L-News Issue #10
September 11th, 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! This issue of L-News will feature some interesting facts of Leon, for example, everyone pretty much knows what Leon likes, but his dislikes?...read on and you will soon see the answer. Hope you enjoyed the last few issues of L-News and will continue to support us and Leon as well!! ....school's back again....we hope you all have a very successful academic year!
Leon Forever.....................................

*News Flash*

Sept. 7
Last night Leon attended Commercial Radio's 'Feel -O- Fit O.L. Contest' in which he was the guest performer for the contest. After the performance, reporters asked Leon how he felt about Polygram releasing so many compilations under his name, which includes his most recent mandarin compilation. Leon said that "They have the right to release the compilation so release it, but I did hear from old colleagues that Polygram will not report the sale figures to IFPI. But I don't mind them releasing the compilations because they do have the right to release it. The reporters then said that Polygram still has to rely on Leon to make money Leon then quickly replied "Don't say that, Polygram has their reasons for doing so since they are a business. Also I have been getting paid from the sales of the compilations as well." Leon will also be releasing 3 to 4 different limited versions of a MTR ticket with his picture on it and proceeds from the sales will be donated to Unicef. Later on Leon will be going to Brazil for Unicef.

Sept. 6
Recently there have been rumors of Leon having a brother and that his brother owed a lot of money to the casinos. But later it was found out that the supposedly brother was actually Leon's cousin Lai Won. When asked about his cousin's debts Leon said "Whoever borrowed the money should be responsible for returning the money also I would not lend people money which is used for gambling." After hearing such comments reporters asked Leon if he felt he was being very hard hearted but Leon said "Everyone has their own principles and I believe that if people were in my situation they would do the same thing."

August 24
Reporter's asked Leon about Andy's stage fright during the concert and Leon only commented that the lyrics to the song was changed many times and that the lyrics were very hard to memorize. Leon said that even though he recited the lyrics 80 times he still didn't remember it clearly. But luckily everyone helped out and knew what to do during the incident. Leon also said that he has forgotten lyrics before. It happened when he was in Beijing for a charity performance and he forgot 1 or 2 words so he stopped for a moment and continued. Leon was also asked was he scared that he wouldn't be able to continue his part of the duet since he was the singer right after Andy's part? Leon just commented that luckily he was able to pick up and continue his part of the duet. He also said that when a professional singer forgets lyrics there can be many reasons affecting and contributing to it.

August 23
Leon performed in a concert organized by HK travel association in order to attract more tourist to HK. During the beginning of the show Leon, Andy, Jacky and Emil sang a duet called "This is my Home". But after Andy sang the first two words of his part he forgot the rest of the lyrics and just stood there on stage. At that time the other three singers started to sing 'La La La' in place of Andy's lyrics. Luckily Leon was able to continue his part of the duet since his singing part was right after Andy's part. Leon also performed "I Love You Like This" in three different languages which included Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean version.

August 22
Leon performed in an event organized by Unicef and RTHK which was called 'Solar Project 98 - Solar Leon's Friends Camp' which is a charity event to help flood victims in China. Since Leon's flight from Beijing back to HK was delayed Leon was late an hour to the event. Even though the event was delayed his fans waited patiently in the rain for him. Once Leon arrived he started playing badminton and table tennis and later sang some songs. Other performers that day included Mark Lui, Gigi Leung and Candy Lo.

August 21
Leon went to Beijing to participate in a charity concert, which helped raise funds for flood victims in China. There was a part in the concert, which Leon sang a duet with Faye Wong called "Everyday in my Life". Earlier in the afternoon when both Leon and Faye were waiting for their turn for rehearsals backstage, they were playing 'shoot the basket' in which they were trying to throw rolled up paper into the trash can. Leon tried several times and missed the trashcan but Faye made it in the first throw, which made her very happy. While Leon was in Beijing he also took the time to visit his father in the hospital he also said that his father would have to stay in the hospital a few more months before he can return to HK.

August 16
Leon went to Taiwan for a Leon Family Taiwan Gathering .

August 15
Leon performed in a charity show, which was raising money for the flood victims in China. After his performance reporters asked Leon about his feelings towards rumors between him and Shu Kei. Leon just jokingly replied "Let me ask her out to dinner, in order to find out". Leon also mentioned that he is not planning to have another concert in HK this december because he has no time and mainly because he doesn't have enough new songs or a new idea for the concert. So he decided not to have another concert in HK this year.

**Personal Facts**

Like what? Don't like what?

Likes: World cup, treating friends out for dinner, drinking, swimming, favorite Korean dish--gobchangjengol, all his Leon family fan clubs around the world, fate......

Dislikes: after he drinks he doesn't feel too well, getting wet in the rain, call on the phone just to chat, GOSSIP, SHOPPING.....

**A Cute Fact**

Have you ever wondered how Leon will propose to his future wife-to-be?!...this is what Leon said: "When I propose, I will sing with a guitar in front of the window in her room, on some rainy night."

**Magazine Corner**

Leon: "treating parents good is a traditional Chinese virtue"

Earlier, Leon's father had heart problems while in Beijing and was admitted into hospital. Leon being such a busy person yet such a good boy, was very worried. Luckily his father is recovering now. Speaking of the love for the family, Leon thinks of it as very important.

"treating parents good is a traditional Chinese virtue, the love of parents for their kids is beyond words. The best way to return this gratitude towards them, i think, is through your true heart."

"I don't like to always carry these thoughts through speech all the time, everything should be shown through a sincere heart all your words and actions, your parents will be able to feel." Leon says.

Speaking of the approach of treating your parents well, Leon says: "there isn't one specific way, when it is the right time just do the right thing.
The time people have in life is limited, so everyone should cherish the time you have together and all the chances in life as well."

Usually Leon is really busy with work and says that he hardly has any time for his father, but his father is very understanding of him.

"My father really understands me, not only does he not get angry about me not spending enough time with him, he will actually turn around and worry me, my health and my career."

Leon says his father is very out-going person, and knows how to find leisure activities to keep himself busy, so that Leon won't be worried about him.

"He is a grown up, doesn't need me to be worried, he has his own life style. Actually, in order to maintain a good relationship, you don't have to see eachother everyday, seeing less, makes people cherish more."

Speaking of whether Leon will be a good father in the future, Leon laughs and said, he doesn't know. Then he was asked, is it because he doesn't have much confidence?

"it is not a matter of confidence, it is just that I don't want to predict the things that may happen in the future now. Also, family life, having children, for me, there is still a very very long way to go."

The way Leon thinks of family life, is very important to him, and he hopes that he will be able to fulfill the responsibilities of being a husband and a father. On the other hand, he hopes to be the head of the family.

"of course being able to take the responsibilities of my own family is a great feeling."

So is there someone in particular, right now that would be the one to start a family with? Asked the reporter.

"I don't want to talk about this topic, I am not dating now, everything you hear in the public is only rumors, also relationships is a very personal matter, and there is no need to report to anyone else!"


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