L-News Issue #7
June 11th, 1998
Part 3

**Song Lyrics**

"Beating of the Heart* (Mandarin version of 'I love u this way').

Your smile does not represent that you want to embrace
Your embrace does not represent that everything is going fine
If it is said that dreams are made up of a bubble of air
Well at least I am able to hold on to it
My eyes do not see your needs
Your ears do not hear my prayers
If it is said that the weather is difficult to predict
Where would we find the traces of love
**How good do I need to treat you
How much do you need to love me
What is so important?
Maybe the answer is somewhere out there
Finally I realize
That hearing your heart beat Is the most important
Your tears do not represent my worries
My warm feelings do not represent your heartbeat
It is difficult to blame it on the times we kiss
That we have to close our eyes in order to hold on to that feeling

Repeat **

**Special Reports **

Leon in Korea

LEON's Korean song "After loving you" was ranked 10th place in a Korean pop chart on the 4th week of May. It's the first time that a foreign singer's song was ranked such a high place in the Korean pop chart. In addition, it took only 2 weeks to enter top 10.
It was 14th place on the 3rd week of May.
I wish it will be rank higher place in the chart.
(2nd of June, 1998)
He was in #6 position last week(the first week of June)
(8th of June, 1998)
He is in #5 position this week
(9th of June, 1998)

You can see it and listen to this song in
(It is Korean site)

<<Why Korean's like Leon's new Korean songs?>>

- The song itself is enough good to be TOP10.

- The drama "Take my heart" was popular.

- Leon's voice is fit for the drama and those theme songs. (That's why Leon was picked up to sing its theme songs)

- He is very popular in Korea (He is one of the most popular Chinese star in Korea)

- He sang real Korean songs. So those songs are more fittable for Korean people rather than his first Korean song. (As you know, his first Korean song "The weather is fine" is Chinese song, which was composed by a Chinese composer. But his new Korean songs are original Korean songs composed by a Korean composer.)

- A Foreign Singer sang Korean songs in Korean and his Korean pronunciation is clear (Some Korean don't recognize that the singer is a foreigner I have listened to Alan Tam's Korean song and Aaron Kwok's. Their Korean songs are like Cantonese songs. I can understand under 50% when I listened to their Korean songs. They can't make them understood in Korean.)

<<The Lyrics of Leon's new Korean songs>>

= After loving You =

Many times I tried to forget you
My days are full of you
If you have loved someone alone
You can understand my heart

I don't know parting is today or tomorrow
I feel I stand in front of parting
When I feel I'm with you
I can't take you heart

I want to hear from you "Wait for me"
Open your heart to me little by little
I don't care I'm sad now
only if you are my last love

= Till you come back to me =

Until now I feel comfortable whenever I see you
Somehow I feel alright when you are not with me

Since I saw you were with someone by chance
I can't do anything all day long

* At last I recognized my heart
I can't let you go
You are the gift from God
I want to keep on loving you
Come back to me again
I am the only one to be with you
I'm waiting for you all the time
until my heart reaches you and you will come back to me

Tell me "Is He the reason you make me waiting for you
a long time when we meet together?"

* Repeat

God of Gamblers 3: Early Stage was finally released in Korea on May, 16.

Will Leon visit Korea in June or not?
He will... He will join a charity concert on June, 27. He will sing 7 songs.

I will talk to you in detail about his first concert in Korea next "Leon in Korea".

Visit the homepage of Leon Family Korea

You can see his picture when he visited Korea.


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**Special Thanks to Hana and for her report from Korea and Junna for her comment and Siow Sen for sending us news from malaysia and finally ange for helping us on the album review. Thank you for your support!

**Note: all news was taken from Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Next Magazine and Mingpao Magazine

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