L-News Issue #8
July 11th, 1998
Part 2

**Description of Leon's Malaysia Concert**-- from Yew Choy

Leon Lai's mini-concert in Kuala Lumpur

Dateline: 21 June 1998
Venue : Shah Alam Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I reached the Shah Alam Indoor Stadium at 6 p.m. The concert was to start at 8 p.m. but already the place was teeming with swarms of people.The stadium gates opened at about 7.20 p.m. By 8.00 p.m., the stadium was flooded with people. As the backdrop to the stage, there was a giant poster of Leon Lai. Getting the best seats for the concert, nearest facing the stage, were the Leon Family Malaysia (LFM) members that totaled about 250persons. They were supplied with a green glow-in-the-dark neon light, Leon banners, and a heart shaped neon card.

At around 8.35 p.m., lights started flickering on and off, signaling to the audience the arrival of Leon Lai. Then the lights went out, and people screamed. Immediately, the music video "Love You/Don't Love You"was played. Adding to the ambience of the concert were the LFM members, who were waving to their neon lights left and right to the tune of "Love You/Don't Love You". The audience saw the MTV through the 2 screens placed at the left and right of the stage. The sound system was very good that night.
Altogether, there were 24 speakers- they were loud but not blaring to the ears. After the MTV, we expected Leon to come out, but….an announcement from Malaysia's Radio 5 station, the station that broadcast live on radio the Leon show, was aired instead! The announcement was greeted by huge amounts of boos by the audience.

At 8.50 p.m., Leon finally came on stage, and needless to say, the audience went frenetic. For his first song, he sang "Love You/Don't Love You". There followed "No need to say it twice", both songs from his sparkling new EP "I Love You Like This". Leon wore a maroon shirt and I have to say that in person he looks very well built and of course, very good-looking.

After the two songs, the compere came on stage and introduced Leon to the audience. They talked for a while, then Leon went offstage for the MC to talk. He came back onstage after a change of clothing to sing two splendid songs, ·P À³ (Feelings) and Na yau yat tien bat siong lei, the JSG 1994 Song of the Year. The audience clapped faithfully on the background. After that, the MC came onto stage once again, and presented Leon with a bouquet of flowers, and you know what? Leon gave the flowers to the compare. The MC was a lady, and Leon said that it is more appropriate to give flowers to a lady. How polite of him. Well, the lady compare said that the flowers were heavy, and so Leon graciously took back the bouquet.

At this point, 6 participants were called on stage to play a game. They were shown the Tien Mi Mi video and thereafter sought to answer some questions. After that, another video was shown, (I'm not sure which; anybody knows?) with Leon sporting an altogether different hairstyle, akin to the hairstyle shown on the cover of his first album. The 6 participants were then supposed to dance to the tune of the song, but rather unsuccessfully and comically. After that, a third video was shown, Chiu Fu Lei Pang Yau, presumably taken from his HK 1997 Live Concert. After that, the audience was presented a fantastic upbeat dance track, Siew Kin Duo Gua, in which Leon showed his dancing prowess. Leon wore a hat and sunglasses, which made him look all the more dashing. Wow, can Leon dance! He was very fluid in his dancing, and the Malaysian dancers did a great job in complementing Leon with their good dancing too.

After that, Leon talked a bit with the audience, saying thanks that Malaysian fans have always supported him, and now have begun supporting his movies too. He also wished all fathers a Happy Fathers' Day. For his final song, he belted out the ballad §Ú ³o ¼Ë ·R §A

But the audience didn't have enough. When Leon retreated offstage, they shouted Encore, Encore, Encore!! Suddenly, the stadium became dark once again, much to the pleasure of the crowd. But it was a false alarm;Leon didn't come onstage. Shouts once again from the crowd, and finally…Leon came onstage!! For his encore, he presented Siew Kin Duo Gua once again At the end of it, confetti was spewed onstage and 4 torch-likelights lit up brightly, marking the end of a fantastic concert. The concert ended at 10.00 p.m. All in all, it was a splendid concert and certainly worth it.

**Magazine Corner**

**Disc Jockey Magazine**
An over view of Leon--from before till now

In 1990, Leon released his first CD, within the past 8 years, he has now released 30 CD's. But the difference of them, is by the sales. In 1992, the CD 'king sing chee jue' and ' i love u ok' had reached very high sales which also led to 6 silver platinum result. In that same year, the CD 'hope we are not just friends' and the 1991 CD's 'it's love, it's fate' , 'will you come tonight' and 'personal feelings' only got 4 silver platinums. It is too bad that the economy now is not doing very well, and it has also effected the results of Leon's sales. His 1997 CD 'IF' only got 1 silver platinum and the CD 'disagreement of the heart and words' didn't even make it to a silver platinum result.

Not many people remember that Leon took part in the 1985 'new stars contest' which led him one step closer to the entertainment business. Afterwards Leon entered the 1985 'new singer contest' (the 5 edition). Then Leon successfully made it into the HK music industry. Leon's awards list is so long, that people have lost count, especially within the past few years, Leon has won so many different awards!

After Leon entered show-biz he has made many commercials and of course the most unforgetable ones in people's eyes are his 'hutchinson cell phone commercials'. Within the past 7 years there has been seven "may's". The previous one--charlie yeung was in Leon's bungy jump commercial, that commercial result sky-rocketed when it was aired! and is the most money earning one of Leon. It was Leon's first time trying the bungy jumping, and his fans watched with suspence! Leon's following commercials like the Cotton USA and the #6 edition of the hutchinson commercial was alright.....nothing too outstanding.....(meaning the sales).

Leon has done many movies, there were good ones, there were not so good ones, but the one that will remain in the minds of audience must be 'comrades, almost lovers'. Everyone must be looking forward to seeing Leon's new movies, stay tuned!!

Ever since Leon started getting famous there has been rumors everywhere--with Kathy Chow, and Michele Reis. And now a new one, Gim Hee Sun. People said that the Korean rumored girlfriend is the prettiest in person, simply beautiful. For those that haven't seen her, you can have a look at: http://members.a01.com/GFlash2Q/Kimhsnh.ntm

A few months ago, there was a Mingpao magazine article of Leon, titled: 'Leon, take it easy' and what was mentioned in there was basically criticisms of Leon. it all started because of the RTHK interview he had with a DJ, it was reported that Leon was not very polite.

Fan Club:
Leon's fan club "Leon Family", has promotions everywhere and the list is continuous all in the benefit of fans! Here is only a few examples, Leon fans, with their membership cards can get discounts in various popular food products, like Japanese food, and 'chun chu lai cha' (pearl tea). MMMmmmm...very tasty! Wow! Leon fans do have their ways! The most important of course is their work to help improve the environment and society...a lot of their time and effort is in there! Not to mention their jobs for Unicef. We can sure see the effect of Leon over others!! Amazing...how does he do it?!

**East Touch Magazine Report**

New movie "true heros" cast are:
Leon--as Jack
Lau Ching Wan--as chaw
Leung Pui Ling--as Ling
Mong ka Wai--as Kei

Intro of the movie:
One time when Chaw was planning to kill the guy named bay gor, he met Jack. Afterwards both Chaw and Jack really admire each other's abilities. The two of them became good friends, but could not escape the fact that they come from two very different situations and face the dangers of life and death. Bay gor, the one Chaw was after did not die and try to use Chaw and Jack to his benefit. Good thing the both of them were able to escape and end up getting revenge on the two back-stabbing bosses.

Brief Interview with Leon:

T: lately we see that Leon is very busy, either with switching record companies or continuously working on movies. Is it because he feels he is not outstanding enough and wants to reach higher standards?
LL: Actually, "true heros" and "new love century" will be the last two movies of the year that i film, because my schedule for the second half of the year is really packed up. And regarding the switching of record companies, it is all a question of fate. Working with Polygram for so long, the 'fate' has ended with them. So time to move on. As for Sony, 'fate' has come....so I sign with them. They are both big companies, adding me to them, won't make that big of a difference, without me, there still won't be much of a difference.
T: so, what types of movies do you prefer to act in?
LL: don't ask me which movie I want to act in. you know people wait for the HK movie bosses to make money and are happy, before we as actors have the ability to choose. Actually, us actors don't have the choice of what movies to act in and what not to act in. Many times it is because of the fact of earning a living and so happen there is a movie offer and the time to do it, so we do it.
T: Material wise, you can have anything you want, so what else is there that you would like to do?
LL: I really want to learn about computers, the English language and many other different languages of countries around the world. Why I want to do this is because learning different languages, you can get a different view on things. Also by understanding different place's life styles you can improve your own views of life as well as acting abilities for movies.

Ming Pao Weekly Issue 1546
Leon, Losing Weight Calculates Strength Used
Reporter: Lam Bing

10:30 at night at a Sushi Restaurant, I actually saw a group of movie people there. When I first walked in I saw Wong Jing.

(Once I heard that Wong Jing was making 4 movies at the same time I said: )
Bing: Wow, big companies aren't even as rich as you are. (Leon's manager Joe Chan walked in, Wong Jing complained that Paciwood was being unfair because they gave them very few time slots of Leon's for them.
Joe: No, To Kai Fung (director of "True Heroes") time slots are even fewer than yours. That's why Leon has to spend 20 hrs filming a day when he has him.
Wong: But the are not paying Leon as much as me.
Joe: No, they are paying the same amount as you. I'm not lying. Joe walks over to Wong Jing and says "You are horrible, I give you so much of Leon's time slots and you are still complaining about me.
Bing: You two guys are silly. What? Before this movie Leon was in Thailand filming To Kei Fung's movie?
Wong: Yes, Sister Bing. After being in U.S. for a month, you came back as a "Country Woman" (meaning outdated)
(Wong Jing continues teasing Lam Bing and says "Country Woman, Country Woman")

Leon: Sister Bing, I'm so tired! Its very hot and stuffy here.
Bing: Because in Thailand you were working around 20 hours a day? Didn't have enough time to rest?
Leon: I came back yesterday, rested but it wasn't enough. If I can rest for 3 days I will fully recover then. (Heard that Leon was in a good mood recently. After joining Sony his first album with them sold 3 platinum in a short period of time. In the early years 3 platinum to Leon is nothing special but now with all the pirated CD's even a Heavenly Kings CD is affected and not like before. Today even if a singer sells 1,5000 CD's it is already worth celebrating for.)

(When Leon was talking to me his eyes were looking at the window outside and starring at the people and things outside. His face quickly got dark and was upset.)
Leon: Hate it, keep on telling them but they don't listen, I don't want to see them.
(I turned around, but didn't understand)
So at that time Leon's good friend Wong Siu Ching said: "I'll change seats with you, you can sit on this side so you won't be able to see them. I'll change seats with you."
Bing: What's wrong , ah Lai?
Leon: Nothing.
Bing: Tell me what's wrong so I can help. Leon: I told my fans to not come and watch me film my movies. If they want to watch they should go to the theater and watch. If they come and know what I am filming already what is the use of watching my movie. I've said it so many times, but they never listen, so frustrated.
(As Leon was saying this he was looking outside the window and when the people outside saw their idol looking they quickly hid. Which made Leon even more mad, so he called out)
Leon: Zhi Chun, Zhi Chun!!
(Zhi Chun came over)
Leon: Go outside and tell them to go home. Don't be avoiding and hiding it is very unpolite to do so.
(I know that the ones outside, in Leon's heart are the fans he cares about. That's why he doesn't want them to do that. It was already 12:00 am and they should already be sleeping now. They have urged them many times but they didn't listen.

Bing: Leon this year will you have a concert?
Leon: Still don't know yet, have to see how the songs are first. The sponsor wants me to have one in December. Me, well I'm in no rush.
Bing: Yes, you shouldn't rush it. Take your time.
Leon: Yes, if you have faith in producing a great concert than do it. But don't think just because you have a audience out there that you should have a concert. Sooner or later it will not work.
Bing: Leon this year you are filming 4-5 films. "City of Glass", "True Heroes", "New Love Century" and I heard that Ann Hui wants you to star in her film and Wong Jing's new year film will be starring you also.
Leon: Last year I didn't make that many movies so this year in order to compensate I will be filming more.
Bing: This year you kept fit really well. Is it because you were able to resist from eating this time?
Leon: Sister Bing, you don't have to resist eating from dieting.
Bing: Really? So tell me about it.
Leon: It deals with strength, if you take a cup and twist it this way you burn up 1 calorie but if you twist it this way you burn up 1.5 calories.
(Leon is very cute, I think that even though he is a heavenly king he is still like a child.)
Bing: So basically when you burn calories try to use more strength to burn more calories right?
Leon: When I walk I walk with more strength.

Carina Lau plays Leon's girlfriend in the movie one night they were waiting for their table at a sushi restaurant and got wet because it was raining. As the clock on the street started ringing they started arguing and broke up there. Six years later they met again in Japan and things have changed. Leon's image is the same not much change but he has more money now and Shu Kei is his girlfriend now.

Wong Jing still believes that he gave Leon more salary than To Kei Fung. "The film doesn't pay as much, but Leon still has to go to Thailand to film why would Leon accept the movie?" Joe Chan insist that it is the same price but Wong Jing still does not believe.
Wong Jing jokingly said "I don't believe, don't believe that he paid the same high salary. Let me see the contract.
I was sitting on the sit and couldn't resist saying "You can't see the contract, it would be violating the rights of the contract. Fat Guy believe him, you will be happier. Leon has never worked with To Kei Fung before that is one reason, and he also makes good movies, even if he has to fly to Thailand it is still worth it.


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