Leon's 2001 HK Concert

I went to the Leon concert shows on 12/14, 12/21 , 12/22 , 12/23 , and 12/24 .

Here's a list of songs in Leon's HK concert.

心情好 In a Good Mood (music only)
今夜你會不會來 Will You Be Coming Tonight?
全日愛 All Day Love
盡情地愛 To Love Whole-heartedly
兩位一體 Two People One Soul (track #3 on "Beijing Station" CD)
及時擁抱 Hugging in Time
純粹誤會 Just a Misunderstanding (track #1 on "The Red Shoes" CD)
不規則 Against the Rules (track #4 on "Happiness" CD)
Oh! 夜 Oh! Yeah
愛比我重要 Love is More Important Than Me
越夜越有機 The Later It Is, the Bigger the Chance
那有一天不想你 There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You
簡愛 Simple Love
指日可待 Waiting For That Day (track #11 on "Happiness" CD)
MI-2 MI-2
眼神騙不過 Eyes Don't Lie (track #9 on "Happiness" CD)
你係我o既 You Are Mine
看上她 Fallen for Her (track #3 on "The Red Shoes" CD)
情深說話未曾講 Love Words Not Yet Spoken
眼睛想旅行 Eyes Want to Travel
Sugar in the Marmalade Sugar in the Marmalade
你很愛我 You Love Me A Lot (track #6 on "Happiness" CD)
聽身體唱歌 Listen to the Body Sing
我的感覺 Personal Feeling
送你一瓣的雪花 Give You a Piece of Snowflake
I Love You Like This
Can't Take My Eyes Off U Can't Take My Eyes Off U

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.
# Leon sang this song on 12/21-12/24.

12/22/01 - I was sitting at section 55 blue, Row i, which was the 4th row. The main difference between this show and the show on the 21st was one of the outfits that Leon wore. Instead of the yellow sleeveless sweatshirt jacket w/ a hood, Leon wore an orange sleeveless sweatshirt jacket w/ a hood that had the letters AKD MKS in light blue.

When Leon was singing "Love is More Important Than Me," after he sang the last part of the song when the lyrics said something like 'when the heart thinks of you, it will beat,' Leon put his mike near his heart to try and let the audience hear his heart beat..of course, we couldn't hear his heart beat, but anyway that was funny and a cute gesture by Leon..seeing how Leon was joking around..and then he was smiling as he was singing the last line.. 'You love to see me smile.'

Before singing "Waiting For That Day," Leon said he hopes that everyone's dreams will come true. He said this song 'intro' for a few other shows as well.

For this night, the audience ran up to get ready to shake hands w/ Leon right after Leon and Mark disappeared into the sphere to change into their space suits, even before Joey and Pal finished playing the music of "Waiting For That Day." This means the people who were waiting to get a handshake would be standing up for 6 songs!...plus the time period when Leon was changing into his other outfits..which also means that people who were sitting in the first few rows would have to stand up as well, because those people waiting for the handshake were totally blocking our view!..ugh! I didn't want to get a handshake tonight cuz I didn't want to stand up for that long while being pushed and shoved from behind.

While Leon was singing "MI-2" in his spacesuit, Leon did a kung fu move in slow motion, pretending to throw a kung fu punch that hit Mark and Mark fell to the ground in slow motion. Then Mark got up, made a kung fu move in slow motion, pretending to hit Leon and Leon fell to the ground in slow motion... that was funny! I don't remember if they had this funny scene during the show on the 21st, but they had it for the 22-24th shows that I went to.

After Leon sang "MI-2," he and Mark talked a little. Leon said he seldom ever gets sick (then knocked on the stage floor for 'knock on wood') because he would always get a flu shot vaccine. Mark said he didn't want to get a flu shot because he didn't want to get a shot in his butt... and the audience laughed. But Leon says that nowadays flu shots are given in the arm. Leon and Mark talked about some other stuff as well, but I forgot what they said.

Then when Leon was singing "Eyes Don't Lie," Mark's space suit pants was falling down...luckily Mark had some jeans on underneath. Mark was walking around for several seconds w/ his pants down before Leon saw that Mark's pants had fallen. Leon was still singing when he helped Mark pull his pants back up, but then when the song ended and they were about ready to leave the stage, Leon tried to pull Mark's space suit pants down, but he was unsuccessful...and the audience laughed.

Before singing "You Love Me A Lot," Leon made another speech... he had a speech for every show during this time period, and each time he would say something different. I can't remember everything he said. He mentioned that he and Mark feel a lot of pressure when making his albums. I think Leon also said he hopes that whoever buys his cds would enjoy it.

Since there were several Korean fans in the audience, Leon decided to sing "I Love You Like This" in Korean.

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