L-News Issue #2
Jan. 11th 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!...We would like to say thank you to all of you that had sent in your survey replies!!.. We really appreciate your support!.... Mainly everyone's answers were similar, everyone wants to see the newsletter be longer, and more detailed, also to have more personal facts about LEON, instead of just about his works. As for the song translations we have decided to cut back on them since it seems that not everybody needed them. But we will include them in future issues. We will take all your comments and suggestions in consideration. And hope we can meet them... Anyways, is everyone wondering what we have in store for you this time?!... Okay, sit back relax and here we go!!! LEON FOREVER.............................

*News Flash*

Dec. 12: The sponsors of Leon's concert arranged a birthday party for him. One of the sponsors Genryoku Sushi especially made a large sushi for Leon in place of a birthday cake. But one thing was that Leon was late for his own birthday party. No one complained because he was the guest of honor.

Dec. 13: Mable Chueng announced that Leon will star in her upcoming film. The film is going to take place in two time periods 60's and 90's. The film will be about student life, love and society. On the subject of movies Leon will also film in another movie called "98 heroes" which he will star with "Lau Ching Wan"

Dec. 28: Rumors started to surface that Leon's actual girlfriend is a Korean actress her name is Kim Hee Yeon. The rumors started because she was living in the same hotel as Leon. Leon tried to clear the mess up by saying he is only living in the hotel at this moment because his house is remodeling and that it is very inconvenient to live at home. As for the Korean actress he doesn't recall meeting her before.

Jan 1: Leon attended Commercial Radio music awards ended up getting 3 awards

Jan 8: Leon just finished his very successful 20 shows of [Lai Ming Live Version] the same night they had a party to celebrate the completion of the concert. Leon was extremely happy and went around drinking with everybody.

Jan 10: On the Jan 13th Leon will receive 2 million HK dollars for eating Dreyers ice cream in front of a crowd. The company wanted to rebuild people confidence in Dreyers products and they believed that Leon was the best candidate for the job. Earlier in the year it was found that Dreyers ice cream was contaminated and the product had to be recalled. After several months Dreyers have decided to release their product again and got Leon to help them promote the product. Leon also attended the RTHK music awards that night he won 4 awards that night.


The "Golden Horse Film Awards" were held in Taipei on Dec. 13th the following are the results:
- Best drama "Comrades almost lovers"
- Best original song "Half Life's Fate" (Leon Lai)Leon's results for CR903 music chart for the past year

Commercial Radio Music Awards: Jan. 1, 1998
- Best Male Singer Gold: Leon Lai
- Favorite Male Singer: Leon Lai
- Favorite Song: Only need to love me one more day

RTHK Music Awards: Jan. 10, 1998
- Top 10 Singer: Leon Lai
- Top 10 Song: Only need to love me one more day
- The World's most Ultimate Chinese Gold Song: Only need to love me one more day
- Top 5 Best Album Seller: Leon Lai

***If you want to listen to a real audio version of the RTHK Music Award please follow the following address:

*Fun Facts*

1) On Leon's birthday, the sponsor of his concert held a birthday party at a particular hotel conference room. Fans and reporters were waiting for about an hour for Leon to show up....they were waiting and waiting and still no sign of Leon. Maybe they were just waiting to long and really wanted to see Leon appear...as soon as they all saw a expensive looking silver sports car drive up to the front of the hotel, all the fans started yelling Leon!!...Leon!!!...... and all started running towards the car. They all were fooled, they all thought the good-looking driver in the car was Leon!...the good-looking guy in the car was really embarrassed and so were the fans, they immediately started stepping back when they found out it was not Leon in the car. After the driver left, people later found out that good-looking guy is one of Roman Law's students.

*** Leon Live Version***

**note: picture of the concert can be seen at the following URL: http://king.cc.ntu.edu.tw/~b6303074/gallery/concert/concert1.htm
it has two pages of pictures from Leon's concert

*Funny concert moments*

1) Leon asked us "Can you see my 'gum mo'"? Of course we answered "yes!" And he said "actually, there's 4 different colors! But, I know that you can't see clearly!!...Do you like it?" "yes!".........Next scene, was Mark and Leon's part. Leon said to Mark that " Hey, we did not like each other before, why do we now? And even become partners for this concert? Mark said "Oh, yes, I really didn't like you at that time, but after we first met, and you treated me to a dozen oysters...and you gave me a very good impression...then I changed my opinion about you!!!" And Mark then said again "Hey Leon, I called you 'lo Lai'!" Leon said " Yes, you called me 'lo Lai', and why did you called me that?" Mark said "Oh, 'lo Lai' is so good, it means lucky...like always being lucky!..('lo Lai'.)..so call you will be 'lo Lai'!!!" Then LEON brought Mark around the stage, when he came to my corner and saw that there's people taking photo, he asked Mark to look up and smile and said "Let us pose for you!"

2) He talked really little, when we asked he to talk, he said "Say something?! I really haven't prepared anything to say!!! Don't know what to say!!!" Then, when came to the end, he asked the Music Director to gave him the music of. "Unspoken Words of Love" but the music was wrong!!! Leon look at the Music Director, Terry Chan, and said "Hehe...I want Unspoken Words...' wo!......not this.....Hehe... doesn't matter, give me that then!!!" But then, he said "Hmmm....for giving the wrong music, I count 1,2,3 and everyone 'Hur' him, ok?! 1,2,3..." "Hur........!!!"

3)Mark and LEON were even more funny last night!!! They wore a different hat!!! And the hat had 2 horn-like things sticking out of it!!! They said that it's only for Christmas designed by their fashion designer...and they said that they don't know why this look was considered for Christmas...may be it is because they look more like devils standing behind the angels!!!

*Leon Live Version Review*

When you go into the coliseum, there doesn't seem to be anything special....the center stage is oval with 4 corridors extending to 4 corners. In a lot of the songs, Leon would walk to all for corners and stay there a couple minuets....and he's extremely close to the audience .Leon always posed or made funny/cute gesture~~~ so adorable... Well, his clothes are all really classy, trendy and handsome looking, he doesn't have any special costume or anything like that. I think he changed at least 8 times. The most special thing about the concert is the stages and effects. The laser, sound and lighting is FANTASTIC!!! I've never seen anything better. Also, platform where Leon comes up from the backstage/understage has a turbo super speed...which makes Leon looks really cool when he comes out...he dyed his hair blond which makes him looks cuter then EVER.... Leon also wore a white wig in the first concert but after that, he never wore it again. I think that wig had bad feed back...that's why he didn't continue wearing it. His special guest is Mark Lui, as everyone knows already...well, they sang "chap lim". then, the new song in Leon Leon Sound..#8, "where are you at this moment" Leon and Mark danced to that song...which is extremely cute!!! Their little dance is really simple but leon and mark looks like two little school boys dancing it......according to what mark said, Leon made that dance up too!! it's very very entertaining!! hehehe...well, the last song they sang together was "perhaps...maybe...but..." They are so cute!!!!


1. "REPEAT ACTION"------with guitar, in suit.
2. "100 POSSIBILITIES"------with sunglasses, in blue trousers and black leather coat.
3. "DNA GONE WRONG"------with the see-through look.
4. "FEEL"------same as above.
5. "TRANSFER FEELING"------same as above.
6. "CHASING DANGEROUS LOVE"------in red shirt and red trousers.
7. "WANT NEW, LOVE OLD"------new song, in red trousers and long grey coat.
8. "JUST LOVE ME FOR ONE DAY"------in red trousers and dark blue coat.(with sparks)
9. "GIRL FRIEND'S BOY FRIEND"------same as above.
10. "THE WEATHER TODAY IS GOOD!"------in Korean.
11. "CHAM LIM"(the song of the god of gamblers III)------with Mark.
12. "WHERE ARE YOU AT THIS MOMENT?"------new song of Leon and Mark.
13. "MAYBE…PERHAPS…BUT…"------with Mark.
14. "INCREASE LOVE"------sitting in the arm-chair, with white shirt and black trousers.
15. "THERE'S NOT ONE DAY I DON'T THINK OF YOU"------same as above without chair.
16. "BUT GAY MO TOI"------in bright leather coat in brown and black trousers. (pull up the white cloths for light effects) 17. "CHIU FU NI PUNG YAU"------new song, took off the coat and there's a shinning T-shirt. (red and green light stage up) 18. "STRANGE ENCOUNTER"------in black trousers and a T-shirt with see-through sleeves.
19. "I LOVE YOU OK?"------same as above with a grey coat outside.
20. "I COME FROM BEIJING"------in green shirt and black trousers.
21. "BLUE STREET LIGHT"------(the TVs showing the sponsors' names and logo) in black suit.
22. "UNDESTINED ROMANCE"------same as above.
23. "OPEN"------, in shinning shirt and black trousers.
24. "ORIGINAL LOVE"---, same as above.
25. "LOVE IS AMAZING BECAUSE OF YOU"------same as above, new song...break.
26. "IF THIS IS LOVE"------in white shirt and shinning blue jeans.
27. "THE BEST OF THE WORLD"------same as above.
28. "UNSPOKEN WORDS OF LOVE"------same as above.

*24th DEC's Show*, Leon sang the song "we wish you a merry christmas" at the end of the song "the best of the world"!!! And fans sang that together. LEON wore a Christmas hat.

*For the Dec. 20th show Leon wore a white wig but since the feedback was not good he stopped wearing the wig. Finally on the last show Jan. 8th Leon one again wore a wig but this time it was blue. Leon originally had 3 wig made: white, blue and gold.

*Other Celebrities that were seen watching LEON's concert*

Faye Wong                   Roman Law
Rosamund Kwan           Lisa Wong
Kelly Chen                    Law Ka Ying
Leslie Cheung                Tony Leung
Teresa Lee                    Woo Fung
Michael Lai                   Yu Chung
Chan Bo Chu                Carina Lau
Sit Ka Yin                     Chan Ho Sun
Ng Kwun Yu                 Mark's Girlfriend
Andy Lau                      Ekin Cheung
Sam Hui

*Major Improvement by LEON in Concert '97*

Before people said that Leon is too tall for dancing and his moves are not smooth enough. When he moves his arms and legs it resembles a crab in action. But this time, LEON spent a lot of time and effort towards dancing, along with the advice of his dance instructor Joseph Leung, Leon made big improvements!! All is dance moves are more natural even fans and reporters say it is spectacular!!!

*Extra News*---- more on the personal level about Leon

Leon is very interested about aliens from outer space, and space ships. When he opens up the newspapers or magazines, he doesn't read about anything, other then to look for information regarding aliens from outer space. When he does come across such reports, his imagination goes wild!!...Leon said, life is already stressful enough so when you have a chance to look at different things it is really an enjoyment!

What is Leon's method of relieving stress?!...Well, once a fan wrote a letter to Leon suggesting to him of a method, and that is to, look out of the window, up into the sky at the clouds. While doing that, think of all your worries and problems, and let them float away with the clouds. Leon said that this method is really romantic, but he has a method of his own, and that is to listen to songs and sing along with them, so that all your worries will disappear along with the melody!


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