L-News Issue #5
April 11th 1998
Part 2

**Broadcast Corner**

Metro Radio Interview 3/12/98

-DJ: How are you today?
-Leon: Not bad. I was able to sleep for a couple of hours. I'm still kinda presentable.
-DJ: How much sleep were you able to get this past week only a couple of hours?
-Leon: No, not that bad you have to have enough sleep in order to work.
-DJ: Is your main job right now making movies?
-Leon: Yes.
-DJ: How's the progress of the film?
-Leon: Its okay.
-DJ: Is it because you're not getting enough sleep that's why you're saying its okay.
-Leon: No, cause every time I say its going great, something bad happens and I always have to say "touch wood" so that's why I've changed and started say it's okay, but of course I hope its going great, and finish on time.
-DJ: If everything goes according to plans when will you finish filming?
-Leon: Before May.
-DJ: Wow so you'll be filming for like 2 months still?
-Leon: Yes.
-DJ: Can you tell us some stuff concerning the movie? Even though there has been stuff reported but maybe if we hear it from you we might know more stuff.
-Leon: Okay, Movies are for watching and not to talk about… That's it.. (everybody laughs)
-DJ: Even though, can't you tell us about your character?
-Leon: Nothing much to say.
-DJ: You're really not going to tell us? Come on, as a favor to me..
-Leon: I still think like this, if you are destined you will watch it, If you want to watch it you will, If you don't you won't watch it. Also when I'm doing a character I spend so much time and effort to research the character and you want me to tell you everything in a couple of minutes. It's not fair to me.. hehehe…
-DJ: Well I guess we will have to wait till the movie comes out in theaters. I also want to ask you, what you think of Shu Kei? Cause she was here yesterday. Is there any chemistry going on?
-Leon: There has to be chemistry, if there's none how can you make a film.
-DJ: So this is what you call exchange of acting skills?
-Leon: I don't really know if this is an exchange of acting skills. You know, this is how acting is like.
-DJ: There has to be chemistry, if not there won't be any sparks. Don't you think so?
-Leon: Well that's only a saying cause when you're an actor the most important is to be professional and do your job.
-DJ: Yes very true, So what do you think of her? In terms of a person?
-Leon: Hmmm… person… (thought for a long while)
-DJ: Are you comfortable with her?
-Leon: Of course, Since she was created by God. (everybody laughs) and she is a very beautiful woman. But no really, she is a good person. Very open and very fun to be with.
-DJ: She's not a bad person right?
-Leon: Yes.
-DJ: You guys should be getting along very well right?
-Leon: Yup we are getting along very well.
-DJ: Also I want to ask one more question concerning the movie. A couple of days ago there was a rumor concerning you and you were fighting over the rights to sing the theme song. Is there such a thing happening?
-Leon: Rumors, you should go ask the one who started the rumor. I have no part in starting this rumor.
-DJ: He also said he didn't know. Hehehe.. Okay, lets not ask about rumors lets talk about what you are doing now?
-Leon: So far, I still don't know whether or not I have to sing a theme song or not.
-DJ: Really?
-Leon: Doesn't matter anyway since my name is like "soy sauce" these days. Add a little and everthing tastes better. Even rumors.
-DJ: Using your name Leon and adding it?
-Leon: Yes.
-DJ: Actually why are we talking about so many movie related questions? Even though you are making movies right now are you are our this month's special star. It must have some relation? I want to ask why you did you name it "Leon and I - Song, Movie Workshop"?
-Leon: Because I didn't come up with the name. Hehehe…
-DJ: Ahhh… You're not suppose to say that… Well do you like the name? Would you in order to relate to the title do some stuff relating to a workshop?
-Leon: I really want to try it out. For example I've done a lot of different programs before, I want to do something special. If it was only me thinking of different ideas for programs I might not have been able to think up something. I wouldn't be able to participate with coming up with the idea. This time you guys helped me think one up, and I also really like it myself. I haven't tried to put my song's and movie's together. So to me it's a very new and fresh idea. I will turn myself into part of the audience and see how the results are.
-DJ: Looking forward to it. Okay why not talk about how you are going to put together your song's and movies together for a show?
-Leon: Then I'll have to ask you guy's how you're going to do it.
-DJ: Okay, well let me look at the rundown. That night we will definitely have Leon's singing movie theme song's, in some parts we will have the video wall showing clips of his films. We might even show some clips Leon might have even forgotten about himself. I want to ask Leon again. Has there been problems with buying the tickets?
-Leon: No, there hasn't been any problems, cause we aren't selling the tickets were giving them away.
-DJ: You've been making movies for a while now do you remember some unforgettable experiences?
-Leon: The most unforgettable experience while filming movies is that there is always untrue rumors while filming. Such as "Comrades" rumors about us not getting along. "Fallen Angels" rumors about not getting along with the director. "Killing Me Tenderly" and "18 Springs" also had rumors. Every single movie I make always has really weird rumors.
-DJ: Let's not talk about unhappy things.
-Leon: It's not unhappy situations just that I wanted to let you know about it.
-DJ: Okay, I thought you were unhappy. Then what scenes do you think you are very satisfied with?
-Leon: "Comrades" there were several scenes such as in New York, or the scene when I was playing basketball. Eating dumplings with Maggie, and the bike scene.
-DJ: I'm very familiar with it I've seen it a lot of times.
-Leon: In "18 Springs" the feelings were very sad and depressing, but its still a memory. "Love and The City" I remember very clearly the scene where I had to chase "Ng Sin Ling", and I had to scream, but that day we couldn't record my voice cause my vocal chord was damaged and we couldn't do anything. I had a lot of fun with that movie. In "Killing Me Tenderly" I was really happy. Also I've never met a director who can curse that much.
-DJ: Oh you said it yourself that you guy's will curse. Hehehe..
-Leon: He's a good person, he will always tell us jokes which makes the whole crew very happy. This is important when you are filming a comedy. Why don't we stop here.
-DJ: Okay, no problem you actually said a lot already. You said that even though there are rumors that float around while you were filming but you also have a lot of happy moments also. So you shouldn't worry.
-Leon: I haven't worried. Just that what I've said earlier is just "soy sauce" hehehe…. Add two drops and everything taste better.
-DJ: Do you know there are "soy sauce" which will bring out the freshness in food. It will also make food look better. I believe you are that kind of "soy sauce" hahahahah…. It might even result in a new combination. I want to ask when you were filming "Comrades" you gave people a very different feeling, some people even changed their minds about you after the movie. Would you now choose roles that have more character and can develop?
-Leon: I won't intentionally do so. Most important is to use one own thoughts in the movie.
-DJ: This is very important.
-Leon: I won't worry about any other things.
-DJ: Now a lot of people are expanding their careers to Hollywood such as 'Chow Yun Fat' 'Chow Sing Chee' what is your feeling toward this? Would you want to take a part in it?
-Leon: Me going to Hollywood… Hahaha… Expand or what? I never really gave it much thought. If you don't have such a big head don't wear such a big hat. Be more realistic and focus on the present and what I have on hand to do.
-DJ: But haven't you ever thought of it?
-Leon: You'll have to have a lot of stuff to fall into place in order for it to work. It is consider a kind of destiny if it works it works. If not you shouldn't make it work.
-DJ: True.

(part where they answer some telephone calls)

-Caller: It was said that you would be having another concert in 98' right before Faye's concert. Are you really going to have another concert withing one year?
-Leon: It depends if I have any new ideas for the concert. If nothing new comes up then I won't have a concert its that simple. -Caller: But you have been so busy lately will you have time to think of ideas?
-Leon: It has nothing to do with time.
-Caller: What about rehearsing?
-Leon: Just like the 3/19/98 show you don't need total rehearsal time and the show will still be great. Because I took part in all the films and I've rehearsed also.
-Caller: But once your on stage the feeling is different.
-DJ: Everything already has a base.
-Leon: Just come and watch the show.
-Caller: I don't have tickets.
-Leon: If you don't have tickets don't come and watch. Just kidding, try your best to get tickets. -DJ: Listen to our show you might be able to get some.
-Caller: Has filming been difficult lately?
-Leon: No -Caller: Good Luck on your filming.
-Leon: Hope so too..

-Caller: You have been acting for so long which is your favorite character so far?
-Leon: The character in "Comrades" I've mentioned this before.
-DJ: Have you seen this movie before?
-Caller: Yes, but I don't understand it.
-Leon: What! You don't understand it, are you sure you didn't rent the wrong version to watch? Watch once more, and don't buy the pirated version.
-Caller: Maybe because I watched various parts at different times. Maybe that's why I don't understand.

-Caller: Will you cooperate with singers in China?
-Leon: No plans yet.
-Caller: Which actress have you worked with, which gave you a good impression? Would it be "Lee"?
-Leon: Who?
-Caller: Leon, is it very memorable to work with me?
-Leon: Don't know haven't worked with you before. Hehehe…
-Caller: I'm referring to Michele Reis.
-Leon: You are very, funny… okay, hang up now..

-DJ: You really hung up..
-Leon: I think its best to be more natural. Don't set up the questions to ask me.

-Caller: When is your mandarin album going to be released?
-Leon: This CD I'm not sure why they released it in Japan first. Maybe because they are showing "Comrades" there right now. Last week I went to Japan and someone brought it up to me to sign. As for Hong Kong or Taiwan I'm not too sure. Maybe if you wait a couple of day 19 or 20th.
-Caller: But when will we be able to see your MTV for the song?
-Leon: Hmmm.. hasn't the MTV been released yet?
-Caller: Yes, but only on the channels you have to pay, regular channels not yet.
-Leon: I'm not sure then cause I don't make these decisions. The record company and t.v. company comes up with a decision for such things.
-Caller: Will you sing "I'm Too Foolish?"
-Leon: You'll have to come to the show to find out.
-Caller: I don't have any tickets. They are so hard to get.
-Leon: Okay, I'll get you one myself.

-DJ: Since were talking about your CD, your Mandarin CD will release on 3/19, what about your Cantonese CD? Right now we are always listening to the same one. Have you picked any songs yet?
-Leon: Nope not yet.
-DJ: Everybody is concerned about your decision for a record company now. Will you let us know about your decision? -Leon: I know a lot of people are worried about this matter. I want to thank all of you. This is a very sensitive time for me and all the record companies that are involved in this matter . I don't want to give people the impression that what I say right now has some kind of hidden meaning to it. Wait until I release my Mandarin CD and I will answer all your questions then.
-DJ: A good explanation?
-Leon: Wait until 3/20 or later and I will definitely give everyone an answer if I will stay or leave Polygram. Right now I really haven't decided yet.
-DJ: Will you have a big press conference then?
-Leon: It will depend on which company, I sign with and whether or not they will announce it. No matter what before the end of March I will announce my decision.
-DJ: Is it troublesome to pick a company?
-Leon: To me it is not, because I believe that all I have to do is do my part in singing and CD. The company should be able to handle the rest because they have a regular promotion team that handles this stuff. The most important is to see if your song is good or not. If it isn't then it doesn't matter how much you promote it cause people won't accept it. Besides in choosing different styles of music other stuff is not much of a difference.
-DJ: True, fans shouldn't worry which company Leon chooses most important is if his songs will be good and if the reaction is good or not. This should be your main concern as a fan.
-Leon: I know that there are a lot of people who worry about me and care also. I'm very aware of it, I know what they are thinking. They don't have to tell me face to face, I already know how you think.
-DJ: Actually a lot of people care about you.
-Leon: A lot of people care about me, even though we don't talk to each other, we know how each other thoughts.
-DJ: I want to ask if you do choose a company what would be the most important reason? I believe that it won't be because of money?
-Leon: It must have a future, treat me good and support me in whatever I do, help me, and teach me different styles of music -DJ: I'm excited and waiting for Leon's answer about his decision soon. Talking about a new company, you have to worry about a lot of changes.
-Leon: Right now it's a lot better, just hoping I can also do better. (Leon starts singing: "Do better in songs, don't want to become Big Brother")
-DJ: Hahaha….. can you explain that to us?
-Leon: Being a Big Brother of a company is not important cause a singer has to rely on songs. This is the most important issue. -DJ: Leon during all this time you've been singing which song do you believe is the best? You have to choose one. I know its hard cause you do have a lot of songs both fast and slow.
-Leon: You're telling me to choose, it's hard. Hmmm… a song that could represent me "Personal Feeling" this is one that I composed myself.
-DJ: Personal Feelings, why don't you choose a commercial song, which is also representational of you?
-Leon: Because I didn't compose those.
-DJ: Talking about commercials they have helped your career a lot. This year will you make commercials?
-Leon: Hahaha… this year the market is weak, hard to say.
-DJ: Is it because your too expensive?
-Leon: Expensive is not the problem, the market is so that's why everybody must work harder.
-DJ: Do you have to wait till everything is settled first, then you can talk about it?
-Leon: The market right now is very quite.
-DJ: If you do have a chance to make a commercial, what would you want to do?
-Leon: If the market is not too quite and I'm able to get a commercial then I'll be happy.
-DJ: This year what do you really want to do?
-Leon: I want to make better movies, sing better songs, and hope that during these 10 days I will be able to make a decision that is suitable for myself and my career. Which will have a bright future, and in which I won't let down people who support me and the listeners.
-DJ: Wish you best of luck…

**Song Lyrics**

-Dawn (Leon) and I

Who say's how are you, which makes me happy
Actually every night I only look at the lights
I'm use to being alone, I don't want to be alone
Waiting for dawn to ask me if I want to sleep yet
Actually what's so good about me, I really don't know
Actually how high are my goals in life, It's not important
But I want, I want an embrace
When dawn comes, we can take the road together
Good or bad, who knows
Embracing you, praying
East and west, when I lose my direction what should I do
Only you will know
Happy or sad, who knows
Waiting for you to tell you my feelings
My love with those hands, you answer my questions
When I'm use to not sleeping much
I actually want to dance, only you will understand
Actually what is so good about this world
I really don't know
How high must efforts be, It's not important
But I want to dance, dance
Do not give up
Once dawn is here
I will still have you next to me in my travels


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