interview that talks about Leon.

Sandra: Do you think Leon did as good of a job as you thought he would?
Peter: I never had to worry about whether or not Leon would be able to play the role or not. From the very beginning when we first talked about the script I knew that Leon could relate with the character. The most important thing about acting is that you can add to the character and turn it into part of you.
Sandra: Okay it you had to pick one scene where you thought he didn't do as good of a job which one would it be?
Peter: It should be the last scene where he looks back and smiles.
Sandra: I agree. Because Maggie Cheung did a wonderful job when she looked back and her face was full of emotion. But when Leon looked back he had more of a confused look on his face and didn't know what to do.
Peter: That was the last scene in the movie, and everybody was in a hurry and Leon had to catch a flight. So he was under a lot of pressure because there was a car waiting to take him to the airport and he had to make sure he was going to make the flight also.
Sandra: What kind of advice can you give to Leon about his career?
Peter: I just think that he should not make so many movies.

**Broadcast Corner**---Interview with:
Lee Lik Zhi and Sandra Ng Kwun Yu regarding Leon

Lee: What do you think of Leon?
Sandra: Leon is a hard working actor, and still so fit.
Lee: Why do you say this?
Sandra: Because he has been in show-biz since 1985, and it's been 13 years now. Wow! But he still has such a handsome appearance.
Lee: Awww....he is still as attractive as before!
Sandra: He still keeps in shape, and doesn't have any wrinkles!
Lee: Leon has always been very 'careful' not only with appearance, but also the way he speaks, and his private life as well. Hahaha!! His file is so clean, there's nothing against him, he must have spent a lot of time and effort to cover it all up! Hahaha....
Sandra: How is his nickname 'wah wah', his composing name 'teen mong kwong' (dawn), other names 'wong fun' (dawn) And another nickname 'jai jai' (little boy).
Lee: What is his nickname? Oh! It is when he was young and his mother loved calling him that! Such a cute name!
Sandra: When I first met Leon, I didn't realize he was so tall, until we were filming the movie, I noticed he is so tall.
Lee: Ha! He is 'really tall' when I first met him, I thought he is very good looking, so I looked at him some more, and then noticed his feet are so big and his shoes are so big too.
Sandra: Really? I washed his feet for him for almost an hour ...I wonder what shoe size he is?
Lee: Leon's foot is so big, you'll have to take a long time to slowly wash it all!...hahaha...!! He is at least a size 9, also he is so very nice, and a very good person!
Sandra: What do you mean by that? He is that great? How many times have you worked with him? And for how long?
Lee: How long? Hmmmm....only for one movie...
Sandra: Leon use to film TV Series with TVB, didn't you work with him then?
Lee: no chance to work with such a good looking guy, I can't believe Leon has been filming series since 1986, his first series is "nam yee boon sik'.
Sandra: Did you know he is from Beijing? And there is still something else to blurt out about him...
Lee: HAHAHA!!!....i know! I heard! What should we blurt out first?
Sandra: we are not blurting it out! we are just informing people. Does he love you? He really loves me!
Lee: of course he does! How does he love you? Tell us some details. But I still think he is lying to you!
Sandra: it is not! There was this one time, we were filming a movie, Leon was late, we were waiting and waiting...and still no signs of Leon....
Lee: oh yeah! The scene was shot using replacement actors do you remember? Well when Leon finally came I told him "we waited for you forever" then Leon said "Really? All this time I've been waiting for your call." "No, I called you several times already." At that time Leon looked at his assistant and said "I can't believe you didn't check my pager! You can't waste their money like that (renting the place cost money and so does everything else)" at that time I told him it was okay and not to worry. After that I could tell that Leon cared about his work and is very professional about it.
Sandra: Do you really believe him? I wasn't there when it happened I was too busy on the other side being angry. Why didn't you come over and comfort me?
Lee: Why shouldn't I believe him? He really was angry at his assistant. But afterwards we talked about it and figured out that the place where we were filming was too rural so the pager couldn't receive the call.
Sandra: I remember during that time I was constantly sitting in his van because of the air conditioning. During that time it was mid summer and very hot. He didn't mind us sitting in his van and eating his food.
Lee: Yeah we were always eating his food because his fans gave him so much stuff to eat.
Sandra: I think the best thing about him is that he is not as "protective of himself as I thought" He taught me a lot of sweet ideas to make one's boyfriend/girlfriend happy.
Lee: Really? Why don't you tell us about it.
Sandra: He taught me what to do during a birthday to create atmosphere to make them happy. Too many ideas and I don't want to give away his ideas.
Lee: Okay, then why don't we wait till next year's Valentines day to talk about it. So if you want to know stay tuned next Valentines Day. Hehe..
Sandra: Okay. Leon finally dyed his hair black again.
Lee: Oh I want to tell you about a friend whose daughter saw Leon's concert in England. Once Leon came out some of the girls were screaming "Leon you're very handsome" , but Leon stood on the stage and gave them a weird look and started saying "I would much rather you say I have personality rather than being handsome." Right, away they screamed at Leon " you have a great personality" Leon let out a little smile and nodded his head. That's why now she thinks that Leon is very modest. Sandra: Talking about concerts my friend went to his recent concert and before Leon almost finished his song some of his fans already started screaming "Leon, Leon, why don't you have another concert during ("sum ma" summer in English). Quickly Leon said you should spend more time learning your English, don't waste your parents money it's (summer emphasizing the "r" when he said it) not "sum ma". Leon really does constantly try to remind his fans to study.
Lee: Actually Leon was speaking the American pronunciation, which emphasizes the "r" His fans were very impressed and even learn something. I remember reading an article, which Wyman wrote about Leon. The best part of the article was the last sentence. Wyman asked Leon very casually "Leon, today's weather is very fine, what do you want to do today? Leon answered "Meet women" that one answer made the whole interview very interesting and real. He is still a young man and very truthful person. Sometimes when he does interviews and believes the topic will hurt others he will not answer or avoid the question, which gives the impression that he, is fake.

During the show they asked the listeners who they liked and disliked most their answers were. Liked: Michele Reis because they both match. Disliked: Kathy Chow Hoi Mei and the Korean girl May.

**Interview Station**

Ming Pao Newspaper (March 8, 1998)
Reporter: Lam Bing

I went to visit Leon on the set of "City of Glass" and ended up staying there for three hours talking with Leon.

Leon: Bing Chei, do you think it is wise to buy a house now?
Bing: A house, I don't think it is the right time to buy a house now. Why do you want to buy one?
Leon: No, I just had a look at some the other day. But it was expensive.
Bing: In 1995 you bought a place. I remember after 2 months it increased in value. Too bad you didn't sell it then. So how is it now?
Leon: I sold it already, no profit or loss. At first I wasn't planning to sell the place but somebody wanted it and offered more than the market value so I sold it.
Bing: Well its better to have the money in your hands and less trouble/stress right?
Leon: Yes, you're right it's not worth it to buy a house.
Bing: The way I see it it's better to buy stocks now. Cause usually after a big drop in the stock market there is always a big gain. You should make money.
Leon: Yes, I agree.

(Leon turns his head around and looks to see if there is anybody)

Leon: Come, come over. Don't let the people behind us hear. Which stock should I buy?
Bing: Just remember when nobody is buying you buy it and when it they start buying the same stock quickly sell and leave. Leon: Okay, I'll make sure to do that.

(Leon is very cute, just like a big kid. Everytime he sees me he always talks to me and thinks that I am a specialist in everything. And everytime I see him I pretend to be a specialist. We talk about everything. That's why our relationship is very good.)

Bing: Leon, will you have a concert this year?
Leon: Not sure yet
Bing: Did you earn the most money last year?
Leon: No.
Bing: To my knowledge you earned a lot last year.
Leon: People think I earn a lot but I don't make $10,000,000 HK a commercial.
Bing: Your employee's are very devoted to you.
Leon: Its because I'm devoted to them, so that's why in turn they are devoted to me.

(That's what I thought but Leon just wanted to point that out to me. Hehehe… Silly)

Bing: Did you ever see the article written by one of our reporters about you? Even though she just heard it from someone else. I thought the way she described you as a devil and angel at the same time was very unique. I know you are the kind of person who care's about your fans. And you will never curse at your fans. You can say the same thing phrase in a different tone and the meaning would be totally different. You would never curse at them.
Leon: Yes, I really appreciate their support. If it weren't for them buying my CD's, watching my movies and concerts I wouldn't be here today.
Bing: You shouldn't worry too much, just look towards the better aspect of the things and you'll be happier.
Leon: Yes, I listened to you and now I'm much happier.

Ming Pao Weekly: Issue: 1530 March 8,1998
Reporter: Lam Bing

When I arrived, there was around 10 or so people filming "City of Glass" which was formerly known as "Before Memories, After we Forget". At first look, I spotted Leon with his long hair image in a crowd of protestors and 3 cameras were shooting the scene. Half of the actors there were pretending to be protestors and the other half police officers. During break time Leon came over and said.

Leon: Hi, how are you? Doesn't my hair look good?
Bing: Its very long.
Leon: Yeah, its my real hair you know.
Bing: Liar, its fake. I don't believe your hair can grow that fast.

(Leon asked his assistant whether there was anything to eat. She handed him a hamburger and he put it in his mouth and started chewing.)

Bing: That stuff is not good for you. It's filled with calories and cholesterol.
Leon: Don't worry, I just like eating the meat anyways.
Bing: You're lucky that so many directors are asking you to be in their films.
Leon: Yeah that's what Peter Chan (director of Comrades) said too. He said "Leon you're lucky, you have a part in all these good drama films.
Bing: How's the script?
Leon: Good, the reason is that the whole story is true except for the part of the love story.
Bing: How is it like filming with Mable Cheung?
Leon: Very professional, the whole crew is professional. Usually if the director is professional then everybody is also, but when the directory doesn't care the crew in turn doesn't care also.

Part of the interview is done with Shu Kei asking her about what other projects she's doing also. She also mentions how Shu Kei will most likely be nominated again next year because of all the films she's doing. Then Bing goes back to talk to Leon again.

At that moment Leon was eating a big piece of fried chicken.
Bing: Leon you're eating such fattening stuff aren't you afraid?
Leon: Nope, If you eat it for lunch you won't get fat as for dinner I won't eat that much meat. The owner of the restaurant gave us four chicken but he wanted me to sign some autographs.
Bing: Did you give sign the autographs?
Leon: No, I told him that while I am filming I do not sign any autographs, only after I finish filming then I will help him sign them. Bing: Leon you're always flying, are you afraid of plane crashes?
Leon: No, cause once its time for you to die you can't do anything about it.
Bing: Shu Kei said she experienced it before.
Leon: If that's the case I would suicide.
Bing: You don't even know whether you will live or die. People wouldn't suicide first.
Leon: If I knew I would become crippled I would jump off the plane first.

(Leon answered to here and quickly got up ran 20 meters or so to touch the wood railing. Then he ran back laughing and saying)

Leon: Aiya, touch wood first, I'm not as scared now.

(I was looking at the table next to us)

Bing: Oh this table is made out of stone.
Leon: Yeah, I saw that the table was made out of stone that's why I ran over there to touch wood.

(Leon is so silly)

Bing: Earlier it was reported that you were going out with this korean girl. Is it true?
Leon: No
Bing: I don't think its true either. You're the kind of person who loves to talk a lot and also has tonnes of theory's. If you married a women who you can only have one word conversations with, it would be very tough.
Leon: I can't picture myself marrying a women that I can't have a conversation with. Bing Chei I have changed a lot. I listened to you and now I'm more open.
Bing: Yes, if a person is not happy, it usually has to do with the way he/she thinks. If you try another method of looking at things you might be happier. If not then just try another method until you are happy.

(Leon has changed I have noticed it while I was on the set of "City of Glass". Before Leon kept to himself, everytime he finished a scene he would leave and usually hang around with his assistants. But this time while he was filiming "City of Glass" he didn't leave after each scene. He stayed around with everybody and it didn't seem he was uncomfortable at all. He was very relaxed and he lit a cigarette and took a puff. Then Shu Kei tapped his shoulder and asked if she could take a puff. So Leon handed her the cigarette and she took a puff and gave it back to Leon. Leon took one more puff and then threw it on the floor. Everything he did was very relaxed and natural. They were filming the protest scene where the police walked up to the protestors and started hitting them. Well when the walked near to the protestors they started to scatter. Then the stunt director told them that they were doing it all wrong and that when the police are coming over they should continue to protest and not scatter. So they had to reshoot the scene. While they were shooting the scene I noticed a lot of people being beaten but Leon was just standing to one side and nobody was hitting him. Leon saw that nobody was hitting him so he started to laugh. Afterwards I was laughing at Leon and saying.)

Bing: What were you laughing at?
Leon: Bing Chei, I saw the video tapes of the actual protest scene its not the same.

(Later on they found a stunt man to especially hit Leon, cause regular actors might not know how to ease off on the strength. They might just hurt Leon. One funny thing that happened was that after director Mable Cheung called cut and even walked on the set everybody was still fighting and hitting each other. Somebody who was watching on the side commented that "it seems like they are enemies, the director already called cut but they are still fighting." I asked Leon)

Bing: Were you afraid of being hit so violently?
Leon: No I wasn't afriad just as long as they didn't hit my eyes it was okay.

(I was thinking hmm… Leon is very brave. Hehehe..)


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