L-News Issue #7
June 11th, 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! This issue of L-News will spice up your taste buds! =) because we will feature an interesting Leon recipe of one of his favorite dishes, any guesses?!...that's right! Curry Chicken!!...are you curious as how Leon cooks it?! You better keep reading then! Hope you enjoyed the last few issues of L-News and will continue to support us and Leon as well!! We would like to wish all of you good luck on coming finals, or if you're working good luck on your job and hope you all have a fun and safe summer!!

*News Flash*

May 15
Leon was at the press conference for "Community Chest" Thirty-year anniversary. Leon composed the theme song for "Community Chest" called "Most Beautiful Moment"

May 18
Reporters were hoping to get a picture of Leon and Kathy Chow together while they were performing for the "Community Chest" show but they never got the chance. Because when ever Leon was backstage Kathy wasn't there and when Kathy was there Leon wasn't there. So they never really got a chance to pose for the reporters for a picture.

May 19
Leon left for Thailand to film "True Heroes" and will return on May 23 to promote his new EP.

May 23
Leon will be representing Hong Kong to sing the theme song for "World Cup". The song is contained in a CD released by Sony called "Allez! Ola! Ole" the song is called "Kinetic Joy" remix version of "Most Beautiful Moment" which is composed by Leon.

May 24
Leon was rehearsing for TVB's "Jade Solid Gold" show. Reporters were there to ask Leon whether or not the rumors of Leon meeting his supposedly Korean girlfriend at the hair salon yesterday were true. Leon said that no matter how he tries to deny or say the rumor are not true people will still believe he has a Korean girlfriend. But once again Leon told the reporters that he has never met her before and even asked Korean reporters to introduce him to her next time he visits Korea.

May 25
Leon was recording a mini concert for "Jade Solid Gold" and during the show Leon was asked to rank the Four Heavenly Kings Leon ranked them as follows: 1) Jacky Cheung 2) Andy Lau 3) Leon Lai 4) Aaron Kwok. Afterwards Leon explained that he ranked them that way based on the years each one of them has been in the singing business. So Jacky was ranked first because he has been in the singing business the longest. Afterwards Wyman asked Leon to rank the Kings according to friendship 1) Jacky Cheung 2) Andy Lau 3) Aaron Kwok.

May 26
Leon returned to Thailand to continue filming "True Heroes" filming has been going well but the only thing Leon complained about was the heat in Thailand. Temperatures got as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Because of the heat Leon had to constantly change his undershirt almost every two hours because he sweated too much from the heat.

May 29
Leon returned to Hong Kong to continue his promotions for his EP "I Love You Like This" Leon attended a radio program hosted by RTHK 1 students from various schools were able to interview Leon and also ask him questions. IFPI album sales were released on May 28th and Leon got 1st place for IFPI for his new EP "I Love You Like This" and 3rd place for his Polygram compilation. His new EP has already reached sales of Double Platinum. Leon was very happy for the great sales records Leon mentioned that he had confidence in his new EP but never expected the sales to be so good.

May 30
Leon left for Shanghai to attend the premiere of his movie "Eighteen Springs". The movie did extremely well when it was showing in Beijing so they asked Leon to attend the premiere for Shanghai's "Eighteen Springs". Leon's flight was at 8:00am but before he went to the airport Leon had to wake up at 5:00 am to go out in the ocean to swim. Leon said that it was a ritual of his to swim on the day of "Dragon Boat Festival" so no matter how early it was he would have to take a swim before he left for Shanghai. Leon was only able to stay in Shanghai for a day to promote the film but during that day he went to 4 different theaters for premiere/promotions. Leon left Shanghai to return to Thailand again to continue filming "True Heroes"

May 31
Leon attended a Leon Family Thailand Gathering with his fans.

June 3
Leon has been traveling back and forth from HK to Thailand doing promotions and filming "True Heroes". But while in Thailand Leon still found time to eat one time he ordered 9 different desserts from a hotel café to eat. Leon especially likes desserts made with coconut, Leon finished all of the desserts by himself also. While filming in Thailand the director of the film "True Heroes" was afraid that the food was not clean. So he especially hired a chef to cook for the actors and workers because if anyone got sick it would delay filming. But Leon still couldn't resist the local food sold on the streets and continued eating.

June 5
Leon performed at the "Hello Concert" in Singapore. He sang three songs that night 1) DNA Gone Wrong 2) Beating Heart (Track 6 of EP) and 3) Less I See, The More I Miss (Mandarin Version) (Track 3 of EP)

June 8
While filming for "True Heroes" some locations spots were very rural so there weren't any restrooms in site except for the one on the bus. But the only problem was that the bus was parked at least a 15 to 20 minute walk away so it wasn't very convenient. Leon saying that normally it would be no big deal to go to the restroom in the bushes but because there were around 100 people working on location it would be very embarrassing if people were watching. So Leon ended up having to hold it until he couldn't take it anymore and then he would run to the bus to go to the restroom.

June 9
Returns to HK to do promotions for World Cup.

June 10
Leon attended a press conference to promote a Concert held by CR2 in Beijing 7/24 and Shanghai in 7/26. Other singers such as Jacky, Faye, Aaron will also be attending the concert. Recently reporters have been writing in the newspapers if Jacky will get #1 on IFPI or Leon. So during that day the reporters asked Leon about his comments and Leon said that it doesn't matter who gets it, I agree with Jacky that the overall year end results are more important that weekly results. But mainly the most important is that I have done my best and put out my best effort for my fans and Sony.

June 11
Leon attended the opening ceremony for TVB's broadcast of the World Cup games. Leon is rushing back to Thailand because he has to make sure that Lau Ching Wan finishes all his scenes because he has to get married very soon. Leon already bought him a gift for his wedding.


It is reported that three of Leon's new movies will be showing in Hong Kong during summer. "Glass City" with Shu Kei, "True Heros" with Lau Ching Wan, and "New Century of Love" with Carina Lau Ka Ling, Lee Ann and Shu Kei.

**Fans Encounter**---Junna of Singapore

Leon arrived in Singapore on 5th June.....his flight is SQ 61, touching Singapore at 10.32am...we were already at the airport at 10am....we waited....along the way...we had some inside information that Leon will be fetched by a Mercedes...but it was later proved to be a fake information... anyway....Leon came out of Belt38 at about 11am..we were all excited....he was actually talking to his assistant but as he was approaching the entrance of belt38, he took out his sunglasses and put them on!!!!! he look so cool!!!!!!! yeah!!!he waved at us,.,.. only after we waved vigorously to him...(i think he pitied us) hehehehe.... ya...this comes the most exciting part...sit on tight!!!! Leon has previously asked the Leon family not to go to the airport...but then..some of us still went ....(rebellious huh) hmm...Leon, by rights should walk through the barricade on his left...but when he saw that some people were blocking the way, he changed his mind and took a few steps to his right....and guess what happened??!!!!!!LEON JUMPED OVER THE AIRPORT BARRICADE!!!!!wow!!!!! at this moment!!!! We were all shocked by what he had done!!! No one expected him to this!! Imagine!!!!!! He is LEONLAI...not any other passengers....yeah..after that..he walked very briskly to the awaiting bus....on the bus...all his assisitants quickly drew all the curtains...

By the way...we met Leon's guardian...(zi quan) before Leon came out....he warned us to not to provoke Leon as he only finished shooting the film after mid night and that he is very tired.....he will not entertain any nonsense!!!!! he is still the very same leon..still that stubborn!!!!!!! but!! that shows his character!!!!....:> anyways I'm just very pleased with Leon...

**New Release**

List of Leon CD's recently released to be looking for, if you haven't already bought them!

*new version of Leon's 'I love u this way'
*original version of Leon's 'I love u this way'
*world cup sound track CD
*Polygram Compilation CD

I Love U This Way - EP Review -
Album Cover: Very simple design Leon wears only one outfit in all the pics but the image fits Leon perfectly. The image is very clean cut and charming at the same time. The silver words on the front and back of album gives the whole album a special touch also.
VCD: Great bonus to the EP!!! Especially to the fans who are not able to see Leon's Hutchinson Commercial. The images from the music video perfectly match the song and enhance the feel of the song as well.

Song One: Very catchy song, and it is a typical Mark Lui composition. The arrangement are very up beat, that's why it gives a city feel and they use a lot of backup vocal to make it sound more energetic. Leon delivers the song in a very casual tone, which fits the lyrics perfectly. This commercial song for Hutchinson is very different from the past, which was mainly songs that carried a very grand feeling to them but this time around the song is like part of everyday life just like the commercial.
Song Two: Is an excellent attempt for Leon in singing R&B and his English has IMPROVED!!!!!!!!! Tremendously!!!! The song used a lot of background vocals, but this time, it is used to soften the whole song and to sound smoother. Very successful attempt in trying new singing styles. The lyrics by Wyman are great also.
Song Three: Typical fast song of Leon seems like a continuation from his last Cantonese album "Leon Sound" similar in style and would have fit perfectly with the album.
Song Four & Six: One and only slow song in the album but it is a great one. Leon sings both versions with full passion he uses the right amount of emotion and doesn't overdo it. There are totally no backup vocals in this song which is done to create the effect that Leon is speaking through this song with the lyrics.
Song Five: Leon himself composes this song, the lyrics are good but the song seems to lack something.

**Fun/Cute Facts**

1) Leon was asked, does it matter what if your girlfriend is from HK or overseas? And out the three nationalities of women-Korean, Singaporean, and Taiwanese, which one would he choose?! Leon responded: The women that I love, her nationality does not matter. If I really had to choose one, then I would leave it to God to choose for me. Hahaha...maybe all three of these women are not destined for me to be with.

2) Leon and Lee Ann were doing a promotion for their cell phone commercial at Time Square in Causeway Bay. They had to play a skiing game with the audience that was there, this Leon fan was not sure how to ski. So Leon said: it is very easy, all you have to do is constantly move your butt side to side...hahaha...Leon then demonstrated, and all the audience went wild!!

3) Leon was talking about when he will consider marriage and starting his own family. He said, right now it is not the time, and rather difficult to do, wait till he is 36-40 years old, that will be more suitable time. Leon then said, right now even if I were to bring an apple to my next door neighbour, people will spread rumours that I have "something" going on with the apple...hahaha...so I think that when I am 36 no one will follow me around anymore, and there will be less chance to mess things up.


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