Leon's Winamp and ICQ Skins

Leon ICQ Skin!! - May 2, 1999

Leon Winamp Skin
For those who often play mp3s on your computer, you may be familiar w/ Winamp skins, but for people who haven't downloaded one of the recent versions of Winamp (v 1.80 or above), this is probably something new to you. A skin for Winamp is like the outer covering of the Winamp box. Winamp is used to play audio files, such as mp3s, .midi, .wav, .cda (CD audio files) , etc. You can download some skins as well as the latest version of Winamp at the Winamp website.

   Please DO NOT put these files onto your own webpage.

Unzip the file into the skin directory of winamp. (ex. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\ )
Then open winamp.
Important! Please read! In order to see the entire Leon picture, make sure the 'rainbow bars' or other lines are not showing when you are playing a file. To get rid of the sound bars, play a file, click 1 time on the window where you see the bars (don't double click)...click one at a time until you see there are no bars/lines showing.
Then type alt-s or go in the options and choose Select Skin... choose the 'leon' Skin and that's it.

Created by Janice Lo
Copyright © Janice Lo 1997-1999. All Rights Reserved.
Last Modified May 2, 1999
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