Leon's 2001 HK Concert

I went to the Leon concert shows on 12/14, 12/21 , 12/22 , 12/23 , and 12/24 .

Here's a list of songs in Leon's HK concert.

心情好 In a Good Mood (music only)
今夜你會不會來 Will You Be Coming Tonight?
全日愛 All Day Love
盡情地愛 To Love Whole-heartedly
兩位一體 Two People One Soul (track #3 on "Beijing Station" CD)
及時擁抱 Hugging in Time
純粹誤會 Just a Misunderstanding (track #1 on "The Red Shoes" CD)
不規則 Against the Rules (track #4 on "Happiness" CD)
Oh! 夜 Oh! Yeah
愛比我重要 Love is More Important Than Me
越夜越有機 The Later It Is, the Bigger the Chance
那有一天不想你 There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You
簡愛 Simple Love
指日可待 Waiting For That Day (track #11 on "Happiness" CD)
MI-2 MI-2
眼神騙不過 Eyes Don't Lie (track #9 on "Happiness" CD)
你係我o既 You Are Mine
看上她 Fallen for Her (track #3 on "The Red Shoes" CD)
情深說話未曾講 Love Words Not Yet Spoken
眼睛想旅行 Eyes Want to Travel
Sugar in the Marmalade Sugar in the Marmalade
你很愛我 You Love Me A Lot (track #6 on "Happiness" CD)
聽身體唱歌 Listen to the Body Sing
我的感覺 Personal Feeling
送你一瓣的雪花 Give You a Piece of Snowflake
I Love You Like This
Can't Take My Eyes Off U Can't Take My Eyes Off U

* Leon shook hands w/ the audience.
# Leon sang this song on 12/21-12/24.

12/23/01 - I was sitting at section 56 blue, Row H, which was the 3rd row. The run-down and costumes were exactly the same as the show on the 22nd.

After Leon sang "Simple Love," he was standing on the ramp near the band and there was a girl down below the ramp who tried to give Leon some flowers. She gave him one bouquet of flowers and then handed him another one from her mom. Then there was a small little girl who wanted to go on stage, but Leon said it's too dangerous for her to climb up (he was still standing on the ramp). So what Leon did was bend down and extended his arm to give a handshake to the little girl. The audience screamed when Leon shook her hand.

This time the audience ran up to get ready to shake hands w/ Leon right when Leon was about to sing 'Waiting For That Day' w/ Mark, Joey, and Pal...meaning the people who were waiting to get a handshake would be standing up for 7 songs! What pissed me off the most were those gals in the first row of seats who were standing up...they didn't need to stand up to see what Leon was doing on stage and nobody was going to be standing in front of them to try and shake Leon's hand..so why did they have to stand up so early??..they could have waited until after Leon sang "Love Words Not Yet Spoken" and then stand up to get ready to shake Leon's hand, but there was absolutely no reason for them to be standing up for 6 songs in a row. They were totally blocking our view, therefore the people in the 2nd row had to stand up to see, then people in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on had to stand up to see, all because of those gals in the first row. The people in the first row obviously have no consideration for the people sitting behind them. I only stood up if there was someone else standing up in front of me...i know how annoying it is to have someone blocking my view and I didn't want people to be screaming at me to sit down, so I tried not to stand up unless I really had to. Even Leon said to the people who were standing up, "Don't you think it's not that good to be standing up so early?" ..and most of us screamed, "Yes!" but the people standing up didn't care. The security guards told some of the people to go back to their seats, and most of them did, but the people who were blocking our view didn't bother sitting down..they didn't care whatsoever.

While Leon was singing "MI-2," Mark stood behind Leon and was rubbing his hands on the chest area of Leon....which was very..weird..but funny. Then after this song, Mark said, "When I was touching you, you felt comfortable, right?"..and the audience laughed. I forgot what Leon's response was to that question. Leon then said Mark is always concerned that his (Mark's) space suit pants would fall down. Mark said he doesn't care and said he could walk around with his pants down. Leon later said "pok gai" (literal translation: 'trip chicken')..the audience thought Leon had said a bad word "pok gaai" (literal translation: 'trip street'..in Cantonese this is a bad word..kinda like "oh sh*t," "damn it," "what the f**k," etc..) and the audience went, "ahhhhh." Mark said, "no no.. he said 'pok gai' (trip chicken) and not 'pok meh' ('trip ___ '...Mark didn't say the 2nd word). The audience laughed.

Before Leon sang the song "There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You," Leon said, "Some people started to like my songs just recently.. others started to like my songs early on. Now I'm going to sing a song that's somewhat in the middle of this period.. 'There's Not a Day I Don't Think of You.'

There were lots of fans from Taiwan and Korea again tonight, so Leon sang "I Love You Like This" in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Korean.

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