L-News Issue #9
August 11th, 1998

Welcome all LEON fans once again to L-news! This issue of L-News will feature a cool and refreshing dessert recipe for those hot summer days.. hehe...that's right, it's "Leon's Mango Pudding". Also there are some interesting personal facts of Leon.........and........etc....etc..... Hope you enjoyed the last few issues of L-News and will continue to support us and Leon as well!! Wow! Can't believe it, it's the last month of summer break already!...Enjoy and have fun everyone =)
Leon Forever...............

*News Flash*

August 12
Leon showed up to promote his charity activity for Unicef on August 22, 1998. Leon along with two other DJ's from RTHK had a sail boat race to do promotions for Unicef and of course Leon won. The charity activity is to raise money for the flood victims in China. Anyone who donates $500 will be able to attend the Leon Friends Camp on August 22 and they will be able to bring along any child under the age of 10 to the Camp.

August 9
Performed for RTHK's Solar Project 98'

August 8
Attended Faye Wong's birthday party.

August 2
Leon attended a Cleaning Campaign Ceremony in which he was appointed as leader of the Campaign. He was there to promote ways to contribute to the campaign and to attract more volunteers.

July 31
Leon's Singapore concert is cancelled.

July 25-26
While all the other singers went to Shanghai to get ready for the second half of the Composer's concert. Leon stayed behind in Beijing and decided to take a later flight to Shanghai so he could spend some more time with his father who is in the hospital right now. Leon's father was in Beijing to visit old friends and wanted to see his son perform in the concert but because he fell ill he was taken to the hospital. Leon said that it was very lucky that his father got into the hospital quick enough. If not then his father would already be in Heaven by now because after his father was in the hospital he had a stroke. Leon stayed with his father half a day more. Leon also had his father's doctor from HK fly to Beijing to take a look at his father. Afterwards Leon left for Shanghai and finished up his performance for the concert. Leon said that his father is getting better now but will still have to stay in the hospital for around 10 days.

July 24
Leon arrived in Beijing to perform in the Composer's concert. Once he arrived he quickly went into rehearsals for the concert.

July 23
Leon attended the premiere of his new movie "Love Generation". But once he got there the reporters were quick to ask whether recent rumors of him breaking up with the Korean actress "Kim Hee Sun" were true. The reporters also asked Leon if the break up had anything to do with the other rumor in which Leon is supposedly going after Shu Kei. Leon only commented saying that "What I have to say, I have already said before, I cannot control what people write about me, all I can do is continue my own work" Leon was also asked about his other movie "True Heroes" and why it is still not completed filming yet. Reporters asked if it had anything to do with Leon not providing enough time slots for the director to finish the filming of the movie. Leon just said that "Don't blame everything on me, you should find out the truth first, I am only the actor, I am not the one who arranges the schedules".

July 20
Leon goes to Shanghai to promote his EP "I Love You Like This".

July 19
Leon returns from Miami and continues filming "True Heroes"

July 16
Leon's new movie "Love Generation" has already been completed and is scheduled for a premiere in HK on July 23.

July 14
Wow!! Leon has been really busy lately. After completing his promotions in Korea and filming of "Love Generation" in Japan, he finally returned to HK from France after watching the final game for World Cup. Once he returned to HK he continued filming for "Love Generation" and later the same day he went to rehearsals for Composer's Concert that will be performed in China towards the end of the month. But before Leon goes to China for the concert he will have to stop off in Miami (Florida) to have dinner with other fellow Sony singers and Sony executives from around the world. Sony Music HK wanted Leon to attend the dinner party so Leon will be leaving for Miami on July 16th and returning after the dinner to HK on the 19th.

**Personal Facts**

1) Leon admits he is a total work-alcoholic, whenever he is on the job he continuously forces himself to be fully awake and concentrated, he also tells himself that he has to keep it up. Even at times when he feels tired, he will not allow himself to show it to others, and he will not yawn in front of others. the reason?! Leon said: " i heard that a successful person should never ever yawn even once in front of their peers, this is very important if you do, it gives people the impression that you are not fully concentrated, and they will be suspicious of your hard work that you do. This also affects yourself, because once you start slacking off, it is very difficult to continue on with your work. I have forced myself a long time to be like this and now I won't even let my assistant yawn....because..it will affect me! haha..

2) Every night before Leon goes to sleep, he will tell himself to think 'happy thought', so that he can relax and fall alseep. He does this because he has very limited amount of time to sleep and has to cherish it. He said that he does not use sleeping pills, because relying on medicines for no reason is not healthy and developing such a dependancy on something like that is not a good sign.

3) Leon does have times of anger just like everyone else, but he said his tempers come fast and end fast, he rarely dwells on the issue, so it doesn't affect his mood as much. He admits, that sometimes it only takes a little incident to set off his temper, the worst he says, is for his assistant...they are with Leon the most, so they naturally become the ones that Leon takes out his anger on. But all this is all in the past now, Leon says, he use to have really big tempers, because there were alot of things he couldn't stand any longer. He says that, whenever he gets angry, he gets really grumpy and everyone is afraid of him, cause it shows all across his face.

4) Leon says, even if Chinese People have no chance to hold the World Cup, he still hopes that Chinese People can take part in more International competitions, other than the Olympics. Or at least they can be there in those big sports fields infront of the world to swing the China Flag. Leon says he really longs for this day to come

5) Leon said that the new airport in HK is really bad, he doesn't understand how it can be so terrible. Also, Leon said the reason for a new airport is to show others how great we all are and what we can accomplish as a team, not to show others such horrible and embarrassing results. Lastly he said that he is only expressing his opinion as a normal HK citizens, point of view.

**Cute and Fun Facts**

1) Leon was at the new airport, riding the passenger buses back to the airport from the plane. He noticed the recorded voice for the directions of where to go, sounds very scary...sounds like some kind of cartoon voice, Leon was thinking, why didn't they test out all the voices, so that they can use one that is pleasing to the ear before setting it up?!

2) Long time ago when Leon was filming TV series he has was filming night and day, in order for him to save time and get rest, he would go to his friend's homes and take showers there and also use his friend's tooth brush, after he uses it, he will use a hair dryer to dry the toothbrush and put it back where he found it....sometimes Leon can be so 'truthful' and 'honest' to reveal these things!

3) Everyone remembers the saying : "yes, yes you are, but you're my choice". It was what Leon said, in his 'i love u this way' commercial, in response to what his commercial girlfriend asked, "am i very careless?". Leon fans, support Leon and bought his first CD released by Sony, and they say: "it doesn't matter if Leon goes left or right. Yes, Leon is my choice". This phrase does truly express the feeling of loyal fans that support Leon 100%!!

**Leon's Mango Pudding**

Mango flavour jelly powder---2 boxes
Evaporated Milk---1 can
Canned mango---1 can
Gelatine Powder---1/2 teaspoon
Boiling water---2 cups or 500 ml

1) mix jelly powder and gelatine together in a mixing bowl
2) add boiling water to mixture and set aside to cool
3)cut mango into cubes and put them into the cooled mixture
4)when mixture is cooled, stir in the evaporated milk
5)place the mixture in the refrigerator until pudding is ready

**Thanks to Leon Family Canada for providing recipe info


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