Leon's 2005 HK Concert

I went to the Leon concert shows on 10/10, 10/11 , 10/12 , 10/13 , 10/14, and 10/15 .

Here's the rundown for Leon's HK concert on the 1st night (other nights are slightly different).

Song name Title translation Year song was released
那有一天不想你 There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You 1994
無名份的浪漫 Undistinguished Romance 1990
藍色街燈 Blue Street Light 1994
長情 Long-lasting Love 2005
深秋的黎明 & 你怎麼捨得我難過 # Autumnal Dawn & How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad 1993 & ?
你怎麼捨得我難過 (half song) How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad ?
兩個人的煙火 The Fireworks of 2 People 2004
如果可以再見你 If I Can See You Again 1998
今夜你會不會來 Will You Come Tonight? 1991
Janice 衛蘭 sings "My Love, My Fate"  
今生不再 Never Ever 1998
別舔傷口 Don't Lick the Wound 2004
一言為定 You Have My Word 2004
最後的戀愛 (half song) Last Love 1994
我的另一半 My Other Half 1993
送你一瓣的雪花 Give You a Piece of Snowflake 1994
眼睛想旅行 (Chapman To singing) Eyes Want to Travel 1999
我的親愛 (Chapman To singing) My Dearest Love 1992
沒名字的歌,無名字的你 Nameless Song, Anonymous You 1995
有情郎 Man with Love 2005
對不起,我愛你 Sorry, I Love You 1991
夏日傾情 Summer of Love 1993
我這樣愛你 I Love You Like This 1998
童話 (Michael Kwong Leung 光良 & Leon) Fairy Tale 2005?
如果這是情 What If This is Love? 1991
情深說話未曾講 Love Words Not Yet Spoken 1996

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.
# Leon sang these songs only on 10/10.

The first day's report will be longer than the others, since I'll be writing which outfits Leon wore during which songs and what happened on stage during the times that Leon went backstage to change. The shows were very similar each night, so for the other nights, I'll just write what was different from the other shows.

Leon's concert this time was very different from his previous HK concerts. If you like hearing Leon's older slow songs, then you would LOVE this concert!!! The concert was EXCELLENT!! I was just disappointed that the concert was sooo short!..Leon sang fewer songs than his previous HK concerts I've been to...and this time he had guests at his concert besides Mark, which took up more time that could have been used for Leon to sing at least a couple more songs. Except for the last show, each show ended before 11:00PM..lasting less than 2.5 hours. If you look at the # of songs Leon sang during most of the shows, you can see that he actually sang just about the same # of songs that he sings at his overseas concerts, which isn't that much. For the 2nd-6th shows, Leon barely sang 21 songs (Chapman is singing 2 of those Leon songs, so that's why there's 23 songs listed...Leon only sang half of the song "Last Love" for all the shows... and Leon only sang a few words when singing with Michael Kwong Leung).

Before the concert, I thought that Leon's concert would be similar to the philharmonic concerts held by Hacken Lee and Jacky Cheung. I already knew Leon wouldn't be doing any dancing during the concert (cuz there was no news about him rehearsing any dance steps), so I was afraid that his concert would be a bit boring with just songs being played by the orchestra (look at the reactions of the audience in those philharmonic concerts..not too lively)...I didn't know that Mark and the band would be playing at the concert with the orchestra. But once I heard the intro music at the concert and saw Mark, Joey Tang, and Pal with their guitars, I knew this wasn't going to be just a regular philharmonic concert. During some parts of the show, it reminded me of the Las Vegas shows where there are people doing acrobatic performances with music...kinda like the Las Vegas show "Cirque du Soleil" I guess, since I haven't actually seen "Cirque du Soleil," just short clips of it on TV.

All 6 shows were sold out! I couldn't see any empty seats other than a few single seats here and there. The name of the concert "Crazy Classic?" seemed quite suitable for this concert...'crazy' would definitely be referring to Leon's fans..haha...the fans were going crazy every night!..the last night was super super crazy!!! During the shows, the fans would scream loudly whenever Leon walked towards their area or he turned around to face them. 'Classic' probably refers to the songs Leon sang at his concert... although Leon doesn't feel his songs are considered as 'classic,' I think most fans feel that his songs are classic...most of those songs were written 10+ years ago, but yet all the fans are still very familiar with the lyrics to those songs...and even non-super Leon fans would be somewhat familiar with at least the chorus part to Leon's old songs. Leon seemed happier during this concert series than his previous ones...and he said almost every night during the concert, "I'm very happy..I don't know what to say." This time during his concert, he didn't have a specific part where he would make a 2-3 minute speech about how he felt at that moment (he did this during his 2001 concert..and the speech was different for each show)... every night he said almost the same things.. like how he was happy...and what he said in his speech when introducing Michael Kwong Leung.

The funniest part of the show was when Chapman To Man Jak was imitating part of Leon's dance steps to "My Dearest Love" (the 'sayonara oh' song) and ESPECIALLY the "Happy 2000" song....that was soooooooooo funny!!..I laughed every night Chapman did that part. Chapman said something like, "There's one dance step that's quite dangerous...it can harm innocent people...and can affect the future generation (referring to children)... that's the 'Happy 2000' song." If you've seen Leon dance to "Happy 2000" in his MV, it's the one action where he sort of swings his arms down almost towards the 'important part' of his body...haha.. that's what Chapman was trying to imitate. Then Chapman asked Leon, "Don't you feel pain?" Leon said, "I didn't hit myself, so of course I don't feel pain"...and Mark said, "He didn't even touch that part." and Chapman said, "But the dancer standing next to you hurt for several years." and Leon said, "well that dancer used too much strength for that action, so he hurt himself"...and the audience was laughing.

The other funny part happened after Chapman did his hip-hop dance and jumped up in the air and landed sort of with a half split... Leon had a big "O" shaped mouth after he saw Chapman do that split... Mark said, "Wah, that action is definitely more harmful than the other action (from 'Happy 2000')"...and everyone was laughing...and Chapman said something like "I think I hurt myself...call an ambulance please.." and Mark and Leon were laughing along with the audience.

I think lots of fans were very happy during Leon's concert this time....because Leon sang his old songs (which seldom happened during his previous concerts), and also Leon was able to shake hands with many more fans compared to the previous concerts he had... it's all because of how the stage was designed. I don't think any HK singer has ever been able to shake hands with so many fans who were sitting rather far from the stage. Lots of fans were able to get a very good look at Leon, even if it was maybe just for a couple of songs...and again, it all has to do with the stage design... it was simple yet very effective in letting more fans see Leon up close. There were basically 3 circular stages..one in the far back where the orchestra/band was and the big screen TV, one small stage in the middle, and one small stage on the end (the last stage)...and there were 2 walkways which went around the whole Coliseum, so Leon was able to shake hands with people sitting further up and also near the stage. I guess because of the stage design, there was no specific VIP section like how most concerts have... it would usually be in the middle red section area...but for Leon's concert this time, the VIP guests were just about everywhere in the Coliseum, so more fans were able to spot them. This time I was actually able to see a few HK entertainment people and famous people in the audience without needing to use binoculars...haha. During the previous HK concerts, the celebrities were sitting very far away from where I was sitting.

Leon sang many of his older songs (only about a couple of new songs), but each song had a fresh new sound to it ... a lot of the songs, you wouldn't be able to tell which song it is just by hearing the intro. Mark did a great job in rearranging/rewriting the music for the songs...and Leon sounded SPECTACULAR!! ...better than I've ever heard him before. His voice was more powerful and stronger, and he didn't seem to have any difficulties at all hitting the high notes. You could clearly hear his voice for every song.

Leon had appeared at several public events during the days before his concert... I was thinking whether or not he had enough time to rehearse for his concert and to refresh his memory on the lyrics to his songs. Anyway, there was one song which he slightly messed up on almost every night!...I wonder why this song was so difficult for Leon to remember the lyrics to.... it's the song "If I Can See You Again"... for the first 4 shows, he sort of mumbled or sang the incorrect lyrics right before the chorus part on almost every show...and then for the last 2 shows, he completely went silent during part of the chorus!...so you couldn't hear him sing anything for a few seconds... you could just hear the fans screaming out the words to the song for Leon..haha.

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10/10/05 - I was sitting in the Green section, Row F, which was about 5-6 rows plus a walkway away from the stage, but it was the first row for the handshake part of the concert..hehe. Before the concert started, I was able to see Antony Leung Kam Chung (former Financial Secretary of HK) and his wife (the gold medalist diver from China)..they were sitting about 2-3 rows behind and 1 section to the left of where I was sitting. Then I saw CR903 DJ Vani sitting just a few seats plus an aisle away to my left. The show started at about 8:30PM. Right before the concert started, the Coliseum showed the TV commercial for "The World's Biggest Donation Box" for the Community Chest charity organization...Leon was in the commercial, so of course all the fans screamed when they saw Leon. It was hard for me to see the commercial, cuz I had to look all the way up to the screen at the top of the Coliseum, and there were lights/wires sort of blocking the screen...there weren't any plasma TV screens on the ground floor that night. After the commercial, the lights went out, and oooooh wooow!!...the HK Coliseum completely lit up with all the colorful lightsticks and glowing "Leon" signs...it looked amazing! There were lots of lightsticks even at the upper levels of the Coliseum. There seemed to be A LOT more lightsticks and glowing "Leon" signs this time than during his last HK concert (although there were already a lot of lightsticks last time)...probably because everyone was just so excited to see Leon having a concert after 4 years. Some HK singers would give out free lightsticks or those plastic inflatable sticks that make noise when you hit them together...but Leon didn't need to give out free props to the audience to have a great atmosphere...the majority of fans were already very well prepared, bringing their own colorful lightsticks and glowing "Leon" signs.

A few seconds later, Chapman To Man Jak comes out on stage dressed in an orange color suit and orange hat. He greeted the audience in several languages... first he said in English, "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Leon Crazy Classic concert"...and then he said similiar words in Mandarin, Japanese, Thai, and Cantonese. He laughed almost every night when he was trying to talk in Thai..and the audience was laughing, too. Then he got off stage, and the big TV screen (which was almost as tall as the Coliseum ceiling) towards the back of the stage started showing names of all the production people, management, etc. and ended with "Leon Crazy Classic? Concert" displayed at the end. There was some background music played while the names were being displayed... the music sounded pretty cool. On the first night, the big TV screen sort of had a glitch when the names were being shown... part of the middle of the screen was completely black, so you couldn't see the names of the people..you could only see the job title... the text was displayed on the sides of different building images... like on high-rise office buildings. A couple days later after I went to see Leon's concert and returned to the hotel, Universal aired the TV commercial for Leon's 3-disc PolyGram/Sony compilation (I saw it played at least 3-4 times between 11:30pm-2:00am)... the commercial was quite similar to Leon's concert intro... in the TV commercial, Leon's song names on the 4-disc compilation were all displayed on different high-rise office buildings, too!

Anyway, back to the concert... so after the short video, the orchestra and band started playing, and Leon appeared on the stage near the big TV screen and started to sing "There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You" (na yau yat tin bat seung nei). Fans were screaming like crazy! I actually like this concert version of the song more than the original... I'm not a huge fan of the original version. Leon was wearing a black jacket with a yellow and black scarf. After Leon finished this song, he then sang "Undistinguished Romance" (mo ming fan dik long maan).... he sang the chorus part right at the beginning of the song...I also like this arrangement better than the original version, and Leon sounded so good!!..big difference between his voice now and back then.

After "Undistinguished Romance," he went offstage for a constume change. Then slow music started playing... and the female dancers? (not sure if you'd call them dancers..they didn't dance during the show) came out on stage one by one.. 3 coming from the stage near the big TV screen and another 3 coming from the last stage..they walked slowly towards the middle of the stage, and they were each enclosed inside a big plastic ball. They were wearing a skirt that actually lights up when they switch the button on.

After all 6 of the dancers were on stage, Leon came out from the middle stage and all the fans screamed loudly again. He was wearing a white shirt and black tie, black pants and black furry sleeves. I liked this outfit!...showed how slim his body is...hehe..but the furry sleeves seemed a bit out-of-place...it didn't go w/ the rest of the outfit. I didn't recognize which song Leon was getting ready to sing from hearing the music intro..it wasn't until he started to sing the words that I knew this song was "Blue Street Light" (laam sik gaai dang)...it's still one of my very favorite Leon songs! The circular stage rotated around while he was singing. During the first show, I was only focused on Leon when he was singing this song, so I didn't even notice until the 2nd or 3rd show that there were also 2 female acrobats hanging in the air inside 2 plastic balls on opposite sides of the stage and were doing flips and tricks inside the balls. When Leon got to the chorus part during the 2nd half of the song, the stage went up a few feet and the fans screamed....the stage was still rotating while he was up there. After singing "Blue Street Light," Leon sang "Long-lasting Love"...he walked from the middle stage to the last stage and then all the way back to the stage in front of the big TV screen. I was really looking forward to hearing Leon sing this song at his concert...sounded so good!!... when he got to the chorus part, I started to get goosebumps on my arms...hehe. The big TV screen was finally working properly and was showing some ocean waves while Leon was singing this song. Leon left the stage after this song.

During Leon's costume change, the female dancers came out dressed in Japanese clothes and carrying umbrellas... 4 dancers came out from the stage near the big TV screen and 4 from the last stage... they walked to the middle stage... then a lady (I guess a Chinese acrobat?) appeared at the middle of the stage, lying down on a chair and holding up an umbrella with her feet... she started to do tricks with the umbrella, spinning/flipping the umbrella with just one foot..it was pretty interesting. The audience applauded after her performance.

Then Leon came out wearing an orange leather jacket with a black t-shirt...very cool! He sang the Mandarin song "Autumnal Dawn" (sam chau dik lai ming) ..again, I couldn't recognize the song just from hearing the intro music. During the chorus part, instead of singing the original lyrics from "Autumnal Dawn," he sang the chorus from the Mandarin song "How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad" ('nei jam moh seh dak ngoh naan gwoh'...this is not Leon's song)..the fans were screaming very loudly when Leon did that. Then after the song, Leon explained that one time when he was in Beijing and he went to karaoke with a friend, his friend wanted to sing Leon's song "Autumnal Dawn"...I think Leon said his friend was kinda drunk, so when the music was playing, his friend actually sang the lyrics for the song "How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad," but he was using the music to "Autumnal Dawn"..so Leon thought that using the music from "Autumnal Dawn" and the lyrics for "How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad" actually works... and he asked the audience if they'd like to hear him try..and of course the fans screamed!... so the band/orchestra started playing the music "Autumnal Dawn" again from the beginning and Leon sang half of the song using the lyrics to "How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad." The song did seem to flow smoothly with the lyrics to "How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad"...that was cool! Then Leon said to the fans to try and sing the lyrics of "How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad" with the "Autumnal Dawn" music next time they went to karaoke. He only sang "How Can You Be Willing to Let Me Feel Sad" on the first night...he didn't sing it for the other shows. Leon then said the next song he'll be singing is one that he really likes... "The Fireworks of 2 People" (leung goh yan dik yin foh).

After Leon sang the Mandarin song "The Fireworks of 2 People," he left the stage for another costume change. While Leon was backstage, Chapman came out and was riding a bike in midair and was moving towards the middle stage...he was dressed in a white suit and red hat. Chapman was telling Leon's life experiences/feelings as he rode the bike and pretended to be Leon and called himself "Lai Siu Ming" (Little Leon) and called Leon as "Lai Lo Ming." Chapman said (talking as if he were Leon), "I came down to HK from Beijing at an early age...my dad always said not to make comparisons with other people, so even though my family didn't have much money, we were still happy. I really like music, so after graduating, I participated in the New Talent Singing Contest. After becoming a singer, I realized that a new singer doesn't earn much money, so I decided to sell mobile phones to earn more money. Actually, I'm still selling phones now... 3G (or did he say 3T?...his enunciation wasn't very good)...have you bought it yet?"..and the fans screamed yes.. When Chapman was getting off the bike, he almost hurt himself cuz he had problems getting his other leg over the bike seat...he made a joke of himself..forgot what he said..but the audience laughed. Then he said (talking as if he were Leon), "I've worked in showbiz for almost 20 years..I've done a lot of things..some made me very happy..some made me not so happy. Some people said when I sing, I sing off-key, or when I act, I'm not taking it seriously...I felt a little unhappy. The most happiest thing was donating money to Community Chest, bunji jumping, acting in movies directed by Peter Chan Ho San, acting as Lai Siu Kwan, but I haven't gotten married yet. (it sounds better when Chapman was saying this in Cantonese..cuz the words/phrases rhymed). It's hard for me to get married... people say I'm really smart at chasing after girls..aiy..do you think I'm Mark Lui Jung Tak or Chapman To Mak Jak?".... the fans laughed... Chapman continued (talking as if he were Leon), "I don't understand..the girls nowadays like guys who are chubby (referring to Mark and Chapman)... but I've been rumored to be with many girls before...and some of those were actually true....at least that's what I thought myself. But that's ok..I still have lots of good friends...and all of you!"..fans screamed.. Chapman said (talking as if he were Leon), "I know that in the entertainment business, the good things you do, some people could pretend that they haven't seen what you did, and the things you haven't done, some people would falsely say that you have done those things...and when you treat someone well, they might not treat you well, but I've never thought about fighting back, because I don't even know how. I only know how to do things that I like to do.. I like music..I won't change myself, because I am who I am. I'm a very simple person..I'm an artist...as an artist, when you're happy (referring to the fans), then I'm happy."...and the fans screamed.

Next Leon came out and sang "If I Can See You Again" (yue gwoh hoh yi joi gin nei). He was wearing green and blue plaid pants, a black jacket, gold see-through shirt that was unbuttoned, and a white t-shirt. He was standing near the big TV screen while he sang this song. You can hear how strong his voice is when he's singing this song. I guess he forgot part of the lyrics to this song...he sort of mumbled a few of the words right before the chorus part and the words didn't really sound like the same words he sang on his CD. After singing "If I Can See You Again," he sang the Mandarin version of "Will You Come Tonight?" (gam yeh nei wooi bat wooi loi). I was hoping he would sing the Cantonese version of this song for at least one of the 6 shows, cuz I like the Cantonese version more... but he sang the Mandarin version for all 6 shows. The new music arrangement sounded very good!

Leon went offstage for a costume change. Then Janice M. Vidal (Wai Lan) came out to sing one song. She sang her new song, "My Love, My Fate." She was probably very nervous the first night...she didn't sound as good on the first night compared to the other nights (she was a guest performer for all 6 shows). As expected, once everyone noticed Janice was singing, lots of people started running up the stairs to head to the restrooms. When she was singing, the big TV screen showed her English and Chinese name in big shiny letters..the graphics looked pretty cool. I heard a few people screaming her name when she was on stage. After her performance, she left the stage, and then there was a male and female acrobat who came out and did some acrobatic tricks in the air above the middle stage...looked kinda dangerous..the music playing while they were doing their tricks fit perfectly.

Then Leon came out and sang "Never Ever" (gam sang bat joi). He was wearing a gold jacket with red plaid shirt and green jeans. He was standing near the big TV screen while he sang this song. During the first show, I was only focused on Leon when he was singing this song, so I didn't even notice until the 2nd show that the male and female acrobat came back out and were hanging above the middle stage doing more acrobatic tricks while Leon was singing. After "Never Ever," Leon sang "Don't Lick the Wound" (bit tim seung hau) and walked to the other stages. He only sang this song for the first show... not sure why he didn't sing this song during the other shows..maybe he didn't think the song was classic enough? After singing "Don't Lick the Wound," he sang "You Have My Word" (yat yin wai ding).

After this song, he walked back to where Mark was. Leon took off his gold jacket and the fans screamed loudly. They talked a little, then walked to the last stage.. Mark was carrying his guitar...and a few of the orchestra members were also at the last stage. Leon and Mark and the orchestra members sat down on chairs that were on the last stage. Leon said Pal helped him write the song "Last Love" (jui hau dik luen ngoi) and ever since then, Pal hasn't written anymore songs for Leon or anyone else. Leon said he's waiting for Pal to write him another good song. Leon only sang half of the Mandarin song "Last Love." After "Last Love," Leon sang a song that he wrote himself, "My Other Half." Mark asked Leon why he didn't write a 2nd half to this song. Leon said because there was no 2nd part to the TV series, "The Legendary Ranger" (Yuen Jan Yap). After singing "My Other Half," Leon sang "Give You a Piece of Snowflake." Mark said he thought that Leon hasn't sung this song before during his concerts, but actually Leon did sing this song during his 2001 concert for a few of the nights. The stage went up when Leon was singing this song, and the fans screamed.

After singing "Give You a Piece of Snowflake," Leon and Mark walked back to the stage near the big TV screen to meet up with Chapman. They talked a little.. Chapman was trying to make Leon dance, but Leon wouldn't. So Chapman did an imitation of Leon's dance moves for the songs "My Dearest Love" and "Happy 2000," and then Chapman did a hip-hop dance and jumped up in the air and landed with a half split...every night, that part was sooo funny!! Chapman said since Leon didn't want to dance, then how about shaking hands with the fans? Then all of a sudden, a lot of the fans got out of their seats and were rushing to the hand-shake areas. Instead of Leon singing while he's shaking hands, Chapman would be helping Leon sing 2 of Leon's songs while they're shaking hands. So Chapman went to one side of the Coliseum and started shaking hands with people in the upper level (around HK$400 section), and Leon went to the opposite side of the Coliseum to shake hands with the audience. Chapman sang "Eyes Want to Travel" (ngaan jing seung lui hang) and "My Dearest Love" (ngoh dik chan ngoi)...about his singing...uhm..let's just say it didn't sound good..haha. Chapman had enough time to shake hands with the people in the upper and lower levels, but Leon only had enough time to shake hands with the people in the upper level and didn't have a chance to shake hands with the people in the lower level. I was sitting in the lower level and was waiting to shake hands with Leon, but he didn't get to our section yet. When Chapman came by our section, he was walking SO fast that even if I wanted to shake his hand, I couldn't cuz he walked by so quickly and already passed by my section by the time I noticed him. Hardly anyone shook Chapman's hand in the lower level section...everyone was watching where Leon was in the Coliseum. I had a feeling Leon would come back later to shake hands with the lower level, since Chapman did it..we just had to wait. After Leon finished shaking hands with the upper level, he got back to the stage near the big TV screen and met up with Chapman.. he gave Chapman a big hug and even picked up Chapman and spun him around a few times!!

Leon and Chapman left the stage. Then at the middle stage, 2 girls dressed almost like ballet dancers appeared.. they did some acrobatic tricks which looked super difficult.

Afterwards, Leon appeared on stage again near the big TV screen, this time wearing a gray jacket, purple sweat pants, a D&G sports jacket, with a black cap that had colorful sequins on it. Leon sang "Nameless Song, Anonymous You" (moot ming ji dik goh, mo ming ji dik nei).


Then Leon took off his gray jacket, and the fans screamed again...and then Leon said he would be singing the only new song in the concert...the Mandarin song "Man with Love" (yau ching long). After "Man with Love," he said he would be shaking hands with the fans in the lower level, so the fans started rushing into the aisles again. He shook hands while singing, "Sorry, I Love You." I was able to get a firm handshake with Leon's right hand...and he looked right at me when he shook my hand...hehe. I think that's the first time I got such a firm handshake from him and was able to look right at him...the times I shook his hand at his previous concerts, I had to push/shove with other fans to get a handshake and didn't really get to look at him directly..he probably just saw a hand in the crowd and just shook it..haha. About the handshake part of the concert, even though a person might be sitting in the first row right after the walkway, it's not guaranteed that Leon would be able to give you a handshake, because this time, the 2 handshake walkways have fans on both sides of the walkway and Leon can't shake hands with the fans on both sides at the same time, so you might see him walking towards you but then he suddenly turns around and gives a handshake to the fans who are on the other side and all you're looking at is his back... it's not like past concerts where there might be a stage right behind Leon, so he would only need to face one direction to shake hands. After singing "Sorry, I Love You," Leon said he would be singing, "Summer of Love" (ha yat king ching)...fans screamed loudly. While he was singing, the fans were singing with him.

After "Summer of Love," Leon went offstage for a costume change. Then there were 4 guys who came out from the stage dressed in black skin-tight suits with lightbulbs stuck all over their bodies. Two of them were standing on the shoulders of the other two and they walked around the stage area.. then they did some flips on the stage and then jumped into the hole in the middle of the stage and disappeared. Leon then appeared near the big TV screen..he was wearing a black jacket, white shirt with black tie, and blue jean overalls. He sang "I Love You Like This" (ngoh jeh yeung ngoi nei).

After "I Love You Like This," he said something like, "Some people are good at singing but they can't write songs, and some can write songs but they aren't good at singing, like Mark.... sorry Mark."..and the fans laughed. Then Leon talked about meeting someone when he was working in Beijing who can write good music and sing very well..and how this person had been in the music industry for more than 10 years and had his ups and downs...and how he had joined a band before and then broke up with the band and became a solo singer...and how he's written lots of good songs..and has now joined the A Music record company.. and this person is Michael Kwong Leung... Michael appeared at the middle stage playing the piano while the stage rotated...the fans were screaming very loudly. Michael sang his Mandarin song "Fairy Tale"...it sounded very good! It seemed lots of people in the audience were already very familiar with Michael's song..they were singing along with Michael. Michael's Chinese name appeared on the big TV screen while he was singing, and Leon was still standing near the big TV screen with no spotlight on him for the first part of the song. Then on the big TV screen, fans could see "Kwong Leung + Lai Ming"..and Leon started to sing Michael's song while he walked toward the middle stage. Leon just sang a few words, but the fans were already going crazy. Michael sang the rest of the song as Leon stood near him on the middle stage and was clapping while mouthing the words to the song. I didn't even know who Michael was or heard any of his songs until after seeing Leon's concert. After the first show, the next few days when I went out shopping, I heard Michael's song "Fairy Tale" played in at least 5 shops. After Michael finished his song, Leon gave him a hug and walked Michael off the stage.

Then Leon sang "What If This is Love?" (yue gwoh jeh si ching). After singing "What If This is Love?," Leon said he would be singing his last song for the night "Love Words Not Yet Spoken" (ching sam suet wa mei chang gong). He sounded sooo good! After Leon's last song, Chapman comes out, dressed in the orange suit and hat again and is saying all the thank-you's...and then he introduces all the band members, the dancers, Janice, Michael, etc. and Leon stood in the middle of them and they bowed together. The concert ended around 10:50PM.

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