L-News Issue #9
August 11th, 1998
Part 2

**Magazine Corner**

**Note: Don't take this article too seriously, I included it in this issue because it is still concerns Leon and thought you guys might want to take a look at it**

Ming Pao Weekly: Issue 1552 August 8, 1998
"Misunderstandings between Leon and reporters from Shanghai"

Several friends from a publishing company in China came to HK for the Book Fair and I had dinner with them. We were discussing about the possibilities of releasing photo books for several actors from HK or Taiwan. One of the editors from Shanghai then asked if they were planning to release a similar book for Leon and if they were she wouldn't work on it. At that time I asked why? They just answered saying that Leon's reputation is not good. So it seems like Leon has gotten himself into some trouble in Shanghai.

During the end of May Leon attended a press conference for Ann Hui's "18 Springs" along with co star Jacqueline Ng, but Leon was late to the press conference 30 minutes which displeased the press. Afterwards reporters found out that Leon was in his room watching the NBA game. Leon appeared with four bodyguards to the press conference. People from the Shanghai side, asked Leon to come to the press conference while Jacqueline Ng and around 100 reporters were waiting for him. After reporters found out about it they spread the news to other reporters and media. Actually the incident should have been over very quickly but when Leon went to Shanghai a second time problems started occurring.

Leon's first album from Sony was being released in Shanghai. On July 20th Leon was at the press conference for the release of his EP and he stated that "I have to clear up some things with the reporters in Shanghai". He said the reason why he was late was because "There was some misunderstanding between the time schedule the company gave me and the time schedule they gave the reporters, which resulted in a 30 minute difference in the schedule. I ended up waiting in my hotel room for the press conference." After Leon comments was heard by the company which is releasing "18 Springs" in China was not pleased, and thought that Leon was trying to cast the fault onto others.

The Distribution Company for "18 Springs" came out to clear up the situation concerning Leon being late. August 3,1998 there was an article printed in the newspaper stating that Leon's schedule was received from HK. May 30, 1998 time: 1:55pm, the movie company sent an employee to pick up Leon to attend the press meeting. The employee at 2:05pm, 2:10pm, 2:20pm at three separate times asked for Leon but Leon's manager said he is putting on some makeup right now, then he said Leon was changing and the third time they went the "do not disturb" sign was up. At 2:30pm Leon's manager walked out with some other people and they were discussing the basketball game. 2:32pm Leon appears. The Distribution Company was not pleased that the blame was placed on them.

Leon was in Shanghai May 30, 1998 to promote "18 Springs" the movie has been doing well in the box office but even such good news couldn't over shadow the reporter's view on Leon. Leon was in Shanghai again in July to promote his EP. He was late for 12 minutes and because of the incident Leon was asked about his lateness concerning the "18 Springs" press conference last time. Leon commented that the scheduling of times was wrong and that he specifically received a 2:30pm schedule and not a 2:00pm schedule for the press conference. But the reporters were still not pleased with the explanation.

The Distribution Company for the release of "18 Springs" in China was asked of the of the incident and the person in charge of the promotion Ng Hok Wu commented that he is the right person to ask since he arranged all the programs. He then stated the middleman was Dou Yau Ning, and I gave the entire schedule times to him to give to Leon. Also the original schedule for the press conference was 2:00pm and the co star Jacqueline Ng was there on time and waiting in a separate room. Leon arrived at 2:30pm. At that time the reporters were not pleased that Leon was late and thought that they press conference could start first without Leon being present. After the press conference started, a couple minutes later Leon showed up. He sat right next to me, he didn't wait till I was finished with my words and faced the microphone towards himself and said "Sorry, I'm late" After Leon apologized, the reporters didn't react, but instead the continued to ask Jacqueline the next 4 to 5 questions and ignored Leon. At that time Leon was a bit uncomfortable, after a while later then there was a reporter that asked Leon a question. In order to smooth things out with the reporter Leon cancelled going back to his hotel room to change in order to have more time to talk with the reporters.

After Leon was late Dou Yau Ning, accidentally said "What the press conference is at 2:00pm not 2:30pm" But Ng Hok Wu who is in charge of the promotion said even though the time schedule was mixed up by Dou Yau Ning, and it is not Leon's fault, but Leon cannot place the blame on someone else.
Five minutes before the press conference started the company sent someone to pick up Leon along with two reporters. They knocked on the door 3 separate occasions, the first two times they said Leon was busy getting ready, then after words one of Leon's assistants came out and placed a "Do Not Disturb" sign. Each time the door opened they were able to hear a group of people watching the NBA game and afterwards they heard a group of people discuss the game results. Ng Hok Wu has arranged several of these movie promotions before, and has seen quite a few actors with big ego's, but Leon has quite an attitude. I arranged a place for us to have lunch, but even after we arrived at our destination he didn't get off the car until his assistant checked out the surrounding area first. Because of thing I was upset and thought that Leon wasn't very cooperative, seemed like he was very special.

Before the press conference Ng Hok Wu wanted Dou Yau Ning and Leon to have lunch with some other distributors. But Leon's assistant said that Leon was planning to have lunch in his room. Ng Hok Wu was not pleased but sent Dou Yau Ning to stay with Leon. Some of Leon's fans gave Leon some flowers but after he received them Leon handed them to his assistant to take care of them. It seems like Leon doesn't respect his fans by doing so.

Maybe this is not Leon's wish, but his assistants decision to make sure of Leon's safety, that's why they opposed to fan's request for autographs and photos. Which can increase the distance between fans and the celebrity. This kinda makes Leon hard to reach, which doesn't help Leon, but in fact can harm his image. But Ng Hok Wu had a very good impression on Jacqueline Ng cause she was very cooperative.

Leon's Explanation: Leon Lai: I was not late Concerning the rumors that spread from the press conference for "18 Springs", Leon never really intentionally explained. It was only after the fact that everything happened, that he told HK reporters about the incident while he was doing other interviews for them. Concerning the issue of him being late, he commented that "I followed the time schedule the Distribution Company sent me, and I wasn't late" About the issue of him watching the NBA game "It's kinda absurd because I was staying in the presidential suite and there is no way that anybody could have heard that I was watching the NBA game. Unless, I was watching the game outside my room door in the corridor. Actually at that time I was getting dressed and getting ready to attend the press conference.
As for going to the restroom too many times during the press conference he also had an explanation he said "Right before, I was in Korea doing some promotions, at that time I wasn't really getting enough sleep, and I was a bit irritated. So I drank a lot of water during and before the press conference, going to the restroom more often is a bit normal. About having too many bodyguards (around 10) well "I personally only have 4 bodyguards the rest of them are from my managing company's, my record company, and the Film Distribution Company.

Leon's Assistant's Explanation:
One of Leon's assistant that went with him to Shanghai, Leung Tin Yan stated that when they went to do promotions for "18 Springs" in Shanghai the person that arranged everything for them was Dou Yau Ning. A week before we went up to Shanghai through fax we found out that the press conference was going to be at 2:00pm.
But when we arrived in Shanghai, Dou Yau Ning stated several times to Leon that the press conference was at 2:30pm. Well since Dou Yau Ning was the middle man and gave us all the information, so we listened to him. But in actuality we finished our lunch before 2:00pm, and we were preparing and waiting to go to the press conference. But since Dou Yau Ning was certain that the press conference was at 2:30pm, so we listened to him, and encountered problems which could have been prevented. Leon didn't accept a reporter's request to take pictures privately because "We wanted to respect all the other reporters, we wanted all pictures and interviews to be held at the press conference. That's why we refused the reporters outside Leon's room, which requested additional exclusive pictures.
Well as for the issue of Leon going out to lunch and having his assistant take a look around before getting off the car Tin Yan said. "Since the restaurant is a private place, Leon has a lot of fans so, to prevent unnecessary inconvenience and problems his bodyguard first got off to make sure there was a safe passage for exit and entrance if needed. In terms of the restaurant and Leon's safety its for everyone's good and should be done.
As for the problems Leon has had with the reporters in Shanghai Tin Yan said "During July 20,1998 when Leon went to promote his EP, he has talked with the reporters there and I believe that the reporters understand the situation. Maybe it is the fact that we handle things very differently, if this leads to misunderstanding between us and the Distribution Company, then we do regret."


Title: Love Generation HK
Cast:     Leon Lai = Bill Kay
             Carina Lau = Maggie
             Shu Kei = Joey
             Lee Ann = Moon
             Mark Lui = Dentist/Bill's best friend/Moon's brother

Summary: Bill and Maggie have been dating for a while now but one night while waiting for a dinner table they break up. Maggie feels that their relationship was getting very routine and that she was holding Bill back with his career. Six years later Bill is a successful business man and is in Japan for a business trip with his secretary Moon and girlfriend Joey. He meets Maggie again in Japan and finds out that he still loves her. Bill wants to get back together but unfortunately Maggie is getting married in two weeks. So within the next two weeks Bill trys to win Maggie's heart back and find a way to not let Joey know about it. But towards the end who does he end up with? Well, you will have to see the movie in order to find out.

Note: In the movie Leon has two songs, 1) No need to say it twice (from EP) 2) I didn't lie to you (New Slow Cantonese Song)

**Leon-On Stage**

** Singapore Concert
Leon's Singapore Concert "Love You Like This - 98' Live Concert" is cancelled due to contract problems with the co organizer's Cory Associates. According to Paciwood Leon was supposed to receive a deposit 3 months before the concert. But till now neither Leon or Paciwood has received a deposit from Cory Associates. Cory Associates also breached the contract by selling tickets of the concert before notifying Paciwood. Paciwood is looking into suing Cory Associates right now.

**Australia Concerts
Leon will be having two concerts in Australia
1) October 3, 1998 in Sydney
2) October 4, 1998 in Melbourne

** RTHK 'Solar Project 98' You can either watch or listen to Leon's performance that night through the following website: http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/sun98/
Click on either Watch or Listen and Leon's performance is at the 6:16 mark he is doing the closing performance.

** Special Reports **

<Leon in Korea>>
Cine21 Aug, 11, 1998, Issue No, 163

Leon Lai will still stay here in Asia

These days when you are walking on the street, You often listen to Leon Lai's Korean song 'After loving you'. The youngest of HK Heavenly Kings, a singer and actor, Leon Lai visited Seoul to promote his new album 'I love you like this' in the early July. It's been about 9months since he has visited Pusan International Film Festival. We haven't met him as an actor since 'Comrade, Almost a love story'. This time He told us about his new films and his brand new album. The new album 'I love you like this' is the 19th Cantonese album since his first album 'Meeting in the rain'. People have an great interest in his new album because it has two Korean songs 'After loving you' and 'Till you come back to me again' which were the theme songs of the drama 'Take my heart'. He was late for this interview because he overslept himself. He started his interview with his kindhearted smile. He finished his 4-day-visit to Korea and left for Japan to film 'New love Generation'. His first album in Sony Music sells more than 40,000 copies in Korea now.

Q:You often visit Korea thesedays. You sang Korean songs and How is your actual Korean skill?

A:It is a frequent question for me. I can just feel what you feel - sad or happy when you tell me something in Korean. I also feel that I'm treated well and they like me. I learned 'Dang Gun Yi Ji' recently. Haha
('Dang gun yi ji' means 'of cource'. it is a popular word among young people now)

Q: Would you introduce this album to us briefly?

A: I sang one song(After loving you) in Mandarin, Catonese and Korean for the first time in my my singer career. Even though they(After loving you, heart is beating, and I love you like this) have the same melody, each language gave us different feelings. I recorded the Korean version first. It is the second time to sing Korean songs since I've sung a Comercial song 'What a lovely day like this'. We also produced VCD which has music videos of my new Korean songs with Korean scripts.

Q: I heard you shot 3 films.

A: This Spring I shot Director Mable Cheung's 'the city of glass' and Director To Kai Fung's 'True heros'. The day after tomorrow I will go to Japan to shoot Director Wong Jing's 'New love century'. These 3 films has different shooting loctions and subjects. A melodrama, 'The city of Glass' was shot in England. and HK action film 'True Heros' was shot in Thailand. A comic melo 'New love Generation' is shot in Japan. I'm working with Carina Lau, Shu Kei, and Lee Ann in this film. I will shot no more film this year not if happening a special occasion.

Q: You said to us that you'd rather a singer than an actor last interview.

A: Now I'm just a entertainer. I will take an opportunity whenver it arises. I can't choose it but I don't want to give up my oppoetunity from God. No matter what it is acting or singing.

Q: It passed 1 year since HK returned Mainland China. Are there any changes which you can feel?

A: The biggest change for me is that I shake hands with Premier Zhang Zhe Min in the morning of the 1st of July. I did last year and I did this year. Usually I don't wake up early in the morning but I have to hurry up from too early in the morning in the 1st of July. One more happy thing is to open the new HK airport. This time Premier Zhang Zhe Min and Mr. Clinton visited the new HK airport. The airport is still under construction so it will open to the public from Jul, 6. I left from HK at Kai Tak airport but I will Arrive in HK at the new airport. I'm excited about this unusual experience with my timely schedule.

Q: What is your favorite film and character?

A: 'Comrade, almost a love story' until now. Li Xiao Jun has more similarity than other characters.

Q: I heard you had offers from Korean movie makers.

A: I received two scenarios. one was 'The Zoo next to the art gallery' and the other was 'Beijing chinese restaurant'. I was interested in those movies. I couldn't accept their offers because of the promotion of my new album and my concert schedule. I'm planning to have about 30 worldtour concerts before December.

Q: Aren't you going to Hollywood?

A: I think I still have a lot of things to do here in Asia. I don't think it is wise to go to America. It is very important for entertainers to make use of your environments and opprtunities to the utmost what they have now. Americans want HK filmdoms not to need them in America but to aim at China.


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