L-News Issue #8
July 11th, 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! This issue of L-News will feature many different magazine articles of Leon......We will also have reports from Japan, Korea and Malaysia about Leon. Hope you enjoyed the last few issues of L-News and will continue to support us and Leon as well!! We hope all of you are having a superb summer break =)
Leon Forever....

*News Flash*

July 12
Will be in France to watch the final match in the World Cup.

July 7-11
Went to Japan to film "New Love Century"

July 4-7
Went to Korea to do promotions for the release of his EP.

July 1
Leon performed for RTHK's "1st Year Anniversary Celebration of the Establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" In which he performed with Tetsuya Komuro and with Sammi Cheung.

June 29
Leon received an award in JSG 4th Quarter Awards for his song "I Love You This Way" after he performed for the show he quickly changed and went to another stage to watch the World Cup Game as a guest for the show. Leon also announced that he will be going to Brazil for United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) see first-hand the conditions of many impoverished children living on streets or sold to prostitution. Leon hopes to raise awareness of the conditions in Brazil to people in HK. Leon is scheduled to visit Brazil later this year.

June 28
Leon was asked a second time about his thoughts towards the promotional posters Salem Cigarettes released and how the Anti Smoking Association is not pleased with the promotional tactics used by Salem for Leon's new movie "New Love Century". Leon only commented that the Anti Smoking Association is doing their job being against such promotional poster released by Salem but blame can't be pointed to Wong Jing or Salem Cigarettes because they both have their own business reasons for doing so. Both sides have their own views on the situation and you can't place blame on either side because they are both doing their job. If blame is to be assigned to someone then blame should be placed on the person who invented cigarettes. Since I signed a contract to act in this movie my main concern is to fulfil my duties with acting and it is not my place to interfere with the promotions for the movie. It has been noted that similar promotional tactics were used for the movie "Anna Magdalena" but since the response was not as great and noticeable as this time it was never mentioned or considered as a problem till now.

June 24
Recently 2 different posters that are released by Salem (brand of cigarettes) makes it seem that Leon has recently done a cigarette commercial for Salem. But that is not the case Salem is one of the sponsors of his new movie "New Love Century" and the posters are part of the promotion for his new movie. Salem even came up with the idea of exchanging empty cigarette packages for the posters and a VCD about the movie. Which seems to encourage fans to smoke cigarettes in order to exchange for posters. When Leon was asked about the situation he commented that "I have just returned from Malaysia and don't know the situation". So Leon's manager, Joe Chan was questioned by reporters and he said that "all promotions for the movie are handled by the movie company and to my knowledge promotional posters of Carina Lau and other actresses will be released as well." Finally the director Wong Jing was also asked about using such promotion tactics and if he got Leon's consent for such promotions he said "Similar promotions have also been used in 'Anna Magdalena' which stars Kelly, and Aaron so this is not the first time such promotions have been used. As for asking for Leon's consent I have not done so."

June 20 -22
Leon was in Malyasia for 3 days to promote his new EP "I Love You Like This" and to hold a mini concert Shah Alam Stadium. Before Leon arrived in Malaysia on June 20th he had two requests for Sony. 1) Make sure that Sony lets the fans know that he doesn't want them to be at the airport when he arrives in Malaysia 2) That there will be a bus waiting for Leon and his crew to take them to their destination because he wants to travel with his crew. The concert was on June 21st in Shah Alam Stadium. The concert was a success Leon sang songs mostly from his new EP and footage of his old singing contest was shown. When the footage was shown Leon kept on saying that he looked ridiculous and went backstage while the video continued showing. The concert was a little over an hour long. Leon left Malaysia on June 22nd. Also during his stay in Malaysia Leon met with Leon Family Malaysia members for a Family Gathering and also took group pictures with the members.

June 15
Leon was at a press conference to announce that the theme song for K100 is "From The Past To Forever" which is composed by himself. Leon also filmed an mtv for the song

June 14
Leon was at HMV to receive an award noting that he has sold over 150,000 copies of his "I Love You Like This" EP in the first month of release. So far Leon is the highest selling artist for the year with his new EP sales. Leon was happy with the results but mentioned that he cannot be overly happy/proud cause the true results will be at the end of the year. If he gets too proud so early than he will never be able to improve. Leon mentioned that it would be great if every singer can sell more than 50,000 copies. The reporters mentioned that even though Leon only released an EP this time his results were great even with only 6 songs. Leon believes that it doesn't matter how many songs you have in a CD, the most important is if the songs are of good quality.

June 13
Leon started filming his new movie "New Love Century" and the first scene he had to do was a scene in which he breaks up with his girlfriend (played by Carina Lau) in the rain. The break up in the rain reminded Leon of when he broke up with his first girlfriend in the rain. Leon was 19yrs old and the both of them have been going out for more than a year already. But during the time they were together they constantly broke up and made up which was around 7 times. Since the both of them were young and immature back then breaking up was unavoidable. In the movie Leon has 3 relationships one with Carina Lau, Shu Kei, and Lee Ann but in real life Leon said he would never date 3 women at the same time. He really believes that relationships should be 1 to 1 and not 1 to 3 relationship. The movie also stars Mark Lui, in the movie Mark will act as Leon's best friend but Mark was joking to the reporters that he won't have much stress acting in this movie because in real life Leon and him are best friends so there won't be much acting required.

**Fans Encounter**---Christine of Hong Kong

I went to the Kai Tak Airport on 4 June (i.e. a day before it close) to see Leon go into the restricted area for his flight to Korea!!! Wow!!! Very crowded!!! I try to get close to Leon when seeing his car...and...I only got be next to his body-guard when he was walking into the airport!!! I gave him a bag of sweets and want to leave the crowd. However, I couldn't!!! People pushed me from the back and I was staying in between the crowd like sandwiches!!! You know, there's no need for me to walk!!! People were pushing me along!!! And, I was pushed into the restricted area with the crowd and Leon!!! Wow!!! Very exciting and crazy!!!
Ha...but i could only see Leon from a very short distance!!! And, we fans think that this would be the last chance for us to go see Leon at the airport because we find that the new airport is too far away form the urban area and its too big that it's difficult for us to follow!!!

**Fun/Cute Facts**

1) This was around 1990 when Leon was in the Singapore. After he woke up in his hotel room he was thirsty. So he went to the fridge in his room and got out a bottle of mango juice, after drinking 2/3 of it, he looked down at the expiry date June 1989 and noticed that it was already expired!!!!! Ahhh.. at this time he was already practically done with the juice and couldn't really do anything about it so then he got another bottle and before he drank it he checked the expiry date which was 1991 so it was safe to drink. Afterwards drinking both Leon said the one that was expired one tasted better than the fresh one!!

2) Both Polygram and Sony released Leon CD's around the same time, and Leon was asked which one he feels we sell better. Leon refereed to his commercial slogan: to win over others, first win over yourself. then Leon said: so I guess, I will have to win over two of myself!!

This part is not considered funny or cute, but i didn't know where else to put it...so....
3) When Leon was in Thailand filming scenes for "true heros" there was a part of the movie that had to be filmed by a lake side. Leon said the flies there are so evil...Leon got bitten 25 times by those evil flies!! it was both itchy and painful..... (poor leon) he was dressed in a suit too, and the flies still manage to bite right through!!!


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