L-News Issue #6
May 11th, 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! This issue of L-News is very special because we have an interesting magazine article of Leon filled with all Leon's 'personal feelings'!! This issue we still have article translations from both Japan and Korea. Hope you enjoyed the last few issues of L-News and will continue to support us and Leon as well.
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*News Flash*

May 10
Leon and Lee Ann appeared at the press conference around 6:30p.m. Leon commented that all the skiing scenes seen in the commercial were all performed by him and that no stunt man was used. The second part of the Hutchinson commercial was shown along with two of Leon's MTV's. One was for "Love You / Don't Love You" and the other was the second theme song for the commercial "I Love You Like This". Both Leon and Lee Ann had to play the new edition of "Alpine Skier" and Lee Ann ended up wining Leon in the game.

May 9
The second part of the Hutchinson commercial which contains scenes of both Leon and Lee Ann skiing will be shown in HK soon. Also recently there has been lots of rumors of Polygram trying to use Jacky Cheung's new CD release against Leon's first Cantonese CD released by Sony. Leon only commented and said that it is normal for Polygram to do that cause they are still a business and they have there reasons to do so.

May 7
Leon spent the day learning how to drive a racecar for a "Community Chest" charity function which will be on May 17. This was the first time Leon drove a racecar so he had to be taught. Since there was some danger to it, Leon was asked to sign a contract stating that if anything did happen to him the racetrack would not be held responsible. Leon commented that recently he has been signing several similar contracts. Such as the one he signed for "Bungy Jumping" and recently he also had to sign two different ones while filming for the movie "City of Glass".

May 3
While Leon was in England shooting "City of Glass" it reminded him of his school days in England. They spent 4 days shooting the scenes for the movie.

May 2
Leon will be recording a radio drama for RTHK the drama will air sometime in May. The lead actress is Kristy Yeung (she played Leon's wife in "Comrades, Almost a Love Story"). They interviewed Kristy and asked her what was the difference between both actors she worked with Aaron or Leon? Leon answered for her saying that the difference is that she slapped me in the movie and kissed Aaron in the other one.

April 25
Leon attended the ceremony for the completion of the new airport. That night he sang his new song "Love You/Don't Love You". After he finished singing he left and rushed to the annual Leon Family Gathering. That night, reporters asked Leon if not getting an award was the reason for not attending the Hong Kong Film Awards. Leon quickly said no that is not the case, the reason why I'm not attending is because plans were been made before hand which prevents me from attending. Such as the annual Leon Family Gathering, which was scheduled long before, and also because he has to finish recording his new album. Leon also noted that if it was really because of the award that he is not attending this year's Hong Kong Film Awards, then what about last year when he did attend and didn't receive an award. Leon also said that such accusations are not fair to him and his manger.

April 24
Leon has returned to HK from filming "City Of Glass" in England. Leon will be attending the annual Leon Family Gathering on April 25th.

April 17
Leon is the first artist to set foot on to the new Hong Kong Airport and to shoot an MTV at the airport. The MTV is for "Love You / Don't Love You". Leon has also gone to England to finish filming his movie "City Of Glass" and will stay there for a week. He will come back to HK to attend the Leon Family Gathering on April 25th.

April 15
Hutchinson Telecom had a press conference yesterday at "Planet Hollywood" to introduce their new commercial starring Leon and Lee Ann. Only the first part of the commercial will be shown in HK for now and the second half, which has scenes of Leon skiing, will be shown later in May. In the commercial Leon has a toilet scene and the reporters asked Leon if he felt embarrassed filming the toilet scene and Leon said "No because it's a very natural thing to do. When the director asked if I would do it I didn't refuse, there is nothing to be embarrassed about."

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Note: If you don't want to know the plot about Leon's new movie "Glass City" please skip this part cause it contains some spoilers

-Glass City The story plot of the movie talks about how Leon and Shu Kei are dating during their University years. But later Leon stays in Europe for his future career so both of them break up. Leon gets married in Europe and Shu Kei marries Eason Chan. Shu Kei's daughter is Nicole Cheung (Mark's GF). In there later years Leon and Shu Kei have an affair and while in Europe they are in a car accident and they both die. But both their children continue the love story. (Plot taken from Next Magazine there might be changes to the plot later so don't take it as the final actual plot)

Other films…
Also Leon will begin shooting "True Heroes" (formerly known as "98 Heroes"), in mid May and in June he will begin shooting a comedy movie directed by Wong Jing.

**Fans Encounter**---Christine of Hong Kong

I was at the LEON Family Annual Dinner. We have the party at the HK Exhibition Centre (New Wing), Grand Hall. As Leon had one more function (the New Airport Show) before he could go to our party, we, fans, were waiting him in the Hall and watch the TV together for Leon's performance!!! We screamed together although Leon was only on the TV!!! Then, it's time to start our dinner party. The waiters started to bring us the salad, soup, pork chop and desert respectively. While we were having our dinner, we watched video of Leon's concert!!! And, we screamed together as well and wait for Leon to come. Just after we finished our dinner, i.e. at about 10pm, Leon came onto the stage!!! Wearing the same clothing as he wore on TV we watched at the beginning. He played games with fans, presented the awards to 4 fans who got great academic results and have question and answering section with us.
First, he asked who know his new song, then, many fans raised their hands. And, he invited a 13 years old boy to the stage. He asked the boy to sing the song with him...however...he left the boy alone when the music started!!! The boy sang alone with our encouragement, we waved the light sticks and sang along with him!!! And, Leon came back just before the song ended and sang a few sentence of lyric with the boy!!! After that, Leon said that he will buy the boy a latest model of mobile phone of Xin Guang Xian!!! Then, let us came to the Q&A section!!! Each table can ask one question. However, I went to 2 tables and asked 2 questions!!! Hehehe...very lucky!!! I asked him that if he had to choose something else to sell other than chocolate or soap, what will be his choice? You know what's his answer?! He said that "We will not be selling anything this year!" What's a short answer?! So...I continued "Then what will we do?"..."May be we will have a show!"..."What kind of show?"..."Hmm...a show, a funny show!"..."How funny?"..."Hmm...we will tell you later!"..."No, we, many people here want to know something about it...just little...little!!!" You know what Leon did at the time? He shouted "Leung Tin Yan, where's Leung Tin Yan, hey, don't just sit at the back and watch me with the sun glasses!!! Help me answer the question!!!" Hahaha...that's funny, right?! Something more...Tin Yan also doesn't know about the answer and he told Leon to go and ask the representative of UNICEF!!! Leon invited the representative also to go on stage and he just said it's planning, we have no idea yet!!! People also asked many questions...such as "When will you bring along your Korean girlfriend?" Leon said immediately "I haven't got any girlfriend in Korea!" Besides, people asked if he will have any concerts this year and he said he's planning to have as some ideas that haven't been used in the last concert...so...maybe... Yes, my second question...I went to the table of the aunts at the back after my first question wanted them to help me get to the front of the stage to give a photo to Leon. And they said they want someone to help ask their question...so...I helped them. They want to tell Leon that they want him to expand the fan club, because the size of the office is too small and the office hour of it is too short that it's very inconvenient. Leon just said he will consider that and I asked if I can go over to give something to him and he said just come over..I ran out to the front of the stage and the security stopped me!!! I said "Leon permitted me to come over!" And their head said OK...then...I went closer to the stage, holding up the photo and Leon see me and stepped forward a little bit, getting the photo and I told him that's taken before his rehearsal of the concert and he just gave a respond "Oh!" And I continued to tell him "Leon, I'm Christine." Hehehe...he said "Hi!" to me and gave me a very friendly smile!!! Wow!!! What an unforgettable moment!!! After the Q & A section, he sang his new song to us with a few dance moves and 2 or 3 other songs, such as "Gum Ying" and...don't remember if it's "Ching Sum Suet Wah May Cheng Kong"!!!
That's it, he thanked us for our support and said goodbye!!!

**New Release**

Mandarin CD "longing" is released!!!!!!....Finally!! Yay!!!...New cd with Sony is reported to release before end of May. Leon mentioned this while he was doing a interview on a radio station. So start saving your money cause the CD will be out soon.

**Fun/Cute Facts**

1) In a psychological test, Leon was asked to draw a geometric shape, it is suppose to represent relationship that he will have this year. Leon drew a circle. The circle represents that Leon's past relationship will rekindle. Leon replied that there could only be one possibility! Reporter then said, you mean a certain "Miss Lee"?? right?..Leon answered, no, the possibility is that this test proves that I am very loyal when it comes to love, and that I don't have many girlfriends!...hahaha....

2) There is a contestant running for "Mr. Hong Kong" this year that people say he looks much like Leon, they refer to as 'chest bouncer lai ming'. Leon was asked to comment on this, Leon said, 'chest bouncing?!" I wounldn't know how....and besides I don't have any to bounce...even though I have weight lifted, but I am still as flat as the new airport, only big enough for little planes to land...hahahaha......


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