L-News Issue #5
April 11th, 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! First of all, we would like to wish all fans a very happy Easter break!! This issue of L-News is very special because we have reports of Leon from Japan and Korea, such as interviews and articles. This was made possible by Hana (Korea) and Lucy (Japan). This issue is also a long one so enjoy and take your time reading it. Also sorry if this issue takes up all the space in your mailbox hope you don't mind. =)
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*News Flash*

March 11
Rumors are surfacing that Leon cannot come to an agreement with Cinepoly that's why he won't be signing with them. At the same time rumors of Sony started surfacing that Leon has already signed with them. Sony's promotion department wouldn't comment and just said that they are interested in any singer that has talent and stated Leon has talent. When Polygram was asked about Sony and Leon's contract decision they just said that its hard to say. Especially when its so close to the end of the contract and that Leon hasn't officially signed with anybody yet.

March 13
Leon was also asked by reporters if his asking price of $140,000,000 million was true. Leon jokingly said "that little, 3 years ago I already had that asking price according to you guys. After that rumor I was asked by the Tax Revenue Service to show evidence of such an income/contract. I didn't have a contract with such an asking price so they couldn't do anything about it. After your rumors again this time they might just come and ask me for my contract again." Hehehe…

March 17
Sony has officially announced that they have signed Leon as one of their singers and the contract signing will be held on March 23.

March 19
Leon performed a show for Metro Radio called "Leon and I - Song, Movie Workshop". Leon commented that he choose Sony over Polygram because their proposal was more attractive and seemed a better for his future. Leon stated that his main base will still be in Hong Kong but that he would like to expand his career in Taiwan also. As for leaving Polygram because of the "Big Brother" status Leon said no that wasn't the reason. Even when he was at Polygram he knew his position and always knew that Jacky was better than him. You should always know where you stand even if I leave Polygram no matter where I go Jacky will still be better than me. So there is not really any difference at all.

March 20
After performing the show for Metro Radio Leon invited all the people that have been working with him at Polygram for a midnight dinner. He wanted to thank them for all their hard work and support for all the years.

March 22
Pirated VCD's of Leon's Live Version concert have been selling for a while now and Leon stated that it is being investigated now that that they were sure that is was someone from the HK coliseum who released the footage.

March 23
Leon has just signed with Sony Music as one of their singers. The contract signing was at a hotel in Hong Kong and Leon made his entrance driving a silver convertible. Leon stated the reason why he signed with Sony is because he wanted to expand his career in Taiwan. He also mentioned that "Big brother status is not important but good songs are"

March 24
Leon left Honk Kong for Canada to shoot his new Hutchinson commercial.

March 31
Leon's name is entered into the Guinness Book Of World Record, for his efforts with Unicef as Charity Ambassador during 1995 which help 80 million children with infantile paralysis. It was made a Guinness Book Record because it was the largest amount of people helped through one charity event.

April 3
Leon just returned back to Hong Kong from his 13 day trip to Canada (Vancouver) to shoot his new Hutchinson commercial. I heard he cut his hair to a short style I haven't seen it yet. I wonder what it looks like? (I'll post a pic of it when I get one) Well, his new commercial will air sometime at the end of April and the female lead is a 18 yr. old, Singaporean (Lee Anne D` Alexandry) who is mixed (french/chinese). The commercial will also have shots of Leon skiing in Canada.

April 7
Mark was interviewed about what has he been doing lately, and he mentioned that he is helping Leon produce his first album with Sony right now. The reporters even asked if there was any difficulties, while helping Leon produce his album, since they are in different companies now. Mark mentioned that everything was the same as before and that there were no difficulties. Mark stated that, since they wanted to promote Leon as an international singer, Mark has composed songs that have more of a foreign style to it. Mark also said "Leon is very nervous about this album, there can't be any mistakes, Leon is recording his album right now"

April 8
Leon is the guest star host for this year's "World Cup" which is hosted by TVB. Leon will get a chance to go to France with who ever wins the contest. The contest consist of 3000 people who are willing to pay $500 hk dollars to join a soccer club. Then within those 3000 people one person will be picked and given two tickets to watch the soccer match in France with Leon. This event is also part of Community Chest function, which will help raise money for their charity so the $500 will go to Community Chest. Since this is a charity function Leon will not be receiving any salary for his work. Leon also mentioned that his favorite team is Brazil..

April 10
Leon's new Hutchinson Commercial will air on April 15th in HK and during that time the female lead Lee Anne D` Alexandry will attend the press conference for the commercial. The theme song for the commercial is called "Break Up" and has already been recorded.


In mid April the filming of "City of Glass" will be shot in London and they will spend around 10 days there. This time while filming "City of Glass" Mable Cheung the director is very happy because before when she was filming "An Autumn's Tale" with Chow Yuen Fat, she thought he was very professional. This time filming with Leon she has found out that Leon is a very professional actor also. He has never been late, uses all of his heart to act, and has met all of her requirements. Just like before when they were shooting a scene where Leon was being splashed with water, in certain shots Leon could have used a body double but Leon insisted to do it himself and ended up wet the whole night. After the first shot Leon thought he didn't do a good enough job and requested it to be shot over again. There was another scene where Leon has to say around 40 bad words. The director and script writers could only think of 20 or so bad words for the scene. But after Leon thought for a while and improvised and ended up with 40 or more bad words. He even cursed very naturally and didn't even worry about his singer's image. But the director Mable Cheung said: "I'm afraid that when I take it to get rated and it doesn't pass because of all those bad words. I wouldn't know how to edit that part or even think of other words to replace them if we have to re-record that scene. Hehehe…". On April 9th Leon also shot a scene in which he had to compete to eat a sandwich, which was five, six layers high. He ended up stuffing that sandwich in his mouth because it was so big.

**Leon On-Stage**

Leon's performance at Metro Radio's "Leon and I - Song, Movie Workshop" was very successful. During the show they showed a lot of old footage of Leon such as his singing contest in 1986 were he was wearing the blue suit and scarf on his shoulder. When Leon saw the footage he started screaming "Don't show that!!!". He also mentioned how his father didn't want him to enter the entertainment business and to stop dreaming about becoming a star and how he should go back to school in England. Everybody also commented on how his looks haven't changed much since back then and asked what were his secrets for staying so young. They also showed footage to kissing scenes which Leon did before such as the one with Sammi in "Killing Me Tenderly". Leon sang several songs and also has several guest stars such as Nicole Cheung.

**Fans Encounter**---Christine of Hong Kong

I went to the Repluse Bay Hotel to cheer for Leon at the day he sign the contract with Sony Music!!! He's really happy on that day and we, fans, were too!!! We have to wait for 2 hours for his first appearance in the silver-coloured car and another hour for his 2nd appearance which he waved to us with a really nice smile!!! And another 2 hours for his appearance through the windows having an interview!!! This last for about 20 minutes that we were able to see half of his head at the same time!!! He saw us waiting outside, between the interview he waved to us with a smile, and then continued the interview!!! After the interview, Leon waved to us again!!! And I left after waiting half an hour more cause it's 6pm already!!!

**New Release**

His Mandarin CD "Longing" has been delayed by Polygram and there is no set date yet as to when it will release.

As for his new Cantonese CD with Sony it will be releasing in May.

**Fun/Cute Facts**

1) There have been rumors that Leon and Chan Yik Shun are fighting for the theme song of the movie "glass city". Leon said : 'it's not me that made up the rumor, how am I supposed to know?" The truth is that Leon hasn't even heard of a theme song for the movie yet. To make some sense of this connection, Leon laughed and called himself 'soy sauce', when eating people like to add a few drops, to make things tastier in other words it is so easy for people to just add in his name and make rumors more interesting. Useless information to make up rumors! Hahaha...

2) People were saying how Polygram will now use Daniel and Jacky together to squash Leon. Leon replied while laughing: "you think this is a sandwich or something?" hahaha....

3) Leon had to film a instant noodles commercial quite a while back now. While he was filming he had to re-do the takes over and over again...and ended up eating about 80 bites of the instant noodles! The funny thing is that after each shot the director said that 'very good take, but let's try another one. After 80 takes, the director decided to chose the first take after all that!

**Extra News**
---- More on the personal level about Leon

1) Leon's favourite part of his own body is his belly button, now all you fans must be wondering, 'so just how good does his belly button look?!"

2) Before girls often described the way Leon talks is like 'pillow talk', simply because, before Leon use to speak quite unclearly and fast, in some ways confusing. Just like someone that is only half a sleep and talking!

3) Now don't judge by just Leon's appearance that because he is so 'fit' that he is someone that is afraid to eat! The truth is that Leon LOVES to eat!! He views eating as the highest enjoyment (luxury). So that is why, all along he had wished to open up his own restaurant, and this restaurant only sells Leon's favorite dishes. Leon said that he doesn't want to use his 'name' as a selling point, but hopes that people will come to eat because the food is superb! This is why it has to all be carefully planned and slowly take action. Even when the word 'eating' is mentioned Leon suddenly livens up, he says he loves to eat Japanese food the most, Hangzhou dishes, and Korean food. When Leon thinks about Chinese fondu, and all the other varieties of cuisine's he likes. He gets really happy. Leon loves to go out to eat with a huge group of friends, and loves that 'warm feeling". This is that second requirement his restaurant will have to have, it has to provide a sense of warmth and comfort to customers. As for the location? Leon thinks that "Yuen Long" is the best choice. Because there is a nice 'nature' feel too it, and it Hong Kong, that is the only suitable location! What will the name of the restaurant be? Leon replied: " Not 'Lai Ming Resturant' because that sound too pathetic for a restaurant! I like it to be called 'Leon Restaurant', that sounds a lot better!"


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