L-News Issue #11
October 11th, 1998
Part 2

**Leon On Stage**

We Japanese fans went to Leon's Australia, 21 people in Sydney, 14 people in Melbourne. Well, you can read about the Concert in Australia in some newspapers and magazines.

for example http://www.nextmedia.com.hk/nm/448/et/be40.htm


Sydney Entertainment Centre is a very big place and next to China Town. In December Janet Jackson will also have a concert in the same place. Leon arrived at Sydney 1st Oct. 3rd Oct. About 17:30 we could hear part of his sweet voice at the monorail station. At that time they were doing rehearsals. The concert started about 20:30 and ended 22:20(Sorry I forgot).
A lot of young people attended the concert with their friends. Our seats were not close to the stage, so we weren't able to see Leon clearly. But if we wanted to go up close by the stage, we could. We were able to take pictures, give him presents and shake hands with Leon. Shu Kei was so cute! Leon and Shu Kei sang a song together joining their hands! I felt Leon's Dancing is really nice!! I loved "I love you OK!" and "DNA Gone Wrong" very much. So cool!
In this concert Leon talked to his fans, but we couldn't understand. For example 'How long have you been in Sydney? Have you been to Hong Kong some times?' I guess such kind of talk.
After the concert finished, we waited Leon at the monorail station. From there we were able to see them off. Leon said good-bye to his Fans. Shu Kei sat next to Leon in the car.


Leon arrived in Melbourne 4th. Oct. at 10:00am by Cantus Air. The Palladium was in Crown Casino. There are casinos, shopping malls, restaurants and the Crown Towers (Hotel) in Crown Casino. Leon stayed that Hotel also. At that day we sat 8th row, so we were able to see Leon clearer than the other day. After the concert we drank tea and talked about Leon, we also met many Fans from Hong Kong and Canada. Afterwards we went for a walk in the Casino and went back to the Hotel. When we were taking a rest at the hotel lobby (we were also staying Crown Towers) we saw Leon, Shu Kei and their staffs. They just returned from eating a dinner, I guess. We were so surprised, so couldn't do anything!! We only said "Good night" to Leon. He also said "Good night" to us. My friend said his smile was wonderful at that night she could not forget! (but I could not see his face,,,,) Next morning they went back to Hong Kong. We saw them off at the Hotel, we just said "good-bye" to Leon. Shu Kei also sat next to Leon.

After seeing Leon off, we went to China Town to see Leon's Movie. And bought his concert pictures. (You can see these pictures at this Page: http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/lennon/433/studio6.htm
**Special thanks to Lucy for pics and Momo for scanning them**

We enjoyed that tour very much. Sydney and Melbourne was a beautiful city.

Australia Concert 98 Song List (Provided by Moon)

1. 100樣可能 100 Possibilities
2. 感 應 Feel
3. 或 許 ... 未 必 ... 不 過 Maybe...Perhaps...But...
4. 傳 情 達 意 Transfer Feelings
5. 愛你/不愛你 Love You / Don't Love You
6. 不要講兩次 No Need To Say Twice
7. 只 要 為 我 愛 一 天 Only Need To Love Me One Day
8. 女 友 的 男 友 Girlfriend's Boyfriend
9. 今 天 的 天 氣 很 好 Today's Weather Is Fine
** Shu Kei's songs**
10. 生 命 中 的 每 一 天 Everyday In My Life (Duet with Leon)
11. 你不知 道 You Don't Know
12. 我 愛 洗 澡 I Love To Wash
** End Shu Kei's songs**
13. DNA 出 錯 DNA Gone Wrong
14. I Love You OK? I Love You OK?
15. 那 有 一 天 不 想 你 Not One Day I Don't Think Of You
16. 無 名 份 的 浪 漫 Nameless Romance
17. 原 來 戀 愛 Original Love
18. 我這樣愛你 I Love You This Way
19. 藍 色 街 燈 Blue Street Lights
20. 少見多掛 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
21. 如 果 這 是 情 If This Is Love
22. 最 後 的 戀 愛 Last Love
23. 情 深 說 話 未 曾 講 Unspoken Words Of Love

---Article on Leon's concert from an Australia Newspaper.

Leon's "I Love You This Way Australia Concert" is finally here. With Leon's popularity and ability to draw a crowd the selection of Crown Palladium for the venue is too small. A lot of fans were not able to get tickets for the concert.

Leon was in Australia before for his 95' concert. Compared to 3 yrs ago today Leon's presence on stage is more natural and confident. It's no wonder even till today in HK he seems to be more and more popular.

Leon's dyed hair can cause people's vision to brighten up, but the word (brighten) can also be used to describe the bald dancer as well. There was 8 dancers that followed Leon to Australia. Not only were their bald dancers but some had long hair and Janet Jackson Mop Top look. Others had ponytails, messy hair there was a lot of variety it was like a hair show.

Leon's team of dancers, were wild, had great dancing skills which added to the effect of the fast songs in the concert. Of course Leon sang quite a few songs from Sony such as "I love you this way" and "Love you / Don't love you" But in the second half of the concert Leon sang older more memorable songs.

Leon in Concert 98 Australia second high point was when Shu Kei performed. Especially here wardrobe, which showed her belly button. Leon has been famous for 10 yrs now, but his Watt level hasn't reduced yet. What I noticed is that everytime Leon walked to a certain part of the stage he quickly attracted a small crowd who were taking pictures. Once Leon said "I want to have closer contact with the audience" the bottom of the stage quickly piled up with fans.

The concert was much better than I expected, from Leon's performance, lighting, and dancers to the band especially when Joey performed his guitar solo.


A Hero Never Dies------ is currently showing in HK right now.
City of Glass------- Oct.25th Charity Premiere

** Album Release **

Oct.14th----Soundtrack for "City of Glass" (Don't forget to buy it!!!)

The movie soundtrack of "City of Glass" is scheduled to release on October 14 1:00pm in HK. In the soundtrack Leon will sing three songs, A Cantonese song "Never Again in This Lifetime ", Mandarin song "Waiting Till The Sky is Grey and The Land Is Dark" and an English song "Try to Remember". The rest of the tracks on the CD will contain the musical score from the movie. The soundtrack will also contain a VCD with three MTV's and 2 Karaoke versions of the songs and postcards from the movie. The soundtrack will sell at the same price as a regular EP.

**Song Translation**----Never Again in this Lifetime
(Theme song of Glass of City)

Because of this rain
That takes away the fireworks
Which makes me realize
Situations could be destroyed
Because of this moment
A mistake has occurred
Regret makes you cherish these times
Being together all along
With our hands we can catch the beauty of the stars
But I only know this uncertainty of our love
Will remain till the next life
And still be by your side
** While this song is playing
The glass is reflecting the images
That will never again happen in this lifetime
Hanging in the sky is the brightest moon of this lifetime
With sadness and happiness remaining
How is it possible to imagine the future
Hating tonight that this song plays
Within it, how many minutes and hours could be shared with your true love
All kinds of love
Can it go on, how many centuries can it last and still be singing
Because of this moment the hands of the clock has stopped
To let time capture our true love
Being together through these times
With our hands we can catch the beauty of the stars
But I only know this uncertainty of our love
Will remain till the next life
And still be by your side
Repeat **
All kinds of love
Without the beauty that is suppose to go on
How could we have imagined this would happen.


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