L-News Issue #7
June 11th, 1998
Part 2

**Personal Facts**

1) Fans voted that they would like to see Leon film a lipstick commercial, Leon said: anything other than 'female cosmetics/ products', I will consider doing a commercial for. But lipstick/lip balm is for women, so I will not do it.

2) Reporters asked Leon if he minds that his girlfriend/wife is 10 years younger than him. Leon replied: 10 years older than her is not a problem. My father and mother have a 12 year difference.

3) Leon claims that when you have children nowadays the count on it that they will take care of you when you are old. Also children from ages 6-18 years old are the most annoying to put up with and are troublemakers. Leon then said: I remember when I was that age, very annoying!

4) Leon is very aggressive when it comes to work, his motto is: you can't always win, but you can't loose to rock bottom.

-Today's Special-
**Leon's Curry Chicken**

Ingredients: slices of chicken (Leon especially loves overseas frozen chicken, because he feels that local HK chickens is not tender enough), green onion, garlic, curry powder, hot peppers.
Directions: put a little bit of oil into the frying pan, when it heats up put in the onions, garlic and curry powder into the pan and stir it around, afterwards add in the chicken pieces, keep cooking till it is 20-30% cook, then add the right amount of fresh water (estimate). If you like to eat hot and spicy, then add in one whole hot pepper. Then add some salt and sugar to stir up some more flavor. Then simmer the chicken on a low heat till it gets soft, finally add in a little bowl of milk. (when in England Leon use to use milk powder instead, it was cheaper). A final touch, add several drops of Brandy and then you will have a pan of 'tasty, spicy, hot, sweet and delicious' curry chicken!

**Jessie's Comments**
All you fans out there, should give it a try! It's really good! I tried it a few weeks ago! MMmmmm....=) I'm not saying it is good because it is a Leon recipe, but, I let others try it that are not Leon fans, and do not know this was his recipe.(till after they tried it, and I asked them how it was) and they really like it, as a matter of fact the whole plate disappeared it was so good =P

**News regarding Leon in Malaysia**

Leon will be having a Concert in Malaysia on June 21. It is sponsored by Salem Cool Planet. Large ads were place in the newspaper and who ever has the ads can exchange for 2 of Leon's concert tickets. The concert will also be broadcast live on Radio 5 at 8.30p.m. on June 21. Large promotion banners sized 20 ft x 40 ft will be placed in three different shopping center's. They also explained why Leon released an EP this time instead of a full CD. The main reason was because if Leon was to release a full CD they would have to wait until August to release the CD. But since they wanted to make it for the summer release they thought an EP would be the best choice. Leon will only be staying in Malaysia for a 3 day period for promotion and the concert.

** If anyone gets to watch the concert and would like to write a review for us we would greatly appreciate it. **

** Broadcast Corner**
RTHK 2 Interview June 12, 1998

DJ: Recently every time I see you, you are very great.
Leon: Really? Lately I've been looking tired. Especially the day of the World Cup Opening.
DJ: Did you watch both games?
Leon: No, I didn't I was really tired.
DJ: Did you watch it last night?
Leon: Nope didn't watch it last night. Because when I'm filming in Thailand it is hot, that's not even the problem cause when you are filming you don't even notice the heat and you make sure you don't get sick. But when I got home it is really comfortable, and when you are comfortable I finally noticed how tired I was. I even got a little cold too.
DJ: What you have a cold now?
Leon: It's better now.
DJ 2: He still has a little stuffy nose.
Leon: I'm better now cause I slept more. I slept for ten hours I'm very happy cause I haven't slept for ten hours in a long time.
DJ: Lately a lot of people have been bringing up the topic of you going against another singer for the IFPI #1 spot. The results of the new IFPI already came out and are you disappointed with the results?
Leon: No, I'm not disappointed at all cause while I was in Singapore I already told the reporters that Jacky will definitely get # 1. Actually IFPI Charts can't really calculate the actual sales figure. Who ever gets or doesn't get #1 it doesn't represent really represent how the singer is actually doing. Of course it might be beacause I have switched record companies and people will automaticlally place the focus on Polygram and Sony. But as a singer the most important is to do the best you can on your songs. Nobody actually losses or wins cause each singer has their own strengths and fans to listen to their songs. Overall in a market if there is only on CD that sell really well then that's a big problem, but if everyone's sales is good then the market will get better and each artist will be happy.
DJ: From what you know Leon how has the sales of your EP? Leon: Let's not talk about how the sales have been.
DJ: Why not?
DJ 2: Have you actually asked the record company the actual sales figures?
DJ: Aren't you concerned about it. You should be.
Leon: Thanks for everyone who bought the EP.
DJ: Do you wish to get this year's best selling album?
Leon: Ummm.. don't know. I believe that it doesn't matter if I get it or not.
DJ:I remember one year you did get the best selling album award for "Sorry, I Love You' album
Leon: That was like a long time ago. hehehe
DJ: Do you have a big hope for this award?
Leon: This award is very foreign to me now since it has been a long time.
DJ: Maybe this year you will get it.
Leon: I'm not sure, whether I get it or not it doesn't matter. What I am happy about is that in this album with my efforts in this album I am able to say I gave my best effort for Sony and my listeners.
DJ: There is another thing you should be happy about is that you special version of the EP has already sold out.
Leon: That special version only has 20,000 copies.
DJ: Out of the two which one do you like more? Is it the special version one?
Leon: If I had to choose I would buy the original one.
DJ: Of course you say that now cause it is all sold out. Hehehe..
Leon: Of course not, the reason why is that it does cost a little more and the main difference is the pics inside.
DJ: Will there be another version released?
Leon: No there won't be any other versions. From the beginning we already decided on this already. On the day that I signed with Sony we already said that the new album will be released during May. The other thing I want to say is that during 1997 people kept on emphasizing that the market will focus on the mandarin market more and the Cantonese market will get smaller. But when I think about it today, the Mandarin market has been here for ever and it has always been the 11 billion people in China and you would add in Taiwan it has never changed. Why would it be bigger? Pirated CD have been around for years now. But recently when I went to Shanghai I found a lot of people would learn how to speak Cantonese. I believe that every single album has there own market already. I don't believe that there should be a difference between Cantonese and Mandarin song cause it is both part of our culture.
DJ: I heard that tomorrow that HMV will present an award to you.
Leon: Yeah, but till now I still don't know what they will be presenting to me.
DJ: It has to do with sales figures.
Leon: It has to do with the sales within HMV and their charts.
DJ 2: Probably in there charts your sales are really high that's why they are presenting you with an award.
DJ: Of course it is the highest recently.
Leon: We will find out tomorrow.
DJ: Is there a lot of extra money in your bank account now?
Leon: No no.
DJ 2: Since the sales have been so great are you planning to buy anything for yourself?
DJ: I know you love cars and yachts are you planning to get another one?
Leon: No, I believe that I am very reasonable. I think that this album's results are from various successful aspects put together of luck. This luck is something to be happy about but not to celebrate.
DJ: Oh my gosh!! You can see the people from your record company are very disappointed.
Leon: I believe that it is part of their work.
DJ: Will you buy anything for yourself?
Leon: No never thought of it.
DJ 2: In the past when you are very happy what would you buy for yourself.
Leon: Maybe, because I'm the kind of person who looks at long term hopes I won't place my hopes in short term. Since my contract with this company is long term and I still have a 2 and 3rd album and I'm not sure it I can keep up this high standard because there are a lot of factors that go into it. But I believe that in every album I will put out my best effort. As for right now we have focus on my mandarin album and listen to the demo tapes and talk with the producer. We have to find the songs that fit my style and find way to change my style also and release a new album. This is my goal now and it is not time to celebrate yet.
DJ: That is true, so how are you going to use the money you have earned.
Leon: I still haven't received it yet cause it is calculated every half year.
DJ 2: Leon do you like to go to the bank and withdraw money so you can count it?
Leon: No I wouldn't.
DJ: Beside good results with singing Leon has also a lot of movie on hand. The newest one has just started filming we have some news on it.
Leon: Yeah we just started today.
DJ: We heard that in this movie there is one scene where you will be dumped by someone on the street and left outside with only your underwear.
Leon: Really, is there something like this?
DJ: Yeah on the street supposedly.
Leon: Would they be using a body double for that scene.
DJ: Okay, lets say this if there is a scene like that and it is necessary would you do it?
Leon: In my world there is not need for it in the movie's script.
DJ: hahaha… But it there is one scene that need it would you ask for a body double to do the scene?
Leon: No I wouldn't let them even use a body double.
DJ: Cause they would still think it is you. But in Comrades almost a love story you wore swimming trunks.
Leon: It depends on the situation we haven't talked about it and the script isn't fully ready. All of the sudden I come in they tell me to take off my pants.
DJ 2: No not taking off your pants..
Leon: If you don't take off your pants how will you see the underwear.
DJ 2: No, it is because all of the sudden you are dumped on the street without clothes.
Leon: Well only if you are being robbed, if not why would someone dump you on the street without clothes.
DJ: Is it that you will not accept this kind of situation no matter what the script is like?
Leon: No I can accept any situation, script, or thing I can accept. I am the kind of person who can easily accept things.
DJ: Do you have a limit of what you will be willing to do?
DJ 2: Usually women have a lot, but what about you?
Leon: On my own time I don't have any limits.
DJ: What!!!! No limit you mean it is okay for you to have nothing on?
Leon: Yeah.
DJ: Really, you're that bold? Oh you mean on your own time at home of course when you take a shower.
Leon: Yeah you got it. DJ: I meant at work.
Leon: I really don't like when people say they will sacrifice for artistic reasons. To use artistic reasons to persuade other people to do things which is not necessary for a movie. But it is hard to figure out what is a suitable case because every movie is different. But as an actor/actress if you think the script is really good and is suitable then do it but if you sense that there is not use in doing so don't do it.
DJ: Has there been a director before that has used this excuse to persuade Leon to such a movie?
Leon: Then why doesn't the director suicide first?
DJ: Hahaha… oh my telling him to suicide how sad. Why?
Leon: Cause if he suicides then his work will become more valuable. If there is a need to sacrifice, then that person should sacrifice himself or herself first.

"Is Leon a kind of person who will be afraid of his wife?"

DJ: Leon is you were to get married would you be afraid of your wife?
Leon: Don't know have to get married first.
DJ: But if you were to be dating now would you be afraid of your girl friend? I feel that Leon is a romantic person. Are you? DJ 2: I'm afraid that Leon has his own opinions.
Leon: It's no big deal as long as it not too embarrassing for both of us then I'll do it.
DJ: Such as what? Will you send flowers?
Leon: Send flowers, of course I will.
DJ 2: Wow that is romantic..
Leon: Sending flowers is not romantic. Now most of the time all you do is call and people will send it for you.
DJ 2: A lot of guys now won't send flowers.
DJ: On Valentines day have you sent flowers to anyone?
Leon: Valentines no, I usually receive flowers more.
DJ: Wahhh….
Leon: Of course cause I'm always booked to work on Valentines day.
DJ: Are you afraid of the girl friends that always call constantly?
Leon: No, as long as there is feel I don't mind.
DJ: Wahhh.. Leon you are a domineering male.
Leon: It is hard to say what determines a man to be a domineering male
DJ: Well we will know if Leon is a kind of person who will be afraid of his wife when we give him a test.


Test 1: If Leon has space between his eyebrows.
Result: Leon was not able to place both of his fingers between his eyebrows so he doesn't not have much space between his eyebrows he got 0 point for this test.

Test 2: If Leon's eyes point down or up.
Result: They point up so he got 0 points for this test.

Test 3: If Leon's nose is high or flat.
Result: Leon's nose is high so he got 0 points again.

Test 4: If Leon's nose is round or not.
Result: Leon's nose is round so he got 1 point for it. Finally..

Test 5: If the upper lip is thicker than the bottom.
Result: His upper lip is not thicker so it is 0 points.

Test 6: If his chin is pointy.
Result: His chin is round so 0 points again.

Test 7: If his eyebrows are curved.
Result: No his eyebrows are not curved his are straighter. He gets 0 points.

Test 8: If he has small ears.
Result: He has small ears so he gets 1 point.

Test 9: If his face is square.
Result: Leon has a square face so he gets 1 point.

Test 10: If he has a long chin or not.
Result: Yes, so he gets 1 point.

Final results he has a total of 4 points.
If the total points are closer to 10 then Leon will be a person who is afraid of his wife but since he only has 4 points so he should not be afraid of his wife.

DJ: Wow!! I was so afraid that you would only get 1 point which would mean that you are a very domineering male
Leon: I don't want to be afraid of my wife.
DJ: What do you consider to be a real man.
Leon: Has to be tough enough, have his morals, not give up easily, and has to know how to calm down when mad.
DJ: How many of these requirements have you met?
Leon: I may be able to say it but I might not be able to meet these requirements.
DJ: Which is your strongest point? Tough? How about calming down?
Leon: umm… don't know, I have a big temper but I can quickly calm down.
DJ: Will you hit your wife.
Leon: No I would never hit her. I think that hitting people is ridiculous thing to do.
DJ: What do you think a model family should be like.
Leon: A model family is whatever program God gives to you and it is a happy one.
DJ: So far do you think that your program is a happy one?
Leon: I don't know I haven't gone far enough into my program yet.
DJ: I'm not talking about family yet but as for right now do you think it is a good program yet.
Leon: It is still not….
DJ: Wow!!! If you say yours is not good then what about my program. Why don't we exchange programs then.
Leon: Sure.
DJ: Okay then had over your bank accounts. Hehehe.. You are so young and already have a lot of money.
Leon: I believe that God is very fair, if you have one thing you may not have another. People may think that Leon has a lot of chances to date women but in actuality it is not true. It is hard to develop into a normal relationship.
DJ: But people say that if you are afraid of your wife you will be rich.
Leon: Really? Then I'll be afraid of my wife. Hehehe..
DJ: Will you have a concert at the end of the year?
Leon: 50/50 chance. Not sure yet. The main problem is the songs I will have to see till my next album and what kinds of songs I have in there. I have to have news song in there and new ideas for the concert. If there aren't any then what is the use of having a concert, people can just listen to my CD instead.
DJ: Will you because of the concert come out with a new album very quickly.
Leon: No of course not.
DJ: I heard that you will be releasing a Mandarin album also.
Leon: I believe that we must first figure out what kind of singing style we want to head with, and pick out the songs. Then slowly make the album and we will only release it if it is good.
DJ: How high do you hope your albums sales will go?
Leon: It has already exceeded my hopes. At first I was just hoping for 80,000 sales.
DJ: Well we hope every goes smoothly for you and thank you for coming..
Leon: bye bye!!

***Note if you want to listen to some other Leon interviews in real audio format they can be found at: http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/lennon/433/radio.html


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