Leon's 2005 HK Concert

I went to the Leon concert shows on 10/10, 10/11 , 10/12 , 10/13 , 10/14, and 10/15 .

Here's the rundown for Leon's HK concert on the 5th night (same as the 2nd night).

那有一天不想你 There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You
無名份的浪漫 Undistinguished Romance
藍色街燈 Blue Street Light
長情 Long-lasting Love
深秋的黎明 Autumnal Dawn
兩個人的煙火 The Fireworks of 2 People
如果可以再見你 If I Can See You Again
今夜你會不會來 Will You Come Tonight?
Janice 衛蘭 sings "My Love, My Fate"
今生不再 Never Ever
一言為定 You Have My Word
最後的戀愛 (half song) Last Love
我的另一半 My Other Half
送你一瓣的雪花 Give You a Piece of Snowflake
眼睛想旅行 (Chapman To singing) Eyes Want to Travel
我的親愛 (Chapman To singing) My Dearest Love
沒名字的歌,無名字的你 Nameless Song, Anonymous You
有情郎 Man with Love
對不起,我愛你 Sorry, I Love You
夏日傾情 Summer of Love
我這樣愛你 I Love You Like This
童話 (Michael Kwong Leung 光良 & Leon) Fairy Tale
如果這是情 What If This is Love
情深說話未曾講 Love Words Not Yet Spoken

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.

10/14/05 - I was sitting in the Yellow section, Row G, which was about 8-9 rows away from the middle stage, but it was the 2nd row for the handshake part of the concert.

After "Autumnal Dawn," a guy came near the stage and handed Leon a flower.. Leon said something like, "How come you rushed towards the stage to give me a flower?...I'll accept the flower now because he's a guy" (sometimes Leon would just tell the fans to give their gifts to the security people near the stage instead of handing the gift directly to him) ...thanks thanks.." The guy shook Leon's hand for several seconds!!..he didn't seem to want to let go of Leon's hand..haha..the fans were screaming.

When Leon was singing "If I Can See You Again," he mumbled the words right before the chorus during the 2nd half of the song, so you couldn't hear what he was singing..and then during the chorus, after he sang "wooi tau yeung moot yau nei.., " he paused for a few seconds..he forgot the words...you could hear a gasp from the audience..and then you can slightly hear the fans screaming out the lyrics.. then Leon sang... "pa ngok luet hei hau, pa ngaan lui do lau..." and finished the song.

I was able to get a handshake this night (with his left hand)... I was sitting in the 2nd row after the walkway, so I had to lean forward on the seat in front of me and stick my arm out when Leon walked by... luckily my arm was long enough and Leon was facing our side when he got to our area... Leon grasped my hand firmly with his left hand...hehe. Since Chapman was helping Leon sing the songs while Leon was giving handshakes, Leon didn't have to hold a microphone in his hand, so he was able to shake hands with a few more people using his free hand.

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