L-News Issue #8
July 11th, 1998
Part 3

Ming Pao Weekly Issue 1457
Leon Cries Not Knowing About His Future
Reporter: Lam Bing

Bing = Lam Bing Teacher = Dai Si (Leon's Teacher / Mentor)

Bing: There was a time when you were upset with Leon why?
Teacher: I'm not upset with Leon, just a little sad that he has neglected me. You know before we use to see each other every day. He use to take me every where in his convertible but after he got famous I didn't see him.
Bing: Busy! Dai Teacher, he doesn't even have time to sleep, doesn't even have time to visit his father when he is sick. As a teacher you should understand.
Teacher: He told you this?
Bing: Yes! He is famous and because so he will end up having to neglect you cause he has so many things to discuss and decide. Don't you want him to be famous.
Teacher: Can't say that, my heart still is uncomfortable.
Bing: Every time I think you are kinda upset with Leon I will say "Dai Teacher, with all these successful students of yours you have benefit also. Your salary right now is very high. A lot of people are envious of you. I want to ask you have a lot of students that have become Heavenly Kings now, but why is it that you are only upset with Leon? Is it because you put more effort and emotion into him?
Teacher: I'll tell you, our relationship is very close, and he would always take me around in his car. Did you know, during that time he did not have it easy.
Bing: Really?
Teacher: Everyone said he couldn't make it. He signed with Wah Sing, but for a long time they didn't help him release an album. You could also tell that Wah Sing had no intention of helping him release an album. He was very depressed, and everyone said he would not make it. I believed in him and thought that he would make it but no one gave him a chance, there was someone who was willing to take out 200,000 for him to release an album. I thought about it and refuse the person.
Bing: For what reason?
Teacher: Because 200,000 was not enough to make him famous, what happens after we release one album? So I went to Polygram to talk with Kwan Wai Leun since we were friends. I asked him to test out his voice and look at him. After that Leon was at my office everyday to wait for news. Time past one day at a time, we waited more than a week. Maybe Leon was anxious, he thought there was not hope. He sat at my office by himself and began crying. My daughter walked by and say him so she gave me a call and said "Father, brother is crying, what is actually up with Polygram? So I invited Leon over and we went out to dinner. I explained to him, Son, right now we are the ones asking for help, we have to give them some time, they will eventually give us an answer. We should wait patiently.
Bing: Afterwards Polygram wanted Leon?
Teacher: You know at that time Leon's contract was not over and Kwan said to me what about Leon's contract with Wah Sing? I told him first sign a contract with Leon and I will handle his contract with Wah Sing.
Bing: Wow you were brave.
Teacher: Leon was very worried also, he said father what will we do? After I signed with Polygram I went to see the people at Wah Sing. At that time the person in charge was Li Jun. Now you know why Li Jun later became Leon's manager. After Leon signed with Polygram all the celebrities that treated him differently he started referring him as Ming Go. Totally different. At first Li Jun didn't agree to release Leon but soon afterwards he also left Wah Sing and I let him be Leon's manager.
Bing: After this incident, you thought that you didn't belong in the game anymore, and got depressed. Maybe that is why you are Daniel's manager also and you don't want the same thing to happen.
Teacher: Faye Wong's situation was similar also. Because she was unable to get a chance he also cried.
Bing: Dai Teacher, if you had a pair of children, you love them wouldn't you want them to fly higher and higher meaning that their success is greater and greater. Only the children that don't have that ability will stay by your side as a parent you wouldn't want them to stay by your side. Right?

Bing: I know that recently you are not upset with Leon anymore, because he knows how to say things. At the time you needed most help he helped you.
Teacher: Yes, when Daniel Chan's rumors about me started Leon told the reporters that "A teacher is to respect, not to be used to talk about rumors" I believe that at the most important time he helped me. I am very appreciative of what he did, I called him, at that time he was in England I said: "Ah Ming, Thank you so much, for defending me and helping me". Leon said: "Teacher, I only said, what I should have said" Afterwards I talked to Daniel "Dong Dong did you hear, even the "biggest" said that a teacher is to respect and not to be used to talk about rumors.
Bing: What did Daniel Say?
Teacher: He didn't say anything.
Bing: I believe that Daniel is an innocent kind of person.
Teacher: I taught him, and I placed a lot of time on him. Sister Bing, do you think Daniel has a chance to become another Leon?
Bing: Wah!!! You think I know how to tell prophets? You don't even know if he will be the "biggest" Right now is Leon considered the "biggest"?
Teacher: Should be, you can't sing better than him, and you are not as handsome or taller than him. Jacky Cheung sings at 90 points, but looks is 70 points, Leon doesn't sing at good as Jacky but right now he is at 80 points, but Leon's looks is at 100 points, of course Leon wins. Leon is very hard working, right now is sings very good, I wonder if Daniel can be as popular as Leon?
Bing: Dai Teacher, I have a question, when people say they like Chow Yun Fatt, no problem when they say they like Leung Chiu Wai, no problem but once they say I like Leon Lai people think that it is a wanting of a relationship situation. It is very embarrassing, making people who like Leon don't want to admit that they like him, why is this?
Teacher: Because Leon is a lot of girls dream boyfriend. He's handsome and tall, handsome but still has a hint of mysteriousness in him.

Teacher: Earlier I found an old poster, on the poster back then Leon wrote a message saying how he was very appreciative of how his teacher took the time to teach time and believe in him. After reading it I was very touched. When I first read this message back then I wasn't touched, but reading it years later I am very touched by his message.
Bing: Dai Teacher, the first time you saw Leon before he was a Heavenly King, in your hear he was only one of you students that treated you nice. But when he became a Heavenly King his words of appreciation is used now by more.
Teacher: True.

**Special Reports **

< Leon In Japan >

I was so busy that I can't to go to see him except for the airport. (at the Narita Airport I could see him moment, just only moment! Leon seemed tired, but he was so so handsome!!)

My friend he is a writer told me about shooting.

7th July :
20:40 Leon came to Japan from Korea.Leon, Zhi chun and Leon's make up artist. Leon didn't wear a pair of glasses. About 20 fans met him.

They went to 'Hakone' (famous spa resort) to shoot film. Carina Lau and Leon took Spa together in that scene! wow!

They were in 'Shibya' (very popular shopping town among young people)

In the afternoon they were in 'Harajuku' (very popular shopping town among teenager)

In the evening they were in 'Odaiba' My friend saw that scene. Leon wore just only sleeveless undershirts.

He went to France, to watch the World Cup Final.

<<Leon in Korea>>

# Leon Lai will visit Korea on July 4~7 to promote "I love You like this"

One of the most popular Asian star, Leon Lai will visit Korea to promote his new album "I love you like this" which was released in HK in the middle of May, In Korea on Jul 4~7

Leon Lai has a lot of popularity in Korea as he sang the theme song of STV popular drama 'Take my heart' which ended early May, 'After loving you' and He sang this song into Cantonese and Mandarin in his new album.

Now 'After loving you' is used as Leon's cellular phone Commercial song in HongKong and it is ranked No. 1 in HK pop charts.

The Korean release of 'I love you like this' has 5 Chinese songs and 2 Korean songs(After loving you and the other theme song of 'Take my heart', Till you come back to me again).

<June 24, Sports Seoul>

## July 2, 'I love you like this' was released in Korea.

Leon I love you like this CD+VCD
Korean,Cantonese & Mandarin(Compact Disc)
Till you come back to me again
Don't have to say twice
Meet less, worry more
I love you like this
From the past to the eternity
Heart is beating (I love you like this Mandarin version)
After loving you

Till you come back to me again (VCD)
I love you like this (VCD)
Heart is beating (VCD)
I love you like this/Heart is beating (KARAOKE)

The EP released in Korea doesn't have the song 'Love you, don't love you' because of the issue of the Copyright / Composer of 'Love you. Don't love you'.

### Leon sang 'After loving you' in SBS Korean POP show.

He got 4th place for 'After loving you' in SBS Korean POP Chart. He was singing 'After loving you' wearing a black shirts, a black pants and a peach jacket.

There's a short interview after his singing:

MC : Hello. Nice to meet you.

Leon: Hello.

MC : Have you heard of the popularity of your song in Korea before?

Leon: Yes, I've heard of it through my record company. MC : How do you feel about singing on this stage? and Say hello to viewers.

Leon: Thank you everybody(Korean) I also thank you for feeling good on this stage.

#### MBC Lee Ui Jeong's FM DATE(July, 6)

DJ Lee Ui Jeong(a actress and singer. She is very cute). Leon and his translator Kweon Hyo Jin (Whenever He visits Korea,She is his translator. Leon's Korean fans envy her a lot)

'Till you come back to me again' is played.

DJ: You listened to Leon Lai's 'Till you come back to me again'.Today's FM Date guest, one of HK heavenly kings, a sweet guy,You don't understand what I told. Hehehe... Leon Lai!!! Hi, Leon Lai
Leon: Hi, Miss Ui Jeong(Korean) Good evening, everybody(Korean)
DJ: Would you say hello to FM Date listeners?
Leon: Good evenig. this is Leon Lai.(Korean) I'm very happy to talk with you on the radio like this.
DJ: Kweon Hyo Jin will translate for us. She is very beautiful.
Kweon: Haha... thank you. Who believe it? Hahaha
DJ: I think Leon often visit Korea. How many times have you visited Korea?
Leon: I forgot. 8th times or 9th times?
DJ: You visit Korea more often than not. I watched your movie a lot. and I also parodied your movie in the shows a lot. The city and love, the fallen angels, Comrades almost love story, etc. You're so great in your movie.
Leon: Thank you. Hahaha....
DJ: You joined to sing the theme songs of Korean drama.
Leon: Yes. It is the first time to join Korean drama music. Last year I've sung the Commercial song of US Cotton into Korean. Hope my Korean pronunciation is better than before.
DJ: Yes.. Your pronunciation is very good. Leon has a lot of fans in Korea. and you(listeners) love 'After loving you' very much so 'After loving you' is ranked high in the Korean pop chart.
Leon: Thank you. Hahaha
DJ: How many songs do you have in your new album?
Leon: It is the first album released in my new record company. It has 6 songs. It has the Cantonese version and Mandarin version of 'After Loving you'.and also has MTV.
DJ: This album is very special. I saw it has two CDs.
Leon: One is CD. the other is VCD. There are Karaoke and 2 music videos in VCD.
DJ: We can see music video when we play this VCD? Do you have any episodes when you shot music videos?
Leon: The music videos are the cellular phone commercial. We shot it in a Ski Camp, Vancouver in Canada. The story of 'Till you come back to me again' is like this. Two lovers go to the ski camp by car. The girlfriend's sexy clothes make the boyfriend get angry and they quarrel with each other. The other song 'After loving you'... They reconcile in skiing and get along well.
DJ: Two music video are series. 'Till you come back to me again' and 'After loving you' has one story line. I can see both if I buy this album, can't I?
Leon: Um.(It means 'Yes' in Korean.)
DJ: Um? (Leon, DJ and Kweon hahaha together)
DJ: There are a lot of Fax from your fans. There are too many questions. it is hard to ask him all questions. She has 100 questions for you. I don't know from which question I start to ask you. What did you feel when you saw Korean girls at first?
Leon: I regarded them as Chinese girls at first. Actually they are like Chinese girls. But when they make up, they are different from Chinese girls.
DJ: You mean the makeup style is different?
Leon: Yes.
DJ: Korean girls are pretty? or HK girls are pretty?
Leon: Korean girls. Because Now I'm here in Korea I have to say Korean girls are pretty. Hahaha
DJ: What is the most valuable thing among what you have now?
Leon: All things that I have now are my priceless treasures. Business opportunities, myself, my fans...
DJ: She called herself 'Leon Lai's wife'. Hahaha what do you like more between action films and melodramas when you act? Leon: I don't know. I just do my best whenever directors suggest filming their films with me.
DJ: Let's listen to another Leon's song! Which one?
Leon: Meet less, worry more

'Meet less, worry more' is played

DJ: We listened to Leon's song. 'Meet less, worry more' I think you feel my pronunciation is not good. Hahaha.. Your fans want you to marry someone soon. It seems that you have too many scandals so...What do you think of 'Marriage'?
Leon: The most important thing is to love each other with their whole hearts. As 'Marriage' may be just a piece of paper, Many people divorce when their loves go away even though they got married because they loved each other a lot. I think the formality such like marriage and divorce, is not important andit is more important if their loves will be forever or not.
Leon: I hope all the lovers in the world will be forever as what he said.
DJ: Would you introduce 'New cetury of Love' to us?
Leon: This film is a light comedy starred with Lau Ka Ling, Shu Kei and Lee Ann. It is a love story between a man and three women. and I act as a poor man who get to earn a lot of money in computer business in this film. I will go to Japan to go on film this movie.
DJ: What a busy man you are!! I feel you love this album a lot. Would you introduce this album to us?
Leon: This album is very special for me because it is the first album I made after I changed my new record company. Whenever singers change their record company, people's interests are focus on the fact if their album will sell more than before or not. Which brings singers a lot of stresses. Fortunately this album sold more than before and became one of the best-seller albums of the first half-year in HK.
DJ: I think it is a big adventure to change the record company. I think the fact that your new album sell a lot, is not because of your changing your record company but because of your own fascination and your fans that always love you and support you.
Leon: Thank you. I thought I just did my best from then on but many people around me like broadcasts, newspaper and reporters, etc were interested in how many my new album would be sold. It brought me a lot stresses. But it is good that my new album sell well.
DJ: Your Korean fans always love you so much. Don't worry about it. Was this album released in any other countries?
Leon: Yes, it was. Except Japan. Before coming here, I was filming in Thailand. The album was already released there, too.
DJ: Do you have any plan to have your concert in Korea?
Leon: Now I don't have yet. But I really want to have my own concert in Korea. I look forward to coming the day soon. I'm already satisfied with the good relationship of my Korean fans and the hospitality of Korean mass media. If I hold my concert here, it will be an opportunity to show you my other figures. But the biggest problem is language. By the way, I will have my world tour concerts (China, USA, etc) in the second half of this year.
DJ: Language is not important. Even though you can't speak Korean well, only if you and your Korean fans can communicate each other by even their eyes, Korean fans will be satisfied. It is time to say 'good bye' and thank you for your visit. I hope your new album sell well in Korea. Thank you for your translation, Miss Kweon.
Leon, Kweon: Thank you, Thank you.
DJ: Another Leon Lai's song, 'After loving you'...

'After loving you' is played on the radio.


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