Leon's 2001 HK Concert

I went to the Leon concert shows on 12/14, 12/21 , 12/22 , 12/23 , and 12/24 .

Here's a list of songs in Leon's HK concert.

心情好 In a Good Mood (music only)
今夜你會不會來 Will You Be Coming Tonight?
全日愛 All Day Love
盡情地愛 To Love Whole-heartedly
兩位一體 Two People One Soul (track #3 on "Beijing Station" CD)
及時擁抱 Hugging in Time
純粹誤會 Just a Misunderstanding (track #1 on "The Red Shoes" CD)
不規則 Against the Rules (track #4 on "Happiness" CD)
Oh! 夜 Oh! Yeah
愛比我重要 Love is More Important Than Me
越夜越有機 The Later It Is, the Bigger the Chance
那有一天不想你 There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You
簡愛 Simple Love
指日可待 Waiting For That Day (track #11 on "Happiness" CD)
MI-2 MI-2
眼神騙不過 Eyes Don't Lie (track #9 on "Happiness" CD)
你係我o既 You Are Mine
看上她 Fallen for Her (track #3 on "The Red Shoes" CD)
情深說話未曾講 Love Words Not Yet Spoken
眼睛想旅行 Eyes Want to Travel
Sugar in the Marmalade Sugar in the Marmalade
你很愛我 You Love Me A Lot (track #6 on "Happiness" CD)
聽身體唱歌 Listen to the Body Sing
我的感覺 Personal Feeling
送你一瓣的雪花 Give You a Piece of Snowflake
I Love You Like This
Can't Take My Eyes Off U Can't Take My Eyes Off U

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.
# Leon sang this song on 12/21-12/24.

The 12/14 report is longer than the other days cuz I'm writing more details on the songs he sang, the costumes, the dances, etc. in the order that it happened. I might have mixed up a few of the details with another show, but the show itself is basically the same as all the other shows. For the other shows I watched, I'll only write what was different than the previous shows and anything I could remember that Leon said.

Overall thoughts of the concert shows that I saw... I thought Leon's concert was A LOT better than his '99 HK concert, almost as good as his '97 HK concert. I enjoyed this concert very much. The only thing that wasn't very good for people who sat at the $400 seats at the lower section was those 2 higher stages. When Leon went up to those 2 higher stages, it was quite hard to see him. Other than that, everything else was great! Leon seemed very happy and carefree during the concerts...I think he smiled more this time than in his '99 concerts. I was VERY happy to hear some of his older Polygram songs during his concert, especially the songs "Will You Be Coming Tonight?" and "Love Words Not Yet Spoken"...those 2 songs are a few of my all-time favorite PolyGram songs. He also danced a lot more this time than in his '99 concert...very cool! There were many songs in which he had choreographed dance steps to. Leon had more female dancers this time...I think he only had 2 female dancers in '99..but I'm still kind of puzzled as to why he uses an all-Korean dance team. He had lots of different outfit changes..about 10 outfits..and he hardly wore any hats, which was good, because I didn't like those hats he wore at his '99 concert that were covering his eyes most of the time. The most unique outfit he wore was definitely the space suit and helmet...so cute! Leon looked VERY nice when he was dressed in a white suit. The song break periods when Leon was getting dressed was rather entertaining...most of the time, there would be video images displayed onto the big sphere that was made up of many small tv screens. He talked a lot more this time than in his '99 concert...he had something different to say each night. You could tell that he was saying his thoughts at that moment and not something that he had planned ahead of time to say.

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12/14/01 - I was sitting at section 56 blue, Row H, which was the 3rd row. The show was supposed to start at 8:30PM, but it didn't start till about 8:55PM. There were many reporters and photographers at the concert, since it's the first show. A few minutes before the show started, many of us saw Michelle Lee sitting down. A lot of fans were screaming Michelle's name...they sounded quite happy that she was there.

Before the show started, the center stage had big white curtains that were hiding the big sphere. The show started off w/ the music of "In a Good Mood" and all the dancers went up on stage to do a few dance moves. They were dressed in white casual clothes with shirts that had the letters "LL" in red on it. Then once the music stopped, the white curtains dropped immediately to unveil Leon sitting on top of the big sphere (which was hanging just a few inches from the stage floor) in his red suit, w/ the tv screens forming an image of a space galaxy..and he started singing "Will You Be Coming Tonight?" while his chair rotated slowly around. All the dancers had left the stage once the curtains dropped. Whenever Leon's chair rotated to a certain section of the audience, the fans would scream really loudly and flashbulbs from people's cameras would be going off like crazy. He sang the first half of the song "Will You Be Coming Tonight?" in Cantonese and the second half in Mandarin. His red hair in the front matched his red suit quite well. After this song, Leon disappeared for a costume change. During this break, there was some loud background music playing while the 2 spotlights on the sides of the 2 ramps (that went up to the 2 higher stages) started to move down the ramp and was shining directly onto the big sphere, and the sphere began to move up and away from the stage floor..the small tv screens had a lot of colorful images.

Then the music of "All Day Love" started and there was an image of the China flag on the sphere. Everyone didn't know what to expect during the concert since it's the first show, so most people were focused on the center stage..but when Leon started to sing this song, we didn't see him on the stage..but we heard fans at the upper level screaming loudly..and then we figured out that he was at the upper stage..I'll call it upper stage #1 (the upper round stage). He changed into a black V-neck top w/ a flower-like pattern on the wrist area of the sleeves and on the front. He stayed at the upper stage #1 for the whole song...singing mostly w/ the mike attached to the mike stand..and then when there's a break in between the lyrics, he would turn around and wave to the audience who were sitting at the upper levels. He threw in a few dance moves during the song from time to time...not choreographed. He was the only one on stage..all the dancers were backstage getting ready for the next song.

Once the song was over, the next song "To Love Whole-heartedly" began immediately..and Leon ran down the ramp to the center stage. The female dancers came out dressed in yellow, pink, and light blue outfits w/ colorful hair extensions. I didn't remember Leon having any choreographed dance steps to this song, but he was still kinda dancing to the beat of the song... the choreographed dance steps for the female dancers matched this song quite well.

Then immediately after this song, the song "Two People One Soul" began. During this song, the female dancers and Leon went to the upper stage #2 (the upper stage near the band). The female dancers were dancing on the upper stage while Leon was singing and waving at the audience who were sitting near that area.

Then after "Two People One Soul," the female dancers went offstage, and Leon walked back down the ramp towards the center stage and started to talk. He talked about the little Christmas tree that was sitting near Mark..the tree was there just for decoration. He also explained why the concert started so late. He said the show started late because the charbroiled pig didn't arrive on time (it's sort of like a custom to have a charbroiled pig for good luck before a big event). Then he sang "Hugging in Time"...staying at the center stage.

After "Hugging in Time," he disappeared for another costume change. The 2 female backup singers were singing a few notes..I don't remember what kind of images were showing on the big sphere. Then the music for his Mandarin song "Just a Misunderstanding" began. Leon and the male dancers were all dressed in white. Leon was wearing a white cap and had on a headset mike. Leon had choreographed dance steps to this song...it was very good!

Leon went offstage after singing "Just a Misunderstanding." There was some background music playing while 2 male dancers carried a sofa down the ramp from upper stage #1...it was kinda funny how they were walking w/ the sofa. They placed the sofa on the center stage. Then the music for "Against the Rules" started and Leon came out..still dressed in his white suit, but without his white cap. Leon and the male dancers were sitting on the sofa for the first half of the song..unfortunately, the sofa was not facing my direction, so everyone who was sitting in the blue section could only see the back of Leon. It's too bad the sofa wasn't put on a rotating stage..for the 5 shows that I went to, the sofa was always facing the same direction..and since I was sitting in the blue section for the 5 shows, I could only see his back for that part. While he was singing, some of the male dancers were lighting up cigars and taking a few puffs. About a quarter of the way through this song, Leon and the dancers got up from the sofa and started walking around the center stage. Meanwhile the inner part of the center stage, where the sofa was placed, began to go down below the stage...so there was a big hole in the center stage...one wrong move by Leon or by a dancer and they would have fallen into the hole..pretty scary. Then a few seconds later, the inner part of the center stage raised up and the female dancers appeared...they were wearing a black dress and standing in the same position while they were making robotic-like movements...then they took off their dresses and revealed a very sexy outfit..a bra-like top and a panties-like bottom w/ beads stuck on it... you've probably seen the pictures in the newspapers/magazines. You could hear the audience scream, "wahhhh!" when the female dancers revealed those outfits (cuz again, this is the first show and everything was a surprise). Leon turned around, pointed at one of the female dancers and beckoned her to walk towards him...the other female dancers walked towards the male dancers. The female dancer was dancing very closely to Leon...Leon just stood there, and then put his hand on her head and turned her around..to kinda push her away from him.

After "Against the Rules," the dancers left the stage and Leon said a few words to introduce his next song, "Oh! Yeah." He said, " 'Oh! Yeah' is like red wine because now is the right time to sing it." I guess it's kind of like when people only drink red wine when they eat certain foods or on certain occassions. The "Oh! Yeah" song sounded more up-beat than the original version..Leon seemed quite happy when singing this song..sometimes he would do a hop and a skip and do a spin. The audience was singing along from time to time. He would walk about half-way up the ramp towards upper stage#2 and would turn back around and walk down to the center stage.

He sang "Love is More Important Than Me" after "Oh! Yeah." He stayed at the center stage and would turn to face a different side of the audience for every quarter part of the song. Once this song was over, Leon went backstage for another costume change.

The band played some background music, and then the music for "The Later It Is, the Bigger the Chance" started, while part of this music video was being displayed onto the big sphere above the center stage. When the music got to the part when the guy says, "Freeze!" and there were gunshot sounds, some little firework sparks were flashing onto the center stage and were bouncing off of the sphere...very cool...the audience was screaming "wahhh!" again. Once the sparks cleared, the male dancers and Leon appeared on the center stage. Leon was wearing yellow sunglasses and a red t-shirt w/ a black leather jacket that had gold stripes on it. Leon had choreographed dance steps to this song as well.

After this song, the male dancers left the stage, and Leon took off his jacket, said a few words (forgot what he said), and then began singing "There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You." He walked up to the upper stage #1 for this song and waved to the audience members.

After "There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You," Leon started to walk back down the ramp towards the center stage and he said, "The next song is created by Leon... it's called 'Simple Love.' "  While singing this song, he walked up to the other upper stage near the band.. upper stage#2 and again waved to the audience over there.

Once Leon finished "Simple Love," Leon walked down to the band area...and called on Mark, Joey Tang, and Pal for the next song, "Waiting For That Day" (California Dreaming Cantonese version)..Mark, Joey, and Pal were playing their guitars. All 4 of them were sort of marching down the ramp towards the center stage. Joey, Mark, and Pal were each standing on a different side of the stage, and Leon would walk to each of them and sing part of the song..then Mark went to the middle of the stage and Leon went there, too. While Leon and Mark were standing there singing, the big sphere started to lower down..and then Mark 'pretended' to say, "Hey what's going on?..the thing is getting lower!"..actually it's all part of the act..there was a hole in the middle of the sphere, so Leon and Mark were now supposedly inside the sphere, but they were actually down below the stage changing into their next outfit. As they were getting dressed, Joey and Pal were still playing the music from "Waiting For That Day."

Once Joey and Pal stopped playing, there was other kind of background music..and on the sphere was the word WARNING...leading up to the next song "MI-2." A lot of smoke was coming out from the sides of the stage...then the sphere began to raise up..kinda making it look like a space ship has landed..and Leon and Mark appeared in their orange space suits..and the audience screamed again. They both didn't have their space helmets on yet. Mark still had his guitar on. Then Leon and Mark put their helmets on and Leon started to sing "MI-2" (although I think he probably wasn't really singing and was just mouthing the words since he was wearing the helmet). Leon acted so cute and funny during this part. He was making all these funny kind of dance moves in his space suit...nothing choreographed..just improvised on the spot.. and even the helmet that he and Mark were wearing was funny..there would be 2 red hearts flashing on the front of the helmet or 2 red circles or 2 red ^ ^ flashing. A lot of people were laughing during this part. Leon seemed a lot more open to act silly during this part...he looked like he was having a lot of fun.. Mark wasn't really moving around too much though. Once the song was over, Leon and Mark took off their helmets and unzipped the top part of their space suits. Mark was telling the assistant, "hey don't pull the suit down too much...my pants are falling!" and everyone laughed. Leon had on a black t-shirt and Mark was wearing a brown shirt. Leon and Mark talked a little..again I don't remember exactly what they said..but it was some funny things.

Leon then sat down on a white chair in the middle of the stage, while Mark was standing up and started playing his guitar for the song "Eyes Don't Lie." When Leon sang the part "down down......feeling down," a lot of the audience sang that part of the song w/ him. Again, Leon would turn to face a different side of the audience during different parts of the song. Once this song was over, Leon and Mark went offstage... the funny part was Leon accidentally exited off the wrong side of the stage, so he had to go back up on stage and exit on the opposite side of the stage so that he could get changed for the next song.

Some background music was playing, and then the female dancers were walking down the ramp from upper stage #2 while the male dancers were walking down from the ramp from upper stage #1 to meet at the center stage..all had on a big white jacket w/ a hood. Then the music for "Happiness" started to play, and Leon got on stage wearing a yellow sleeveless sweatshirt jacket w/ a hood and a dark green coat over the sweatshirt...w/ dark orange sunglasses and a pair of black gloves. This song had choreographed dance steps..Leon looked great dancing.

After "Happiness," Leon took off the green coat, sunglasses, and hood, and the music for "You Are Mine" started. The dancers took off their white jackets...they were mainly wearing casual sports clothes, w/ the female dancers in very short shorts. This song also had choreographed dance steps..during the middle of the song, Leon and the dancers lined up in the middle of the stage and started to kick their legs up, just like ladies who were dancing can-can. Leon was able to kick his legs up pretty high.

Then after "You Are Mine", the next song "Fallen for Her" (Mandarin song) immediately started. The female dancers put on red boxing gloves. Most of the dance steps for this song resembled boxing moves..Leon and the dancers were throwing punches. The dance steps were also choreographed.

After "Fallen for Her," the dancers left the stage. Leon took off his black gloves..talked a little and said "This next song can be compared to champaign" and he started to sing "Love Words Not Yet Spoken." I think he sang most of this song on the center stage (the other nights he went to the upper stages).

Once this song was over, Leon talked a little..I don't quite remember what it was.. and then I saw a security guard walk up next to the railing near me and he kneeled down. I immediately thought that it must be time for Leon to shake hands!..so I got up and took a few steps to get near the railing and then all the other fans started to crowd around the railing area. I was totally getting pushed from behind. Leon went down the stage and started to sing "Eyes Want to Travel" and was shaking hands w/ the fans. I was able to get his handshake, but there was just too much shoving from behind for me to get my camera out and take a good close picture of him.

After "Eyes Want to Travel," he sang "Sugar in the Marmalade" and shook hands w/ the fans who were sitting on the other 2 sides of the stage. He still wasn't done shaking hands yet when the music was over, so Mark and the band continued to play "Sugar in the Marmalade."

When Leon was finally done shaking hands, he went backstage for another costume change.. meanwhile Mark was introducing the other band members and the 2 chorus gals. Then one of the band members was playing the keyboard w/ the music of "You Love Me A Lot." About a minute later, Leon appeared in the center of the stage, dressed in a nice gray suit that had some patterns on the sleeves. He was talking for a few minutes while the keyboard guy was still playing the music of "You Love Me A Lot"..sorry I can't remember what he said..a lot of the stuff he said was what he was feeling right at that moment, so he doesn't quite explain his thoughts completely...which makes it more difficult for me to remember what he said. Anyway, after he finished his little speech, he sang the song "You Love Me A Lot." He was standing at the center of the center stage and didn't walk around for this song..he would just turn and face different sections of the audience during the song. After this song was over, Leon left to change clothes again.

While Leon was changing, the names of the entire concert team (band members, dancers, make-up artists, production people, etc.) were displayed onto the big sphere. Then music for "Listen to the Body Sing" started... the female and male dancers were dressed in costumes that kind of looked like school uniforms. Leon came onto the stage wearing a white/ivory colored leather jacket with red color on the sleeve bottom and neck area. Leon also had choreographed dance steps for this song.

After Leon finished singing "Listen to the Body Sing," the dancers left the stage and Leon said a few words.. then started to sing "Personal Feeling." He walked up to the upper stage#1 area for this song and stayed there for the entire song.

Once he finished "Personal Feeling," he walked to the upper stage#2 area to sing "I Love You Like This". He stayed at the upper stage #2 area for just about the whole song.

For the last song, Leon sang "Can't Take My Eyes Off U." All the dancers came out onto the stage dressed in the same white outfits they wore for the music part of "In a Good Mood" at the beginning of the show. Leon and some of the dancers ran up to the upper stage#1... there was no choreographed dancing for this song..just Leon and the dancers running/jumping around and having some fun. About halfway through this song, Leon and the dancers ran to the other upper stage near the band. Leon was waving to the fans..saying good-bye..then walked down the ramp to the center stage..waving and saying good-bye.. some of the band members joined Leon at the center stage. Leon repeated the chorus part of the song a few more times and then went offstage, and the show was over.

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