Leon's 2001 HK Concert

I went to the Leon concert shows on 12/14, 12/21 , 12/22 , 12/23 , and 12/24 .

Here's a list of songs in Leon's HK concert.

心情好 In a Good Mood (music only)
今夜你會不會來 Will You Be Coming Tonight?
全日愛 All Day Love
盡情地愛 To Love Whole-heartedly
兩位一體 Two People One Soul (track #3 on "Beijing Station" CD)
及時擁抱 Hugging in Time
純粹誤會 Just a Misunderstanding (track #1 on "The Red Shoes" CD)
不規則 Against the Rules (track #4 on "Happiness" CD)
Oh! 夜 Oh! Yeah
愛比我重要 Love is More Important Than Me
越夜越有機 The Later It Is, the Bigger the Chance
那有一天不想你 There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You
簡愛 Simple Love
指日可待 Waiting For That Day (track #11 on "Happiness" CD)
MI-2 MI-2
眼神騙不過 Eyes Don't Lie (track #9 on "Happiness" CD)
你係我o既 You Are Mine
看上她 Fallen for Her (track #3 on "The Red Shoes" CD)
情深說話未曾講 Love Words Not Yet Spoken
眼睛想旅行 Eyes Want to Travel
Sugar in the Marmalade Sugar in the Marmalade
你很愛我 You Love Me A Lot (track #6 on "Happiness" CD)
聽身體唱歌 Listen to the Body Sing
我的感覺 Personal Feeling
送你一瓣的雪花 Give You a Piece of Snowflake
I Love You Like This
Can't Take My Eyes Off U Can't Take My Eyes Off U

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.
# Leon sang this song on 12/21-12/24.

12/24/01 - I was sitting at section 53 blue, Row H, which was the 3rd row. The seat was right next to the ramp that went up to the upper stage #1. The seat was good when Leon walked up and down the ramp, but the seat was actually too close to the ramp.... I spent more than 50% of my time watching the tv monitor that was underneath the ramp to see the show, cuz the ramp blocked about 50% of my view of the center stage. The show started quite late, at about 9pm. A lot of people were still not inside the coliseum at 8:45pm, most likely because they were stuck in traffic. There were tons of people out on the streets during X'mas Eve, especially at Tsim Sha Tsui....there were SO many people on the bridge that went to the coliseum...people were pushing and shoving..I couldn't even take a small step..I had to shuffle my feet to move.. it took forever to cross that bridge.

The rundown of the show was the same as the previous night..same songs. Instead of wearing the orange sleeveless sweatshirt jacket, Leon switched back to wearing the yellow sleeveless sweatshirt jacket.

There were several funny/interesting things that happened on the Christmas Eve show. I guess Leon was rather excited on this night...he must have had a lot on his mind or was having a little difficult time concentrating while singing his songs... for the 4 shows I saw previously, he never had to resing a song if he sang the lyrics wrong, cuz he hardly messed up before, and if he did, not many people noticed (except for fans who know his songs by heart) since he just continued on w/ the song. But tonight he resang 3 songs because he messed up on the lyrics and the band had to stop. First, when Leon was singing the beginning part of "Oh Yeah," he messed up on the lyrics, so he stopped the band and told them to start over again. Of course, the fans were all happy when Leon said he would start over...that means a little more time to see Leon on stage..hehe.

After Leon wiped his sweat on a towel, some of the fans who were sitting behind me were screaming "Over here!" to try and get Leon's attention to throw the towel to them...it was funny!..especially seeing that most of those ladies were older than me!

Fans got out of their seats to get ready to shake hands w/ Leon when he was singing "Simple Love." I think that's just WAY too early! Leon again told the fans that it's too early for them to be standing up. Security guards finally got their act together and told the people to go back to their seats. Almost all of the people went back to their seats except for a few of them. Since some of them didn't want to leave, the security guards told them to kneel down so that they wouldn't be blocking the view for everyone else.

When Leon and Mark were talking before the song "Eyes Don't Lie," Mark asked Leon what is his X'mas present to him. Leon said, "Me!" and the audience screamed. But Mark said, "No way! I like women," and the audience laughed.

When he was singing "Eyes Don't Lie" with Mark, Leon messed up at the beginning, but this time he blamed it on Mark for playing the song incorrectly. Leon said, "It's not my fault. It's Mark's fault, right?" and the audience all said, "Yes!" (even knowing that it was probably Leon's fault hehehe..) So then Mark again started to play the song on his guitar, but again Leon messed up at the beginning! Leon told Mark, "Even if it's not your fault, you still have to 'sik sei mao' ('eat the dead cat'...Cantonese expression for taking the blame for something you didn't do wrong)." The audience laughed. Leon finally sang the song completely after the 3rd time.

Leon made a mistake while singing the 2nd half of the song "You Love Me A Lot" and told the band to start playing from the 2nd half and said he wouldn't sing from the beginning. But Mark said, "oh no. Let's start from the beginning of the song." The audience all screamed, "Yeah!" So Leon was pressured into singing the whole song all over again..hehe. Usually for this song, Leon would only stay in the middle of the stage and wouldn't walk anywhere else on the stage, but since he had to sing the song again, Leon said he would like to move to a different area of the stage, so he walked up on the ramp towards the upper stage#2 where the bad was.

When Leon was singing "I Love You Like This," the song had an intro music that sounded kind of Christmasy. Leon messed up on the lyrics to this song too. Of course all the fans wanted him to sing the song again, but this time he didn't sing the song again. Instead he just let the audience sing the middle part of the song, and he continued with the song towards the end. He applauded the audience after the song was over.

Leon said when he was a kid, he had a dream of having his own Christmas tree, and then talked about how he later saved enough money to buy a plastic Christmas tree and during another time he bought a real Christmas tree. He talked about how he usually spends Christmas in HK or in the USA (having concerts). He closed his eyes for a few seconds and prayed (the audience was silent), then said he hopes everyone's dreams come true.

If you look at the 2nd to last picture I took on the 12/24 show, you can see that Leon is sort of looking towards the camera... that's because there were several ladies who were sitting on my side that were screaming at Leon "Look over here!" when Leon was walking down the ramp. Leon asked something like why did they want him to look over there. The ladies wanted him to turn around so that they could take pictures of him... I had my camera ready just in case he turned around to look in our direction, and he did!

During "Can't Take My Eyes Off U," Leon changed the lyrics of 'ba la, ba la, ba la ba ba' to 'Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas.' Some of the dancers were wearing Christmas hats.. too bad Leon didn't wear one.

And that's the end of the concert..but my report isn't quite over. When everyone was exiting the coliseum, the police wouldn't let anyone exit back through the tunnel area (since there were just too many people) to cross the bridge, so everyone had to exit by crossing the street towards the train station. After crossing the street, I noticed that there was a group of fans waiting at a backdoor of the coliseum... then I told my mom that Leon is probably going to be leaving from there. I stayed for a bit to see if I could get a glimpse of Leon...unfortunately, the policeman wouldn't let people cross the street back to the coliseum, so I had to watch from across the street with some other people. There was a signal light nearby, which meant that if the light was red and if there was a big double-decker bus that stopped at the light, then we wouldn't be able to see anything that was happening across the street. So every time a double-deck bus got near, people were hoping the light was green for the bus so that it wouldn't stop and block our view. I was able to see that the dancers left the coliseum first, then several minutes later Mark and Joey came out (fans were screaming so loud I thought it was Leon at first). Then another few minutes passed and Leon finally came out. Leon stood outside for a few seconds, waving to the fans, and then waving good-bye to everyone and got into his black mini-van.

The end.

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