L-News Issue #11
October 11th, 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! This issue of L-News will feature the translation of the theme song of "Glass City" and some interesting facts about the making of Leon's Bungy Jump commercial that many probably haven't heard of yet..... Also we have a special report of Leon's Australia concert along with pictures and a song list and last but not least an article from Korea. Hope you all enjoy reading it. Plus we would like to Congratulate Leon in getting the award for "Top Ten Outstanding Youth" recently!!!!
Leon Forever.....................................

*News Flash*

Oct. 11
Leon appeared at the opening ceremony for "Save the Children" campaign organized by Unicef. They also started the charity sale of jelly cups related to the campaign. The announced the upcoming events related to the campaign such as Leon going to Brazil during the end of October and having a Charity concert on January 30, 1999

Oct. 10
Leon was present to receive his award for the "Top Ten Outstanding Youths" for his work on Community Chest and Unicef over the years. When Leon first found out he was going to receive the award the first person he contacted was his father who was delighted for him. When he received his award he talked about how he owes this award to his father because when he first entered showbiz his father had to undergo a big operation, Leon prayed for his father to make it safely through the operation. If he did then in the future he would do more charity work. So once his father got better Leon kept his promise and started to take part in charity work. Leon also mentioned that out of all the people that received the award that day he was the only one that had the least amount of education and didn't have a wife to thank. The reporters asked Leon if he was ashamed of not having more education and Leon said "No since it is the truth and why should you be ashamed of the truth."

Oct. 9
The movie soundtrack of "City of Glass" is scheduled to release on Oct. 14 1:00pm in HK. In the soundtrack Leon will sing three songs, A Cantonese song " Never Again in This Lifetime ", Mandarin song "Waiting Till The Sky is Grey and The Land Is Dark" and an English song "Try to Remember". The rest of the tracks on the CD will contain the musical score from the movie. The soundtrack will also contain a VCD with three MTV's and 2 Karaoke versions of the songs and postcards from the movie. The soundtrack will sell at the same price as a regular EP. Leon also got an award from RTHK as one of the Top Ten Kind Hearted Star's.

Oct. 9
Leon spent the day yesterday with 150 elderly people touring 'Big Buddha'. While there they have vegetarian food and prayed. Reporters asked Leon what he prayed for himself and Leon said "I find myself very lucky already, I won't be as greedy as to pray for myself still, I actually prayed for HK." Reporters also asked Leon if he prayed for his father's health Leon just laughed and said "At that moment I didn't think of my father." Leon was also given a lifetime MTR pass that day. Reporters asked Leon if he received notice of receiving an award for (26th Annual Top Ten Outstanding Youths Award). At first Leon hesitated to comment but then later revealed that he did get a notice couple days ago but in order to respect the award ceremony he won't comment on his feelings till the award ceremony day on Oct. 10.

Oct. 8
On October 10 there will be an award ceremony for the (26th Annual Top Ten Outstanding Youths Award). The official lists of winners have not been announced yet but reporters found out that Leon was on the List. In order to be considered for the award certain requirements must be met such as exceptional work performance, contributions to society, and he/she a role model for the younger generation. The Chair of Community Chest 'Yu Gam Gei' nominated Leon for the award and Committee members from Unicef HK took part in it also. When Yu Gam Gei was asked if he was the one who nominated Leon and he said "Yes" and gave reasons for Leon's nomination. Leon was nominated because of his Charity work for both Community Chest and Unicef in the past years and is very professional in his work and is a good role model for youths today. Yu Gam Gei was also asked if he received news of Leon winning the award yet? He said he has not received notice of it yet.

Oct. 3 & 4
Leon performed his concert on Oct. 3 &4 in Sydney and Melbourne Australia. Shu Kei was Leon's guest performer in the concert and Leon said "Shu Kei and I have worked together in two films "City of Glass" and "New Love Generation" we work well together so I invited her to be the guest performer."

Sept. 30
Leon was at the premiere of his new movie "A Hero Never Dies" he also mentioned to the reporters that he won't accept anymore films this year because he cannot fit the filming schedule in his work schedule. In a couple of days Leon will also go to Australia for his concert. Earlier in the day Leon received an award from Community Chest, which was for his contributions and work for Community Chest. Leon was also asked by the reporters if he had intentions of expanding to foreign markets mainly Hollywood? Leon said "Things should be taken one step at a time and that he should make sure he has a good base in HK first. Even if he accepts later on he hopes to make them for the Chinese audience to watch." Even if it is singing he believes that HK is his focus point for his career. Leon also believes that if he does a good job in HK other places in Asia will also hear about it too.

Sept. 25
Leon was at Hit Radio for an Interview and during the interview he was asked about how he felt not getting into the top 5 position for the (Singapore Gold Song Award). Leon said "I don't always have to be part of something, I'm already not a new singer anymore, I don't mind not receiving an award. These things cannot be forced."

Sept. 21
RTHK Radio organized a singing contest in which Leon was the judge. The winner of the singing contest will get to see Leon's concert in Australia. While Leon was there, he was asked several questions by the DJ's but, the one question that got everyone's attention was if Leon ever thought about getting married? Leon answered saying that "If I can I would hope to get married around the age of 35 or 36. Leon also said that he doesn't necessarily have to get married before he has children. He believes that a marriage license is not that important the most important thing is that two people love each other." Afterwards Leon commented to the reporters that it is very difficult for celebrities to have children. There are a lot of times when celebrities have children and before the father has even had a chance to see the baby yet the baby's pictures are already in all the newspapers. But at this moment Leon said that the most important thing right now is his work and that he will think about dating later.

Sept. 18
Last night Shu Kei and Leon were filming the MTV for "City of Glass" theme song. Lately the both of them have have worked on the movie "City of Glass", MTV for the theme song, and Shu Kei will also be the guest performer for Leon's Australia concerts. Leon said that the sponsor for his concert in Australia bought both of his films "City of Glass" and "A Hero Never Dies" (which was previously translated as "True Heroes") so naturally Shu Kei ended up as the guest performer. Yesterday Leon and Lau Ching Wan was also at Commercial Radio to announce that the radio drama version of "A Hero Never Dies" will be broadcasted on Commercial Radio. The movie will officially release in HK on October 1st. Also Leon was nominated for Best Actor in the film "Eighteen Springs" in the 43rd Annual Asia Film Awards

Sept. 15
The director of "City of Glass" has been busy with post production work for the movie lately. Last week they just finished recording an old English song for the movie with Leon. It took them 2 days to record the song and the director thought that Leon did a really good job singing it. The movie is scheduled to release late October along with the release of the movie's soundtrack album at the same time. The movie will also be entered into several film festivals but so far Golden Harvest has not decided which film festivals to enter it in. The director also believes that Leon has a chance of getting the 'Best Actor' award for this movie. From filming to post production work Leon has been very professional and committed to the movie. There is a scene in the movie in which calls for flying a small plane, well during that time Leon came in 5:00 am every morning to the filming location to learn how to fly a plane. He is also a very hardworking person he personally dubbed the voices for the mandarin and cantonese version of the film and also took part in the post production for the music. When the film had to find sponsor to support it, Leon personally recommended Hutchinson Telecom. Beside Chow Yun Fat the director believes that Leon is the second best actor.

**Personal Facts**

1) Leon Crying?!----'95
That day after the awards ceremony was over, Leon went into the reporters lounge for a interview, his eyes were all red, he covered his face and asked his assistant for tissues. And then started crying....... the reason?! Leon said, that in the past, he had experienced many unhappy situations, and at the same time the song 'there is not a day i do not think of you' got the awards "best composed song" and "the best song among Asians around the world". So that made Leon feel happy but, still he had some feelings of sadness. When the reporter heard this, they almost started crying themselves. It must have been the spur of the moment...says the reporter!

2) After Leon is married he doesn't mind that his wife has a career of her own, but he prefers her to stay at home and take care of family life. Leon says when he gets home from work, he is very tired and doesn't want to be home alone watching TV, not knowing where his wife is. Also, he hopes his future wife will not be from the entertainment field. He says that the working schedule will interfere with the relationship. Also if they both work in show business, then there won't be much to talk about after work because, they will both already know about each other's work.

**Cute Facts**

1) When Leon was 2 years old, his father was teaching him how to write number 'two' in Chinese. His father kept showing him how to write it, but Leon couldn't do it. Then when his father stepped away, Leon actually wrote it. His father came back and asked Leon how it was coming along, and Leon pointed at the number two that he wrote himself, his father then says to Leon "no, you didn't write that, daddy did". But Leon kept pointing at then number two that he wrote himself, and his father said "when children are so young they shouldn't learn to lie"...then Leon started crying...his dad said "okay, okay, i believe you, i believe you, you wrote that number two all by yourself". Leon was looking at his father with those teary eyes and was thinking "you don't believe me, you are just trying to comfort me, don't let me grow up and learn to talk...or else".....so then, 20 some years later,Leon actually brought up that situation about the 'number two' and how his father didn't believe him........and his father still didn't believe it.....

2) Leon was asked to rank 'the four sky kings' in order of who is the most handsome. Leon said, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, himself and Jacky Cheung. His reason: Aaron and Andy are ranked as handsome for sure, because they are, as for myself, i am only a little more good-looking than Jacky, but Jacky's inner beauty is a bit more than me.

3) This one time when Leon and his assistants and his reporter friend were playing mahjong. Leon wasn't doing too well, he was loosing money the whole time. He kept saying this phrase: "I am not suspicious of my talent, I am just having bad luck"...he kept saying this phrase again and again, till everyone just couldn't stand it any longer and laughed at him.

Oh yeah, that is Leon's favorite phrase from the movie "san but liu ching" C'est la Vie, Mon Cherie. The movie's main stars were Lau Ching Wan and Anita Yuen.

**Bungy Jump~~ April 1997**

Painful Plane Flight--- There was a crew of 8 from Hong Kong to New Zealand, because of a tight schedule, when the they landed in Auckland, it was already a Sunday, and there was no planes that were flying to Palmeston North (where the commercial is to be filmed). So, the camera people in charge of the whole filming of the commercial had to rent a little plane. But this plane can only carry a limited number of passengers, it carries even less passengers than a European truck can carry. Also, there was 9 people in total including the pilot, so they all had to squeeze into the plane which was very difficult to do. Once in everyone in the plane was afraid to move they all sat all cramped and squashed together for an hour and a half, before they reached Palmeston North. Even Leon said: "if i had gotten out of the plane, I definitely would not have gone back in there!" Now you know the pain of sitting through this plane ride.

Sleeping in Pain--- In Palmeston North, there are only about 2000 some people, and 30,000 some sheep. It is a very country style kind of place, therefore, it was impossible to find any first class hotel suites. Everyone had to stay in an old Motel, not only that, but there were limited bedrooms, so all the crew had to share rooms to sleep, even Leon. He shared a room with his assistant.

Painfully Cold Weather--- On the day of filming, it was really, really cold, also windy and raining, where they were at, it was close to big bodies of water and that always makes the environment colder. This all made the actual filming of the commercial even more difficult, the director wanted the best outcome so he used a total of 5 cameras all scattered around the various angles--the side of the bridge, over the railing, and above the water. Richard, the director had to stand in the lake to film most of the shots so it was even colder.

The Painful Jump--- The director had very high standards, kept saying : Take....all the way through the filming, he wanted to film the whole environment as well to increase the beauty of the shots. As soon as Leon jumped they had to start filming. Of course Leon was fully alert and ready to go. The instructor was right there to tell Leon exactly what he had to do, but Leon had to work on his nervousness so that he can seem as natural and calm as possible during the filming. Leon had to have the right expressions and actions to take to match the theme of the commercial so before the actual filming Leon was making sure he was all prepared to do the best. During the filming, Leon jumped twice, Leon was the one that suggested to film another take, after he watched the first jump he did, on the tape, he felt he could do another one even better.

**Magazine Corner**

Oriental Sunday October 11th

Leon's looks captivates Shu Kei

Before the both of them worked on "City of Glass" and "New Love Generation" Shu Kei already had good feelings towards Leon. She tried finding out information on him. After they worked together Shu Kei was captivated by Leon, especially with his younger image in the movie "City of Glass". She even admitted that she had good feelings towards him. She even welcomed any dates. As for Leon he was unable to avoid Shu Kei's captivating personality.

Leon's Different Looks in the Movie:

1. Leon has long hair and portrays a University student with goals and always takes parts in protests.

2. Portrays a young man who is in love and is cute.

3. Athletic look

4. An older look with a little white hair on the sides portrays a successful businessman.

List of times when they had chemistry:

1. Started when both of them were in Japan filming the sauna scene for "New Love Generation" at the same time they were filming there were times when they were splashing water on each other. Just like a couple that was playing around.

2. While filming "City of Glass" there was a scene, which Leon had to ride a bike with Shu Kei on it. In the scene they were happily riding the bike and off cameras they were doing the same. When they weren't filming it has been rumored that the both of them were off riding the bike, which is very romantic.

3. Also in "City of Glass" there is a scene in which the both of them had to kiss for more than 10 seconds. Leon who has a lot of experience with kiss scenes shouldn't have any problems but when facing Shu Kei they had to NG six/seven times.

4. It hasn't even been one year and the both of them have already worked together in other countries such as Japan, England, and Australia. Being as a gentleman Leon always takes care of the females very carefully. No matter if it is shopping or eating he always accompanies them.

5. Michele Reis used to be Leon's choice for a guest star for his concert but after rumors of their spilt up Shu Kei has taken her place as his guest star for his concerts. Even though she can't speak perfect Cantonese, Leon still doesn't mind.

Ming Pao Weekly

A little job stress if serious can cease airflow. Striving for a higher position can cause people to lose their identity. But, Leon has to strive and fight to get past his problems. When he has time, he will strive to take in a couple of breaths of freedom. He would push open the door and gaze outside, where the mountains and water are. This helped Leon get rid of his tiredness. Leon's friends find it strange that all the rumors love to follow Leon around. Of course the good things you will accept, but with the bad you can't share it with others. He has to worry about it himself. (Doesn't matter, these couple of years I'm already use to it. I just treat it as my destiny, so I don't mind. Now the only person that makes me worry, is my father) Leon's father is already in the hospital in Beijing and has been recovering there also. Whenever Leon has time he will fly to Beijing and visit his father. Just like recently after his concert in Australia he rush right away to see his father. (No matter when, my father's place in my heart is always top priority. During the time when I'm sad or lost hope, he would encourage me to continue on and fight. When I am happy, he will quietly help me arrange things and won't nag. He is my strength, towards my father I will not take it lightly.


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