L-News Issue #4
March 11th 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news!
First of all, we would like to thank all those "Super Leon Fans" for sending in their replies to the survey!...Of course everyone must be wondering which responses were the most favorable and just how you Leon fans think of Leon! Also get ready to read a long newsletter this time pull up a comfortable chair and enjoy. In this issue we have news about Leon's new mandarin cd and several interviews that you will definitely enjoy reading. Alright here goes: LEON FOREVER...............

Survey Answers: (most popular ones)
1) Which actress would you like to see LEON work with again, or for the first time?

a)Maggie Cheung Man Yuk
b)Michele Reis, Sammi Cheng,Gigi Leung (equal)

2) Which is your favorite TV series that LEON has appeared in?

a) Breaking Point
b) Legendary Ranger

3) Why are you a LEON fan? Is it because of his acting? His singing? His appearance? His generosity?

a) Singing
b) Appearance, generosity (equal)
c) Acting

4) Which is your favorite LEON album? (Including packaging and content)

a) Perhaps
b) Feel, Leon Sound (equal)

5) Do you prefer LEON with long hair (meaning his hair length now) or short hair (meaning his hair length in "Comrades, Almost Lovers"?

a) Original hair length (meaning long)
b) Short, present length (equal)

6) Which LEON movie is your favorite?

a) Comrades, almost lovers
b) Killing Me Tenderly, Teenage God of Gamblers III

7) Lastly, are you a member of Leon Family Fan Club?

The majority of the fans here are not a member of Leon Family.

*News Flash*

Feb. 13
- Performed at a Vancouver Charity show

- Reported that USA Cotton commercial that Leon did last year was given to Daniel Chan to do. The reason behind it was because USA Cotton wanted a change of actor. But the major reason was because contract problems with Polygram and Leon have not been settled yet and Polygram is the one has the final say in who gets the commercial.

Feb. 17
- Leon returned to Hong Kong from Vancouver to try out the new images for his new movie "City of Glass" He only stayed in Hong Kong for a day and left for Toronto.

Feb. 19
- Rumors are surfacing that Leon has already decided to join with Cinepoly (sister company of Polygram) after his contract ends. His fans do not want Leon to continue his contract with Polygram because they believe that they always put Jacky Cheung first in decisions or album promotions. The reporters also commented that in the past with album promotions or plans Polygram has never helped Leon with them. If it wasn't for his own management company Paciwood he wouldn't have today's success.

- Leon took the 3:30 pm flight to Toronto to attend another Charity Concert. Reporters requested that Leon arrive at the airport earlier for an interview regarding rumors that he will sign with Cinepoly but Leon arrived at the airport at 3:00 pm and quickly got on the plane. The reporters never got a chance to ask questions.

Feb. 20
- Arrived in Toronto and performed for a Charity Concert. After he returned to Hong Kong from Toronto he attended the funeral of Leonard Ho Koon Cheung who was the vice chair of Golden Harvest.

Feb. 24
- In the Afternoon Leon attended the press conference for Unicef in which a check was handed to them with the amount of $20,000,000 HK. The money was collected through a project, which includes Cathay Pacific, Unicef and Leon called "Change for the Good."

- The same day the reporters finally got a chance to ask Leon about his contract plans and the USA Cotton commercial. They asked Leon if he was actually going to join Cinepoly and if the main reason was because he would become their main male singer. Leon answered "It doesn't matter if he's the main singer or not the most important is that I get good songs. Right now I am still considered a Polygram singer so I do not want to talk about other companies." He also stated that he will reveal his future plans after the release of his mandarin album. As for the USA Cotton commercial Leon commented that it was very normal that they would want another star cause each year a different market is targeted so a different star would be needed.

Feb. 25
- Opening Lens Ceremony for the movie "City of Glass" was held at night at the "Ho Tung Building" in Hong Kong University. The Ho Tung building will be torn down in two weeks. Leon was an hour late for the ceremony he said he was at the doctor because he had a skin irritation. The director Mable Cheung was shocked to see all the fans that came to see Leon because this was the first time she worked with a popstar. She was worried whether or not the fans would disrupt shooting. The same night Leon did a scene where he had to give Shu Kei a ride on the back of his bicycle.

Feb. 27
- Performed on the last episode of E.Y.T (Enjoy Yourself Tonight) in which he sang two songs "Only Need To Love Me One Day" and "Leon and Me".

Mar. 1
- Leon recently has been busy filming "City of Glass" and also writing theme songs for both "K100" (the theme song for K100 will be aired on March 13th episode of K100) and "Community Chest 30th Anniversary". Leon also mentioned that he has already written more than 10 songs already and that if he wanted to he can release a CD featuring his songs. The reporters also asked Leon if he knew why recently Mark Lui was unhappy? And did it have anything to do with rumors of his girlfriend Nicole Cheung and Nick Tse? Leon said it was all rumors and that last night he saw both of them together and they were very happy. Mark waited for both Leon and Nicole to finish shooting "City of Glass" and they all had dinner together. Afterwards Leon noticed that both of them were very tired so he drove both of them to Mark's car. After Leon commented on them he asked the reporters to take it easy on both of them and not make such a big thing out of the rumors.

Mar. 2
- Leon was spotted looking at some houses that have magnificent views but when reporters asked if he was planning to buy a house he didn't answer.

** Future Plans**

Nothing has been revealed yet of Leon's contract plans. There were rumor going around that Leon was going to join Go East at first but it seems that it won't be as likely cause when Andy Hui joined Go East he was promised that he would be the main male singer in that company. So chances are slim that he will be joining Go East. As for Cinepoly it hasn't been confirmed yet but it seems like a more likely choice between the two. But they only thing that has been settled is that Mark Lui will still help Leon compose songs no matter which company he chooses because of there friendship.

*Awards* (nominations)

Hong Kong Film Awards
Nominated for Best Original Film Song:

The Eighteen Springs (The Eighteen Springs)
Can: Boon Sun Yuen
Lit: Half Life Fate
Song by: Wong Kwok Lun
Lyrics by: Lam Jik
Performed by: Leon Lai Ming


1. Leon is currently filming "City of Glass" and the movie is scheduled to be released in August. It is estimated that the movie will cost 15 million to make because of scenes that will take place in France and England and computer generated shots.

2. He will be working on "98 Heroes" next and besides filming in Hong Kong some scenes will be shot in Thailand. It is estimated that this film will cost 20 million to make. The companies are very confident with Leon that he will become the next major actor. Especially with his recent strong support of fans in China, Korea, Overseas audience. With this film they are hoping that Leon will become as famous as Chow Yun Fat. This film will be a mainly action film and will concentrate on the brotherly relationship between Lau Ching Wan and Leon.

3. Leon will work with director Ann Hui again in her next new film which will also star Leslie Cheung.

4. Supposedly Leon has also signed on to do another Wong Jing movie that also deals with gambling.

**Leon On-Stage**

I was at the "Chinese Cultural Centre Of Greater Toronto's Gala Opening Festival"-----All-Star Variety Show. On Friday, Feb. 20th. Hmm..well the overall show was pretty good!.. it was a long one, 3 hours. Well, I'll just tell you all about LEON's performance in as much detail as I can remember...okay?! It was great to see that LEON was the most loved by the audience in the whole show!!

First of all this is how they described LEON in the Concert Program:

Leon is the embodiment of what music and movie fans perceive to be perfection itself-good looks, accomplished vocal techniques, and great potentials in front of the camera. He has an immense following in various parts of the world and we are very lucky to have him in Toronto again.

Leon's first appearance was at 10pm. Leon was wearing a black sweater, black pants. He came out to talk about how it is important to support Chinese Culture no matter what part of the world you are in, whether it is here in Canada or not. And how he is happy to take part in this event. Leon's next appearance was at 11pm. Just before Leon came out, all the fans were piling up, ready to give him flowers, stuffed animals, balloons....etc....it is so stupid how people sitting in the balcony areas were not allowed to go down to the ground floor to give presents to Leon!!!!......there were quite a few people too.....Ahhhhhhh..........oh well, I guess better luck in getting closer seats next time.......anyways......As soon as Leon was on stage, the whole crowd yelled and cheered so loud!!..hehe...(and of course I was too)....the first song he sang was '100 possibilities', he was wearing a black suit, black shirt with a grey/silver tie and his pants were black velvet material with a little bit of design on it. Also he wore such a cool pair of sunglasses...and when he was singing, he danced around with such fine moves!!...hehehe.......right after he performed that song, fans started giving him all those gifts....Leon said thanks....hmmm...he was the only one that got many gifts that were not planned to be given away by the backstage workers. Then Leon began to talk....and was kind of out of breath...he was smiling...laughing...and was encouraging people to call in to donate money...and apologized in a really cute way, because he said the phone number wrong the first time....then there were more people screaming "LEON!!!!!"......Then he introduced the next song..."love is amazing because of you"....as he was singing....people continued to scream.....After that song, Leon talked a tiny bit more.. about the charity things. Then introduced the last song of the night, which was 'only love me for one day" (then there were screams and cheering of "LEON!!!!"...After Leon sang that song, then everyone came out to join for a toast with the sponsors etc.....hmm.. I think all the stars came back on the stage....but I only really noticed Leon was there.....Anyways, as Leon was drinking the champagne....actually he was drinking it, it seemed more like sipping it, from his facial expression, it looked like some really awful tasting stuff...cause he made this really funny face after drinking the first sip.....then he walked around the stage area a little, and while all this was going on, people were still yelling LEON!!!!!!!! And waving to him..then Leon waved to the people in the balcony seats....hehehe....and the fans sitting on the floor seats...he did that twice with both hands and then made a very cute yet fast disappearance....(people screamed Leon!!)....well, then I left the hall. The show was pretty much over by then. There were still the other stars hanging around the stage a little longer...I think.

Hmmm...one more thing, I think LEON's hair color looks so much better in person then in pictures!...


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