L-News Issue #12
November 11th, 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! This issue of L-News will feature the Mandarin translation of the theme song of "Glass City" and................................ Hope you all enjoy reading it. Plus we would like to Congratulate Leon in getting nominated for Best Actor for his performance in "City of Glass"!! Leon said this nomination makes him feel very happy and he is filled with joy. To him, he feels very lucky to be on the list of nominees. Lastly, he said he really enjoys this feeling of joy!
Leon Forever.....................................

*News Flash*

Nov. 10
Recently there has been a dispute between Daniel Chan and his teacher, who is also Leon's former teacher. Reporters asked Leon to comment on it but Leon only said he is a third person and doesn't want to meddle into their problems. It is between Daniel and his teacher and they should come up with a solution and outsiders will only make things worse.

Nov. 8
Leon recently returned from his trip to Brazil and attended an exhibition, which displayed the photos taken there, and Leon also commented on them as well. Leon said that during this trip his feeling towards charity has changed as well. Before he went he believed that the children there were unhappy but after arriving there and meeting the children he found that even though the suffered but they were still content with what they had. Leon also said he has learned from them to be content with what he has now.

Nov. 6
Leon attended the celebration ceremony for Top Ten Outstanding Youth award along with the other winners. Leon mentioned that he will place the award in his room and he also commented that he was very happy that he has been nominated for Best Actor.

Oct. 26
Leon left for his trip to Brazil as Unicef's "Youth Ambassador". This is Leon's third trip with Unicef to third world countries and this time he will visit children on the street and one's sold to prostitution. Reporters asked Leon if whether or not that after he visits these places does he find himself a very lucky and satisfied person? Leon said that its not just now that I find myself lucky, a long time ago I was already satisfied, with everything I have today.

Oct. 25
Leon attended the premiere of "City of Glass" the director of the movie Mabel Cheung praised Leon's acting skills in the movie and said Leon has a lot of potential as an actor. Leon didn't give a comment but was happy for the praise. The reporters also asked Leon that night if he thought he would get the best actor award for 'City of Glass'? Leon commented that he never thought about getting awards when he is filming any movie, but he would much rather have more movies to film instead. Leon believes that awards are a way to respect the movie and the creators. He also believes that an award is not something that if you want you will get them so he would rather say he doesn't desire them.

Oct. 24
Leon was at a charity auction arranged by CR2 for Community Chest, which sold the soundtracks, posters, laptop, and script books of 'City of Glass'. Lately there have been rumors that Polygram has not been doing too well so the reporters asked Leon how he felt about the situation. Leon just said that he has been busy with his own work lately that he hasn't had time to hear rumors. The reporters mentioned that maybe it was because Polygram let go of Leon one of their 'treasures' that's why they are running into some trouble now. They asked Leon if he felt happy that he has proven his personal status? Leon just said that he will only worry about his own results and be happy about them but not about other's problems. Every company has their problems and when I was with Polygram we also went through some problems together. Even though I'm not with Polygram anymore I still wish them good. Now that the market is not good every company has to overcome their own problems to hold the market together.

Oct. 20
Leon showed up to the press conference of "City of Glass" recently the reporters have been focusing on two points of the movie which is a kiss scene between Leon and Shu Kei and a scene in which Leon shows his middle finger hand gesture. Leon says that it is all part of his character in the movie and believes that his fans will not be unhappy about it. He also doesn't mind what others think because he believes that a professional actor will focus on their character and become the character while filming. The main reason that attracted him to the film is that he had to act as a character from the 70's to 90's. The parts of the movie that was filmed in England made him remember the times when he was going to school in England. During that time Leon didn't really have that much money so he ate instant noodles everyday. Those were very unforgettable experiences for Leon and he believes that without those experiences he might not know how to cherish things today.

**Interesting Facts**

1) There was a survey done asking females, if they had the chance to kiss Leon, where would they kiss him?....the reporter was surprised and didn't know whether the females were being shy or just plain lying about their responses. All the girls that were asked, said that they would already be very very happy just to kiss Leon on the cheek.

2) The second question asked in the survery was:imagine if it was a once in a lifetime chance to spend an evening with Leon, what would you want to do? They females said, they just want to sing the song "never again in this lifetime" with him, or play video games together (?!)
<-----Again, the reporter didn't quite believe the answers once again.

3) Leon may be filming a "Music Special" at the end of this year. The possible locations might be Japan or USA. The female that might be in this "Music Special" is a 18 year old model from Australia by the name Cecilla Cheung. This is not confirmed yet, they are still talking about it. But Cecilla's manager thinks it is a good idea for her to be in the "Music Special" with Leon, because Cecilla could follow the footsteps of Lee Anne, since she got so popular after filming a commercial with Leon.

**Cute Facts**

1) When Leon was at the awards ceremony for the "top ten outstanding young selection", reporters were asking him about his feelings towards Michele's new boyfriend, Perry Chan. Leon replies while laughing: "we (Leon and Michele) are associates, and shouldn't be so nosy about each other's personal life. Probably by not being nosy, is the number one necessary quality of the "top ten outstanding young selection" list. hahaha.... not being nosy, no comment, this is all a happy situation..

2) Leon said when Valentine's Day comes along, girls usually get lots of flowers, so to be a good boyfriend, he will not follow the tradition of giving flowers. Instead he will give a very beautiful flower vase, and it will make the girl even happier and she will say that you are very thoughtful!

3)Before Leon went to Brazil to visit the children there, reporters wanted to test Leon's method to communicate with the children. Reporters asked Leon what he would do if there was a child there, that was all sad and depressed. Leon replied: "I will be like them and not be happy all together, first to let them know that, when you are not happy, it will pass on to others. Then i will talk to them, and try to understand why they are not happy, by showing that you care for them is very important in order to communicate with the children........"

**Magazine Corner**

Next Magazine Issue 452
This day, we were sitting in the shopping center for the press conference of Community Chest, waiting for Leon Afterwards Yu Gam Gei came out to take promotion pictures and said something similar to this: Leon is full of devotion….. I was bored from sitting, so I went outside for a while. Then Leon shook hands with me, Shaking hands with one of the Top Ten Outstanding Youths and Unicef Ambassador is no different then shaking hands with a normal person. It has been said that once Leon returned from his trip to Rwanda he became more down to earth and didn't wear as much Gucci and Versace. Today, I didn't look underneath his collar to check if he was wearing Gucci or Versace. But his black T-shirt and black suit is still very classy. And when he speaks his sincerity is short three degree's, when he needs to smile he smiles. "Sorry, the words I say may carry confidence" Leon says with sincerity. Too bad I'm not a woman government official or a young girl, if not, I would be really happy.

Shark's Fin

Next: Do you hate when people take you as an investment and take your relationship with Michele and Shu Kei and make it news?
Leon: Don't really hate it. It is you who believe that the audience wants to read this stuff. But I think that when you give the audience shark fin to eat you can also sometimes give them soybean milk and fried dough. But if everyone want me to continue making shark fin then I'll continue to make shark fin. Everyone has their value and duty to do their job, it's very simple, not much to hate.
Next: Lately there have been a lot of stars, doesn't matter how famous they are, they have to return to TVB to film series. How do you see this?
Leon: TVB's work function, with or without me is no problem. Four Heavenly Kings, or Four Heavenly Prince, if we go back it doesn't mean we can guarantee ratings. TVB already has their own actors, and these actors already can receive a certain amount of ratings for TVB. Why do they need us anyways? This world is fair, you have your work and I have my work. If I like to and you need me to even if it is to film two chapters I will still do it. But to film or not film I don't have a problem with it, and I won't mind if I don't film I won't get an award at the end of the year. If you great then after you finish working then get an award for yourself. Me, I'm not even worried at all.
Next: Do you hate these rules?
Leon: Not really. I also believe that these award shows are fake, but I can't say "Fake!" what I believe and what I say are two different things. I am a person, and there are times I have a temper, time when I say the wrong things. Earlier, there were some reporters who asked, and this is what I answered: Jacky bought a flat and lost money, did you lose any money? No. Why? Because I didn't buy. Whey didn't you buy? Because I don't have that much money, this is the truth, Jacky has so much patience of course he has more money than I do. Then the reporter asked me again: Is it because I don't have a wife that's why I didn't buy a flat? Also asked me do I feel regret that someone else lost that much money? I said: First of all, their can't be regret, people who have more money have more money to invest. Investments of course come with wins and losses. Secondly, buying flats is of course decided by a man. After hearing this the head of Community Chest said: Leon, you shouldn't say that, you should tell them not to buy flats! Everyone has his or her own thoughts and place. This is the entertainment business, laugh at what you hear. What I say is the truth, If you don't like it then think of it as a joke! Just like, everyone says Wong Kai Wai's movies are hard to understand. Actually, why won't you understand? When filming his movie I knew exactly what he wanted, what wasn't clear was the promotion tactics, It's not like a three year old kid being controlled by someone. I am well aware of my position and status. Working for Community Chest, the people behind the scenes come up with the projects it definitely won't be me, maybe I would add a few useless ideas, but the one deciding definitely won't be me. My job is to help them get money and do promotions. This is called work.


Next: Being one of the Top Ten Outstanding Youths is it fun?
Leon: It is a happy and proud thing. I don't care how people see me, no matter what I don't mind. I'm at thirty years old, there has been many encounters and chances, why should I mind what people say.
Next: A newspaper did a survey and said that because you smoke and its is not healthy that you don't qualify to be an Outstanding Youth.
Leon: Yes, I smoke, so what? There is no right or wrong in smoking, I don't affect anyone and I don't encourage others to smoke like me. I want to quit, and I have even promised others I would quit, but I couldn't quit, I didn't keep my word. What about that? My life is making movies, singing, coming up with ideas, smoking, this is my personal life, I haven't encouraged smoking, and I haven't forced anyone to look at me. People cannot be perfect. Just like beauty pageants, ATV found a group of Japanese girls over, and there are some magazines that never mention it, but this year they especially mentioned it, and said ATV is good etc…. Now did you watch it? If you didn't watch it how can you write about it? While you were watching it were you affected? Did you have crooked thoughts? You are human, of course yes. What about TVB's program, if everyone didn't like watching it, the stations won't be so dumb as to put up a program so people can complain! While you are complaining aren't you watching at the same time!


Next: Now, nobody watches Hong Kong movies, nobody buys CD's, everyone watches and listens to pirated versions. You are personally affected by this how do you see it?
Leon: Can't help it. The government has their reasons. Its very simple, just pass a law that puts people in jail for thirty years who buys pirated versions. But the government's laws are sometimes enforced and sometimes not, they must have their reasons. If you live here you should respect the governments decisions. I won't oppose, in this city, if it doesn't give me a sense of happiness and safety, then I will leave.
Next: Even if you don't oppose you can complain?
Leon: I am only a small citizen, I cannot not face facts. The only complaint I have is, a group of us stars, helped travel board filmed a lot of commercials to promote Hong Kong, but after we filmed them, I found out that the commercials were only placed on Hong Kong TV stations to air. I supported Hong Kong () but we don't want the audience to finish watching the show and leave right away? We were united and used our name to attract tourist, we should also film some unique and special things as well. If I was a tourist I would think that I was coming to Hong Kong to look at the artist. Hong Kong's product prices are expensive and there are no discounts. The promotion films that we made, can't really help Hong Kong's tourist situation! Why don't we take the money spent on local stations and take it to Japan or other countries TV stations for promotions wouldn't the results be greater? Maybe I'm looking at it in a broader view, sorry.


Leon's father is in Beijing's hospital right now for a second operation on his heart. He says he is not worried because life and death is already destined, it is useless to worry. [He went to school in Beijing, got married in Beijing, had me in Beijing, got sick in Beijing. To him, it is considered a memory, let him have this memory. For years now he hasn't quit smoking, now at least he has finally quit smoking, hehehe…..] Leon laughed his assistant laughed but I didn't.

Sales Person

Leon believes that everything has a relationship to it. Just like why he helps Hutchinson film commercials, beside money reasons, there is also a relationship. He use to be a sales person for Hutchinson before in the busy areas, with a cellular phone and in front of people he didn't know he had to have a big smile. That time, he sold Nokia, he even beat the other person who sold Motorola. [Nokia has thirty three memory, Motorola only has fifteen, Nokia has…. ] Leon said.

Leon takes Jacky and plays a joke
Ming Pao Issue 1562 October 17, 1998

When Leon arrived to the hotel restaurant it was 4:00 pm he was an hour late for our appointment. With his sunglasses Leon was hurrying and running down the stairs. I felt that he was using his body gestures to let me know his regrets for being late. I smiled, looked at him and didn't say anything.

Leon: Aiya, don't know how to explain, it's useless to explain, if you are late you are late. (When Leon sat down, he looked at both of his assistants, Ji Chyun and B Jai sat down at the same time) Why are you two sitting here? Go somewhere else to sit go. (carrying a slight temper when he said it) (Ji Chyen and B Jai quickly knew their boss was using that as an excuse, and I of course knew he was also using it for an excuse. His two assistants quickly vanished from our eyesight's.)
Bing: Don't be angry, so why are you late?
Leon: We shouldn't even be doing any interviews, at night after I finish recording a song, I'm too excited and I can't sleep. If I don't sleep how can I record tonight? That's why I'm so moody. I have to sleep a total of eight hours in order to have enough voice to sing. That's why you are waiting this long, sorry.
Bing: Your friends and assistants said that you are treating me like this because we are close to each other. This time you are late did you do it on purpose?
Leon: On purpose?
Bing: Yes, on purpose.
Leon: Don't understand.
Bing: Maybe it is your subconscious, which you have a tendency of purposely being late? You want to see how far I can endure you. Always saying how good you treat me, always saying how you will protect me. If you are really protecting me, have to have endurance. That's why you were intentionally late to test if I can endure you?
Leon: Of course not, sister Bing, of course not.
Bing: I say you subconsciously have this tendency, you probably don't know yet.
Leon: Aiya, you guys (looks at Wong Sui Ching), you guys think like my mother (looks at Laai Fai Fung) what we are taking pictures today?
Bing: Yes, when Tin Yan called and asked if we needed to take pictures I said yes, Fung said we always take pictures inside, this time I want to take some outside.
Leon: Okay, let me settle down first. They always trick me.
Bing: Who has the nerve to trick you?
Leon: Of course Tin Yan and Ji Chyun. They always say it's only an interview, no pictures. When I'm here I need to take pictures, always tricking me. Today I was angered by Mei Ji.
Bing: Why?
Leon: Gave me a T-shirt to wear inside and a shirt outside, what do I look like, you tell me.
Bing: You look like a director. I find that directors today wear a T-shirt inside and a shirt outside.
Leon: It's okay to look like a director, but on the bottom I'm wearing wide pants. On the top I have a director look on the bottom I have a actor look, what does that look like? Afterwards I took my jacket and left. I know that being an actor like us Mei Ji, has a lot of stress.
Bing: Yup, every actor has a lot of opinions.
Leon: It's not a lot of opinions, just that we want a unique image, but not one that is too made up.
Bing: What, so everyday when you go out Mei Ji picks out your clothes?
Leon: If I have work then Mei Ji picks out he clothes. If I go out myself of course it is a T-shirt and jeans.
Bing: Leon, the day that you went to receive the Top Ten Outstanding Youths Awards did you see that Jacky was not in a good mood?
Leon: Yes.
Bing: Even you noticed that he was in a bad mood?
Leon: Yes.
Bing: Why was he in a bad mood?
Leon: Don't know.
Bing: Is it because he saw that you were also sharing the award of Top Ten Outstanding Youth award that's why he was in a bad mood?
Leon: Why do you ask that?
Bing: Well, ten days before they announced the winners you knew he was a winner and he also knew you were a winner too. But when reporters asked Jacky about you getting the award also his answer was very unique.
Leon: Unique in what way?
Bing: He said [If Leon really receives the award….] He used [Really] this word was rather fake.
Leon: Sister Bing, you are asking me if he is not happy about sharing the award with me, but I say of course not. Is it right?
Bing: When Jacky was on stage giving his comments, I noticed that you were very attentive. You know we have know Jacky for thirteen years and noticed that he is very good with words, he practically never said anything wrong before.
Leon: Yes, when he first went on stage the first sentence he said was.. I don't know how to say things.. second sentence was.. I didn't prepare a speech, it was this sentence which interested me, I wanted to hear what he would say since he didn't prepare a speech.
Bing: So when you went on stage you were able to freely express yourself?
Leon: Yes, since he said stuff without preparing, I also wanted to say something that just came to my mind at that moment. I thought about how I first started working for Community Chest and Unicef, if you think I did a good job then I should thank Jacky.
Bing: Is it really because of your father had cancer, that you prayed to God and said.. If you help my father get through this and that you become famous you will do more charity work?
Leon: Of course if was because of my father's sickness that I promised. At that time I was not famous, and as a person willing to spend time, how would I know I could help people.
Bing: Even recovered from the last stages of cancer?
Leon: Yes, very lucky.
Bing: Have you ever thought of contending for Top Ten Outstanding Youths?
Leon: Like Jackie Chan? No, this kind of stuff you can't think about it. When helping Unicef and Community Chest I wasn't thinking of the Outstanding Youth award. It was because before I promise to return something to the community. Three years ago, Yu Gam Gei wanted to nominate me for Outstanding Youths, I didn't want to because I didn't think it was time yet.
Bing: This month on the 26th you have to go to Brazil right?
Leon: Yes, my new album is only finished with recording one song, every song takes three nights to record, I won't finish by the 26th, that's why I'm so anxious.
Bing: Afterwards, you will have to go to New York for a meeting with Unicef?
Leon: Yes, lately I've been recording songs and it seems especially more interviews lately too. It always seems this way, when I don't have to record song I don't have a lot of promotions to do. Its like this every time, such a coincidence.
Bing: Can't help it "City of Glass" has to open, and your management company promised to do promotions and you can't back out of it. Have you seen "City of Glass" yet?
Leon: No not yet, earlier in an interview a reporter asked me.. In the movie you and Shu Kei kissed what feelings do you have about it? What feelings, won't answer, I won't answer these questions. (He made a fighting gesture with his hand, with a bit of resentment.)
Bing: Leon, these last few years I have noticed the people around you.
Leon: Really?
Bing: From them I can see the reason for your success. How do I say this? You know these couple of years, the things you have received is especially a lot. A person who receives this much, wouldn't be happy with the people around them. He would complain that they are not doing enough, not good enough, normally it would be hard to satisfy. If you don't have a good heart, or your gestures are not good, they will keep distance, leave you. I have carefully watched the past years and noticed the friends around you still treat you good, the people who work for you, are loyal, it is very hard to come by.
Leon: That's true, the only person who left was Fanny and Fanny didn't change jobs, just went on a long road trip.
Bing: End of last year, I attended the celebration ceremony for RTHK award ceremony. I bumped into Tin Yan, patting his chest and said to me, very surprised. I asked surprised of what? Surprised that you didn't get an award, If it wasn't his true feelings, he could have said its best if you lost. Because after so many year, there might be a lot of buried hatred.
Leon: All of us if we have something to say we say it. I tell them about my troubles they tell me about theirs, sometimes I argue with Tin Yan a big argument, but after the argument we are back to normal.
Bing: Leon, if I let you be famous till today will you be satisfied?
Leon: It is not up to me not to be satisfied, if it is true.
Bing: Not being up to you to be satisfied is one thing, I asked if you would not be satisfied, If I asked you this two, three years ago I know for sure you won't be satisfied but what about today?
Leon: Today, I will be satisfied. If you don't believe you can see for yourselves, I will give you twenty-four months to see. (I wanted ask what kind of indication is twenty-four months? But I didn't ask, Leon always has something to say that I don't know what kind of thinking it is. I laughed because he has useless words, I didn't want to mention it so I continued to the next question.)
Bing: Do you want to date?
Leon: Of course, I want to all the time, same saying.. wish to marry at thirty-six.
Bing: Leon, lately in a newspaper I saw your response about Jacky, you said you don't have a wife and you don't have as much money as Jacky, so won't lose money on real-estate.
Leon: Yes, I was joking with him, doesn't matter. Its been so many years, he has also joked with me many times. (Ji Chyun came over and said.. its time for the next appointment.) (Just when we were getting into the conversation) fifteen minutes, don't worry, Yu Gam Gei, known him since I was young, we are close he won't mind if I am a little late.
Bing: You see, you especially pick on people close to you.
Leon: Aiya.. Sister Bing, stock went up, this time you are treating. (Wong Sui Ching said, it wasn't much so Ji Chyun already paid for it.)
Bing: I said I was going to treat you but you don't have time what can I say.
Leon: Okay, after I finish recording, 11:00pm I'll call you for a midnight snack and you are treating. (When leaving, Wong Sui Ching said to me.. Leon is such a kid, when he came he was angry and after talking for a while there is nothing wrong anymore.)
Bing: Him, it was because he was late that's why he was overpowering people. (Sui Ching said.. he hasn't been late for a long time already, in ten time he hasn't been late once, just when he has an appointment with you he is late, not fair)
Bing: Half of being late was on purpose because he wanted to test my endurance towards him.


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