L-News Issue #3
Feb. 11th 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! We hope you all had a wonderful Chinese New Year!!! This issue, we will have a special section added just for this month!...Yes, February means, Valentine's Day!!..... So, our Valentine's Day special will feature....romantic things Leon has done before and little bit on how his Valentine's Days were spent!!... Also we have some info on Leon's ending contract with Polygram....some on-screen news and much more also Leon is working hard to change his destiny?! Wondering why?..Start reading.... Remember fans......LEON FOREVER.............................

So are you interested in Leon's Chinese Horoscope? If so here's one from appledaily.

Born: Dec. 12, 1966 Leon is a person of many talents, but he is interested in too many stuff. If he concentrates on one aspect he will excel in that area. Luck is on his side in his early years of life, during the middle years he will mature and will not have any problems with money. Towards his older years he will have a very carefree life with no worries. Good qualities that Leon has: Before he makes any decisions he will give it some thought and even listen to other people's ideas. But he will still have his own decision on the matter. As long as he learns more stuff and concentrate on one aspect of his career he will be very successful. His lucky colors are black and white.

*News Flash*

-Jan. 14 Leon attended the press conference for the re-launching of Dreyers Ice Cream. All Leon had to do was show up, choose his favorite flavor of ice cream and eat three spoons. It was rumored that Leon earned a whopping 2 million for each spoon of ice cream he ate. He ate a total of 3 spoonfuls so, if the rumor is true that day alone Leon earned a total of 6 million. But when reporters asked Leon of the actual amount Leon wouldn't comment and only said "it's a secret". He was also asked if he would make a commercial for Dreyers but Leon said no plans of a commercial has been made. Leon did say that the reason why he agreed to show up for the press conference was because both him and his pet dog usually eat Dreyers together at home and because Hutchinson has good relations with Dreyers also.

-Jan. 15 Recently there was a major earthquake in China which cause a lot of damages and casualties to the surrounding area. So Unicef decided to release a set of cards with Leon's picture on them to raise money for the victims.

-Jan. 19 In order to help out the earthquake victims in China Leon attended a charity show hosted by TVB in which he performed a song. After the performance Leon rushed to a local shopping center to sell egg rolls. While Leon was selling egg rolls he started to get hungry himself and ended up buying some to eat.

-Jan. 19 T.V. Commercial Awards were announced and Leon received a total of 3 awards. (Hutchinson phone commercial, most popular male commercial star, and most popular commercial song- "Only Love me For One Day") Leon wasn't able to attend but he did comment to the reporters that he was very happy to receive the awards especially since there was a lot of competition this year with commercials.

-Jan. 21 Leon attended Channel V Awards ceremony in Taiwan. Leon got an award for top 20 mandarin song "DNA gone wrong". Leon was extremely happy to receive the award because it was his very first award he received in Taiwan. After the awards ceremony the next day Leon left for Japan with the Paciwood crew for a vacation and to ski.

-Feb. 4 Leon attended the FM Select "5th Annual Golden Heart Awards"

-Feb. 11 Leon left for Vancouver today. At the airport around 60 fans were present to say goodbye and wish him a safe trip. The funny thing that happened was that his fans at the airport started giving Leon red pocket money at the airport. He even received around 30 of them. Leon will be performing in Vancouver on the 11th and in Toronto on the 20th both for charity reasons.

** Future Plans**

Leon's contract with Polygram ends in March and Leon said he will announce in March if he will stay or leave Polygram. They only thing Leon said was certain is that he will not start his own company but will either stay with Polygram or sign with another company. But rumors are already surfacing that Leon has already signed with Go East (the same company as Mark Lui and Kelly Chen). Well no matter what his decision is we will support him and his decisions. By the end of March we should know the result of Leon's decision.


Well, the last of the music awards are finally over with and Leon ended up with very good results at the various music awards. Probably a majority of you already know the results but here's a summary of the final results for those of you that don't know.

Commercial Radio Music Awards:
- Best Male Singer Gold: Leon Lai
- Favorite Male Singer: Leon Lai
- Favorite Song: Only need to love me one more day

RTHK Music Awards:
- Top 10 Singer: Leon Lai
- Top 10 Song: Only need to love me one more day
- The World's most Ultimate Chinese Gold Song: Only need to love me one more day
- Top 5 Best Album Seller: Leon Lai

TVB JSG Awards:
- Top 10 Song: Only need to love me one more day
- Community Chest Charity Award
- Best song: Only need to love me one more day

Hit Radio:
- Top 10 Chinese Pop Song: Only need to love me one more day
- Top 3 Country Song: Open
- Top 3 Country Song: You make love amazing
- Best song: Only need to love me one more day
- Top 3 Male Singer: Leon Lai

Channel V Awards:
- Top 20 Mandarin Song: DNA gone wrong

YMC Music Awards:
- Top 10 Cantonese Song: Only need to love me one more day
- Top 10 Mandarin Song: DNA gone wrong - Best Cantonese MTV: 100 possibilities
- Best Mandarin Song: DNA gone wrong

FM Select 5th Annual Golden Heart Awards:
- Top 10 Golden Heart Song: Only need to love me one more day
- Top 10 Golden Heart Mandarin Song: DNA gone wrong
- Most Perfect Lover: Leon Lai (5th year he has received this award)

Other awards: T.V. Commercial Awards:
- Hutchinson Phone Commercial
- Most Popular Male Commercial Star: Leon Lai
- Most Popular Commercial Song: Only need to love me one more day

Cartier Awards for Excellence:
This award is selected on the basis of who has had the greatest affect on HK during the past year. In each category only one person can get an award. (some of the category's are director, singer, composer, actor and actress).

Leon got the award for: Singer
Mark got the award for: Composer
Just wanted to mention that out of the 4 Heavenly Kings besides Leon only Jacky has received this award also.


How many of you out there miss Leon in movies? Well don't worry cause in 1998 Leon has already promised to make 3 movies. So just sit back and wait to see his movies soon.

1st movie:
Is directed by Mable Cheung (director of Soong Sisters) filming has already taken place at a University in HK the movie is a love story. They have to make sure that all scenes that take place at the University will be finished shooting before the end of March because at the end of March the University will be torn down for other developments. The main reason why Mable Cheung wanted to film this movie was because she found out that the University would be torn down soon and she wanted to keep a record of the University on film. The main actress of the movie will be Shu Kei. Both Leon and Shu Kei will act as University students in the movie and the beginning of the movie will take place in 1960 and span to present time. They will both start off as 20 yrs old students and end up in their 40's at the end of the movie. They will also go to England and France for some scenes of the movie. Leon will have several images for the movie. At the beginning of the movie he will have long hair so that means he will have to wear a wig. Later in the movie towards the end he will have to pretend to be 40 years old.

2nd movie:
"98 Heroes" Which will also star Lau Ching Wan it is going to be a movie about gangsters. It is suppose to be a film that will emphasize friendship and loyalty. Not much is know yet because filming has not started yet.

3rd movie:
This movie is going to be directed by Ann Hui (director of Boon Sung Yuen) same here also, nothing has been said yet about what the movie will be about.

**New Release**

Leon's new mandarin album will be released in March. This will be Leon's last mandarin album with Polygram before his contract ends. Unless he signs with them again.

**Fun Facts** ---Fans Encounter with Leon after his HK concert and the CR Ceremony.

Hehehe... last night, we waited for him to leave after the show outside the back-stage...we waited for about 35 minutes and Leon finally came out!!!...I think he was really very happy because he was in a very good mood!!! Leon waved to us...and...he showed us the naughty side of him...he jump pass the fence surrounding his car...and...put up his hands and stood up straight as the sports people do after an action!!! Hehehe...he did that twice!!! And after the last jump...he bowed to us!!! Leon seemed very proud!!! That made us scream and scream!!! Haha...very funny!!!

**Extra News**---- more on the personal level about Leon

1) On Chinese New Year, Leon was having dinner with his mother, she had heard of the flying rumors of a Korean girlfriend. And she asked Leon if he really did have a girlfriend, but she didn't specifically ask him if it was the Korean girl. She told Leon that he has no rush to find a girlfriend yet, and that to find a good girlfriend in HK is not easy and takes time to find. Then reporters asked Leon if he was in a hurry to find one, Leon said no, I am not. I will let things happen naturally.

2) There was an earthquake in China sometime in January. Reporters asked Leon if he had ever experienced one. And Leon said yes. He said the one he remembers most happened when he was 3-4 years old and in Beijing. He remembers it so clearly because when it happened, he remembered his father yelling at him continuously to get out of the house and run over to the street and not to come back in till everything stopped shaking. Leon said, luckily that time it was summer so it was not cold outside. But the earthquake in China this time is during winter and the cold weather has made it more unbearable.


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