You must have ICQ 99 or higher and ICQ Plus in order to use these skins. 
If you've never used ICQ before, please visit this ICQ webpage for more info.
Download ICQ 99 FIRST and then download ICQ Plus if you don't have either program.
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Instructions on how to load an ICQ Skin:
***** You MUST have ICQ Plus for the skin to work!!*****

1. After you have installed ICQ Plus and restarted your computer, go to your ICQ Plus dialog box. 
Click on the  " + Plus " symbol. 

* Do not try to click on the VPlus.exe file.  Nothing will happen.



2.  Next, click on the "Import" button.


3.  Then find the name of the ZIP file which you just downloaded and click on the 'Open' button and the skin should appear. 


4.  Finally, if you need to adjust the text color
on your contact list, go to "Preferences", and then "Customize Colors" to change your online/offline
colors. If you have any problems loading the skin, feel free to e-mail me.

Created by Janice Lo
Copyright © Janice Lo 1999. All Rights Reserved.
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