L-News Issue #13
December 20th, 1998

Hello everyone! Does anyone remember what is so special about this issue of L-News?! Yes, that's right, first of all, it is specially dedicated to the one and only LEON LAI for his very special birthday!!!
**We'd like to wish Leon a very Happy Belated Birthday, good health and happiness!!**
Secondly, this is the first year anniversary of L-News!! Yay!! It's been a whole year already! We hope that you all have enjoyed this year's issues of L-News and have found it very interesting! We hope to continue bringing you all fun, exciting and informative issues!! Also, if there is any other specific category you would like to see added or improved, please feel free to e-mail us and voice your suggestions! We will try our best to meet your requirements!
Lastly, we'd like to wish you all a **Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year** And for all of you attending Leon's North America Concert Tour, we hope you have a wonderful time!! Isn't everyone so excited?! hehehehe....=)

**Always & Forever LEON LAI** ....................


Have a look at some pictures of Leon's previous birthdays! Leon Lai NewStation: http://home.netvigator.com/~esthersl/gallery0.htm

**Leon's Birthday Memories**
(I came across this news, in an older magazine, that I found quite interesting..hehehe...and also very suitable for this issue of L-News!)

*~~This was on Leon's 26th Birthday~~*

Reporter: how many b-day cakes do he cut into this time?

Leon: 10 of them, I was very happy this birthday, because variety of my friends celebrated my b-day with me, and my fans gave me many presents.

Reporter: actually, what kind of b-day present would you like to receive the most?

Leon: it doesn't matter, it can just be a card, as long as it is the fans sincerity, or my friend's words of encouragement, I will already be very happy, it doesn't have to be some kind of big present.

Reporter: If you could choose any place to celebrate your birthday, where would it be?

Leon: I would like to celebrate with all my good friends, the best place would be where there is snow mountains, and I can go skiing, that would be something different for a change.

Reporter: (final words)
In having hundreds and hundreds of fans singing "Happy Birthday To Leon"....and spending time to create a birthday present for him, this kind of true feelings and true thoughtfulness, is something that Leon likes.

**On that same birthday, "someone" gave Leon a birthday card too! Any guesses?! I bet no one has a clue on this one!! I must admit it was surprising when I found out too!

The Answer---It was Andy Lau!! hehehe...Andy spent quite some time to choose the 'perfect' card to give to Leon, through the reporter. Everyone thinks that they are rivals, but in fact they have become good friends through the years of working in this business. Both Leon and Andy send birthday greetings to one another every year!!!

**Leon's Personal Feelings**

"I hope that all of you will call me either "Lai Ming" or "Leon", and don't attach the words "teen wong" (sky king) to it...I am Leon and always will be Leon, as long as you all support me, I will always and forever be your Leon."

**News Flash**

Dec. 10
At a recent Christmas Tree lighting ceremony Leon expressed interest in setting up a fund to sponsor students with good academic result a chance to go to college overseas. Leon hopes to broaden their horizons and overall experience in life but so far this is just Leon's idea and he hopes to receive some help from other organizations to make it reality.

Dec. 7
Leon attended a ceremony called 'Leon 98-99 Save the Children Charity Event' because of his position, as Unicef Youth Ambassador Leon will have a chance to be interviewed by CNN. Leon mentioned that "CNN went through Unicef asking me to do an interview with them, stating that I have had good results as an actor and singer in Asia." The live interview will take place on Dec. 15th on a program called 'Q & A' and viewer can call in to ask him questions. "I don't have any special feelings, but it seems my manager is happier than me about it. Maybe its because he believes that it is a rare chance for a Hong Kong artist."

Dec. 4
Leon was asked if he had the confidence to beat the other singers and Heavenly Kings to win Hit Radio's male singer this year? Leon just smiled and said "I have the confidence to beat myself, as for other's I don't have that confidence!" As a part of the music industry he believes that they shouldn't use the word "beat" to describe the awards. The reporters also mentioned that there have been rumors that Sony will invest 7 million to promote Leon's new album, so they asked Leon to verify the rumor. Leon said "Don't trust it, their is no way it is that much, to my knowledge their is $700 in promotional fees, ha!! ha!! No matter what it is a reasonable amount. But the most important is that the album is of good quality."

Dec. 3
The music awards ceremony's are coming up soon and there have been more and more rumors surfacing of who will get most popular male artist. One of the rumors also said that Leon would be getting this year's TVB's most popular male artist because he has been on a lot of TVB's shows this year. Leon just commented that "Who wrote that? Is it the person who wrote it that will give me the award? Well this sort of thing has been going on for a long time already. There are always predictions of who will win before the awards and the reactions afterwards, I'm already use to it. Every singer should support the music awards, no matter who gets the award or not it should not affect the singer's will to improve. With or without awards we will continue to do our best." No matter who gets the gold award for male singer this year we will still support the awards. It is hard to predict the results of the awards, so we will let fate decide."

Nov. 28
Leon just returned from his trip to Japan and attended the Christmas lighting ceremony arranged by Commercial Radio. Leon will also be leaving for San Francisco for a Charity Show. His recent trip to Japan was mainly for his new album and he said that he finished recording all the songs for the album. The reporter also asked Leon about the rumor of his make-up artist taking away his girlfriend. Leon said that there is no need to give further comments on this matter because this rumor has already ended. [You guys are the ones who wrote about it, comments have already been given and by the time I returned this rumor has already come to an end.] The reporters continued asking Leon if he is still using the same make-up artist Leon said "Whether or not I use the make-up artist or not, I don't have to give you an explanation."

Nov. 20
It is rumored by a magazine that Leon is dating a former Miss HK contestant Au Ji Ting but because his make-up artist Sui Wai also went after her Leon fired him. It is also rumored that other make-up artist were too expensive that why Leon hired back Sui Wai. Since Leon isn't in HK right now his assistant Ji Chyuen answered for him. "Of course there is no such thing Leon is not dating Au Ji Ting. As for Sui Wai taking her away from Leon that is even more ridiculous. Leon has always used Sui Wai as his make-up artist, unless we need a unique look then we will use another make-up artist. Sui Wai and Leon are very good friends, I don't know where these rumors came from. Leon also found it ridiculous and funny after he heard about it." Sui Wai in a frustrated manner said "How ridiculous, these kind of rumors are not fair to both Leon and I. I only know Au Ji Ting through work and we are just acquaintances and the rumor is saying that I took her away from Leon!! I've known Leon for ten years and we are very good friends I have always done his make-up but I'm not his personal make-up artist I also have work on the side. But since both of us are good friends I will always help Leon first".

Nov. 19
Leon will release his new CD from Sony in December but Polygram has already planned to release a compilation CD and a VCD Karaoke of Leon's past songs at the same time. The compilation CD will contain a 50 minute long remix of Leon's old fast songs in which it will become a nonstop 50 minute dance mix. Polygram will also include a calendar with the CD and it is already on sale. As for the VCD it will include 24 videos of Leon from the years 1990 to 1998 and with the VCD they will also give out a poster of Leon. The VCD is scheduled to sell on Nov. 24 1998. When Polygram was asked about this they said "Every single company will do the same thing, since Sony is promoting Leon right now for his upcoming CD we are taking the opportunity to release a compilation. But weare considered good already, we know the exact release date of Leon's new CD and we could have went against the them but we didn't do that."

Nov. 18
Leon attended a press conference for the showing of Airport Express commercial which stars Leon and they used the song 'Happy 2000' for the theme song. After the press conference, Leon boarded the Airport Express and went to the airport. From there, he left for Xinjiang to film his new MTV for three days. Afterwards he will go to Japan to film a promotional trailer for "City of Glass".

Nov. 15
Leon mentioned to the reporters that there might be a chance that he will perform with Celine Dion. When Leon was in New York after his trip to Brazil for Unicef he met with people from Sony and they mentioned that they were aware of the pirate CD situation over in HK. They said that they were very pleased that Leon's CD "I Love You Like This" sold 180,000 and that the soundtrack of "City of Glass" which only has one song was able to sell 30,000 so far. Sony also asked if Leon would mind performing with Celine Dion if he had the chance during her concert in HK on Jan. 25? Leon said he would love to since Celine Dion is a singer he admires also. Leon also mentioned that it might not happened because she probably already has her whole concert planned out and can't fit the performance with her in. But Leon said we will have to see how it goes, but even if I get to take a picture with her I will be happy.

Nov. 14
Leon attended the press conference for RTHK's upcoming award ceremony and when Leon was asked who he voted for "Most Popular Artist Among the Artist" Leon said Andy Lau. He voted for him because he thought he did a really good job this year. The reporters also asked Leon what he thought about his own results this year after signing with Sony, Leon commented that he is very happy with his results this year. People have also said that Leon's new song "Happy 2000" is similar to Jimmy Lin's song but Leon commented that he doesn't mind and also won't compare because he knows that his song is composed by Mark Lui and is his original work. Leon hasn't heard Jimmy's song yet.

**Commercial Facts**

Leon's new Hutchison cellular phone commercial ---
Song used: "if it is possible to see you again".
Model: a 17 year old Korean girl named Joey (she was suppose to be the model in Leon's "love u don't love u" commercial, instead of LeeAnn, but at the time, Joey was too young, only 16 years old. also she didn't know how to ski at all, that is why LeeAnn got the role.) Leon's role in the commercial: He is a city guy, that wants to get away and take a vacation, out in the countryside. On his trip, he met a female photographer, Joey. After the two of them spent more time together, travelling and enjoying nature, they had to go their separate ways when the trip came to an end. All that was left behind, was the "take care" note to Leon, from Joey. But Leon noticed that attached to the note, there was Joey's phone number, but Leon is so far away in the middle of no where, how will he contact Joey?!

**Leon's Commercial "Golden Phrases"**

1993---May, how are you?
In the commercial, one of his fans, got injured and was not able to attend his concert, he used the cell phone to call her.

1993---A friend, is a friend.
In this commercial, Leon was in an antique shop, looking for eyeglasses, but he was in a hurry, so he didn't buy it. And coincidentally, his friend, saw that pair of eyeglasses and gave it to Leon as a gift.

1994---If there is fate between us, we will meet again.
In this commercial, the girl had to escape from, the soldiers that were after her, before she left...they both exchanged the phrase above.

1996---mom, I am fine.....how are you doing?
The only Hutchison commercial that talks about family love, Leon was in New York, and called his mother.

1996---I am very busy, I can't spend time with you, I hope you will understand.
This was said in the commercial, when Leon was explaining his work load to his girlfriend. But this phrase is rather simple....so no one really remembers he said this.

1997---to win over others, first, win over yourself
After Leon said this to Steven Fung, he bungy jumped.

1997---sometimes, a phrase can easily make a misunderstanding disappear.

1997---It is raining outside (Charlie says)
@@---I know (replies Leon)
This was said in the commercial, when Charlie and Leon had many misunderstandings between them.

1998---wear an extra shirt, then less people will overreact!
this was said, after the bar incident regarding LeeAnn.

1998---there is time to get away, by going to other places, you can probably have some new findings.
Don't know under what circumstance he says this phrase....I guess we will have to wait and see.

**Interesting Facts**

1)Leon remembers which reporter took which photo of him, which angle, and what kind of expression he had, he remembers it all, but by the time, the photos get published onto magazines, newspapers...etc. Leon notices that a lot of the time, it is the photos that are not the best looking, and he wonders, what happened to the nice photos?

2) Leon says that sometimes the photos that people bring to him to autograph, looks better than his own album covers, when that happens, he usually blames himself, saying that when he was taking those photos for the album cover, he felt really stressed and pressured. A photo where he doesn't have to pose a certain way would be even better to use as a album cover, he says.


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