L-News Issue #14
January 1999

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!! We hope everyone here had a very HAPPY 1999!!! Sorry for the delay of this issue and the inconvenience it caused anyone.  Hope you can understand.  Even though the news in here is a bit old I hope you still enjoy reading it.  The February issue will be out by the end of this week and by then you should be all updated with Leon's news.

**Always & Forever LEON LAI** ....................

**News Flash**

Dec. 11
Leon arrived in Taiwan for the Golden Horse movie awards.  He was nominated for best actor for "City of Glass".  Today is Leon's birthday so the movie company of "City of Glass" arranged to celebrate his birthday with a birthday cake.  Leon was asked what he will do to celebrate his own birthday Leon just said that last night I already celebrated with co-workers from my record company at the recording studio.  Leon wished for health and for work to go smoothly, but reporters asked Leon if he wished to win the Golden Horse award? Leon said: "With awards its best to let it take its natural course."

Dec. 13
Leon and Shu Kei arrived at the Golden Horse awards last night holding hands so the reporters asked Leon right away whether or not he is afraid of rumors surfacing Leon said: "I'm not afraid of rumors, I'm only afraid that Shu Kei might fall down wearing such high heels, that's why I'm holding her hand."  Leon didn't win the best actor award last night but "City of Glass" still won: Best Script, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound, Viewer's Choice Best Film

Dec. 14
Leon returned to HK and this was Leon's first time being nominated by "Golden Horse" movie awards for Best Actor.  Even though he didn't get the award this time but Leon mentioned that "I am finally being recognize by Taiwanese people and I have a film nominated by Taiwan.  So my efforts have not gone to waste and people have given me good reviews so even though I didn't get the award I still thought it was worth it and I will treasure this experience"

Dec. 16
Leon attended the press conference arranged by Commercial Radio for their upcoming awards ceremony.  While there Commercial Radio announced that they will be changing the way they select their year end awards.  Instead of counting the airplay of all four stations and selecting the top ten songs they will only count the airplay and ranking of their own
Commercial Radio Pop Chart.  After hearing the announcement some singers were very surprised and others were disappointed but when reporters asked Leon about his feelings towards the change Leon answered "I will respect the decision of the radio station, actually even with the change it won't be much of a difference."

Dec. 17
Leon attended a press conference for Hutchinson's latest commercial along with the female lead, a 17year old girl from Korea called Joey Wang.  They were both asked about rumors concerning them both.  Leon said "Don't know, I haven't heard any, let them spread the rumors just treat it as entertainment news." Joey said "Don't know! Leon and I don't have that kind of chemistry.  If Leon married early, he would have a daughter as old as me by now.  I admire his acting skills, but I don't
have any feeling of love towards him.  But I know a lot of girls like him.  Reporters also asked her if she would want Leon as a godbrother?  Joey said "If he agrees to it, I will agree"

Dec. 18
Leon attended a press conference for his new album "If It's Possible to See You Again".  The Karaoke Lounge 'California Red' received the rights to have the priority of four weeks to play Leon's new Karaoke songs 'Happy 2000', 'If its Possible to See You Again' and 'Sorry, Who do I Love' before it is released to all the Karaoke Lounges which upset the other Karaoke Lounges.  Leon said that he isn't the first singer to have priority singing for Karaoke, before him there were plenty of other
singers who used this promotion strategy.  He won't worry too much himself, as long as it helps him introduce his music and his record company believes that he should do it then he will do it.

Dec. 19
Leon attended a function arranged by Hit Radio in which they were going to air the last chapter of Leon's Radio drama live.  This was the first time Leon played hockey and he found it very fun.  After playing for a while a DJ asked Leon if he needed a towel to wipe off his sweat, and if he would be willing to give the towel to one of his fans.  But Leon said that is very unsanitary to give a fan a towel he used to wipe off his sweat so he refused to hand over the towel.

Dec. 21
Leon attended the IFPI Award ceremony and he received 3 Platinum awards for his Sony album "I Love You So Much".  But since he switched record companies this year his old record company Polygram did not report any of his album sales for last year.

Dec. 22-27
Concerts in LA, Atlantic City and Toronto Everytime Leon has a concert in a Casino and if he has some free time he
will gamble a little and try his luck.  But has some rules when playing "Every time I will only play for 30 minutes, and I will only gamble $500 dollars.  If I lose all of the $500 dollars I won't play any more, but it doesn't matter how much I win after 30 minutes I will stop playing no matter if I win or lose I will leave."

Dec. 31
Leon received the Best Selling Singer Award and Best Selling Album award from HMV.  Also Metro Radio went to HMV as well to present Leon with a Metro Radio song award for "I Love You So Much" Before the awards there were rumors that Leon was going to receive the award for 98 Metro Radio Popular Singer but the award was given to Aaron Kwok.  Leon was asked about his feelings "Metro Radio has their own way of selecting the winners of the award if you participate in this award ceremony you have to accept the results that come with it.  There is no such thing as you deserve or do not deserve award.  I am just a participant.

Jan. 1
Leon attended Commercial Radio Award show and he received the following awards:

My Favorite Male Singer: Leon Lai
Commercial Radio Male Artist Silver Award
Best Partners: Leon Lai & Hutchinson Telecom
3rd Highest Airplay Song: Never Ever

This year Leon received Most Favorite Male Artist from Commercial Radio but the Commercial Radio Male Artist Gold Award went to Aaron Kwok this year and their have been rumors that he got the award because of Pepsi agreeing to buy commercial air time from Commercial Radio.  Leon just commented that he hasn't heard any such rumors and he finds that every awards show has such rumors floating around.  He also said: "At this time it is best to keep to yourself, fair or not I don't know, but I am happy receiving the silver award."

Jan. 4
Leon attended a press conference held by RTHK radio, which announced their Top Ten Singers for the Year and Leon was one of the Top Ten Singers.  After the press conference reporters asked Leon about how he only received one award from Metro Radio and how he felt about his fans complaining about the results.  "I don't mind, but everyone's perception is different.  As for how I feel about the results don't ask me, it's not very appropriate for me to comment about it.

Jan. 7
Earlier in the year Leon's father had a heart attack in Beijing and luckily he recovered from it, but he had to rest for a period of time.  The doctor advised him to have another operation to clear up his arteries.  At first he agreed to the operation but recently there was a case in HK where the operation was not successful so he didn't want to have the operation.  But Leon convinced his father to have the operation finally but it did take him a while to do so.  So recently Leon reduced his workload and did not accept any work that was not necessary so he could spend more time with his father before the operation.

**Leon's Personal Feelings**

Ever since, Leon has gotten famous in the entertainment field, he has had many rumors spreading around, regarding the fact of how people think he is such a 'player' and has numerous girlfriends and is unable to provide a sense of security to females and is dangerous. But Leon says that out of all the people around in the entertainment field, he feels he is the most ideal husband to choose, and that people shouldn't judge others by appearance.
Why Leon feels this way?!  He says that he is actually a person that is very faithful, he can give a lot out, which can never be taken back, the breaking up of a relationship made him very, very unhappy for the longest time. "I feel that I am a very sincere and reliable person, and will qualify to be a great husband, but not many people believe me." "So my future wife, will have to break away from all these stereotypes others have of me, in order to realize my true character." Leon said, if you really want to get to understand someone, but there is this distance in between, it could easily cause misunderstandings.

**Magazine Corner**---HK TV Weekly
Lai Ming "he lost, yet he won"

"City of Glass" leading actor, Lai Ming, at the Golden Horse Award Ceremony didn't get 'best actor'. The public said that Leon's facial expression didn't look very good (when the result was announced). After the ceremony was over, Leon admitted that he was a little disappointed. But being an actor, he can't continue thinking of what couldn't be, after this awards ceremony, Leon hopes that in the future he will have the opportunity to compete in this 'battle'.

"The experience is way more important that the result, the first time I got nominated for best actor I was already really happy, I always say that things should just be left to come naturally by fate, it will all be better that way. I will be happy and others around me will feel more comfortable, that way I won't always be giving myself and those around me too much pressure."

"City of Glass" has finished showing in HK for quite some time now, towards this movie, Leon likes it very much.

"I believe that everyone will choose the things they like to do, not only this time, but in the past and into the future, where my career stands, I will still respect and enjoy what I do, because it is my own choice. I won't say I don't like what I did because I didn't get any benefit from it."  Says Leon.

1998 is almost over, with the coming new year, what plans will Leon have? How will his albums and movie be like?

"People need to have plans, but I feel that letting things happen naturally is the best, you don't have to name exactly what you will do all at one time, the most important thing is to complete what you have to do at the moment ad try to do it the best you can."

"Both music and movies is what I respect and like to do, therefore, I can say that I will work on it the best I can, I won't think about doing it just to get an award or just for it to get high sales. Doing the best for yourself, is already the best result, also others will begin to recognize what you do or have done." Leon replies.

The awards ceremonies are approaching, in addition to all the things happening this year, will it effect Leon's confidence?

"I feel as if it is like a game I am taking part in, and you have to follow the rules, therefore, I don't have any opinions in this matter, I will respect people and the rules of this game."

"Getting an award is a happy feeling, but getting one or not to someone that has already but great effort into their work, is not as important. Actually, you will be happy for yourself, because you've tried your best, also it is a good response for all those that worked hard with you and for all those that support you. I always say that my work and my success is not all accomplished by myself, it is done with everyone's hard work and effort. Just doing something for the sake of personal
gains is not a good working attitude to have." says Leon.

**Interesting Facts**

Leon Van---$150,000 face-lift

On Leon's new van (Granvia Toyota) has his name "LEON" is on it, created by Wald costing him $1,500 to have it done.

The headlights of the new van, can only be bought in Japan, they are white lights surrounded with a few mini blue lights, costing $20,000.

The whole van's outer appearance was re-created to suit Leon's preference,by Wald. Costing $30,000.

Additional features to the new Van. costing $50,000, which includes:
Electronic map of the roads, miniature antennas, high entertainment sound system, including TV to watch TV programs. Also, there's a vcd and dvd machine.

His car tires are one of a kind as well, costing $40,000.

$10,000 for the new Blitz muffler..

**Broadcast Corner**
CNN Interview December 15th 1998

CNN Interview (Dec. 15, 1998)
        LIVE  (22minutes)
        DOWNLOAD (2.68MEG)

Singer and musician actor Unicef ambassador there's no telling what Leon Lai's up to, but we'll find out when Q&A Asia returns after this live from Hong Kong. The sweet sounds of Leon Lai the name familiar to all Chinese music lovers in Asia, at 32, this powerhouse singer is also popular actor and that's not all.

Hello everyone and welcome again to Q&A Asia live from Hong Kong. His talent has ensured him millions of fans especially living around the world. Leon Lai is not only rich in talent but he is deeply committed in an important cause, the cause of children. And it is both this cause and his career that Leon Lai will discuss with me and you live from HK over the next 30 minutes. Now earlier in the year, Leon released his first record from his new record label, Sony "I love you so much" providing a Cantonese and Mandarin songs it was a big hit which is no surprise for a young man who keeps singing and surprising fans while supporting kids all over the world.

Children are the future says Leon Lai and yet they are the most vulnerable and needy the singer and actor that sold millions of albums in a career spanning 8 years, has just turned 32. Despite his remarkable achievements everyone knows him, he claims he can't say he is satisfied because he will probably become complacent. Leon has made a point in devoting his precious time to charity needs even offering to do more and prays for his father as he was ill with cancer.   Leon started with the
Hong Kong children's cancer society in the early 1990's He had moved to the former British colony from Beijing in 1973 with a little stop in England for education.

Lately his work with the National Kidney foundation, performing music functions has raised more than half a million dollars for charity and now with the UN children's Unicef funds he is able to do more for the children across the globe. Professionally last March he signed up with Sony Music to record 4 Mandarin and 4 Cantonese albums and maybe one in English. He is known for direct style in conversation, there is no room for arrogance when helping those in desperate need. Now it is your
chance to meet Leon Lai, contact us by e-mail or fax or call the program live too. Now I can tell you, I have been talking to Leon in English, his English is good but we are going to ask secrets of the universe, so we will expect you to answer in Mandarin. Just as all of you know, you will get a translation as well.

We are going to start with an e-mail question. Many many questions for you sir, let me start with the first question.

1) Why did you become a singer? was it a dream since childhood, and do you plan to start a family?

Answer: Actually when I was young I came back to HK from school in England, when I was there, I was very lonely also at that time both my parents were separated. when I came to HK with my parents, the first step is that I like to start my musical career in HK. and it so happens that a Unicef asked me to do some musical job and it happened that my father suffered from cancer so I had to cherish the wish that if my father could survive this crisis then I would do a lot of charity jobs and I admire those families, cause I have been separated from my parents in my childhood, so I admire and envy those happy families.

2) Now an e-mail question, from Kay Mak, says do you consider Beijing or Hong Kong home? Are there certain characters you prefer to portray in a film? In the future what kind of future to you dream of?

Answer: Actually I was born in Beijing but I grew up in HK so I have a special feeling for Beijing. Hong Kong has taught me a lot of social things and experiences as well as human relations. It provided me the opportunity to go to many places also it gave me the opportunity to pursue my career.  I love acting in movies, it provided me with the ability to incorporate my feelings and sentimentalities into the songs I sing.

3) Now I know people at Unicef say wonderful things about you, I know you have done many works for them, what was the last bit of travelling you did, what did you see and do?

Answer: I have been to Rwanda, and this year I went to Brazil, people there are very enthusiastic and I got a feeling that when u do charity jobs you don't have to see miserable faces, sometimes we can share our happiness with others. Of course there is a sad aspect to their lives, I told the Chinese how to broaden their prospective and how to broaden their love to help children in other places of the world.

4) A direct question that came in from Houston, Texas from the United States.  Leon are you coming to Houston anytime soon? Do you respond to fan mail?

Answer:  I read some fan mail, honestly I can not read all of them, and so e-mail, I can respond to their questions. I know I will be going there pretty soon.

5) Now I know you have done this album with mandarin and Cantonese songs, do you plan for a more English or western based album? Does the western market appeal to you?

Answer: I believe that for my self to sing in English is a rare thing for people to try in Asia, there is an old English song called 'try to remember'. I will try provided I have the time and the opportunity. You can express different feelings I think it is important to try, the most important thing is to try regardless of the song's content.

6) Another question, why Unicef, what exactly is your purpose with being associated with Unicef?

Answer: Because Unicef, in 1994 I worked with them and they chose me, I did not choose them. It happened on dec.11 and it so happen to be my b-day my father also recovered from cancer and I promised that I would do some charity work for them. I am happy, also what is good about charity work is that we can see the result pretty soon and we can provide the money for those children with diseases so they can recover and it makes me happy to see that.

We are going to take a short pause, many questions left to come on Q&A Asia with Leon Lai. At 32 Leon Lai is a singing and acting sensation also a crusader for the poor and neglected children of the world. And Leon is with us live from HK studio in order to talk to us able his career and his causes.

7) We have a caller here, from the United Kingdom, from Portugal, actually. Good afternoon, I was just wanted to ask Leon, do you have any plans of retiring, or you think it is still quite a distance away, you know?

Answer: Not yet I haven't thought about retiring, when I entered this career I promised myself that when I realize that my audience is tired of me, then it is my time to go. In the middle of working, and I think about this question of retiring it will be of course a waste of time and energy from my work.

8) From Shanghai next, what is your question for Leon Lai?Good evening Leon, what would you regard as the most important mission in life and also, what is your message to the younger generation in China as to what they can do for the country? Thank you.

Answer: I hope that by 1999, we are planning to help the different areas in China and those middle schools.  I hope to help the students and provide them money so that the good students can go to different places like Europe or America for studies.  It is rare for those students to see different places and to see how people live and things are going on in other parts of the world.  So when they go to College they will a fresh prospective that can influence them to think differently, so when they graduate, they can go back to society and help other people or other students. I hope we can have a foundation to help those students.

9) We have a question from Holland, which came on the Internet, e-mail.  In which way has being an Unicef spokesman changed you?

Answer: Often as an artist, you are preoccupied but in our job of course, we have to devote some time to charity work. So actually we are trying to raise funds to help and to promote charity work. You cannot wait for free time and leisure to do it, you have to speak the moment and find the opportunity to work, to carry out what I promised other people that I would do.

10) A call from Japan next, for Leon Lai....Kelly, your question please. Okay, I heard you have a girlfriend in Korea, and I want to know if it is true and how has it affected your career.

Answer: I think it is just news coverage that it is true.

Life after the music and movies, Leon Lai tells us what is next after this commercial break, live from Q&A Asia Hong Kong.

Welcome back, Leon Lai is with us, lets get straight to the next questions and a couple from me actually, Leon.

11) Let me ask you about singing in different languages, in Mandarin, Cantonese, how does it change the way you sing, does it matter which language you sing? And how you deliver it?

Answer: Actually mandarin is my mother tongue, when I came to Hong Kong, at 4 of course, Cantonese became my mother tongue. But to me, Mandarin is softer, and Cantonese is harder, it is also harder to pronounce Cantonese, but of course in these days, Cantonese poses no problems for me anymore, in the last few years, I have been trying to sing some English and Korean songs. To sing other languages it is easier now and knowing another language is more convenient.

12) An e-mail question that came in from Norway.I know you have been to Rwanda and Brazil and had charity concerts, do
you know if the money raised from the concerts did any good? And what has Unicef done for these children?

Answer: In the UN children's foundation, we do not donate money, we buy things for them. Actually, as a Chinese person, I ask them, why don't they put me in china areas instead of other places? And they told me that the UN children foundation is a world foundation and we are trying to help all the children around the world, so we don't actually emphasize the difference in areas. We raise money to buy a lot of books and also help them build classrooms, we try to help the children's families in suburban areas when they don't have money to pay for their education. Also we raise money for them to buy some chickens and cows so they can support themselves financially. So this foundation is actually for the Children's foundation is trying to help china.

13) Well, Leon, when I went around asking people in HK, what you think is so special about Leon Lai, they said: he can sing and he can act. So how important is the acting for you?

Answer: I believe singing is very important to me, I started my career in acting first and then I became a singer. Acting in movies put some magic in my life so I can play different roles, I can become other people, can experience different feelings so that I can convey those feelings into the songs that I sing.  It helps me incorporate different feelings and expressions into my songs, movies helped me a lot in that respect.

14) So apart from singing and acting and so on...if there is one thing that you haven't done now, what is it?

Answer: I believe, us Chinese can develop faster so every Chinese artist/singer can take part in our area, I'm happy I have done a lot of things that I never dreamed of doing before. But I think that life is never ending process, I'm still carrying a lot of curiosity, and I am going to do whatever I want to do.

15) We have a lot of people with musical background that come this show, and I always have to ask them, what music do you listen to?

Answer: I listen to a great variety of music, such as Indian music, Japanese music, Korean, Chinese, Taiwan, British, American, I listen to all of them. My favorite is hip-hop, and songs that express feelings.

16) Now we have seen many big stars ,move out from HK, and Beijing and make it big in Hollywood and in the western market, what appears of that to you?

Answer: I believe that an artist in the western market is no different from other markets, it all depends on opportunities. And they occur everyday. But it just depends on which opportunities come your way and how you take them. But we should try our best in what we do presently.

17) What about your travels as UN ambassador, where do you plan to go next and where do they plan to send you?

Answer: Every year we have a plan to carry out, the plan starts in the middle of January each year. Usually the trip will start in August, and whenever they have made the arrangements I will do it.

18) Is there anywhere you want to go, sir? Cause I know u went to Rwanda and were very shocked with what you saw there.

Answer: to me, of course for tourism I would not go there, but this is for work, so I will go there. A promise is very important to a man, when u promise to do something, you have to do it and carry it out. Charity our work and profession.

Leon Lai, I would like to thank you very much for taking time out, I know you have very little time here and so many things to do. Thank you for taking time here and joining us on Q&A Asia and answering questions from people around the world.

Answer: Thanks, thank you.
Thank You, Leon Lai taking questions from you on Q&A Asia wraps up...........


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