Leon Lai ICQ Skins

You must have ICQ 99 or higher and ICQ Plus in order to use these skins. 
If you've never used ICQ before, please visit this ICQ webpage for more info.
Download ICQ 99 FIRST and then download ICQ Plus if you don't have either program.

Please DO NOT put these files on your own webpage! 
These are all original skins I created.  If you make your own Leon skin and plan to post it on the web, please do not use any part of my Leon skin. 
I spent a lot of time creating the backgrounds and animated .gif files. 

Instructions on how to load an ICQ Skin


Leon Skin#1


Leon Skin#2


Leon Skin#3


Leon Skin#4


Leon Skin#5


Leon Skin#6


Leon Skin#7


Leon Skin#8


Leon Skin#9


Leon Skin#10


All skins are basically the same except for the background picture. I know some of these are not the best Leon pictures, but I only chose these because they fit the ICQ window pretty well and the background color was suitable for dark text (blue) on light backgrounds or light text (yellow) on dark backgrounds for your contact list names.
More ICQ skins in the future!!!!

Created by Janice Lo
Created on May 2, 1999.
Copyright © Janice Lo 1999. All Rights Reserved.
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